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Welcome to the web page of D. Spellcaster and Wicca Teachings

Firstly I would like to draw your attention to the fact that all content included within my wicca training course is easy to understand and by no means misleading.

 Privacy of my student/s is taken very seriously and I will not divulge any student/s information unless requested by local authorities.

A few words about my character:
I have been a qualified teacher of Wicca for many years and reside in the United Kingdom.
I do not teach on line or outside of the United Kingdom. There is no charge for my teachings and never any hurry to work through the course. My course work is open to new seekers and established practitioners alike within safe comfortable surroundings.

I have listed below just a few of the topics covered in my Wiccan Teaching course.

Introduction page.
Book of shadows.
Craft name.
Basic History of Witchcraft.
Wiccan Traditions.
Witchcraft explained.
Witchcraft in the past.
Witchcraft and Sorcery.
Different types of witchcraft.
The Burning Times.
Self-assessment page.
Blessing your book of shadows.
Book of shadows safe place.
Wiccan Greetings & Partings.
Positive and Negative places & feelings.
Working with Incense.
Making your own holy Water.
Wiccan rede.
Witches Rede Of Chivalry.
Every Day Life.
Connecting & Collecting from nature.
Twenty Six Wiccan Wonders.
What is Magick.
A Pledge To Pagan Spirituality.
The Abbreviated Laws.
Anointing Candles.
The Green Witch.
The Green Man.
Herbs Introduction.
What is a Coven?
Herbs and Their Uses.
Cleansing Crystals.
Crystals Magical Properties.
Crystals A Deeper Look.
Which Crystal to Use.
To Be A Witch.
In short The Celtic Tree Calendar.
Lore Of The Trees.
Tree Lore.
Wheel of the Year.
Tools of the Craft.
What type of clothing do wiccans wear.
How To Make Your Own Scrying Glass.
How to use a pendulum.
How to make a Dream Catcher.
A Legend Of The Dream Catcher.
Power And The Law Of It.
Magical Oils.
Making Tinctures.
Candles In Our Life And Why So.
Candle Magic.
Space Clearing.
Spell Construction.
Write Your Own spells.
What Is Knot Magic?
The Three Fold Law.
Common Terms Wiccans Use And General.
Power Of The God and Goddess.
The Charge Of The horned God.
Deity Associations.
The Five Fold Kiss.
Divination Scrying.
Different Types Of Scrying Tools.
Craft Familiars.
Casting A Circle.
Astral Projection.
Besom Consecration Ritual.
Besom Blessing Ritual.
Cauldron Consecration Ritual.
Cauldron Blessing Ritual.
The Five-Fold Kiss.
A Self Dedication Rite.
Cake and Ale.
Ritual Bath.
Evening Candle Blessing.
Start Your Own Coven.
The Eight Sabbats Of The Old Religion.
Summerland In Wicca.

If the above list of topics seem laborious then this is not the course for you.

Should you be interested in this course:
I will teach any interested seeker the ways of Wicca as I have had them taught to me? As mentioned above you will be taught at your own pace, my teaching course is not a race and no pressure will be placed upon you to complete any particular lesson. When you have completed a lesson you have the option of being tested on your understanding of it before continuing further. I will remain with you throughout the course for guidance and be assured you may contact me at any point I am human not an automated machine. I look forward to your inquiries via email on the link below.

Finally: One to one teachings can be arranged to suit.


Merry Part.

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