Herb Growing for anyone

Herb Growing for anyone

Your herb garden can focus on Elementals, planetary influences (all Venus herbs, for instance), a deity, or particular spell work, such as protection or love magic.

The herbs you grow can also be used in cooking for your daily meal. So, growing your own herbs can be great fun and have specific meanings helping in your spell work and life in general.

Whether your herb growing is on your windowsill or in your back yard it can be productive for you.

The majority of witches that I know grow their own herbs rather than buy them from the local stores. They say herbs produced by them have a more magickal property to them with the time and patients they have put into the growing process. It can also be great fun for children growing herbs under supervision of course.
Many witches talk about giving something back to the land when they harvest their herbs. I think when you care for a garden, you are always giving something back to the land. You must, or you won’t have a garden for very long–it will be reabsorbed into the wild or wither away. Every time you fertilize, water, or add compost, you are giving something back to the land. Every time you groom your plants and pick off marauding bugs, you are giving something back to the land.
When you are planning to grow herbs, make or should I say find a comfortable place for your herbs to live, away from any harm that may damage them. I know a friend who started growing her herbs on the windowsill of her house only to find them withering away. The reason for this was quite clear she had placed her herbs on the window sill but having only single glazing the plants soon became too cold and died. So, it is so important to select the correct spot for your herbs.
It is also a good idea to decide just what kind of herbs you wish to grow and what they will be used for? Will they be used in your magickal workings of your craft, for eating at meal time or just for decoration.
A good idea is to start small say just a couple of pots or plants at a time till you get used to them. You should get a feel for which areas will benefit your new herb plants. Full sun is preferred for many gardens, but it’s possible for herbs grow in the shaded areas, since many witching plants are not only shade tolerant but actually prefer shade, like belladonna. In fact, I wonder if part of the attraction to some of these herbs for witches in the past was that they could grow in areas that might not be so easily visible to neighbours or passers-by. Herbs growing around the doorway are quite a bit different than herbs growing in the edge of the woods or hedge bordering the witch’s property.

Once you have decided which herbs you would like to grow and selected a place for them why not adopt a nice little ritual planting for them. This can be easily achieved by saying magickal words while planting, or when watering and tending in general.

There are many ways to bring magical practice into your herb planting and growing. If you like to cast a circle, you can make a circular planting that will mark that for you. You can make an outdoor altar part of your garden, and it doesn’t even have to stick out like a sore thumb. Remember above all the herbs will be planted by you and have your influence deep within them.
Growing your own herbs will that eventually make part of your spell work allows you to build both a deep knowledge of and a relationship with those plants from the time they are embryos in the seed until they are mature and ready to harvest; this can add a great deal of power and focus to your work. Working with your herbs builds skill and confidence in personal paths in magic as well as demonstrating how powerful outside forces are–you see the results of your own decisions but also of factors outside of your control. Folks often discuss how spirits are involved in initiation and guidance in witchcraft and other magical practices. Plant spirits can play those roles if you open yourself to their direction, and of course the garden is the perfect place for learning to communicate with these spirits. They become aware of you and come to know you as you honour them by tending the herbs that embody them. Since a garden cannot be faked, plant magic is as real as it gets, and a witch’s garden is as full of knowledge as any grimoire or book of shadows. You have only to be open to it, have patience, and be willing to learn.

The one thing I will say here is make the planting of herbs personal to you. When all is said and done you are growing and tending a living plant. Don’t feel silly talking to it or them now and then. But above all avoid over watering or underwatering. I have seen many a poor specimen died by the wayside through lack of the right attention.

For a starter nip into your local garden centre and have a good look at the herb section there, then decide if you would prefer to grow your herb/s from seed or of the ready established variety. Growing herbs is a whole new way of life of this many witches know and would not be without their sacred herbs around them. If you feel the need for help on this subject, simply contact Kimberley here at spellsforall.com Blessed Be and happy growing.

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Cleansing general and domestic

Cleansing general and domestic

There can be a number of reasons an area needs to be cleansed, negative energy from the last tenants, leftover energy from some past trauma and so forth.

This may not have occurred in the actual building as it stands today, but could have happened on the site on which it stands. Sometimes people just want an area cleansed so that they can start fresh.

Whatever the reason cleaning an area is becoming very popular, some people are even making a nice living going around and cleansing homes, offices, schools and any number of areas.

People use many and varied methods to do this.

Cleansing can be done on your own or with a group, don’t worry if you have a sceptic in the group it still works well, sometimes even better than you may think.

If you are trying to remove a spirit from an environment and are a little edgy about what may happen, it is suggested that you have someone with you just to make you feel more comfortable. Having said that the only thing that can harm you is your own mind, the spirit will not cause you any trouble or pain.
Some people like to work with a Citrine cluster on most occasions it does not hold negative energy and transmutes it straight away, although many have used quartz and amethyst clusters, also single crystals of all varieties.

To begin walk through the area that is to be cleansed, if it is a room walk around the perimeter, if it is a house or complex of rooms walk around every room and decide where to start the cleansing from. Once this decision is made, then either open a window or a door that leads to the outside.

If you are working in an office building or complex where you can’t open a window or door do not worry, it will still work o.k. If you have no open window
or door then sit on the floor in front of a window, most people like to see outside, but it is not a requirement to perform a cleansing just a preference, hold your chosen crystal in your hands and relax, concentrate on the reason for being there and call all the negative energy to the crystal as the energy enters the crystal ask the crystal to send the negativity out through the open door or window and up to the light (if closed just send the energy outside and into the light.

You may notice the energy being drawn into the crystal, sometimes it can feel like a person’s breath on the back of your neck, or on the side of your face,
you may feel a slight vibration in the crystal while holding it, just keep relaxing and let the energy flow. When you feel that you need to stop do so, even
if it seems like a small amount of time has passed, don’t worry the job will be done. Again, if you feel nothing that fine, just follow your instincts.

It is important to thank the crystal for its assistance. Place the crystal aside and light up an incense stick, there is no particular one just whatever
seems to be right, you can ask the owner if they have a preference in this area. Just walk around the area that has been cleansed and wave the incense stick around a few times (a smudge stick can be used if you prefer.)

The area has now been cleansed. Once is sufficient, but others have said that they have needed to go back a second time to complete the cleansing, again go with what you feel is right, there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to using crystals in this way.

If you are going to have others sit in on the cleansing, then have them side in a semi-circle around you facing the window or door and have them holding a piece of quartz crystal.
Get them to relax and concentrate on the reason they are here, instead of having them send the energy out of the window or door, get them to direct it to the crystal that you are holding.

When you have finished with the cleansing, cleanse the crystal by passing it through the incense smoke and clean later in your preferred manner.
If using Citrine there is no need to clean the crystal but you can if you wish to.

It nice to use Citrine as it does not hold any negative energy and releases the energy immediately upon receiving it. Again, that’s just how one way to do things.

If you would like to try this but are unsure, try it on an area in your own home and see what happens and how it feels. You will find that the energy that is in the area after is usually very peaceful and calm. If after you have completed the cleansing you see no positive results don’t by any means feel disheartened as practice makes perfect, try again till you perfect your technique.

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Banishing Negativity

banishing negativity

Banishing Negativity is A Ritual for the Dark Moon

Begin by setting up your altar as you normally do for ritual. Make sure you have a black candle and wine or water in your chalice in addition to anything else you use.

You will also need a cleansing purifying incense and a censer or some kind of container which can be carried around your home. It is best to set your altar on the floor for this rite, but you may do it however you feel most comfortable.

Cast your circle as you normally do. When you are through, kneel before your altar and light the black candle.

With your arms held, palms upward, at your sides, call Hecate by saying three times:

“Hecate, beautiful Crone of Night

I call you here to put things right.

Transform the negative thought and pain

And help my life be whole again.”

Close your eyes. When you feel the presence of Hecate and know she is there to help you, open your eyes.

Bow your head to her to show your reverence, and then take the chalice, saying:

“Lady of the Dark Moon, Share with me this wine.

Bring your protection to Flood this life of mine.

May the waters of your eternal womb Bring change most divine?”

Sip a small amount of the wine (or water), envisioning it as liquid energy, flowing to effect a positive change within and outside of you.

Leave the rest as an offering to Hecate.

Light the purifying incense in the censer, cut a door in the Circle, and, beginning in the eastern-most corner of your home, smudge your home, going clockwise.

Go into every closet, the bathroom, and the garage – make sure your entire house is smudged.

As you go, chant:

“Negativity be gone.”

Come back into the Circle and visualize your entire house and yard bathed in a peaceful blue light.

Since you have created a void by banishing the negativity, you will need to fill that void.

Ask that good, protective spirits come into your home and that positive energies replace the negative ones that have just been banished.

This is an important step, because if you don’t fill the void with something good, the negativity will come right back. 

Thank Hecate

Meditate if you wish, visualizing your life free from negative happenings and feelings and full of love, prosperity, and happiness. 

Feel how she has changed your home and your life.

Close the Circle and know that it is done.

This video below might also help

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Magical Properties Of Salt

Magical Properties Of Salt

Magical properties of salt include the History of Salt in Religion

Salt has long held an important place in religion and culture.

Greek worshippers consecrated salt in their rituals. Jewish Temple offerings included salt; on the Sabbath. Jews still dip their bread in salt as a remembrance of those sacrifices. In the Old Testament, Lot’s wife was turned into a pillar of salt. Author Sallie Tisdale notes that salt is as free as the water suspending it when it’s dissolved. It is as immutable as stone when it’s dry. A fitting duality for Lot’s wife, who overlooks Sodom to this day.

Covenants in both the Old and New Testaments were often sealed with salt.

The origin of the word “salvation” In the Catholic Church. Salt is or has been used in a variety of purifying rituals. In fact, until Vatican II, a small taste of salt was placed on a baby’s lip at his or her baptism. Jesus called his disciples “the Salt of the Earth.” In Leonardo DaVinci’s famous painting, “The Last Supper,” Judas Escariot has just spilled a bowl of salt – a portent of evil and bad luck. To this day, the tradition endures that someone who spills salt should throw a pinch over his left shoulder to ward off any devils that may be lurking behind.

In Buddhist tradition, salt repels evil spirits.

That’s why it’s customary to throw salt over your shoulder before entering your house after a funeral: it scares off any evil spirits that may be clinging to your back.

Shinto religion also uses salt to purify an area. Before sumo wrestlers enter the ring for a match—which is actually an elaborate Shinto rite—a handful of salt is thrown into the centre to drive off malevolent spirits.

In the Southwest, the Pueblo worship the Salt Mother. Other native tribes had significant restrictions on who was permitted to eat salt. Hopi legend holds that the angry Warrior Twins punished mankind by placing valuable salt deposits far from civilization, requiring hard work and bravery to harvest the precious mineral.

In 1933, the Dalai Lama was buried sitting up in a bed of salt.

Today, a gift of salt endures in India as a potent symbol of good luck and a reference to Mahatma Gandhi’s liberation of India, which included a symbolic walk to the sea to gather tax-free salt for the nation’s poor.

Without exception, every civilization on Earth has very similar ideas about the magical properties of salt – namely that it absorbs psychic energy and binds it into its own structure.

From the Roman Catholic rite of preparing holy water, which contains both water and salt to the Indian custom of using salt on wounds to draw away unhealthy spirits, and with evidence that salt has been used in just that way for as long as humans have employed magic, there is clearly a strong consensus and that tends to be simply based on truth, fact, and experience.
Protection Against Psychic Phenomena

Salt has always been used as protection against psychic attacks, and to disable unwanted psychic phenomena.

Ordinary salt may be sprinkled across thresholds and around the perimeter of dwellings, inside and out;

Salt mixed with sand is used for forming magic circles;

Rock salt crystals can be added to “medicine pouches”, carried in pockets or worn in a small bag about the neck.

Sprinkling salt around someone’s bed protects from unwanted night time visitors and reduces the likelihood of unwanted spontaneous OBEs.
Salt For Purification

With salt’s extreme ability to draw away remnants of psychic energy, including “ghost manifestations” of many different kinds, salt has always been used for psychic clearing and for purification.

Magicians and priests routinely prepare for ceremonies by taking a bath which contains salt as one of the main ingredients;

Magical objects and crystals are cleansed by immersing them in salt water;

Bowls of salt may be placed into a room to absorb negative energy or psychic energy disturbances.

Food and objects can be purified by adding a small amount of salt, or placing a small amount of salt nearby.

Throwing salt is generally regarded as a device to clear the aura of a person or an environment of leftover psychic energy.

A box containing salt can be used to purify anything that is placed upon it;

Crystals placed on a bed of salt or on a salt box require less or no clearing at all.
Salt, Water & Fire Spells.

As salt absorbs psychic energy, it can be used to transfer or transmute a wish or spell to the higher powers by first making the spell, then throwing the salt into the fire where it burns up and in doing so, releases the psychic charge into the higher dimensions.

The most basic form of this type of spell is to hold a little salt in the hand, make a wish, and then throw the salt into the fire.

In the same vein, salt can be thrown into water – a well, a river and into the sea and can be used to carry wishes, or take away burdens, clear attachments from the aura. It is an immensely flexible system with a hundred and one uses.
Salt & Healing.

Just a small amount of salt added to healing brews, potions and lotions of any kind will serve to “take care of the other realms” and extend the effectiveness of said brew, potion or lotion into the psychic dimensions – something that modern medicine and medications lack altogether.

Salt is of course a major practical part of our bodies and our health; too much salt however can reduce psychic activity and make it harder to perform psychic tasks. This is one of the reasons why in the olden days, magicians and priests used to fast and drink only pure water prior to major ceremonies. It is interesting to note that having a good flow of salt in and out of the body is extremely important to the full functioning of a magician or priest, both on the physical levels as well as on the metaphysical levels.

Regular bathing in salt water is a first class prophylactic to all manner of psychic disturbances as well as being good for the physical body; in this way, salt is a simple introduction and a bridge between the physical and metaphysical realms for beginners.
A Simple Example Of A Salt Spell – Spiritual House Clearing.

This simple magic ritual demonstrates some of the main points of using salt.

It is easy to do for anyone, and makes a big difference to a home, and its occupants, but most of all to the magician who performs this spell.

  1. Find a beautiful glass bowl of any size. In psychic workings, the physical size of an object really does not matter – a huge bowl won’t do any more than a small one. Psychic energy absorption is not like filling a suitcase!
  2. Fill the glass bowl with salt – simple cooking salt or pretty rock salt, it matters not.
  3. Place the bowl with the salt near the hearth of the home – the centre of the home. In some houses that are in the kitchen; in other homes, it can be the sitting room or perhaps a den where everyone gathers. You know where your hearth is.
  4. Leave it there for three days.
  5. On the third day, take the bowl and the salt somewhere where you can release both the physical salt as well as the psychic attachments it has absorbed. You can throw this salt into a river, or a fire, or simply into a sink with the tap running. As you empty the bowl (you can do this a handful at a time), tell the salt about your worries and troubles and your fears, your negative thoughts. It will take those as well and while you’re there.
  6. Re-fill the bowl and replace it near the hearth.
  7. From now on, empty the salt bowl once a week to keep your home free of harmful energy under normal circumstances; or more often if there is extra stress, as you feel is right.

You will notice a distinct improvement in the atmosphere of your home within a few days.

Salt is a fascinating substance and one of the best beginner’s devices to learn about the effects of a substance on the metaphysical planes. Even though it is simple and straightforward and suitable for beginners. That doesn’t mean that it isn’t also extremely profound and very useful indeed. Working with and understanding the magical properties and uses of salt is one. One of the core skills any person engaged in magic is encouraged to become familiar with.

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Astral Travel Exploration

astral travel exploration

Astral Travel Exploration made easy

“Since The Astral plane is made up out of emotional energy, you tend to perceive everything in an emotional way.

Buildings you find ugly can become unbearable to look at in the astral plane.

Interesting anecdote: Vincent van Gogh, the famous painter, used to drink for ‘free’ in a certain cafe in Paris. But suddenly, the cafe owner, refused to serve him any longer. They got into a serious fight, and Vincent left the cafe in a rage. He then painted the interior of the cafe as ugly as he could possibly make it, with disgusting browns, reds and greens. This is a lot like seeing something you dislike in the Astral.

“Reading something can be very hard. This has two reasons: 1. you don’t have your brain with you 2. You can only read what’s emotionally important to you. Talking can be done telepathically….”

Astral Sex

Astral Travel Exploration

“Simply put: it is possible to ‘melt’ with another astral being. What happens then, I leave for you to explore, but… …it will rock your socks! Study the elementals to learn about this. It’s about the only thing they ever seem to do. You can show yourself to other people also while they’re dreaming. You can even ‘shape’ their dreams. This is frowned upon by some people, but if you feel someone needs to ‘think about something’, this may be a decent way to make sure that (s) he does.”

Thought forms and Spell casting

It’s a good thing to perform the heavier/ lighter investigation on yourself (your own body). Thought forms will show up that affect your life, and you can alter them. Ow! Is there that memory of the time you went swimming in the sea and lost your bathing outfit in the water, so you had to walk back to your towel all naked ? Does it still affect your life so you won’t go swimming in the sea anymore? Now is a perfect opportunity to erase that thought form.”

Ma’at’s note: Although this text is not my own, I have found it to be the most practical, down-to-earth (if you’ll excuse the pun!) article on how to astral project. Enjoy!

This is a text on the ‘how to’ of astral projection. It basically deals with ‘how to get out of your body’ and is also about all the things you can do and meet on the Astral Plane.

What is Astral Projection?

Astral Projection is the projection of your mental body to any place outside your physical body. To do this, the mental body needs a part of your astral body to serve as its vehicle. It’s not an unnatural thing to happen. In fact, we unconsciously do it two to four times at night, when we are asleep. Many little children for example report ‘flying’ dreams. Those weren’t dreams, but astral projections. The real fun starts if we can train our being to astral project ‘at will’, or, in other words, when we are conscious. When you are consciously ‘out there’ (on the Astral Plane), you can go anywhere you want, see what you want to see, heal the sick, work some spells and meet the other beings on the Astral Plane; the elementals, the guides, other astral travellers, earthbound spirits, angels etc. You can even have Astral Sex! It’s even more fun than Netsurfing!

How to do it?

There are many ways to achieve Astral Projection. In fact, there are about as many different ways as there are practitioners.

Astral Travel Exploration

Shamans may call up on the help of nature spirits to take him out of his body. A traditional Quabbalist may meditate upon the path between Yesod and Tiphareth. A Golden Dawn or Enochian ritualist may use the ‘skrying in the spirit vision’ rituals. So, there’s not one way to do it. Please remember this as you go along and feel free to make any adjustments you want to make to the following meditation. As long as it ‘feels right’, you’re doing fine. The meditation in this text, however, was designed to more or less ‘bridge’ the different methods used to Astral Project. It’s not Wiccan nor Crowleyian nor GD’ian nor whatever. The designers (Denning & Philips) have taken a good look at all the ‘overlapping’ points in all those different rituals, and have concluded that these ‘overlap’ points are the important ‘points’ in the process of astral projection. They managed to synthesize these points into the following meditation.


You have to prepare yourself properly before you can successfully astral project. It takes a long, long time of hard work and practice before you can just sit down and pop out. Only the best and most dedicated magicians may achieve this status. We mere mortals have to gradually glide into the process and gently persuade our bodies to let go of part of its consciousness and astral body. Here are some important points:

Learn the meditation properly by heart. This is easier than you think. You cannot project while you’re reading this text.
Get into a steady life-rhythm. Wake up at the same time; go to bed at the same time. The body really appreciates this!
Try to get as much good sleep as you can. 8 hours a night is the absolute minimum. 10 hours is much better.
Get plenty of physical exercise. This will release energy blocks and thus allow energy to flow more vigorously through your body.
Watch your diet! Try to stay away from arousing stuff as much as possible. No hot or spicy foods stay low on fat.
No coffee or chocolate (try herbal tea instead) and ABSOLUTELY NO ALCOHOL! Trying to project while under the influence of this drug can get you into SERIOUS TROUBLE. Try to eat no meat, or, if this is hard for you, as little as you can. Try drinking plenty of water (no mineral water). A big mug of water with some freshly squeezed lemon juice can be a great coffee substitute at breakfast.

Pick a regular time at which you may try to project. This can be at night, in the afternoon or in the morning. Just make it the same time every time. The body does not like surprises.

A good general rule
Before you try to astral project, concentrate on it. This may start hours, days or even weeks in advance. Persuade yourself that you ARE going to achieve it someday, and visualize yourself being out of the body already. This gets your being in the right frame of mind.
Make sure you will NOT be disturbed while you perform the meditation. Disconnect the phone and try to jam the door-bell. Lock your cats away, and kick everybody else out of the house. Any disturbance to this meditation (or any meditation) can be extremely annoying, and get you into a really bad mood.

Pay attention to other disturbing factors. Your clothes for example. You may want to perform this mediation naked, because your clothes are too tight, or just getting in the way.

Room temperature is another factor. Not too cold, not too warm.
Disconnect all the electrical wiring that surrounds you.

Astral Travel Exploration

They can generate disturbing energy fields. In fact, any steel/iron/metal in and on your body can seriously fiddle with your energy-flows. So take out those earrings and tongue-piercings. Any acupuncturist can tell you that it’s not a good idea to just jam a piece of metal in your nervous system. Oh and here’s a good one: remember to go to the bathroom before you start your meditation if you insist on using music through the meditation, that’s fine. It doesn’t work for me, though. I always end up just listening to the music instead.
Make your room very dimly lit. This will relax your eyes. A very important and often neglected step. Getting out is very difficult when your eyes are still hard at work.

Like I said earlier: really work up to the moment you will start the meditation. If you feel you’re not up to it, then don’t do it. You will most likely not be able to project and this will only lead to disappointment and eventually break your moral. Always remember that it’s a natural process and that you CAN and WILL do it. A few hours before the meditation, open all the windows and doors in your room and allow fresh air to blow through it. You may want to use the incense I included in this text. Burn it beforehand and then extinguish the fire. Your body will instinctively react to fire burning somewhere in your room and relaxing will become very hard.

Make sure all your body’s needs are satisfied. Make sure it’s not hungry, not thirsty. Don’t eat anything ‘heavy’ before meditating. Make sure your body is sexually pleased, although after having a taste of astral sex, the urge for having sex can actually be of help to achieve astral projection.

The Meditation

Lie down, with your head pointing to the East. Relax. Make sure you’re in a comfortable position. Make sure your spine and neck are quite straight. You may need a pillow to support your head. Breathe rhythmically.

In, hold, out, hold, in, hold, out, hold. Very deeply. Concentrate on your breath. Feel it flowing and blowing through your body. In, down, through your lungs, cooling your ribs, all the way down to your genitals, hold it, out, up through your belly, up your throat etc. Do this until you have reached a very relaxed posture and breathing rhythm. This may take a while, so don’t rush things.

Now do a muscle relaxation exercise. Clench your toes for a few seconds then relax. Feel the fatigue taking over your muscles. Do this again. Do the same with all your muscles, working from bottom to top. Your legs, your bottom, your belly, your chest, your hands and arms, your neck etc.

Particularly important is relaxing your face! Try to really wear out your facial muscles. Stick out your tongue as far as you can, make funny faces, clench your jaw, lift your head a little of the floor, make yourself look like an idiot (this is why there should be no other people present.

Then feel the fatigue and warm relaxation take over. Also try to relax your eyes this way.
Now comes the main meditation. It is made up out of four parts: Energizing
Formulating the Astral Vehicle
Actual Projection

The energizing meditation is actually a very good meditation to perform whenever you feel like it.

Astral Travel Exploration

It balances out your chakras and makes you feel fit and clear. It’s also very important to perform this meditation after having (whether or not successfully) tried to astral project, because it will rebalance your being again. On an ‘out’ breath, visualize the Crown centre (the top of your head) as a sphere of brilliant, white light. Keep on breathing until you get a steady image. On an ‘in’ breath, draw down a shaft of white light to your next centre, in this case the Brow (your forehead, the third eye between your eyebrows). On an ‘out’ breath, visualize a sphere of dove-gray light on your forehead. Make sure you get a steady image. On an ‘in’ breath, draw down a shaft of white light from your forehead to your throat. etc. etc. etc. Here are all the centres and their colours. The shaft is always made of white light. Visualize the spheres as being part inside and part outside your body. When you visualize a sphere, quickly recap all the spheres you already ‘energized’.

Top of Head – Brilliant white
Forehead – Dove-gray
Throat – Intense mid-purple
Heart – Radiant Yellow
Genitals – Lavender, radiant and swirling
Earth (under your feet) – The seven prismatic colours (rainbow) swirling lazily.

Once you have energized your whole body like this, concentrate on all the spheres and shafts at once.

Astral Travel Exploration

Be aware of all the colours. After having done this exercise a number of times, you will feel actual tingling in the centers when you energize them. You will feel your solar plexus (in the middle of your body, right between your belly button and ribs) throbbing like crazy. Here’s where you will exteriorizing astral substance. Hold the spheres for a few more seconds then let them slowly fade away.

The protection. Visualize a large sphere of radiant white light lying at your feet, until you get a steady image. Breathe in, and pull all that light in a long white shaft up through your body to the top of your head.

See it light up the inside of your body, leaving a steady shine. On an out breath, let the light flow down along the outside of your body, encapsulating you in a waterfall of white, protective light. Let the light recollect at your feet and at an in-breath, pull it back up again. This is a greatly relaxing exercise, and it makes you feel great. Repeat this cycle for as long as you like, at least 10 times.

Now you have to formulate your astral vehicle; the ‘car’ your conscious needs to ‘travel’ in. Here’s how to do it. Visualize a jet of blue-silver mist to leave your body at your solar plexus. Make it form a cloud a few feet above you. Then form this cloud into a human figure, floating above you, facing down towards you. This human figure decides what you’re gonna look like in the Astral plane, but don’t worry! You can remodel this figure in great detail once you’re out there. It is a good idea however, to, prior to the meditation, concentrate on how you want to look like. Once you’re happy with this visualization, stop the flow of astral substance, but keep the fine line between you and the vehicle intact.

IMPORTANT: if you don’t succeed in projecting, ALWAYS make an effort to ‘take back’ the exteriorized astral substance. Make the figure into a cloud again, and pull it back. This will prevent unnecessary and severe energy loss and fatigue.

The actual projection. Pick a point on your body. Any point will do, but I have found that the point that works best is your solar plexus, because it’s right where your astral vehicle is attached to your body.

Astral Travel Exploration

Now, collect your being, yourself, everything you are, all your wishes, thoughts, movements into this point. It like crawling away into a grain of sand. Empty your head, your legs, arms etc. and recollect yourself at this specific point. Now visualize the same point on your astral vehicle, that’s still floating above you. Now, make a mental resolution to lift this point where you are out of your body, along the line (cord) that links you with your vehicle, into your vehicle, to the same point in your vehicle, and SEE IT HAPPEN. Now the hard part: make a mental effort to ‘turn around’ in your astral vehicle thus come to face your own body lying a few feet away. Now expand your personality again, and make it fill your astral vehicle. This is rather like putting on a thick glove. Make yourself aware of your new body. You’ve done it! You can fly! Whee! Have a good time!

Important notes:

The first time it actually happens, don’t do much more than just floating in air and looking at your body. Keep this up as long as you can, then slowly ‘drift down’. You will automatically ‘snap back’ (this is very much like what can happen to you when you’re lying in bed, when you get that feeling like you’re falling down. I already said that we all astral project while we’re sleeping). This ‘snapping back’ will happen more often that you wish for the first times you achieved actual projection. Don’t worry. You have learned the ‘knack’, there’s no reason why you cannot do it again, and you will learn how to stay out there for a longer period of time automatically.

Once you’re out there comfortably, and you’re ready to explore, get away from your body as quickly as possible. Because, even looking at your body, or getting close, may cause snapping back.

When you are back (or haven’t successfully projected), always do the Energizing meditation again, to revitalize your being.

I almost forgot: you need a good reason for your body to willingly let you go. Like I pointed out, sex is a good reason. But also a friend in need, someone who needs healing, curiosity etc. Any reason that makes you feel comfortable (yes, this may include eavesdropping! But be careful, someone might actually see you!) It’s a good thing to meditate on your reason to project, and to think of your reason and why it’s a good one right before you try to project yourself.

The Key-signal phenomenon. Many people who astral projected reported a ‘key-signal’ right before they left their bodies. This usually is a strange, whistling sound in their ears, but can also be a cold draft on your forehead, a strange smell, or weird metallic noises. If this happens, don’t be upset at it! It means you’re on the right track. Thinking about your specific key-signal the next time you try to project may even facilitate the process significantly.

What can I actually do out there? astral travel exploration.
You can remodel your astral vehicle with your willpower, to look like anything you wish.

Astral Travel Exploration

Yes, if you miss and arm or a leg, you can still have one in the Astral world (this may explain the Phantom pain phenomena. People who had to miss an arm or leg often experience pain in their missing body part). Your eyesight can be very screwed up. You can at times experience eyes ‘at the back of your head’. This 360 degrees vision can be upsetting to some people, and very interesting to others. Making a willed resolution to ‘see as you wish’, will solve the problem. You may be able to dress up as you wish; you cannot disguise your personality on the astral. Other beings can see your aura very clearly, and if it’s no good, you will be treated likewise. You can check on your aura by looking at yourself in streaming water, or a crystal ball (if you know where there is one).

Moving in astral space can be very difficult at first. Travel speed in astral space equals thought speed. You can move yourself to the other end of the universe by just thinking about it. So, you have to think yourself forward and backward. This may be awkward at first, but you’ll soon get used to it. Don’t be afraid about getting lost! Just think about your body or your room and you’re there. Get a little closer, and you’ll snap back automatically. Oh yes, physical obstacles form no barriers!

You can also move in ‘lightness’ and in time! Though this is a bit harder, and you may want to really practice to stretch your limits on this. Moving in ‘lightness’: You can, by an act of will, pull energy along the astral cord from your body, or send back astral energy to your body. Gaining energy causes your astral vehicle to get heavier and more ‘to the earth’, losing energy makes you lighter and flow upwards, to the higher astral realms. But getting too heavy or too light causes you to ‘snap back’.

Through practice, you can get heavier or lighter. If you are at a particular scene that is of interest to you, try making yourself lighter and heavier in turn. At every level you arrive at, something else is revealed about the scene. Getting heavier is useful when you want to heal someone (you’ll need the extra energy), when you want to try to lift physical objects (this takes great effort, you can lift about 56 grams), or if you want to try to show yourself to someone (to haunt the living daylight out of him … grin)

Someone might be able to take a picture of your astral body this way. Getting lighter is useful for visiting the upper realms, where the higher astral beings hang out. The higher you can get, you more ‘enlightened’ you are. Moving in time: you can travel in time, about 500 years forwards and backwards. To achieve this, visualize a calendar losing its days, or a clock going forwards or backwards.

Three interesting phenomena occur as you do this:

You will find that some eras are unreachable, no matter how hard you try.

When you go back, the images you’re getting fade and become colourless. More than 500 years back, almost nothing can be seen. When you go forward, images become more and more vibrant and sharp, until they become painful and unbearable. You cannot interact with the physical level when you’re back in time.

Time elasticity. When you spend a few minutes in the past, you may have spent a whole hour in the present. The further you go back, the more ‘present time’ you need to spend a time in the past. For going to the future, this is the other way around. You may be out of your body for an hour, and spend a few hours, days or even weeks in the future time. Odd, isn’t it? Travelling to the future opens up interesting possibilities. Yes, try and see if you can find out which horse will win the race next week.

The Akashic Records

This is an astral place where all the knowledge is stored and can be studied. To go there, simple imagine a place of study, learning, students, teachers and books, and you will most probably find yourself back at the Akashic Records. You can ask for teachers, information etc. You will only be able to learn what you can understand. Remember the old saying: ‘When the student is ready, the teacher is present.’

The Astral Beings

There are a lot of these. First, there are the elementals. Salamanders (Fire), Undines (Water), Sylphs (Air) and Gnomes/Elves (Earth).

Astral Travel Exploration

You can find them anyplace where their element is overly present (Volcanos, Rivers, Geysers, Mines, Cyclones etc.), but there’s usually one present in your own house. Try to observe them closely. You may learn a lot of astral tricks from them, like astral kissing. If you want to get involved with them closer, keep one thing in mind: they are not particularly ‘good’ or ‘evil’, but playful, and most of them have the emotional reactions of a little child. This is fine of course, but they love imitating humans, and they can get you in serious trouble without them realizing it.

Earthbound Spirits

These are the spirits of dead people. No reason to be afraid of them, they are just like most people around and usually very frustrated. They pin themselves down on some reason to stay ‘down here’ and not evolve to the upper levels. You may try to talk some reason into them and thus help them.

Your Astral Guide

(S) he’s always with you, and (s) he can become a good and warm personal friend to you. They are usually at the same intellectual/emotional level as you are, and they know a great deal about you. You can ask him/her to guard your body, or to come along with you.

There are numerous other astral beings. Angels, archangels etc. Going into describing them takes a lot of pages more. Read about it! Ask around! Thought forms: these can take on various shapes, from stunningly beautiful crystalline formations to clouds of vicious energy. They are a good indicator of what goes on in people minds and you can learn a great deal about certain people by looking at their thought forms. Don’t touch them! You have no reason to destroy other people’s thoughts, and you may even take on the negative thoughts of some people! Of course, you can make thought forms yourself, through willed action. They can be anything you like, from a pet familiar to a diamond castle!

That’s about it! But be patient. It may take many months, even years before you fully master this art. Once you’re an experienced traveller, you may try to ‘loosen up’ on the rules. Try another diet, and see how it affects your astral abilities. And if you’re a steel-nerved kind of person, try projecting while being drunk! Only do this if you really know what you can do and how to do it. Oh yes, I almost forgot.

(from Scott Cunningham)
Take the following ingredients:
3 parts Benzoin
1 part Mugwort (Artemisia Vulgaris, NOT Artemisia Absinthium!)
1 part Dittany of Crete.

Dry the ingredients and grind them. You’ll have to sand the sandalwood into a granular dust. Grinding the Benzoin can be quite hard, because it can get quite sticky, but practice makes perfect. Then, slowly, thoughtfully, while thinking about the purpose of this incense, mix the ingredients together, one by one. Think about astral projection. See yourself fly. When you have finished, keep the incense in a dark, airtight jar, and keep this in a dark, cool, dry place. To use it, put some sand in a heat-resistant pot, light a coal (or better, incense coal: a little ‘cup’ made of coal, which you can buy at a store for Church supplies) and put some of the incense on it. If you’re going to use it indoors, experiment with how much smoke the incense will generate. It’s hard to relax while you’re suffocating!

OK. That’s all folks. Always remember to act sensibly, respectful and with common sense. It keeps you out of trouble. And one final warning: regard the Astral Plane as an enrichment of your life, not as a substitute.

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