Wicca Direction North Correspondences

Wicca Direction North

Wicca Direction North Correspondences for most in the craft


The Wheel of the North- Wisdom, Practicality, Symbols, Ritual, Ceremony, Materialism and Prosperity, Sacred Knowledge, Teaching and Learning, Patience, Truth, Deep-level Ceremonies, Applied Theoretical Magick, Measuring and Planning Work, Responsibility, Codes, Authority, Deep Level Path or Earth Walk Work.

Element- Earth:

Energy- Steady, rhythmic, grounded. The heartbeat of Mother Earth.

The Journey- The Journey of Wisdom.

Traditional Colours- Green, Violet, Brown, Black, White, The deep blue of the earth seen from space, Purple, Gold

Sacred Spirits- Athena: Goddess of Wisdom, Demeter: Goddess of Grain and Abundance, Rhea: Mother of all deities, Herne: Horned God of the Green Wood, Pan: God of Joy on Earth, Ariel (Urierl): Archangel of the North, Keeper of the Sacred Wisdom, Ghob: Servant of Ariel, Earth Gnome, guide of the earth journeys, Gnomes: Elemental Spirits of Earth, ruled by Ghob, Agla: Elemental King of Earth.

Sacred Animals- Buffalo: For Wisdom and Practicality, Wolf: For Teaching Earth Wisdom, Owl: For Sacred Knowledge. Wisdom, Clarity, Purpose, Dragon: For Symbols, Ritual,

Magick, Stag Deer: For Ritual or Ceremony, Authority, Magick, Heron: For Organized wisdom from intuition. Applied Measured Wisdom, Mythical Beasts: Of All types, For Learning the symbols of Wisdom, Moose: Practical Wisdom, Mountain Cats: Earth Walk, Teachers

Shadow Plants- Violet, Night Treasures, Owl Feathers, Night Birds

Sacred Plants

Oak Trees: For All magick, ritual, ceremony, Redwood Trees: For Sacred wisdom, Truth, Banyan: Luck, Prosperity, Evergreens: Ritual

Ceremonial Incense– Myrrh, Sagebrush, Patchouli, Magnolia

In the North We Work with- When we ride the wheel of the north, we must learn to weigh and measure our growth and progress on the path of the Shaman. It is in the north that we apply knowledge as well as receive deeper wisdoms. We combine sacred wisdom with practical wisdom to enhance our journey.

Sacred Keys

Activating symbols and spirituality. Patience: Grounding and personal pacing, Prosperity: Using Energies for material growth, Practical Wisdom: Using magick for daily application.

Sacred Minerals

Crystal Formations or Clusters: For gathering wisdom and energy, Dark Crystals: For Sacred Knowledge and Ceremony, Onyx: For Practicality, Jasper: For Earth Wisdom, Adventuring: For Prosperity, Green Jade: For Growth and Prosperity, Black Jade: For Patience, Deep Violet Flourite: For Ritual and Symbols, Royal Azurite: For Symbols, Marble: For Steadfast practicality, Amethyst: For Ritual, Wisdom and Ceremony, Geometrically shaped stones, Ores, Earth Rocks, salt and soil

Human World Helping Activities- Nature Ceremonies, Pagan Festivals, Shamanic Philosophies, Nature Retreats, Woodland Walks, Mountain Journeys, Cave Exploration, Medicine Helpers, Wiccan Guides.

Helping Thoughts- with Patience do I seek sacred knowledge and wisdom? With Practicality do I prosper? With Ceremony do I learn earth wisdom? With Ritual do I support my soul’s growth? With Symbols of Earth do I teach?

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