Blessing 1 and 2

blessing 1

Blessing 1 and 2 are a true delight

Blessing 1

Blessings 1 and 2

All souls are born from the nursery of Light called God.

I recognize that I am simply a gestalt of energy functioning as Angela at this moment. I come to this adventurous plane called earth as Spirit operating through the brilliant pinpoint of Angela’s consciousness, focused within a physical body. As Spirit-in-action my world is a living, breathing, dynamic channel of expression for Creative Intelligence.

Today I set about the discovery and recovery of the unique Self; the authentic, primary pattern of God composition that I AM. I discard the consciousness of conformity that keeps me narrowly and specifically distant from the cultivation and expression of my autonomous Self. No longer do I feel the need to be a copy, a simulation, or a revision of genetic human patterning.

Spirit is never inadequate or distorted, it is forever authentic, pure and whole and so am I as its representative. Recognizing this, the person I am becomes truer to self, steadier, clam, undaunted and sovereign regardless of the impingements of the external world. I easily discover and develop the creative well-spring from which arises the authentic, original blossoming’s of pure mind. This shall be my greatest human work!

Exquisitely and joyously I celebrate the ceremony of the emerging human that is simultaneously merging. Emerging and merging ~ to become a clearer, purer tone of self, able to blend my unique tone into the wondrous out flowering of All That Is. 

Hallelujah! And so it is.

Blessing 2

Blessings 1 and 2

I know that there is One Infinite Power, One Spirit, and One Life. That life is right within me now; I am intimately connected to spirit’s power, and I
can use it by setting my intentions with care and consciousness.
This universe responds to me in kind, so I am always mindful of how I’m thinking about myself, about other people, about everything! I choose to think in ways that support the kind of world I desire. I think in ways that nurture and support me while establishing a new compassion and Light in the world. My actions welcome more love, rather than shutting it out. All exchanges and relationships with others expand universal consciousness, rather than snuffing out the light. All my exchanges create a greater embodiment of Oneness for all mankind.

I know that what I pay attention to, I become. So I make sure that I am attending to whatever it is I want to increase in my life.
Whenever I notice myself thinking and choosing in ways that support littleness, that support restriction, I stop and think again. I can choose how to think, and I do this right now by setting a clear and powerful intention, powered by the spiritual laws of this universe, that I am always at the helm of my life, always choosing nurturing and supportive ways of thought, word, and deed. The natural result is a life that is supportive, supplied, and absolutely wonderful. I give thanks for this inherent power that is in me and in all beings. And I let it unfold with grace and gratitude.

And so it is.

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Witch O Chick Script 5

I thought I would put together a poems page here for a change.

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Miss Me, But Let Me Go

Witch O Chick Script 5

When I come to the end of the road,
and the sun has set for me.
I want no rites in a gloom-filled room.
Why cry for a soul set free?
Miss me a little—but not too long,
and not with your head bowed low.
Remember the love that was once shared.
Miss me, but let me go.
For this is a journey we all must take, and each must go alone.
It’s all a part of the master’s plan, a step on the road to home.
When you are lonely and sick of heart, go to the friends we know.
Bear your sorrow in good deeds. Miss me, but let me go.

Support From Others

Witch O Chick Script 5

Don’t tell me that you understand.
Don’t tell me that you know.
Don’t tell me that I will survive,
How I will surely grow.
Don’t come at me with answers
That can only come from me.
Don’t tell me how my grief will pass,
That I will soon be free.
Accept me in my ups and downs.
I need someone to share.
Just hold my hand and let me cry
And say, “My friend, I care.”

Our Forest Trees

Witch O Chick Script 5

Forest trees stand rigid, against our weather’s wroth,
wind and rain will lash them, and tear the odd branch off.
Ice and snow will freeze them, but through all this they live,
and pleasure to the human eye, our forest truly give.


Witch O Chick Script 5

The good you find in others, is in you too.
The faults you find in others are your faults as well.
After all, to recognize something you must know it.

The possibilities you see in others,
are possible for you as well.
The beauty you see around you is your beauty.
The world around you is a reflection,
a mirror showing you the person you are.

To change your world, you must change yourself.
To blame and complain will only make matters worse.
Whatever you care about, is your responsibility.
What you see in others shows you yourself.

See the best in others, and you will be your best.
Give to others, and you give to yourself.
Appreciate beauty, and you will be beautiful.
Admire creativity, and you will be creative.

Love, and you will be loved.
Seek to understand, and you will be understood.
Listen and your voice will be heard.
Teach, and you will learn.

Show your best face to the mirror,
and you’ll be happy with the face looking back at you.


Witch O Chick Script 5

Remember me for what I was, and not for what I did,
I showed some feelings to the world, that others often hid.
But now I show you all, there is nothing left to hide,
forgive me for the hurt I’ve coursed, and the tears you may have cried.



Witch O Chick Script 5

I am a whisper on the wind, of times past, of places long forgotten, Valley Forge, Gettysburg, Bataan, Pearl Harbor, Normandy, Seoul, Saigon, Laos, Kuwait, Iraqi. I am the heart of countless numbers of scarred and maimed American veterans, and the soul of the buried unknowns.

I am an integral part of each white cross in Flanders Field, and I am sealed within each name on ‘The Wall’. I am part of each and every headstone of every American soldier in every cemetery around the world.

I am deeply enmeshed in each tiny undiscovered bone fragment of American soldiers, left behind on foreign soil. I am the unseen shadows, the unheard voices in those many empty cells that once held my brothers in unspeakable torture.

I am the unbearable pain in the hearts of every mother, father, wife, husband, brother sister, and child, of missing American soldiers from all wars. I am within each and every teardrop shed by these family members for their unaccounted for loved ones. 

I am the essence of each and every drop of blood shed in the past or in the future, by an American soldier in the name of freedom. I am the lifeblood of the colours of the American flag, blue for my loyalty and unwavering dedication, white for my steadfastness, and red for my pride and love of country. 

I am the spirit of those names on the black Granite Wall, of all those unaccounted for in every war, of those who went away to war as gallant young men and came back, older than time… OR NOT AT ALL.

God Bless America, the land of the free and the home of the brave.


Witch O Chick Script 5

She could not be loved by a man,
many have tried but none can,
for she was strange it would appear,
and all men best out of here.

So leave her to her own device,
can only be my best advice,
let her find the love she needs,
and carry on with the life she leads.

Many have tried to help her, over the past several years,
financial support has been given, but only ending in tears.
I believe she has a lady friend and gets a long quite well,
I’m not saying she is a Lesbian, but now a days who can tell.


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Water Spirit Legends

water spirit

Water Spirit Legends Table of Contents Below

 Yorkshire Legends and Traditions of Wells (England)

The Mermaid Wife (Shetland Islands)

Water Demons (Scotland)

Brauhard’s Mermaid (Germany)

The Water Maid (Germany) water spirit

Lorelei (Germany)

Melusina (Germany)

The Merrow (Ireland)

The Water Snake (Russia)

Related Stories water spirit


Springs and wells of water have, in all lands and in all ages, been greatly
valued, and in some regarded with a feeling of veneration little, if at all,
short of worship. water spirit

They have yielded their treasure to the sustenance and refreshment of man and beast, as age after age of the world’s history has passed along, and have been centers around which village story and gossip have gathered for generation after generation. Little wonder, therefore, is it that legends and traditions abound concerning them. These are often extremely local, and therefore little known.

The names alone, however, suggest much. The memory of the mythical gods,
satyrs, and nymphs of the ancient heathen times lingers in a few, as in Thors-
kil or Thors-well, in the parish of Burnsall; and in the almost universal
declaration — by which not over-wise parents seek to deter children from
playing in dangerous proximity to a well — that at the bottom, under the water, wells a mysterious being, usually named Jenny Green-teeth or Peg-o’-the-Well, who will certainly drag into the water any child who approaches too near to it. water spirit

The tokens of medieval reverence for wells are abundant. The names of the
saints to whom the wells were dedicated yet cling to them. “There is scarcely a well of consequence in the United Kingdom,” says the editor of Lancashire Folk-lore, “which has not been solemnly dedicated to some saint in the Roman calendar.” water spirit

Thus in Yorkshire we have Our Lady’s Well or Lady Well, St. Helen’s Well (very
numerous), St. Margaret’s Well at Burnsall, St. Bridget’s Well near Ripon, St.
Mungo’s Well at Copgrove, St. John’s Well at Beverley, St. Alkelda’s Well at
Middleham, etc. Dr. Whitaker remarks that the wells of Craven, which bear the names of saints, are invariably presided over by females, as was the case with wells under the pagan ritual, in which nymphs exclusively enjoyed the same honor. water spirit

THE MERMAID WIFE (Shetland Islands).

A story is told of an inhabitant of Unst, who, in walking on the sandy margin of a voe, saw a number of mermen and mermaids dancing by moonlight, and several sealskins strewed beside them on the ground. At his approach they immediately fled to secure their garbs, and, taking upon themselves the form of seals, plunged immediately into the sea. But as the Shetlander perceived that one skin lay close to his feet, he snatched it up, bore it swiftly away, and placed it in concealment.

On returning to the shore he met the fairest damsel that was ever gazed upon by mortal eyes, lamenting the robbery, by which she had become an exile from her submarine friends, and a tenant of the upper world. Vainly she implored the restitution of her property; the man had drunk deeply of love, and was inexorable; but he offered her protection beneath his roof as his betrothed spouse. The merlady, perceiving that she must become an inhabitant of the earth, found that she could not do better than accept of the offer. water spirit.

This strange attachment subsisted for many years, and the couple had several children. The Shetlander’s love for his merwife was unbounded, but his affection was coldly returned. The lady would often steal alone to the desert strand, and, on a signal being given, a large seal would make his appearance, with whom she would hold, in an unknown tongue, an anxious conference.

Years had thus glided away, when it happened that one of the children, in the
course of his play, found concealed beneath a stack of corn a seal’s skin; and,
delighted with the prize, he ran with it to his mother. Her eyes glistened with
rapture–she gazed upon it as her own–as the means by which she could pass
through the ocean that led to her native home. She burst forth into an ecstasy of joy, which was only moderated when she beheld her children, whom she was now about to leave; and, after hastily embracing them, she fled with all speed towards the seaside. water spirit

The husband immediately returned, learned the discovery that had taken place, ran to overtake his wife, but only arrived in time to see her transformation of shape completed–to see her, in the form of a seal, bound from the ledge of a rock into the sea. The large animal of the same kind with whom she had held a secret converse soon appeared, and evidently congratulated her, in the most tender manner, on her escape. But before she dived to unknown depths, she cast a parting glance at the wretched Shetlander, whose despairing looks excited in her breast a few transient feelings of commiseration.

“Farewell!” said she to him “and may all good attend you. I loved you very well
when I resided upon earth, but I always loved my first husband much better.”

WATER DEMONS (Scotland).

In many of the deep pools of the streams and rivers guardian-demons were
believed to reside, and it was dangerous to bathe in them.

Sometimes, when a castle or mansion was being sacked, a faithful servant or two contrived to rescue the plate chest, and to cast it into a deep pool in the
nearest stream. water spirit

On one occasion a diver was got to got to the bottom of such a pool to fetch up the plate of the neighboring castle. He dived, saw the plate chest, and was
preparing to lift it, when the demon ordered him to go to the surface at once,
and not to come back. At the same time the demon warned him that, if he did
come back, he would forfeit his life. The diver obeyed. When he reached the
bank he told what he had seen, and what he had heard.

By dint of threats and promises of large reward, he dived again. In a moment or two afterwards his heart and lungs rose and floated on the surface of the water. They had been torn out by the demon of the pool.


Many years ago a man named Brauhard lived in Lauterberg. He had been far away across the water and had brought home a mermaid, whom he married. Her top half was human, but her bottom half was formed like a fish. She lived in a tub in his house. However, his friends could not stand the malformed woman, and so they finally poisoned her. He did not remarry, and he contributed the money he had received as her dowry to the poor. That is the source of the Brauhard Account which to this day is administered by the Scharzfeld Jurisdiction for the support of the poor in the surrounding villages.


At the time when there was nothing in the Harz but virgin forest, a knight came here to hunt. Before he could orient himself, he became lost, and he wandered about for several days without finding a path.

Finally he came upon a beautiful castle situated in a large meadow and
surrounded with water. A pathway led to a drawbridge, which had been suspended.

He called out; he whistled; he waited. He didn’t hear anything from within. It
was as though the castle had died out. water spirit

“Wait,” he thought. “The castle cannot be empty. Someone will have to appear
shortly. Just sit here and wait until someone comes.” So he sat and waited,
but the castle remained silent. Finally his patience wore out, and he was just
making preparations to leave when he saw a beautiful girl emerge from the forest and walk toward the bridge.

“Wait,” he thought. “She knows her way around here. She is going inside.” And that is what happened. When she was within a few steps of him, he spoke to her, telling her that he had lost his way in the Harz Forest, that he had camped out eight days in the open, and that he was eager at last to spend a night under a proper roof. He had already sat here for three hours asking for admission, but no one had shown himself or let himself be heard. Further, he asked if she would be so good to ask permission for him to enter once she was inside. water spirit

She said that that would not be necessary. He could come with her. She did not need to ask anyone for permission, for she herself was in charge here. With that she stepped on a stone that was mortared into the earth in front of the bridge, and the bridge immediately descended. Then she took out a large key and unlocked the gate. Together they walked though a large courtyard and into the castle.

She led the knight into a beautiful room and asked him to make himself
comfortable. She told him that before anything else, she wanted to go and
prepare a proper evening meal. Surely he would like something hot to eat, she
said, adding that she too was hungry. Because she had no servants, she would have to take care of everything by herself. water spirit

With that she left the room. A short time later she returned with a beautiful
roast, cakes, and many other delicious things. She set the table and invited
her guest to help himself. He did not need to be asked a second time.

After they had eaten, they sat together and talked with one another. The knight said that he felt sorry for the friendly girl, because she lived here all alone, observing that time must pass very slowly for her.

“Oh no,” she said. “Time does not pass slowly for me,” adding that nonetheless she sometimes did wish for company, but if she did not have any, she could still manage just fine.

The knight answered that if she did not mind, he would stay here a few days and keep her company. water spirit

The hostess replied that she would be happy if he would do so.

The guest remained one, two, three days, and they became so accustomed to one another that in the end the knight asked her if she did not want to become his wife. The girl was pleased with this, and she said that she would love to do so, if he would only promise her that every Friday she would be able to go out and do whatever she wanted to, and that he would not try to follow her or look after her. This he promised her, and they became a couple.

They lived together a long time, satisfied with one another. They produced
lovely children, and in their happiness they lacked nothing.

One day a strange knight came and was given lodging. It was on a Friday, and he asked about the lady of the house, because she had not made an appearance. The master of the house told him that his wife was never to be seen on a Friday, and that he — in keeping with his promise — had never sought after her. With that the strange knight asked what kind of a housewife would not tell her husband where she could be found. Nothing good could come from such behavior.

This conversation so alarmed the master of the house that he immediate set out to find his wife. After a long search, he finally came to the cellar, where he
found a door. Opening it, he saw his wife, half fish and half human, swimming in a small pond. When she saw her husband, she cast a sad and serious glance at him, and then disappeared. water spirit

The bewildered man went back upstairs to tell the strange knight what he had experience, but he too had disappeared. Now the poor man realized that he and his wife had been cruelly deceived and victimized by the stranger.

He grieved so much for his good wife that he died soon afterward. The lovely
children also died one after the other, and the castle fell into ruins. It is
not even known where it formerly stood. Only the story remains.

LORELEI (Germany). water spirit

Her beauty was her undoing. Lorelei was not willfully seductive, but men could not resist her charms, and she could not resist their advances. She was
bringing scandal and disgrace to the respectable town of Bacharach-on-the-Rhine.

There was even talk that she must be a witch or a woman possessed of the devil. The bishop, however, would not hear of an execution without due process, and he summoned her to his court. His questions were at first stern and severe. Her answers were simple and sincere. The bishop’s severity, his piety, and his priesthood, however, did not prevail, and in the end he pronounced her free of all guilt.water spirit

“I cannot continue like this!” she cried. “My eyes are the destruction of every
man who looks into them. I have loved only one man, and he abandoned me and left for a distant land. Please let me die!”

But the good bishop could not bring himself to pronounce a death sentence.
Instead, he proposed that she dedicate herself to God, and called three knights to accompany her to the convent. Arrangements were made forthwith, and the three knights were soon underway with their beautiful ward.water spirit

When their path led them past a high cliff overlooking the Rhine, Lorelei had
one last request of her escorts. “Please,” she said, “let me climb the cliff
and have one last look into the Rhine.” Unable to deny her this wish, the three knights tethered their horses, and the four of them climbed to the top of the cliff.

Standing at the edge of the precipice, Lorelei said, “See that boat on the
Rhine. The boatman is my lover!” And with no further warning, she jumped from the cliff into the Rhine.

The three knights also met their death there, without a priest and without a
grave.water spirit

Who is the singer of this song?
A boatman on the Rhine,
And we always hear the echo
Of the Three-Knight-Stone:
As though there were three of us.water spirit

MELUSINA (Germany).

In B„ringen during a wind storm they say that “Melusina is crying for her
children.” This must be true, because otherwise on Christmas Eve, at which time one is supposed to eat nine kinds of food, they would not shake the leftovers from the tablecloth onto a bush so that Melusina, sometimes also known as St. Melusina, might also have something to eat.

THE MERROW (Ireland)

The Merrow, or if you write it in the Irish, Moruadh or Murr£ghach, from muir,
sea, and oigh, a maid, is not uncommon, they say, on the wilder coasts. The
fishermen do not like to see them, for it always means coming gales.

The male Merrows (if you can use such a phrase — I have never heard the
masculine of Merrow) have green teeth, green hair, pig’s eyes, and red noses;
duck-like scale between their fingers.

Sometimes they prefer, small blame to them, good-looking fishermen to their sea lovers. Near Bantry in the last century, there is said to have been a woman covered all over with scales like a fish, who was descended from such a marriage. Sometimes they come out of the sea, and wander about the shore in the shape of little hornless cows.

They have, when in their own shape, a red cap, called a cohullen druith, usually covered with feathers. If this is stolen, they cannot again go down under the waves. Red is the color of magic in every country, and has been so from the very earliest times. The caps of fairies and magicians are well-nigh always red.


There was once an old woman who had a daughter; and her daughter went down to the pond one day to bathe with the other girls. They all stripped off theirshifts, and went into the water. Then there came a snake out of the water, and glided on to the daughter’s shift. After a time the girls all came out, andbegan to put on their shifts, and the old woman’s daughter wanted to put on hers, but there was the snake lying on it. She tried to drive him away, but there he stuck and would not move. Then the snake said, “If you’ll marry me,I’ll give you back your shift.”

Now she wasn’t at all inclined to marry him, but the other girls said, “As if it
were possible for you to be married to him! Say you will!”

So she said, “Very well, I will.” Then the snake glided off from the shift, and
went straight into the water. The girl dressed and went home. And as soon as
she got there, she said to her mother, “Mammie, mammie, thus and thus, a snake got upon my shift, and says he, ‘Marry me or I won’t let you have your shift;’ and I said, ‘I will.’”

“What nonsense are you talking, you little fool! as if one could marry a snake!” And so they remained just as they were, and forgot all about the matter.

A week passed by, and one day they saw ever so many snakes, a huge troop of
them, wriggling up to their cottage. “Ah, mammie, save me, save me!” cried the girl, and her mother slammed the door and barred the entrance as quickly as possible. The snakes would have rushed in at the door, but the door was shut; they would have rushed into the passage, but the passage was closed. Then in a moment they rolled themselves into a ball, flung themselves at the window, smashed it to pieces, and glided in a body into the room. The girl got upon the stove, but they followed her, pulled her down, and bore her out of the room and out of doors. Her mother accompanied her, crying like anything.

They took the girl down to the pond, and dived right into the water with her.
And there they turned into men and women. The mother remained for some time on the dike, wailed a little, and then went home.

Three years went by. The girl lived down there, and had two children, a son and a daughter. Now she often entreated her husband to let her go to see her
mother. So at last one day he took her up to the surface of the water, and
brought her ashore. But she asked him before leaving him, “What am I to call
out when I want you?”

“Call out to me, ‘Osip, [Joseph] Osip, come here!” and I will come,” he replied.

Then he dived under water again, and she went to her mother’s carrying her
little girl on one arm, and leading her boy by the hand. Out came her mother to meet her. She was so delighted to see her!

“Good day, mother!” said the daughter.

“Have you been doing well while you were living down there?” asked her mother.

“Very well indeed, mother. My life there is better than yours here.”
They sat down for a bit and chatted. Her mother got dinner ready for her, and
she dined. “What’s your husband’s name?” asked her mother.

“Osip,” she replied.

“And how are you to get home?”

“I shall go to the dike, and call out, ‘Osip, Osip, come here!’ and he’ll come.”

“Lie down, daughter, and rest a bit,” said the mother.

So the daughter lay down and went to sleep. The mother immediately took an axe and sharpened it, and went down to the dike with it. And when she came to the dike, she began calling out, “Osip, Osip, come here!”

No sooner had Osip shown his head than the old woman lifted her axe and chopped it off. And the water in the pond became dark with blood.

The old woman went home. And when she got home her daughter awoke. “Ah! mother,” says she, “I’m getting tired of being here; I’ll go home.”

“Do sleep here tonight, daughter; perhaps you won’t have another chance of being with me.”

So the daughter stayed and spent the night there. In the morning she got up and her mother got breakfast ready for her; she breakfasted, and then she said good- bye to her mother and went away, carrying her little girl in her arms, while her boy followed behind her. She came to the dike, and called out, “Osip, Osip, come here!”

She called and called, but he did not come. Then she looked into the water, and there she saw a head floating about. Then she guessed what had happened.

“Alas! my mother has killed him!” she cried.

There on the bank she wept and wailed. And then to her girl she cried, “Fly
about as a wren, henceforth and evermore!”

And to her boy she cried, “Fly about as a nightingale, my boy, henceforth and
“But I,” she said, “will fly about as a cuckoo, crying ‘Cuckoo!’ henceforth and
evermore!” water spirit

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Stregheria, Italian Witchcraft


Stregheria (La Vecchia Religione) also known as the Old Religion, is Italian witchcraft

The tradition began in the mid-14th Century with the teachings of Aradia, the Holy Strega. This was based upon a much earlier system of beliefs, dating back to the pre-Etruscian Italians. It is a worship of the “Source of All Things”, through the personification of the Goddess and God.

There are many things that are similar between Stregheria & Wicca.

Strega uses nature in all of its teachings. Nature is considered the “Great Teacher”. There is a deep history based upon Aradia’s Teachings, as well as a prophecy given to us in the Mythos, which speaks of the coming “Age of Daughter”, when reason will rule.

The Stregan view of the afterlife is that we return to the Realm of Luna as the moon waxes, and return to Earth as the moon wanes. When we are ready, we pass through the Sun to be made into our new bodies for our return to the Stars. We have the Grigori, who are the Watchers and Guardians over our rites. And the Grimas, who keep the traditions pure and continuing. The Lare are the spirits of our ancestors, whom we worship and call upon for help and aid. Family and tradition are of utmost importance, and this is what gives this Tradition its strength and power.

(The reference to the 14th Century is a reference to the teachings of Aradia and to the Stregheria tradition. It is not meant to say that Stregheria is a product of the 14th Century or that all Streghe in Italy follow the same tradition founded by Aradia in the 14th Century. Stregheria in Italy goes back way before pre-christian times and there are many Streghe in Italy and the US who follow traditions that have nothing to do with Aradia de Toscano. Stregheria has many differences from Wicca. Their festa’s for example follow a slightly different mythos from that of Wicca.)

Stregheria Beliefs

We believe that the Great Spirit, or source of all things is both masculine and feminine in nature.

We believe that all humans have a spark of divine within themselves, the soul.

We also believe that we are actually spiritual beings who are temporarily encased in physical body.

We believe in reincarnation and view it as a process for spiritual liberation from the physical dimension.

We believe in psychic abilities and the supernatural as normal conditions which have been suppressed by the Judaic/Christian culture, but may be restored through the practice of the Old Ways.

We believe in magick as a manifestation of energy that is directed by the mind through various ancient techniques.

We believe in spiritual worlds and spiritual beings.

We believe in the Law of Action and Reaction, and that what we do affects others, and what others do affects us. Therefore we always strive to live in peace with everyone.

We believe in Karma, we believe in responsibility and consequences.

We believe in love, life and harmony as the spiritual foundation of our ways.

We believe in the expression of religious beliefs through rituals and festivals.

We believe in Earth Energy, we acknowledge places and objects of natural power existing upon our planet.

We believe in a positive afterlife and a successful spiritual evolution.

We believe that everything in Nature is of equal importance. Everything is linked and entwined beyond separation.

The Triad Traditions

Most every religion has different “sects” within it. This branching off allows each group to specialize in a particular area, as well as creating a healthy diversity within the tradition. Stregheria or Strega also has branches or sects. Making up the Old Religion are three groups, known as the Triad Traditions. They are known separatley as the Janarra, the Tanarra, and the Fanara. When Aradia first brought the Old Religion to the people of Italy, she taught her followers the secrets of the Earth, the Moon, and the Stars. With the beginning of the persecution of witches in Italy, the Religion split. Each group was entrusted with one section of the mysteries.

They separated. The Fanara, who are the Keepers of the Earth Mysteries, centered in northern Italy. They kept the secrets of ley lines, and other forces of the Earth. The Janarra and Tanarra both occupy central Italy. The Janarra are the Keepers of the Lunar Mysteries. They are entrusted with the mysteries of the lunar energy, and other powers of the Moon. The Tanarra are the keepers of the Stellar Mysteries. They hold the mysteries of stellar forces.

Common to all three traditions are the arts of herbalism, divination, magic, ritual, and other aspects associated with the Old Religion.

Each tradition has one person who is responsible for maintaining the purity of the Tradition, as well as ensuring its continued survival. This leader is called the Grimas. The Grimas allows only new aspects to be added to the Tradition that do not deviate from the original teachings. Each Grimas has a working knowledge of the other traditions. They work together in making decisions which will affect the Old Religion. Basically, it is their job to make sure the Strega religion stays true to its followers.

A fourth tradition now also exists, developed by Raven Grimassi Originally a branch of Tanarra, it is known as the Aridian Tradition. It is a blending of the Triad Traditions, and is an attempt to restore the original Religion Aradia brought back to the people long ago.

Stregha Ritual

The Watchers called Grigori are called to guard the ritual circle and to witness the ritual. Strega also recognizes a third person, Aradia. She came to be known as the Holy Strega, a spiritual teacher and wise woman. The message of Aradia, called the Covenant, offered her followers the path to freedom and personal empowerment. Aradia also taught that the traditional powers of a witch would belong to any who adhered to the way of the Old Religion. Aradia called these Gifts and Beliefs. The Charge of Aradia is the message she left her followers.

The Covenant of Aradia

Observe the times of the Treguenda, for therein is the foundation of the powers of Stregheria.

When good is done to you, then do good to another. If someone wishes to repay you for a kindness and then bind them to go out of their way to help three others, then this shall clear the debt.

Do not use the arts of Stregheria to appear powerful among others. Do not lower the standards of the Art and thereby bring contempt upon the Old ways.

Do not take the life of anything unless it is to preserve life, yours or another’s.

Do not give your word of honour lightly, for you are bound by your words and by your oaths.

Do not accept any authority over you unless it is of the Gods. Instead, cooperate with others but do not be a slave and always preserve your honour. Give respect to others and expect respect in return.

Teach all who appear worthy and aid the continuance of the Old Religion.

Do not belittle another’s religious beliefs, but simply state your own truths. Strive to be at peace with those who differ.

Do not purposely cause harm to another, unless it is to prevent true harm to yourself or another.

Strive to be compassionate to others, and to be aware of the hearts and minds of those around you.

Be true to your own understanding and turn away from those things which oppose the good in you, or are harmful to you. Hold reverence to all within Nature. Destroy nothing, scar nothing, waste nothing and live in harmony with Nature, for the ways of Nature are our own ways.

Remain open in your heart and in your mind to the Great Ones who created all that is, and to your brothers and sisters alike.

Charge of Aradia

Whenever you have need of anything, once in the month when the Moon is full, then shall you come together at some deserted place, or where there are woods, and give worship to She who is Queen of all Witches. Come all together inside a circle, and secrets that are as yet unknown shall be revealed.

And your mind must be free and also your spirit and as a sign that you are truly free, you shall be naked in your rites. And you shall rejoice, and sing; making music and love. For this is the essence of spirit, and the knowledge of joy.

Be true to your own beliefs, and keep to the Ways, beyond all obstacles. For ours is the key to the mysteries and the cycle of rebirth, which opens the way to the Womb of Enlightenment.

I am the spirit of witches all, and this is joy and peace and harmony. In life does the Queen of all witches reveal the knowledge of Spirit? And from death does the Queen deliver you to peace and renewal.

When I shall have departed from this world, in memory of me make cakes of grain, wine, and honey. These shall you shape like the Moon, and then partake of wine and cakes, all in my memory. For I have been sent to you by the Spirits of Old, and I have come that you might be delivered from all slavery. I am the daughter of the Sun and the Moon, and even though I have been born into this world, my Race is of the Stars.

Give offerings all too She who is our Mother. For She is the beauty of the Greenwood, and the light of the Moon among the Stars, and the mystery which gives life, and always calls us to come together in Her name. Let Her worship be the ways within your heart, for all acts of love and pleasure gain favour with the Goddess.

But to all who seek her, know that you’re seeking and desire will reward you not, until you realize the secret. Because if that which you seek is not found within your inner self, you will never find it from without. For she has been with you since you entered into the ways, and she is that which waits at your journey’s end.

Gifts of Aradia

In the fourteenth century, Aradia taught that the traditional powers of a witch would belong to any who followed in the ways of the Old Religion. Aradia called these powers “Gifts”; she also stressed the point that these powers were the benefits of adhering to the Old Ways, and not the reason for becoming a witch.

These are the powers:

To bring success in love
To bless and consecrate
To speak with spirits
To know of hidden things
To call forth spirits
To know the Voice of the Wind
To possess the knowledge of transformation
To possess the knowledge of divination
To know and understand secret signs
To cure disease
To bring forth beauty
To have influence over wild beasts
To know the secrets of the hands

The Strega Wheel of the Year

“The Treguendas”

The Strega Wheel of the Year turns as the Wiccan does, it is written; “Aradia teaches us that Nature is the Great Teacher, and that by participating in the seasonal festivals, we come to know the higher ways of the Spirit.” The celebrations are similar to the Wiccan Sabbats. These celebrations are called Treguendas. There are eight Treguendas which make up the year. Four major rites occur in October, February, May and August. These are the Spiritual Festivals. Four minor festivals occur on the spring and Autumnal Equinoxes, and the summer and Winter Solstices. These are agricultural festivals.

ShadowFest — La Festa Dell’ Ombra — October 31

Shadow Fest marks both the beginning and ending of our year. On November Eve, we mark the time when our Lady descends into the Underworld seeking to understand the Mystery of Death. She meets Dis, the Lord of the Underworld. She is angry with him, for he has taken away those things that she loved. He tells her it is not he, who does this, but age and fate which rob her of these things. He simply tries to make the time until they are reborn more pleasant. Eventually, he wins her heart. They come together in Holy Union, and share their mysteries with each other.

Winter Solstice — La Festa dell’ Inverno — December 21/22

Goddess gives birth to the new Sun God, the child of the Holy Union of Shadow Fest. The Watchers, known to the Streghe as the Grigori, come to see this new child, but are surprised to see Janus there presenting his new-born child. It is here that we see Dis and Janus are the two faces of the Great God. The Grigori then proceed to the world of man, bringing the new Lord of the Sun. Lupercus, the Sun, once again begins his growth.

Lupercus — Festa di Lupercus — February 2

The Festival of Lupercus marks the puberty of our Lord, Lupercus. The Grigori have set “twelve labours” before the young Wolf God that he must master to prove his worth as the new Sun God. Lupercus proves his worth by completing the tasks. Lupercus is invoked at this time of year to scatter the wolves of the dark winter night. Assisting us in releasing the atavistic power within us all. Through him, we are free of the constraints of our bodies, and of the winter season.

Spring Equinox — Equinozio della Primavera — March 21/22

The Vernal Equinox celebrates the beginning of the Goddess’ ascent from the “Realm of Shadows”. Longing for her children and the light of the Sun, She emerges. As She returns, the Earth awakens, and her children rejoice. This is a time of great fertility. It is also the time that the God Lupercus is slain in a hunting accident. Yet he rises the next day as the new Sun God, taking on the persona of Janus. His brother, Cern, takes rule of the Waxing Year on Earth and will, with the regenerative growth of his antlers, become the Horned God of summer.

Tana’s Day — La Giornata di Tana — May Eve/May 1

Celebration for the full return of the Goddess from the Realm of Shadows. She has returned to her hidden children, bringing with her the Mysteries she has learned. We also celebrate God and Goddess, and their delight in each other. They court, and the world is made merry. Goddess becomes the dominant force, and the Goddess months begin.

Summer Solstice — La Festa dell’ Estate — June 21/22

Summer Solstice marks the marriage of God and Goddess. From this union comes the bounty of the Harvest Tide. This is a time of growth and life. At this time we do works to heal the Earth. This is also a time when the Elemental forces are abound in great number. We honour the fata, the elementals, and other spirits of Nature. (For the witch and the fata are of a similar nature…)

Cornucopia — La Festa Di Cornucopia — August Eve

The celebration of anticipation of plenty. This is the time of the First Harvest. God is preparing to sacrifice himself so that the world can continue. Even as we begin our harvest, we plant the seeds of rebirth. For those seeds which are planted now and nurtured over the cold winter will become the strong plants of spring.

Autumn Equinox — Equinozo di Autunno — September 21/22

Time of the full harvest. The bounty of the harvest is due to God’s sacrifice of himself. Janus now dies and departs to the Underworld. The Lord of Light has now become the Lord of Shadows. He now becomes the Hooded One, and after this Treguenda, we too become hooded in our rites until the Goddess begins her Ascent again at Primavera. Our God Cern is killed in another hunting accident, and Lupercus again takes rule of the Waning Year. Grieving for her lost lover, Goddess descends into the Realm of Shadows, seeking him. In celebratation we feast upon the bounty of the harvest. We count our blessings and prepare for the upcoming winter.


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What exactly is an orb


There are many theories on what an orb is. We will examine the most popular here

1. Orbs are ‘ghosts’ or a manifestation of the dead.

2. Orbs are a separate life form

3. Orbs are energy ‘building blocks’ used by spirits

4. Orbs are nature spirits

In the ghost theory, the orb itself is the manifestation of the spirit. There are many cases where a person will try to photograph an apparition and the developed photograph will instead show an orb. Even though the person ‘saw’ the spirit in human form, it didn’t show up that way on film. That is due to the person’s sensitivity and perception of the event. (See the article on the psychology of a haunting for more on this subject).

The separate life form theory contends that orbs are a race unto themselves, feeding off emotional energy.

The building block theory states that orbs are non-intelligent blobs of energy that are utilized by spirits in order to manifest. If enough orbs are present, a spirit can use them to form an apparition.

According to the nature spirit theory, orbs are ‘elf-lights’ and are strongly connected to trees and forests.

What it comes down to is this: No one really knows exactly what an orb is.

Orbs often appear as a floating ball of light. Usually they are quite fast and follow an erratic flight pattern. They can vary in brightness. Some are phosphorescent and perceivable to the naked eye, while others are dim and barely visible on film. They can be transparent, semi-transparent or solid. They can be round oval, or uneven. And they show up in a lot of photographs. The only problem is there are a lot of things that can show up as orbs in photographs that have nothing to do with the paranormal.

Dust, pollen, reflective surfaces and moisture can all appear to be orbs. Any airborne particles close to the camera lens can show up as an orb in a picture. With the position of the flash unit so close to the lens on most cameras, airborne debris seems to ‘light up’ on film. It’s easy to test this. Go into a darkened room with a digital camera, shake the curtains, and take a few pictures.


Instant orbs! Lots of em! Wow.. Bet you didn’t know your curtains were haunted..

Moisture has the same effect. You can use a spray bottle to test that one.

The most common cause of false orb photographs is simple. Refection. Any time you use a flash, or shoot directly into a light source, you can get an orb. So with all these things that cause orbs in photographs how can we accept any orb photo as real? You have to examine all the factors at the time the picture was taken. Look for reflective surfaces. Was it dusty?

For airborne debris to show up on film, it has to be within approximately eight inches of the lens. Was it raining? Is your lens dirty? Any of these could cause false-positive results.

You also have to look for corroborating factors. A great photograph, without additional backing could mean nothing. Let’s say you get a great orb photo, but there is no change in the EMF or temperature readings. Without corroborating evidence, I would tend to assume it was a false positive. Unfortunately, that means at least 50 percent of all orb photos are nothing but dust. Probably as many as 90 percent cannot be corroborated.

At the same time, if you have backing evidence, that photograph you assumes was a false positive, could be real.

So how can I tell if an orb photograph is real?

There are many differing opinions on this, some people say all are real and others none. There are a few things to look for to determine the authenticity of an orb photograph.

1. A slightly ‘out of round’ orb is more likely to be real than a perfectly round one. Lens reflection causes perfectly round or geometrically precise shapes.

2. A trail or other indicator that the orb was in motion. An orb in motion is very likely real, a small trail can indicate this.

3. If the orb is positioned so that it is partially obscured by an object in the picture, then it is likely real.

4. If the orb appears ‘three-dimensional’ or is photographed from more than one angle, it’s real.

5. If you take two photographs in a row from the same precise spot immediately after each other and the orb is in a different position in the two photos, it is probably real.

6. If you have multiple orbs in a picture, very likely it’s false. Dust motes and moisture will produce a multiple, overlapping orb effect.

7. An orb that is a bit blurred is more likely to be real.

8. If you can see it without the camera it is definitely real. (Of course according to ‘official’ government policy, it could also be swamp gas even in your living room).

Orbs happen.

They are real. They appear at haunted locations, and show up on film. So why has no one noticed them before this? No one looked. If you go through your old photo albums, especially pictures taken at any historical locations, you might find some things that will surprise you.

All our lives we have been taught that ‘ghosts’ don’t exist, and ‘this paranormal event’ never really happened it was just a story. As humans, we see what we want to see. Psychologists call this ‘selective perception’. For just a moment try to forget all you were taught in school and try to look at the world without preconception.

You might just see something you missed you never know.

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