An aura is said to be the visible magnetic energy (life force) that surrounds the body of all living things

It appears to mediums and many with clairvoyant vision as colours radiating from the body.

It is claimed that the colour of ones aura is an indication of ones wellbeing, the colour of Aurayour aura changes depending on you mental and physical state, we are said to have many colours that move along with us through our daily life. We have all from some time or other in our lives felt the static electrical energy leave our body to another person or object so why not believe in auras. Of course there will be sceptics that say all this aura business is a load of rubbish but that is just an opinion view all with an open mind I ask for when we close our minds to a certain subject it is an end of.

Below are a few colours that radiate from the body and the meanings if you are lacking this colour

GREEN:  Peace and harmony:   Indicating you to seek a closeness to nature walks, gardening, inner peace and correction of balance.

INDIGO:  Contemplation, Psychic abilities:  Indicating you to look within yourself
spiritually write down your thoughts, goals and where you are mentally at this time.

RED: Suggests a low ebb:  Your energy levels need lifting exercise, or it could be because you are feeling angry or uptight slow down, a tricky colour this one.

ORANGE: Stimulation of the social kind: Go out for a meal, live a little mix and enjoy life.

BROWN: This is the colour of the earth, psychological: Think more on how to solve every day issues.

BLACK:  This is a blank canvas: You are not allowing your true self to be portrayed: Relax more, listen to music allow the colourful world around you in.

WHITE: Spiritual energy: You may feel the world is on your shoulders: Seek out your inner beliefs.

VIOLET: A look at your diet: Check out your diet if you are leaving vital ingredients out this can reflect in your aura colour.

BLUE: Body harmony needs the right balance: We all need to recharge from time to time slow down a little.
YELLOW: Digestive processes: Try to think more positively in life.
Merry Part.

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A Ritual for Interfaith Yuletide Sharing

yuletide sharing

A Ritual for Interfaith Yuletide Sharing interesting indeed

Many or most of us who practice in Wiccan and/or other Neo-pagan traditions have family members and friends of other faiths.

An enjoyable ritual that enables all to share the joy of the seasonal can be the making and blessing of a fragrant Yuletide Potpourri. A Ritual for Interfaith Yuletide SharingOffer a party on or near Winter Solstice. Serve hot mulled cider and cookies, and ask everyone who comes to bring ingredients for the potpourri: sprigs of various varieties of fragrant evergreen trees — pine, yew, spruce, cedar and juniper. Fresh herbs such as rosemary, sage, basil, thyme are good, and also spices such as cinnamon sticks and whole cloves. Dried apples or other dried fruits, nuts, small pinecones and winterberry can also be added for colour and texture. Provide a very large container (cauldron, dishpan, washtub) that all can gather around while breaking the ingredients into small pieces, mixing them into the container.

Begin by setting the intent, perhaps: 

We gather at the time of Winter Solstice, when the longest night of the year gives way to the waxing light. The ancients celebrated this time as the rebirth of the Sun, and it was considered a time of hope, promise and new beginnings. Let’s make a Yuletide seasonal potpourri together, and while we work and share our favourite holiday memories and also our hopes and wishes for the year to come, we can blend those joyful energies into the potpourri and also charge our own will to make this next year all we hope it can be. When we are finished, we’ll bless the potpourri together and each take some home where its fragrance will remind us of the hopes and wishes we have shared and what we plan to do to bring them into reality.

After the potpourri is complete, join hands around it and say something like this: 

Feel the energy of our sharing pass from hand to hand. See it in the eyes of others all around our circle as we join together in peace and joy and love. May our thoughts and energies surround and fill us, infusing that which we have created so that the feelings we share tonight carry forth to anyone not here whom we may give a gift of our Yuletide potpourri. Though we go from here in our separate ways, hold in your hearts the unity of sharing that it may be extended to others. Let’s share a moment of silent thanks to Divine Spirit for our many blessings. (Pause) As light returns to Earth, let Light be rekindled in our hearts and minds, and may we know and share the blessings of peace and love.

Whether working alone or with a group, let’s call upon the Sun and Venus, so prominent in the chart of Winter Solstice, for their most hoped for potential, that peace will prevail on Earth. The optimum time for this working would encompass the actual time of Winter Solstice, although the ritual can, of course, be done at other times, too.

A Ritual for Interfaith Yuletide SharingYou will need to create (or purchase) a large enough wreath to step through. This can be most any circular form, decorated as you choose with either fresh or artificial greenery. If working alone have at least twelve candles one to represent each sign of the zodiac. If you are working with a group, have candles in multiples of 12, all the way up to 360 for each degree of a circle. Candle luminaries can be made by putting little tea candles (the kind that come in tins) within small paper cups. These burn safely, even outdoors in moderate wind, as the metal holds the wax until it burns away.

Begin with a centering meditation and then cast sacred space in your usual way. After calling the Guardians of the Watchtowers, invoke the God and Goddess as Sun and Venus:

O Sun of bright new year I (we) call
Child of life and light
Shine peace throughout this land of ours
Bring wisdom with your might!

O Venus, come in love and peace
Star of dawn for all to see
Your light of Truth I (we) call within
Peace shall begin with me!

Then, as you say this next short verse, step through the Yule wreath; make your personal transition from the old year to the new: 

This night of new Light’s birthing
I (we) step through Yule wreath free
Cast off the old year, greet the new
With Light of Peace, so mote it be!

Now light your candles one at a time and place them in a circle.

If you have the space, you can build the circle of Light around you or your entire group. If you are working alone or only have the space of a table, make the circle on it. A symbol of Earth could be placed within (a map, a globe, a photo of Earth from space). A Ritual for Interfaith Yuletide SharingAs you place the candles, sing an appropriate song. A good one, familiar to many and available in many songbooks begins Let there be peace on Earth and let it begin with me 1. The second line of verse one of the song continues: Let there be peace on Earth, the peace that was meant to be. Then the next two lines are Christian in wording, but can easily be changed slightly so that the words are generic to all spiritual paths. Here is a suggested change: In Spirit together, we are one family, Let us walk with each other in perfect harmony. The second verse is appropriate to all paths just as it was originally written.

After the circle of Light has been formed, other favourite traditions could be followed, such as the burning of the Yule Log, the blessing of sharing of cakes and beverages and also thoughts and experiences of the ritual. Following the closing of this rite, you will be allowing your candles to burn all the way down naturally, so be sure that they are safely placed and can be monitored for safety.

In closing, offer thanks to the Guardians and to Sun and Venus for this sacred night as you visualize the Light of Peace spreading in all directions outward from your circle all across the Earth, joining with other circles of Light in other places.

Believe that on this Winter Solstice you have been and will continue to be a significant force for peace! 

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Healing With Crystals

healing with crystals

Healing with crystals is magic. Many crystals have healing properties that you can discover

Crystals vibrate to at different frequencies to enhance healing.

Quartz crystals have excellent healing properties. Quartz also has the ability to transform an imbalanced energy field. When you feel stressed the crystal can balance your energies and revitalize you.

Others minerals besides quartz crystals – display healing properties. Small quartz crystals left in water will ionize the water and is a good drink for healing.

You can use crystals yourself to heal or find a qualified healer. Most crystal healing is guided to the healer by Spirit – who will tell the healer which crystals will be most effective and the patterns the crystals should be placed on or around the person’s body. The length of time used with the crystals will vary with each patient and healer. The healer must determine the person’s frequency and attune it to the crystals that will create healing and balance. All healing is about placing the body in balance.

Treatments will vary in length and number of times required. They may not always work.

Owning a crystal that you carry with you – or keep in the area you spend most of your time – can enhance the healing after you work with the healer.

It’s always good to have a few quartz crystals around your home to balance the energies, even if you do not need healing.


Healing With CrystalsMany people connect the colour frequency of a specific chakra with that of the stone being used. For example – if one were healing the throat chakra – one would use one or more blue stones placed on the throat chakra alone – or in patterns.


Amber: This “good luck” stone brings the purifying, revitalizing force of the sun and the absorptive, transmuting energy of the earth together to create a powerful tool. Draws disease out of the body and transforms it. Clears negativity. 2nd chakra.

Amethyst: Spiritual Upliftment.

Aquamarine: Remind one of the Ocean of Love and Mercy. Stone of the new heart chakra centre.

Aventurine: Helps heal the Heart, lungs, and adrenals. 4th chakra

Amethyst: Inner alignment. Helps heal arthritis, hearing, and bones. 6th chakra.

Azurite: Helps – Surfaces psychic blocks that form physical blocks– Helps to let go of old belief systems – Helps heal throat, arthritis & joints, spleen, and spine. 5th and 6th chakras.

Bloodstones: Helps heal all blood disorders, lungs, eyesight, and heart. 1st chakra.

Carnelian: Balance creativity and mental processes. Helps asthma, and blood pressure. 2nd chakra.

Citrine: Upliftment – Helps digestion, circulation. 2nd, and 3rd chakra’s

Coral: Emotional balance

Diamond: Increase personal clarity. Balances metabolism, de-toxifies the body, and strengthens the eyesight. Vivifies all chakras

Emerald: Physical and emotional healing – tranquilizing effect on the heart and mind, inspiring calm, clear assurance. 4th chakra and higher.

Hematite: Helps heal tumours and anemia. 6th, 7th chakras

Herkimer diamond: My personal favourite: Chakra cleanser. Protects against radiation. De-toxes the body.

Jade: Strengthens the heart kidneys and immune system. Helps cleanse the blood. Increases longevity and fertility. Aids in eye disorders and female problems.

Jaspar: Helps tissue regeneration and smell. 1st, 2nd chakras

Kunzite: Heals the heart. 4th chakra and up

Lapis Lazuli: Strengthens the immune system. 6th chakra.

Malachite: Harmony and balance

Moldavite: Take you out of your body–very power for astral travel.

Moonstone: Absorbs pain and illness. Regenerates the tissues and organs. Heals reproductive system. 4th chakra.

Black Obsidian: Grounding stone.

Onyx: Helpful in treating glaucoma, epilepsy, and cell damage. Attuned to 1st and 5th chakras.

Opal: See possibilities; discover a broader view. Heals and clears eyesight, and balances the metabolism. 5th, 6th, and 7th chakras.

Peridot: Strengthens, and regenerates all organs, stimulating new, healthy growth. Balances bio-rythmic cycles. Protects the user from negativity. Helps heal infection, ulcers, and thyroid. 4th chakra.

Quartz: Removes negative energy – Universal conduit. Amplifies, focuses, stores, transforms, energies.

Rose Quartz: Heart chakra

Rhodonite: Emotional support. Helps one take the next step emotionally

Ruby: Helps heal the heart and all blood impurities. De-toxes the body. 4th chakra.

Sapphire: Mental Clarity; Clear mental garbage. Carrier of the Blue ray.

Sodalite: Protection from external negative energy.

Tourquoise: Aligns all chakras, Strengthens and calms the mind and body. 5th chakra.

Tiger’s Eye: Helps heal wounds, bruises, eyes and throat. 5th chakra.

Topaz: Helps to break up stagnation of energy within the body, and assists with the elimination of toxins. 3rd chakra and higher.


Ancient Civilizations often used crystals for healing, magic, spiritual and energy work. They understood how the energies of crystals amplify the healing process.

Atlanteans allegedly erected huge crystal healing temples. Their civilization was based on the use of stored – and directed use of crystal technology.

The ancient Mayans, Hebrew, Vedic and Native American cultures used crystals and gemstones both in spiritual rituals and as aids to physical healing. Those who practice the ways of the ancient cultures continue to use crystals as healing tools.

Crystals were used in the earliest shamanic rites as tools for initiation and healing, as talisman, and meditation.

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Spiritual Healing & Spiritual Meditation

Spiritual Healing & Spiritual Meditation

Spiritual healing can benefit emotional issues & can be a wonderful alternative healing method for most stress related issues

Healing in itself it is non-denominational, if you have a faith you will find that it is welcomed as much as if you have none.

Spiritual, Energy Healing & Self-Healing Technique.

Spiritual Healing & Spiritual Meditation

What is Spiritual Energy Healing?

Illnesses that affect us, the issues that upset our minds are ultimately rooted in mental, emotional & spiritual imbalance. Energy healing is the transfer of universal or spiritual energy from the practitioner into the subtle energy field of the client to heal the self, allowing the body, mind & emotions to shift & heal themselves. Energy healing holds the belief that there is a universal energy field that can be tapped into & channelled to enhance the energy of others.

Our own life force or subtle energy system is based around our many chakras, of which we have hundreds; they are like energy ports within our physical & spiritual bodies. Chakras can become unbalanced during times of emotional upset or physical disease. As we are holistic beings, one imbalance, if not resolved can create more imbalance until we become unwell or unhappy & dis-empowered by our own lives.

Energy healing methods have been used by cultures & traditions across the world since the beginning of mankind. The simplest example is a mother holding a child while feeling love for the child. It is simply sending loving energy to another being, place, or thing. Spiritual healing allows spirit to be present during sessions, as of course your own spiritual self is. This can result in clairvoyant insight as to what is happening with your life as well as the session itself.

Where does the energy go?

Good question & a bit like asking how long is a piece of string. I am the channel – You are the recipient, the energy however is just as individual. It will go to where it is best needed, regardless of where you may wish it to go, so we cannot direct it specifically. Your own spiritual self will be the director of all energy that comes to you.

How long does it last within my system?

If it brings any realisation to you – permanent. Although on the whole, energy stays within you for about 3 days.

What is it for? Can it cure?

Anything that makes you feel weary of life & there can be no guarantees of what it will remove as that is a spiritual matter. I find that it best suits emotional issues where peace & resolution need to be found, but have also found it beneficial with physical issues.

You may find that you still have the same issues after, but that they are seen in a new light, you can deal with them as blocks are removed. You may find that issues that have held you back no longer exist. The what’s & how’s are not down to you & me, but to a higher energy.

I don’t suggest that spiritual energy healing should replace appropriate medical attention, if you have a physical issue, get medical assistance as spiritual energy healing is an alternative, extra burst of energy to help with western medicine.

Western medicine lacks an understanding of self, especially the holistic energy self, the Chinese call our life force “Chi”, Indians “Prana”. This is a drug free means of allowing your own spiritual body to enhance your own life force, non-intrusive, empowering & calming.

Spiritual Meditation

Spiritual Meditation

Spiritual meditation aims to help a person dig deep into the inner self in order to discover the wisdom and tranquillity that lie within. It can be done by developing awareness, harmony and natural order into life through meditation. Different techniques can be employed in order to achieve this.

Different meditation techniques have been developed since ancient times in the effort to help people experience a higher state of consciousness. This usually makes use of the ability to clear the mind of distractions and focusing mainly on the self. Here are some of the techniques that most people use to get in touch with their spiritual consciousness through meditation.

One of the ancient techniques in meditation used is one that Buddhists practice.

This technique is called mindfulness meditation and involves learning how to be aware about the things that one does and the things that is happening around at the very moment. This type of meditation technique can take time to master and involves four steps.

The first step is the abstinence from the five moral rules which is killing, stealing, lying, sexual misconduct, and the use of toxic substances. The second step is the practice of Anapana Meditation for three and a half days where a person is taught how to meditate while focusing on one’s breathing. The third step involves purifying the mind which involves self-observation for six and half days. The fourth step involves speaking and living an extroverted life. This meditation technique closes with the practice of metta bhavana which involves sharing the purity developed with others.

Another type of meditation technique is Transcendental Meditation, the most debated and researched one among the many meditation types. This type of meditation aims to help one attain enlightenment if practiced on the long term. This meditation technique also can help increase intelligence and creativity. This technique does not require the mastery of difficult breathing techniques or the use of some special postures. A person needs only to learn how to concentrate by sitting in a relaxed and comfortable posture and position.

Another meditation technique is the vibrational meditation which involves the repetition of a mantra, a particular word or a sound that becomes the focal point of the meditation process. The vibrations that are produced by making the word or sound is experienced passing through the body. During meditation, the individual is to concentrate on nothing else but the sound as it is uttered again and again.

The Walking Meditation is one of the many other types of meditation techniques that may help one get in touch with one’s inner self. It involves learning to focus the mind while walking. Although this meditation technique can be difficult to practice it can prove to be very beneficial. This type of meditation involves focusing on the feet while meditating and trying not to let the mind wander away from every step taken.

These different types of spiritual meditation techniques take time to master. It may be hard for some people to get used to focusing on one thing, due most of the time to the influence of the world in general and how it has clouded and cluttered the mind with thoughts of problems, worries and stress. But with regular practice and eventually making a certain type of meditation technique a regular habit, people may be able to look into their inner selves more effectively and then achieve a higher sense of consciousness that may help one attain inner peace.

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Dream Stones

Dream Stones

First select the kind of stone you want to use as your dream stone.

I would recommend a piece of clear quartz, amethyst, rose quartz, or citrine as your first dream stone.

To clear out any unwanted energies in your stone.     

Place the stone in you left hand, covering it with your right. Next imagine a clear pool of water in your mind. Breathe in deeply, seeing and sensing the clear water washing out your dream stone, and then pulse your breath out sharply through your nose, as if to set the image in place in the stone.

To program your dream stone.

Repeat the clearing process, only instead of imagining clear water in your dream stone, imagine what you want in it, from spiritual clarity to prosperity or maybe a new relationship. The choice is yours.

After programming the stone.

Hold it in your non-dominant or receiving hand (left if you are right-handed) as you sleep, noticing how it effects your dreams. Check out different types of stones programming them for various things while again observing their affects on your dreams. You can also intentionally bring your dream stone into your dreams, using it for energizing, traveling, and healing. As you drift to sleep, simply repeat to yourself.

Dream stone of light,
Dream with me tonight.

Keep this stone next to your bed, under your bed, or in your pillow case in a natural fabric bag, or hold it in your receiving hand at night as you drift to sleep. The power of the stone entrains your dreams, just as your energy entrains the dream stone.

The following is a list of stones you can use for dream magic, along with their properties.


Agate: Grounding and balancing your dreams, self-confidence, balance

Amethyst: Divine communication, wisdom, banishing nightmares, dream protection, mental clarity.

Citrine: Dream messages, mental clarity, dispelling negative dreams, empowerment, remembering your dreams.

Clear Quartz: Ultimate dream magic stone, spiritual connection, divine guidance, healing dreams, divine dreams, time travel and astral travel.

Diamond: Divine inspiration, remembering your dreams, amplifying dream energies, protection, magical dreaming.

Herkimer Diamond (an extremely hard diamond): Propitious for all kinds of dream magic, stimulating higher awareness, filtering out negative dreams.

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