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Wicca everyday life like any other religion or spiritual path, should be with us at all times throughout our whole life and not should we say when we feel the need for it

It is true wiccans do perform spells and rituals these are just a small part of our way of life.

In our living breathing wiccan life the God and Goddess are worshiped as part of our everyday routine, the elements that surround us are generally included in the blessings we give for without them we would surely not exist.
We do our utmost to explore our spirituality, we focus on the elements that be, the element water for washing: many just take for granted, we class it as a life sustainer and bringer. We tend to pay more attention to the simpler aspects of life but remember for every problem there is a solution and no one is at all hours wise.

We do need to be more aware of our surroundings.

Be at one with the earth in general, at work or leisure time feel the wiccan way of life live it to the full, take time to enjoy the everyday things most take for granted and try not to miss the opportunity to chill out in a positive way. Watch how others enjoy themselves, relax and work, be more observant, the water that flows how it came to be all these questions and more make a wiccan what he or she is, the power to understand others and the elements of this life we live.

Explore the rituals and spells we use study the elements of fire how it burns cleanses but also can destroy feel its force.

Feel the wind how it can sweep one off their feet the power it possesses, be ever conscious of how we treat others, there are many aspects of being a wiccan explore with an open mind, never forget that there are other people in the world observe, be as kind as possible is our way.

There is always plenty to be doing in the world of Wicca as in other walks of life, a wide variation of everyday topics to address above all cleanliness in all matters, a healthy mind must be maintained for there are always negative influences at work at home and away.
We do honor the god and goddess that be, it can be so simple to say a prayer, which can be carried out any where and at any time, we do not always need to be at our altar or in a coven to do this, the pray can be quietly said or thought to our selves, as long as we address the issue of thanks to the god and Goddess every day alone or in a group all is well.

When in the safety of our home at the altar we can make an offering to the god and goddess with incense or light a candle or be more elaborate the choice is ours. We may wish to enter certain aspects of our thoughts and feelings gathered throughout the day in our book of shadows.
It is important to feel the power of others when we are out and about, some people as you will already know are positive others the opposite, try not to judge people on first impressions, we as wiccans have learned to close ones mind is negative.

Let us look at just a few aspects we can cover to help us focus on our well being:

Firstly, Meditate daily the time spent doing this is optional.
Gardening is a brilliant form of getting down to “excuse the pun” grass roots at one with the earth.
Music is said to calm the savage beast, try a little classical not to loud explore.
It is advisable to seek out like minded people to exchange views and feelings for after all no one is an island. You can easily make contact with others in this the age of the internet for instance.
We are very close to the elements that be, the earth, fire, water, and air, view the moon and stars on a clear evening walk in the fresh air feel close to our mother earth for she is there for all to hold.

Spell casting is a way we adopt in wiccan as is Divination, chanting, candle lighting and rituals in general not forgetting poetry often associated with our spell casting, as you can see wiccan can be very involved but please do not let this put you off our way of life should you chose to become a wiccan.
You are free to work the ways of wicca around you as long as you harm none and do not use the guide lines of wicca to exploit in any way shape or form another.

Wicca is a recognized religion to be respected


Thank you for visiting our website may your God or Goddess be with you.

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