Witch Zak – Silence

Witch Zak - Silence

Merry Meet from Zak here at the high rise.

Witch Zak - Silence

I find myself in a strange state of mind now that silence occupies the space that Nikki once filled, yes again I know loneliness once more.

Gone are the feminine traits most men including I so often take for granted while sharing our lives with another. I reminisce on past relationships which lurk deep within this shell of a body I occupy, yet find comfort in the thought that one day I will love again. No I don’t mean that I was in love with Nikki I meant past relationships. So, you may well ask am I feeling sorry for myself … No … just taking stock, for what are we humans without memories be them a treasure or a curse.

Nikki has moved in with George my good friend in the flat below.

(My followers will remember that George lost his wife in an elevator accident a few years ago here at the high rise). Nikki has my blessings as she seems content to be sharing the living accommodation with George, so it’s a win win situation for them you could say. Ok if I’m honest I did feel a sense of loss when Nikki handed me the spare key to my flat and kissed me on the cheek as a thank you. I remember a little wave as she waited for the elevator to arrive at our floor. Slowly closing the door and retreating into my sanctuary I remember placing the spare key on the coffee table and relaxing in my old cracked leather chair. The tower block seemed to die for a few moments as I sat there looking towards the window. Reality soon kicked back in with the usual hum of activity the tower block is notorious for. The elevator motors can be heard cranking away from time to time sort of working in harmony with the rest of the building, like a living pulse.

Moving on now I feel a few chosen words from the high rise coming on:

For who are we if not ourselves, who are we to breathe the air, who are we to live our lives, we are humans that’s who we are. SORTED.
I had a strange feeling the other day just after Nikki moved out as I trod the well-worn path to work. I momentarily looked back at the high-rise window of my flat as I had done days before. Last time I did this it was because I was concerned about where Nikki was going to live, as my flat is only single occupancy as mentioned earlier. This time I looked back with a sense of loss… strange these feelings we humans have at times. The main thing is she is safe with George and I know from the past that he is a good man. It will not be long before she has her baby and all that goes with it, good job Georges flat is for a family, size wise.

The time is ever ticking and once again the blue bells are popping up in the park (and yes, they are a protected spices).

Nature always returns with a new face each season and it is truly wonderful to be alive. So, as I reach ever nearer the end of another page in my life I am blessed to be a wiccan and embrace all that nature gives freely. Must just mention that Nikki invited me to have a meal with them the other night and it went very well indeed. Strange how the old saying (you never know what you really had till it is gone) keeps coming back to me. I am glad that Nikki and George are in a relationship as George has had children before but they are all grown up now and live away.

Talking about relationships, the longest relationship I can remember having lasted a round seven years as my first wife died after eating poisonous mushrooms, my second wife died of strangulation because she wouldn’t eat the poisonous mushrooms… now Piss Off
p.s If you have any negative comments to leave feel free as it shows you are alive and have a lower intelligence that me … Merry Part

Mole scrying

Mole scrying

Mole scrying can be a very interesting topic indeed. Just as mole (the mammal) usually doesn’t pop up until he has a point to make.

Moles (the spotty type) don’t pop up on your body and face unless they have a message for you.

If you have any worries at all please consult your doctor as a mole as I know only too well can be cancerous. My particular mole started off just as a little spot then it turned into a little growth about the size of a dressmakers knob pin head, looked a little like a wart, after which this head dropped off and left a reddish mark that slowly grew.

A quick trip to the hospital and it was removed. If in doubt check your mole out is my motto.

No kidding you can learn a lot about yourself simply by examining the size, colour, and locations of your moles. I’ve listed a few common locations below.

Mole above your eyebrow- you’ll have to work hard for wealth.

Mole on the tip of your nose- you’ll have a parade of sexual problems in your life.

Mole anywhere on your chin- your life will feel unfulfilled unless you’re constantly traveling and trying new things.

Mole underneath your eye- you’ll always have problems relating to your children. Your relationship with them will more often than not be one of tolerance.

Mole on the inside of your wrist- you’re a person that loves to spend money

Mole on the shoulder- Life will present you with many challenges. However, should the mole be red and more towards the back of the shoulder, you will easily rise above them.

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A Ritual for Interfaith Yuletide Sharing

yuletide sharing

A Ritual for Interfaith Yuletide Sharing interesting indeed

Many or most of us who practice in Wiccan and/or other Neo-pagan traditions have family members and friends of other faiths.

An enjoyable ritual that enables all to share the joy of the seasonal can be the making and blessing of a fragrant Yuletide Potpourri. Offer a party on or near Winter Solstice.

A Ritual for Interfaith Yuletide Sharing

Serve hot mulled cider and cookies, and ask everyone who comes to bring ingredients for the potpourri: sprigs of various varieties of fragrant evergreen trees — pine, yew, spruce, cedar and juniper. Fresh herbs such as rosemary, sage, basil, thyme are good, and also spices such as cinnamon sticks and whole cloves. Dried apples or other dried fruits, nuts, small pinecones and winterberry can also be added for colour and texture. Provide a very large container (cauldron, dishpan, washtub) that all can gather around while breaking the ingredients into small pieces, mixing them into the container.

Begin by setting the intent, perhaps: 

We gather at the time of Winter Solstice, when the longest night of the year gives way to the waxing light. The ancients celebrated this time as the rebirth of the Sun, and it was considered a time of hope, promise and new beginnings. Let’s make a Yuletide seasonal potpourri together, and while we work and share our favourite holiday memories and also our hopes and wishes for the year to come, we can blend those joyful energies into the potpourri and also charge our own will to make this next year all we hope it can be. When we are finished, we’ll bless the potpourri together and each take some home where its fragrance will remind us of the hopes and wishes we have shared and what we plan to do to bring them into reality.

After the potpourri is complete, join hands around it and say something like this: 

Feel the energy of our sharing pass from hand to hand. See it in the eyes of others all around our circle as we join together in peace and joy and love. May our thoughts and energies surround and fill us, infusing that which we have created so that the feelings we share tonight carry forth to anyone not here whom we may give a gift of our Yuletide potpourri. Though we go from here in our separate ways, hold in your hearts the unity of sharing that it may be extended to others. Let’s share a moment of silent thanks to Divine Spirit for our many blessings. (Pause) As light returns to Earth, let Light be rekindled in our hearts and minds, and may we know and share the blessings of peace and love.

Whether working alone or with a group, let’s call upon the Sun and Venus, so prominent in the chart of Winter Solstice, for their most hoped for potential, that peace will prevail on Earth. The optimum time for this working would encompass the actual time of Winter Solstice, although the ritual can, of course, be done at other times, too.

A Ritual for Interfaith Yuletide Sharing

You will need to create (or purchase) a large enough wreath to step through. This can be most any circular form, decorated as you choose with either fresh or artificial greenery. If working alone have at least twelve candles one to represent each sign of the zodiac. If you are working with a group, have candles in multiples of 12, all the way up to 360 for each degree of a circle. Candle luminaries can be made by putting little tea candles (the kind that come in tins) within small paper cups. These burn safely, even outdoors in moderate wind, as the metal holds the wax until it burns away.

Begin with a centering meditation and then cast sacred space in your usual way. After calling the Guardians of the Watchtowers, invoke the God and Goddess as Sun and Venus:

O Sun of bright new year I (we) call
Child of life and light
Shine peace throughout this land of ours
Bring wisdom with your might!

O Venus, come in love and peace
Star of dawn for all to see
Your light of Truth I (we) call within
Peace shall begin with me!

Then, as you say this next short verse, step through the Yule wreath; make your personal transition from the old year to the new: 

This night of new Light’s birthing
I (we) step through Yule wreath free
Cast off the old year, greet the new
With Light of Peace, so mote it be!

Now light your candles one at a time and place them in a circle.

If you have the space, you can build the circle of Light around you or your entire group. If you are working alone or only have the space of a table, make the circle on it.

A Ritual for Interfaith Yuletide Sharing

A symbol of Earth could be placed within (a map, a globe, a photo of Earth from space). As you place the candles, sing an appropriate song. A good one, familiar to many and available in many songbooks begins Let there be peace on Earth and let it begin with me 1. The second line of verse one of the song continues: Let there be peace on Earth, the peace that was meant to be. Then the next two lines are Christian in wording, but can easily be changed slightly so that the words are generic to all spiritual paths. Here is a suggested change: In Spirit together, we are one family, Let us walk with each other in perfect harmony. The second verse is appropriate to all paths just as it was originally written.

After the circle of Light has been formed, other favourite traditions could be followed, such as the burning of the Yule Log, the blessing of sharing of cakes and beverages and also thoughts and experiences of the ritual. Following the closing of this rite, you will be allowing your candles to burn all the way down naturally, so be sure that they are safely placed and can be monitored for safety.

In closing, offer thanks to the Guardians and to Sun and Venus for this sacred night as you visualize the Light of Peace spreading in all directions outward from your circle all across the Earth, joining with other circles of Light in other places.

Believe that on this Winter Solstice you have been and will continue to be a significant force for peace! 

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History Of The Tarot Cards

history of the tarot cards

Sooner or later most Witches (not all) look into divination using a deck of Tarot cards.

I would like to mention however that in by gone days, a lot of Witches and Gypsies use to use a plain set of average everyday run of the mill type playing cards for divination purposes, and it may be something for you to look into before out laying a lot of money on a Tarot deck.

History Of The Tarot Cards

Below is a basic list as to what the cards represent:

The four suits represent the four seasons – the four elements – the four
winds – the four directions – the four phases of the Moon.

The two colours represent day and night – male and female – positive and

52 cards represent the 52 weeks in a year.

13 cards in each suit represent each quarter of the year each having 13
weeks. Or can represent the 13 Full Moons of a year.

The 12 court cards represent the 12 months. Or the 12 hours between noon and midnight.

The ace to 10 add up to 55 + jack 11 + queen 12 + king 13 = 91 x 4 suits =
364 + joker 1 = 365 days of a year.

So as you can see there is a lot more to the plain old pack of cards than
meets the eye.

The evidence we do have tells us that around 1440-1550 the Tarot appeared in
Italy. Wealthy and influential patrons commissioned elaborate decks to be
created, often using gold leaf. The cards continued to develop with rich
symbolism and our modern decks of 78 cards became the standard in the later 18th and 19th centuries.

Several secret societies have embraced the Tarot, over the years, as an
oracle and mystical path to enlightenment. Many influential scholars have
drawn parallels that have shown similarities between the Tarot and alchemy
Jungian psychology, Hermetic philosophy, the Cabbala, astrology, and many
other mystery traditions. The cards now are mainly use in spiritual growth
and divination. Also to view a person’s past, present and/or future.

The Tarot deck is separated into two main parts; 22 major arcana cards and
56 minor arcana cards (arcane means hidden or secret). The major arcana
includes all the cards ever yone associates with the tarot, such as the
Devil, the Lovers, and the Magician. They are often numbered with Roman
numerals, from I to XXI. The Fool is left without a number, or is given the
value 0.

The minor arcana is similar to modern playing cards because it contains four
“suits”. These suits are labelled differently in many decks, but are usually
cups, pentacles (disks or coins), swords, and wands (rods or staves). Each
suit has 14 cards, numbered Ace through King. Each suit also includes the
Page and the Knight.

Modern Tarot readers practice and study for years to refine their skills.
Each card has several meanings, and those meanings are affected by the other cards that are drawn from the deck. The interpretation of a group of cards, or a “spread” can be quite complex, but psychics have a distinct advantage of using their powers to determine exactly what the cards are trying to tell you.

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