Labyrinth of old

Labyrinth of old

I Mistress & keeper of the labyrinth challenge you to locate my whereabouts. You would be quite naive to think that this will be an easy task? I laugh at you and dare you to try.

mistress & keeperThere are many treacherous traps throughout the labyrinth of old just waiting for you to fall into. You will need all your skill and patients to continue. Will you be the one who eventually locates me or will you fail like so many poor souls before you who have now been cast aside?

Before you even enter the heart of the labyrinth, you must avoid the many perils of the forgotten wood which lays before you. The wood is filled with witches, demons, imps, fairy’s and other underworld characters. Who can you trust to guide you, who will trick and lead you astray? These are but a few questions you will discover the answers to if you continue into the forgotten wood. So, will you attempt to conquer the task ahead and become one with the Mistress & keeper of the labyrinth or will you leave the website a failure? The choice is yours.

If you accept the challenge continue reading…

So, here you stand alone and lost at the edge of the wood ready to find your first clue to help you on your way, but beware all is not what it appears to be in the labyrinth of old lol.

A word of warning: It will bear you no good to jump the pages of the labyrinth to find me. There is a correct chosen path as clues are there to guide you in order on many pages along the way.

I can be a generous Mistress & Keeper of the labyrinth and so hereby give you the first chosen path words below to click onto. Do remember the chosen path words as you go along you may just need them to save you ending up back at the edge of the forgotten wood.

Path words:        CHOSEN PATH

Always remember these path words as you may need them on your journey through the forgotten wood. You can save any page to your favourites should you wish to return.


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Sea Witches Bottle & Make Your Own Witches Bottle

sea witches bottle

Sea Witches Bottle & Make Your Own Witches Bottle great ideas indeed

Sea Witches Bottle

The Witches’ Bottle is intrinsically linked with the Craft of the Wise. Considered under the heading of sympathetic magick, its uses range from protection to success or healing magick. Their limitations rest only with your creativity.
In some cases, as the contents of the bottle chemically break down, or “work,” your magickal application jumps into motion.

Deteriorating bottles can banish sickness or move a bad situation away from you.
In other operations, the contents of the bottle are to remain intact, protected from the outside world.
While the contents remain undisturbed, the protection magick secures the situation.

sea witches bottle

Make Your Own Witches’ Bottle

First, you will need a bottle. It can be large, small, coloured, designed-it doesn’t matter.
Keep an assortment from tall and fluted to short and squat. Sealed bottles require a tight cap.
Bottles that need air circulation should have a lid with punched holes to allow the aroma to escape.
Small jelly jars with canning lids are a good choice to begin.
Now you must focus on the type of magickal operation you will employ.
Is this to heal a friend, pay off the electric bill, or protect your best friend while she vacations?
Choosing the contents to match your desire is the next step. The list below will give you an idea of the types of items to put in the bottle.
All bottles should be cleansed, consecrated, filled, and empowered within a magick circle.sea witches bottle

Sealed Siren’s Bottle (Banish unwanted influences)

Broken Shells sea witches bottle
Sea Water
Sea Urchin Spines
Sharp Beach Glass.

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History Of The Tarot Cards

history of the tarot cards

Sooner or later most Witches (not all) look into divination using a deck of Tarot cards.

I would like to mention however that in by gone days, a lot of Witches and Gypsies use to use a plain set of average everyday run of the mill type playing cards for divination purposes, and it may be something for you to look into before out laying a lot of money on a Tarot deck.

history of the tarot cards

Below is a basic list as to what the cards represent:

The four suits represent the four seasons – the four elements – the four
winds – the four directions – the four phases of the Moon.

The two colours represent day and night – male and female – positive and

52 cards represent the 52 weeks in a year.

13 cards in each suit represent each quarter of the year each having 13
weeks. Or can represent the 13 Full Moons of a year.

The 12 court cards represent the 12 months. Or the 12 hours between noon and midnight.

The ace to 10 add up to 55 + jack 11 + queen 12 + king 13 = 91 x 4 suits =
364 + joker 1 = 365 days of a year.

So as you can see there is a lot more to the plain old pack of cards than
meets the eye.

The evidence we do have tells us that around 1440-1550 the Tarot appeared in
Italy. Wealthy and influential patrons commissioned elaborate decks to be
created, often using gold leaf. The cards continued to develop with rich
symbolism and our modern decks of 78 cards became the standard in the later 18th and 19th centuries.

Several secret societies have embraced the Tarot, over the years, as an
oracle and mystical path to enlightenment. Many influential scholars have
drawn parallels that have shown similarities between the Tarot and alchemy
Jungian psychology, Hermetic philosophy, the Cabbala, astrology, and many
other mystery traditions. The cards now are mainly use in spiritual growth
and divination. Also to view a person’s past, present and/or future.

The Tarot deck is separated into two main parts; 22 major arcana cards and
56 minor arcana cards (arcane means hidden or secret). The major arcana
includes all the cards ever yone associates with the tarot, such as the
Devil, the Lovers, and the Magician. They are often numbered with Roman
numerals, from I to XXI. The Fool is left without a number, or is given the
value 0.

The minor arcana is similar to modern playing cards because it contains four
“suits”. These suits are labelled differently in many decks, but are usually
cups, pentacles (disks or coins), swords, and wands (rods or staves). Each
suit has 14 cards, numbered Ace through King. Each suit also includes the
Page and the Knight.

Modern Tarot readers practice and study for years to refine their skills.
Each card has several meanings, and those meanings are affected by the other cards that are drawn from the deck. The interpretation of a group of cards, or a “spread” can be quite complex, but psychics have a distinct advantage of using their powers to determine exactly what the cards are trying to tell you.

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Witches Choice

Witches Choice

Witches choice a personal view. There are many witches tools used by craft members which may be purchased from local neo pagan stores or even made by your own hands

I find that witches tools made by hand have a more personal meaning with my own effort, power and thought placed into it.

Should you be new to the craft why not consider making your own magical wand for instance?

It can be so easy, great fun and a very personal experience. A walk through your local wood can uncover magickal treasures just waiting for you to discover.
I found a large branch broken of a beautiful old tree brought down by a freak thunderstorm just lying on the woodland floor. With a little tender loving care and my own magickal markings carved into it I now have a wonderful staff used at many gatherings and a good topic of conversation.

Magickal tools of the craft are very personal items of each practitioner and should never be shared by another.

I have placed a video below to give you a few ideas on how to possibly start on your magickal craft tool journey enjoy.

Should you not find what you are looking for here please try the search box top right on the home page.  If this option is not fruitful please contact Kimberly or myself for further assistance on either email address below:

Kimberley Morgan

D Spellcaster  

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Action is an Action

Action is an Action

Action is an Action enjoy this script

My object in living is to unite
My avocation and my vocation
As my two eyes make one in sight.

In this quote, Robert Frost is saying that his goal in life is to unite what he has to do, his vocation, and what he likes to do, his avocation. For Frost and many of us alike, it is a daunting task to enjoy every action such that nothing seems like “work”.
But why is it that we favour certain actions and abhor some others?

Let’s take an example of a young man who hates to take out the garbage.

Now, it can be granted that the act of taking out the garbage is very simple in that one has to pick up a certain container, carry it outside, and empty it. Certainly, these actions have no intrinsic negative value; rather, the cause of the young man’s negative attitude stems from the value that he assesses to the action.
And this is true of all our actions that we favour and detest. If we received some recognition, praise, or any other positive reinforcement, we will start to like that action and similarly, we will avoid actions which bothered us in some way. Even when there is no value associated to the action itself, we ignorantly grant values based on our past and drastically limit our experience.

After an entire lifetime of adding to our pile of preferences, it becomes easy to see that our experience of life will be significantly misconstrued.

Instead of acting at every instance, we will be just blindly reacting to our likes and dislikes.
Actions are, after all, actions and if we want to live directly and spontaneously, we need to withdraw from our self-induced prison of value judgments. When we meditate, we observe these mind games and in becoming aware of them we learn the value of an action in itself and not its result.

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