Witches Choice

Witches Choice

Witches choice a personal view. There are many witches tools used by craft members which may be purchased from local neo pagan stores or even made by your own hands

I find that witches tools made by hand have a more personal meaning with my own effort, power and thought placed into it.

Should you be new to the craft why not consider making your own magical wand for instance?

It can be so easy, great fun and a very personal experience. A walk through your local wood can uncover magickal treasures just waiting for you to discover.
I found a large branch broken of a beautiful old tree brought down by a freak thunderstorm just lying on the woodland floor. With a little tender loving care and my own magickal markings carved into it I now have a wonderful staff used at many gatherings and a good topic of conversation.

Magickal tools of the craft are very personal items of each practitioner and should never be shared by another.

I have placed a video below to give you a few ideas on how to possibly start on your magickal craft tool journey enjoy.

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