A Lesson In Faith

lesson in Faith

A lesson in faith, in yourself. People around you try very hard living  their lives through your skin

In this instant, you’ll find that people will tell you throughout your life, you should not practice Witchcraft; but to tell the truth, there are very few feelings on earth that can come even close to the feelings you get when you are doing a ritual.

It is similar to the love between people of like mind and feelings. You know you are not alone.

You know what you want and your mind and heart are clear and true. Remain
true to yourself and don’t look back. Because, when everyone has gone, you
will have to live with your decisions whatever they may be.

People of the Craft know what I’m talking about. You are at peace with
yourself and people around you. We have an understanding about life and
nature that most people do not. We know how to love without the guilt. We
know what most people only dream of. We are home.

To me the craft is home. I have never been happier in my life. The peace
is more than I could have hoped for the love again is something else.

So the next time someone tells you that you should not practice the Craft
, don’t listen. But do listen to yourself. Have faith. You can do it. Most
of us who practice the Craft don’t listen to people who try to live our
lives for us. This is for the others who are not in control. I wish you
peace. Make up your mind, and have faith. After all it is your life; maybe
it is up to you after all.

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Why Meditate

Why Meditate

Why Meditate you may ask? Meditation is a part of life we can all benefit from as long as it is carried out correctly

People meditate for all sorts of different reasons be it for core exploration, stress relief or simply to be at one with themselves. There is always time in the average day to meditate be you a busy mum at home with young children to look after or a traveling sales man out and about earning his living.

I personally meditate to get closer to my God, if you are a practising member of a witchcraft movement you will probably meditate before your magickal workings.

At times I meditate to reduce the stress levels that I feel are building up in me during the course of an average working day. I will meditate anywhere from five minutes to a full hour depending on my situation at the time. I use the very basic techniques of meditation which I find work very well, a close friend has more elaborate routines which brings me to say “meditate in your own way once you have mastered the basics”.
I meditate with the hope that I will gradually un-condition the impressions that have been created by living in the material world for all these years.

I meditate so that I can perceive things as they really are rather than judge them through my materially jaundiced eyes.

I meditate to realize that the “ego” is the pseudo-soul vying to maintain its image at every occasion. I meditate with the hope that someday I’ll realize the purpose of our existence. I meditate so that someday I shall see the unity in all creation, not through reading alone but by realization through determined effort.”

So there you have but a few example of why I and many other people find meditation a real must for the busy lives we lead at times. 

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Different Witchcraft Paths

Different Witchcraft Paths

There Are many different witchcraft paths

Alexandrian Wicca

Founded in England during the 1960s, Alex Sanders referred to himself as the “King” of his Witches. The rituals are said to be modified Gardenarian.

British Wicca.

A mix of Celtic and Gardenarian beliefs. Most famous organization at this time is the International Red Garters. British Traditionals move mostly from within the Farrar studies (the famous Witch husband and wife from England.) They too are fairly structured in their beliefs, and train through the degree process. Their covens are also co-ed.

Celtic Wicca.

The use of a Celtic/Druidic pantheon mixed with a little ritual Gardnerian, and heavily stressing the elements, nature and the Ancient Ones. They had a vast knowledge of and respect for the healing and magickal qualities of plants and stones, flowers, trees, elemental spirits, the little people, gnomes and fairies.


Formally known as the Hecatine Tradition, this denomination of the Craft is Scottish in origin, and still preserves the unique festivals of the Scots.

Ceremonial Witchcraft.

Followers of this Tradition uses a great deal of ceremonial magick in their practices. Detailed rituals with a flavour of Egyptian magick are sometimes a favourite, or they may use the Qabbalistic magick.


First pinpointed by Margaret Murray in 1921 in “The Witch-Cult in Western Europe,” this term appears to include a mixture of various traditions. However, their prime focus in recent years is on the Goddess, and has been pegged as the “feminist” movement of the Craft.

Eclectic Wicca.

Look in any personals column in a Craft-oriented newsletter or journal and you will see this catch-all phrase. Basically, it indicates that the individual does not follow any particular Tradition, denomination, sect, or magickal practice. They learn and study from many magickal systems and apply to themselves what appears to work best. I happen to be an Eclectic Wiccan.

Gardnerian Wicca.

Organized by Gerald Gardner in England in the 1950s. Just why is this fellow so darned important? Gerald was one of the few people so determined that the Old Religion should not die that he took the risk of publicizing it through the media. Under all the hype, I truly believe he understood that the young needed the Craft as much as the Craft needed a new generation to survive.

Hereditary Witch.

One who can trace the Craft through their family tree and who has been taught the Old Religion by a relative who was living at the same time. Channelling doesn’t count. How far one has to go back on the family tree to meet the conditions of the first part of this definition is debatable. Family Trades (another name for Hereditary Witches) occasionally adopt individuals into their dynasty. This decision is never a light one, and usually stems from the lack of offspring to carry on the line, or the high regard they hold for the person in question. The ceremony is intricate and important. After all, it is not every day you can pick your relatives! It is much like the marriage of an individual into a family.

Kitchen Witch.

You will hear this term every once in a while. Basically, this type is one who practices by hearth and home, dealing with the practical side of religion, magick, the earth and the elements. There are some who groan loudly at this type of terminology, viewing it as degrading or simply inappropriate. Just remember that the Old Religion started somewhere, and most likely the kitchen (or cook fire) was the hub of many charms, spells, healings, and celebrations. After all, where does everyone congregate during the holidays? Grandma’s kitchen has always produced magickal memories for humanity; visions of Mother making that something special for a sick child still holds true today for many of us.

Pictish Witchcraft.

Scottish Witchcraft that attunes itself to all aspects of nature; animal, vegetable and mineral. It is a solitary from of the Craft and mainly magickal in nature with little religion.


Indigenous to South Central Pennsylvania. This is a system, not a religion, based on 400 year old Elite German magick. Pow-Wow has deteriorated to a great degree into simple faith healing. Although Pow-Wow finds its roots in German Witchcraft, few practicing Pow-Wows today in Pennsylvania follow the Craft or even know the nature of its true birth.


Founded by Raymond Buckland in 1973. Although of Saxon basis, it was authored by Raymond himself without breaking his original Gardnerian oath. Raymond Buckland’s contribution to the Craft is a significant one. Not only did he develop a Tradition that is more than acceptable to many individuals, he also has written a large volume of textbooks on different magickal aspects and practices of the Craft, thereby enhancing many lives in a positive direction.

Solitary Witch.

One who practices alone, regardless of Tradition, denomination, or sect. Solitaries come in various forms. Some were at one time initiated into a coven and eventually chose to extricate themselves from that environment and continue practicing a particular Tradition or sect by themselves.

A solitary can also be an individual who has no desire to practice with or learn from a coven structure, but still may adhere to a specific Tradition or sect through the teachings of another.

And finally, a solitary Witch can be a person who has decided to tough it out on their own, learning from books, networking, and fellow Witches of different Traditions. These people have the ability to pick themselves up and brush themselves off, and live to try again. More and more individuals are selecting the solitary path rather than that of group interaction.

Strega Witch.

Follows a tradition seated in Italy that began around 1353 with a woman called Aradia. Of all the traditional Witches, this group appears to be the smallest in number in the U.S.; however, their teachings are beautiful and should not be missed.

Teutonic Witch.

From ancient time the Teutons have been recognized as a group of people who speak the Germanic group of languages. Culturally, this included the English, Dutch, Icelandic, Danish, Norwegian and Swedish peoples. This is also known as the Nordic Tradition.


Where instinct is wiser…

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The Poppet

the Poppet

The Poppet is a small handmade (usually) figurine/s that can be used as a talisman or in spellwork

Poppets in the popular press tend to be linked with “bad” Witchcraft – the Voodoo doll for instance.

And of course there are undoubtedly some who will ignore the Rede’s instructions to “harm none, do what ye will”. But poppets are extremely useful to all Witches and the good aspects far outweigh the bad. No Witch should be without one!

Poppets come in a variety of shapes, sizes and materials. As always, there is no one right way or wrong way to make a poppet. Nowadays most common poppets are filled with herbs and incense. But pure Witchcraft practitioners will still use the practice of urine, blood, fingernails and hair.


The clay should be moulded into poppet shape making sure there is a hollow in which to place hair, herbs, nails etc. before being sealed. Features or symbols can be added at this stage by carving with a sharp object. There is nothing wrong with painting instead if you so wish.


Make a suitable template and use this to cut out two pieces of cloth. Stitch the two pieces together until almost sealed and then stuff with herbs or whatever is required for the spell or talisman. Again the poppet can be adorned with symbols or the name of the recipient.


Undoubtedly the quickest way of making a poppet! Simply cut the paper into a figure shape and decorate as you desire. A photograph of the intended recipient can be stuck on if desired. Obviously being made of paper it will not be very hardy and will need to be handles carefully.


Several roots such as potato, ginseng, carrot (or almost any suitable vegetable) can be carved into the required shape. This is obviously a poppet that is only suitable for short term use as it will rot quite quickly. Once finished it can be used as required but do not do any additional carving or work on it once you have started to use it.


wax can be carved into shape but it is probably easier (and certainly less messy) to soften it first and mould it into shape in the same way as clay. Do make sure it’s not too hot to handle first though. Again, leave a hollow for some personal token before adorning.
Soften candles and shape them into poppet figurine. Rub lavender oil, or similar onto your hands first for ease, and ensure the wax is not too hot. Use small pieces of coal or gems to adorn the poppet. For a more powerful effect use hair, fingernails, or some token or possession of the recipient.


Makes for a very durable poppet. Simply carve the wood into a figure shape and glue on something from the recipient. Woodcarving is not as difficult as it sounds provided you take it slow and be careful. The poppet can be adorned as you see fit using paint, pens, crayons etc.

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Druid Dom’s Page 10

Druid Dom’s Page 10

Here are more topics of interest regarding witchcraft and life in general you may find helpful

How to Tell Family and Friends You Are Pagan

Druid Dom’s Page 10Your choice in beliefs is a very important and personal one. It is also a choice I feel that you should feel comfortable sharing with your family. I know in many cases this is hard.
It was hard in my case.
It still is at times. However, hiding something makes it suspicious. It makes it seem like something that NEEDS to be hidden, which it shouldn’t be and isn’t.

Not only is that, but a good portion of a pagan path about trust.

You need to be able to trust yourself to be able to trust that any spell work you do will work.

If you are in the habit of lying to yourself, your family or your friends how will you be able to trust in what you do when you can’t trust your own word?

How to tell them….

First do you feel they will react negatively or are you just unsure of how to discuss it with them?

In either situation the best way to deal with it is to know your subject well and know why you are interested in learning about it.

If you are not sure if you want to follow this path, but are interested in learning about various different religions, tell them so possibly even show them my site.

Whatever you do be calm. Don’t get defensive or angry if they react in a way that you do not like. Think about it from their point of view.

Odds are the most they know about paganism, Wicca or shamanism is a mismatch of rumours like it is satanic or a cult.

All they want to do is protect you and keep you from doing something that might hurt you.

Reassure them that it’s not like that and show them why.

Always demonstrate why with your own actions.
And be patient.
It may take them awhile to accept your decision.
They may never accept it, but it is better that it be out in the open rather
than festering like some dark secret.

View whatever happens as a lesson and look for what you can learn from it.

Whatever you do, do not bring it up when they are in a bad mood. Common sense,
but it is still worth reminding.


(Or have confidence in yourself)

Druid Dom’s Page 10Confidence! The one thing we all wish we had and even when do have it, most of the time we still don’t feel confident.

How many times have you been going to do something and then thought NO! What if I’m wrong? If you are like you would have probably done it hundreds of times.
It took me years of learning the hard way to trust in myself and my inner voice. I would try to second guess myself all the time, and just about every time I found that I should have had the confidence to go with my first instinct or inner voice.

I am not saying that you should not check on something if you are not sure about the consequences. But most of the time you will know that your inner voice is guiding you in the right direction. I would like to give you a couple of examples of what I mean.

Firstly there is my family, after years of seeing me going with what I feel or my inner voice they have come to trust my judgement on most things (this can be a problem as I have a tendency to want to control things for the best mind you and I have to pull back and let them make their own decisions). Whenever they are trying to decided something or there is a problem they always go “Mum what you think?” Lovely that they come to me, but they very rarely made decisions on their own. I would give my opinion and they would say yeah that’s what I thought too. On asking them why they had not already acted, the answer was invariably I wasn’t sure if I was right I did not trust my own feelings.

Needless to say that I have for the last few years moved away from giving an answer first and asked them what they thought first. Then I say to them that if that is what feels right for them then that’s what they should do. I will always be there to give them advice but they needed to have the confidence in themselves and not rely on me (lovely though that is) or anyone else for the answers.

They still ask for my advice and opinions but now it is on what they have already decided to do not on what they think I think they should do.

It is good to get second opinions because sometimes others see things that you may miss, but still the final decision is yours only you know how the decision will affect you.

The second example I would like to share with you is this:

Every year we have a Mind/Body/Spirit show in Melbourne. My daughter Nicole and I have been talking about going for years, but never quite made it.
Well this year we went, we took my grandson Josh with us and decided to just enjoy the day. After walking around and looking at the exhibits for a few hours, Nicole decided that she would like to have Josh’s Aura photo taken. You should have seen him all of 4 years old and he just sat down and placed his hands exactly where they had to go, the lady taking the photos thought he had done this before, but it was his first time(smart boy that).

Anyway I digress, after the photo had been taken a reader come over and started to explain what the colours meant that were in his aura. I found it very interesting as it co-inside with what I had already been told by my guides. Then the lack of confidence came in, the reader started to explain the colours in a way that he felt we wanted to hear, changing the meaning of everything just ever so slightly but still changed none the less. I thought that this may have been because Josh was so young, but he did the same thing with Nicole’s reading and mine also. He was spot on with his first interpretations and should have had the confidence to leave it at that, but he undermined some of the messages that he was meant to be getting across especially to my daughter by not listening to his inner voice.

I know that it is not easy to have the confidence to follow that inner voice, it takes practice and also looking at the results we get when we do follow it and when we don’t. I believe that the inner voices are our guides directing us to the right path for us.

I have been very glad on occasions that I have followed their guidance as there have been instances where I would have been in the wrong place at the wrong time if I had ignored the warnings that I got.

You may not actually hear voices, it may just be a feeling that you get perhaps in your stomach or chest, learn to look for and listen to these signs you will find your confidence growing each time you do.

Here are a couple of Crystals that will help you with your Self Confidence

Agate, Azurite, Bloodstone, Sodalite, Turquoise

A word of warning don’t jump in to something that could be dangerous without all the facts if you get a feeling of being unsure it usually means that the course of action you are planning is not right at this point in time.

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