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My passion for the craft brings me to post more topics you might find of interest, this time a few more spells I came across.

How to Cast a Spell to Attract a Lover

Anyone can cast a spell, and you can cast a spell to attract love into your life, or that special someone. Many spell casters use a variety of ingredients or correspondences, but you are the only essential ingredient in any Magic. There can be no barriers to achieving what you desire — if you believe.

Much of Spell Casting uses the imagination, and this, together with belief, is a vital ingredient. If you can believe that you will achieve your desired results strongly enough, that act is a magical ritual that will achieve your results.

To invoke the Magic to produce what you desire, visualise it — as clear and specific as you are able. Spend some time with the images in your mind. Believe now that you have achieved what you desire. Imagine all the feelings and emotions that accompany it. Imagine how your senses will react. After a few moments say to yourself: “So shall it be.”
Choose a convenient time in advance. The best time for Spell Work is midnight.

Take a bath — illuminated by candlelight. As you wash, cleanse from you all your negativity, and all your worries and anxieties. Cleanse yourself in the knowledge that you are preparing for a ritual of Magic that will bring you peace and abundance, and what you desire most.

Go to a quiet place, anywhere where you will be undisturbed. Take with you your Book of Shadows (if you have one) or some paper and a pen. If you have a crystal or other focus, take this too.

Start by preparing your altar. Your altar can be anything that will accommodate a candle, three small bowls, and your Focus (if you have one). A small table or box will do. Dress it with a plain or coloured cloth if you wish.

Place your candle on the Altar and light it (make sure it is stable and won’t topple!). The lit candle will represent the element Fire. In one small bowl pour some water, representing the element Water. In one small bowl place some salt, representing the element Earth. The empty bowl represents the element Air. Thus are all the elements represented on your altar: Fire, Water, Earth and Air.

Next, you must clean your Space to rid it of any negativity. Stand near your altar and close your eyes. Breathe in deeply and hold. Exhale slowly and as you do so imagine all the negative energy present being dispelled away.

Now, Cast your Circle.

Visualise a compete circle around you enclosing you in a perfect sphere that arches through the ground and over your head, including your Altar, with you in the very centre of it. See your Circle as a barrier against negativity.

With your Circle cast, you can invoke the energy and power that you need.

Standing before your Altar, with all the elements represented, close your eyes then experience each and every one as it touches you. Use your imagination and:

For Fire, feel the warmth of the sun on your face

For Air, feel a soft warm breeze on your cheek

For Water, feel your hand in a mountain stream

For Earth, feel the warm grass beneath your bare feet

With your eyes still closed, imagine the power and energy and wisdom of the Universe flowing down from the heavens into your head from above.

When you are full, state your purpose to yourself. This is your wish or desired result. Remember it has to be specific, positive, and believable.

Write it down in your Book of Shadows, or on a piece of paper. As you write it, state it.

To perform the Spell, hold your Focus in your principal hand (if you have one), and state your desired outcome again three times. As you state it, visualise it.

When you have completed your Spell Affirmation, say: “SO SHALL IT BE!”

Release the energy into the Universe by tensing all your body and imagining a white light of energy bursting from you into the sky above as you relax.

Next, release and ground yourself by dispelling the Circle. Imagine this circle around you as before, and then let it contract and disperse.

Give grateful thanks for the abundance in your life — you are free to go.

Once cast, do not discuss your Spell with a living soul!

Spell to Help in Court Cases.

When the moon is in the signs of either Libra or Sagittarius, brew a magical tea from a lavage root, and strain the liquid into a glass container. Seal it tightly with a lid after the tea has cooled down; bless it in the divine name of the Goddess; and then store it in the refrigerator until the night before you are to appear in court. When the time is ready, light a new black candle and add the lavage root tea to your bathwater. As you bathe in it and visualize yourself winning the court case, your body and spirit will absorb the beneficial energies. After bathing, place the Justice card from a Tarot deck under your pillow. Go to bed and recite the following magical rhyme over and over (either to yourself, or out loud) until you fall asleep:

“Scales of justice, harken and quaver;
Let the judge rule in my favour.”

To make the power of this spell even MORE POTENT, also brew a magical tea from some dried Californian buckthorn bark, and sprinkle it around the courthouse premises at midnight on the night prior to your court appearance. Be sure to do this without anyone seeing you.

Thread Protection Spell.

Supplies Needed:

Assortment of different coloured threads
Small Jar with a Screw on Lid


Cut the threads into 1-to-2 inch lengths and drop them one by one into the jar, say this as you drop each one:

“Bits of thread,
Protection shed”

When the jar is full, screw the lid on, lick your index finger and use it to draw a pentagram on the jar lid.

Charge the jars protective powers with the following incantation:

“Oh, Hestia of the hearth and home-
Guard my family with your might.
Protect them from all ills that roam,
With this little jar, sealed tight.
Protect this home, oh Hestia too,
Confine all evil to this jar.
Bring good vibrations-old and new-
And grant good will from near and far”

Place the jar in as central location as possible in your home.

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Blessing 3 and 4

blessing 3

blessing 3

Blessing 3 and 4 a really good read

Blessing 3

Blessing 3 and 4

The majestic sphere of Creation is celebrated in the intimacy of Oneness. To recognize that each and every part and particle is representative of the whole is to stand in the light of universal wisdom. To know, that even genetically, I am the essence of All That Is opens me to the Divinity of God’s cause. I am the element of ordained God thought enveloped as human nature.

I use universal law of cause and effect to reveal the Spirit of this Living Source within. I know each moment of awareness I gain uplifts the populace of earth so I remain steadfast as I bring the essence, the nuance, the oxygen of God into my body, into all details, circumstances, agendas, happenings, and enfoldments of this earthly domain. I live the Truth of my authenticity Now!

There is nothing to gain, no more to seek on this soul path. I simply release “forgetting” that I am God. I commit to consciously being the spiritual ideals I hold so dearly. To begin each day in a place of peace, to see the labyrinth of Self-Soul, and of heart as clear to walk through. 

This peaceful frequency ripples out to everyone in my soul family, in my soul group, and to all those that are effected by the dynamics of my Presence.

I will do everything in my heart to bring forth this God agenda for the highest global soul patterns to live in their light vibrations. I am so thankful to be God’s humanity, and to live it boldly and beautifully. I am the seed source within the heart of man. And so it is. 

Blessing 4

The wings of heaven lift me forth into a new element of Love. I cross thru a Doorway of Healing and illuminated potential to sit with Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene. I am embraced by the higher vibration of love that these gentle souls weave.

My heart opens to new pathways of instruction. Anything which no longer fits my new paradigm of existence is now escorted out of my realm of experience. I see with a new heart how beautifully love can be in every moment of Life. It is in every joy. It is in every strife. It is in what I view as darkness as well as what I decree a slight. It is in the fullness of all within me that I do not love, and within my world that I do not know how to love. No longer can these places be stained by the injuries of incarnated love. I integrate the Divine Female aspects of Universal Soul. Spirit hears this divine decree and I am transformed by its deliverance of this holy proclamation.

With a thankful honouring I live from this new elevation of Self and Soul. I am the grandness of love that comes to heal the scars of humanistic expression. From this sweet spot of satisfaction I know it is so. Amen.


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Clairvoyant or medium

Clairvoyant or medium

Clairvoyant or medium

To consult a clairvoyant or medium on business may be helpful.

Clairvoyant or medium

Spirit friends may be interested in the affairs of those who consult them, but it must be held in mind that cares and perplexities of business attract the presence of the selfish and greedy, and their communications must be uncertain and unreliable.

There is a form of clairvoyance, observable in the most successful business men, induced by the concentration of intense thought, which makes them sensitive to the thought waves of the world of business, and prescient to great opportunities. This is similar to the sensitiveness of the poet or inventor to waves to which they are respectively responsive.

The patient has a right to expect of the clairvoyant a full and complete statement of his diseased condition and its history. If this is not given better than it can be by a physician, there is nothing gained by the consultation. It is usually inferred that if a physician can tell what the disease is, or describe the symptoms, he can surely prescribe a remedy. This is erroneous, for the difficulty comes in, not at the diagnosis, but at the selection of the helpful curative agent. Thus, it is a mere matter of observation through a microscope to determine cancer, but the experience of all physicians proves that no remedy can affect a cure. The one agency which restores health is the persistency of vital force, which given the best hygienic conditions, restores the disturbed organic functions to a normal state.

While sitting at seances, a mistiness appears before the eyes, coloured rings and flashes of light, bouquets of flowers, or a succession of passing forms as of animals, persons or scenes.
The appearance of successive scenes and images may be incipient clairvoyance, the efforts of spirit friends attempting to impress the mind, or it may be purely reproduction of past images, real or pictured, of a vivid imagination. Thus, on closing the eyes, a procession as though coming out of a building, or a crowded thoroughfare, passes in rapid march, or changes into grotesque forms, or things monstrous and horrible.

The more these processions are watched, the more vivid they become.
They are especially vivid in childhood, and not being able to distinguish them from reality, the child cries out in terror, is afraid of the dark in which they appear, and is punished by the parents who do not comprehend its mental condition. They should be taught a lesson by these observations, and when their children cry out in fear of the dark, know that the forms they see are real to them. Perhaps they have been told ghost stories, and of the Devil, and their vivid fancy gives these terrors form and substance.

It is thus seen that the real “clear seeing” or true spiritual perception is mingled with many other causes and must be distinctly separated from them by the student in his study of the phenomena.

As clairvoyance is a higher state than the hypnotic, it is essential to carry the subject beyond suggestion, and have him independent in his spiritual perception. This may be accomplished by successive steps. The subject should be hypnotized or magnetized at stated times, each time the impression must be left that the next trial will go further.
A sensitive in this condition will develop in clairvoyance more rapidly by sitting in a circle, where a strong spiritual influence will be exerted, to carry him beyond the control of physical conditions.
If the magnetizer, however, depends on himself, he must patiently await the awakening of the spiritual perceptions. No formula of passes is of the
least value, except as concentrating the mind and sustaining attention. The state cannot be forced. All those scientific men who have investigated the subject accept clairvoyance as a fact, and many of these are among the most distinguished in the ranks of science.

Why do clairvoyants see spirits in the garments they wore in earth-life? As the magnetizer can make his subject see whatever be pleases, as to take a cane for a serpent, a cup of water for wine, so the spirit magnetizer, standing in exactly the same relations to the medium clairvoyant, makes him see whatever desired. This is often done as a test of identity.

Clairvoyants or sensitives, have seen men on horseback, with Indian camps with dogs lying about and incarnate objects. Do these scenes show the existence of spirits, of people and animals, and if so to what are we to attribute the seeing of the inanimate objects? Does not the seeing of the inanimate objects show that much that is taken as proof of spirit existence is hypnotic illusion, or sub-auto-suggestion, and if so, is not clairvoyance wholly worthless as evidence of future existence?

There are various degrees or stages of clairvoyance, the confounding of which by the application of general terms, leads to confusion, and discordant conclusions. In the first or lower state the clairvoyant cannot readily distinguish between the spiritual and physical, and confounds the two. He has earthly scenes presented and interprets them as spiritual. Judge Edmunds made such mistakes, and the dairy he saw as he supposed in the spirit world,
simply because he saw it clairvoyantly, was made subject of ridicule.

Clairvoyants might see a dairy, or an encampment of Indians as readily as a spirit scene. They often describe distant localities and persons in earth life. In this first, a lower state, they are more or less influenced by the minds of those around them, and the investigator must always allow for this factor of error. In the higher state the clairvoyant becomes independent of his surroundings, and able to distinguish between physical and spiritual beings and objects. This spiritual sight and knowledge becomes the most positive evidence of the claims of spiritual science. It is as distinct from that low state of hypnotic suggestion, unconsciously imposed by others, or on self, as day is from night, yet as at dawn light and darkness mingle, and it would be impossible to tell where the day began and the night ended, so it is impossible to draw a sharp distinction between the lowest and most exalted state.

The sensitive subject is responsive to countless influences and to throw aside as valueless this wonderful means of investigation, because these are with present knowledge uncontrollable, would be as though the photographer should discard his art because the sensitive plates at times failed to respond to the light, and gave foggy and blurred results. With all the care and preparation, the perfect picture is the exception. The amateur with the most painstaking preparation produces caricatures scarcely recognizable.

And here is revealed another and most important factor, the knowledge of the spirit who may be attempting to communicate through the sensitive.

In the independent state, the spirit of the clairvoyant sees with its own spiritual senses. In the lower it receives ideas from spirits who stand in relation of the mesmerizer to his subject. If such spirits do not know the best methods of communicating their ideas, these appear in the mind of the medium—or sensitive—imperfect, as the amateur’s picture on the badly exposed or developed plate.



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Healers Magnetic Hands

Healers Magnetic Hands

Healers Magnetic Hands

The hands of magnetic healers are warm.

Healers Magnetic Hands

The soft “cushiony” hand, the velvet touch of the healer cannot be imitated, and is of itself its unimpeachable evidence.

It is warm because the vital magnetism is directed outward and draws the blood with it. Mediums for truly spiritual manifestations, in all other cases are to be known by cold extremities and an over-heated brain.

Those who receive purely mental manifestations also indicate their condition by slowness of pulse-beat and its softness. In their cases the blood is drawn inward and congested around the ganglia of the spinal cord and in the brain, for the drain is on the nerve-force, which has to be supplied as fast as wasted. These physiological conditions are more correct and absolute evidences of the genuineness of the medium, than all other tests that ever were or can be applied. They are conditions that cannot be induced to order; which no true medium would object to having carefully noted.

Healing by spirit magnetism, or by a magnetic healer, are, in principle, the same.

A person of strong vital power may magnetize by means of his own power and when susceptible of spirit influence may unite their influence with his, or stimulate his to greater activity. In the latter case, the sensitiveness acquired by sitting in a circle increases the magnetic force. The healer must be actuated by the desire to alleviate suffering. He cannot display his gift at its best, unless actuated by motives of purest benevolence. Nor can he heal all cases, and be should heed his impressions which to attempt. He must believe in the impressions thus received, and by his earnestness and sincerity gain the confidence of his patients.

Magnetic and spiritual healers make a great mistake in not waiting for impressions as to whether or not they can cure cases presented to them.

They proceed with the declaration that they can cure, and failure, which often follows, makes the patient lose confidence in them, and far more disastrous to their power, they lose confidence in themselves. I once saw perhaps one hundred people pass before the celebrated Dr. Newton. He laid his hands on each and said, “you are healed,” with intense earnestness. There were many cured of long standing diseases, and some marvellous cases, yet the greater number experienced no effect.
“Why do you make that declaration?” I afterwards asked him, “when in many cases you necessarily must fail, for there are organic changes which magnetism cannot reach?”
“Do you not see,” he replied, “that I must be positive, and thus impress the mind, or I should fail in all cases?”
“No,” I said, “I do not agree with you. Better wait and distinguish those you can help, and tell the others the plain truth. Then they will not go away, as they now surely will, condemning you as an impostor.”

Magnetism has a wide field, but it is not a universal panacea. The state of complete concentration is not susceptible to pain, whether attained independently or by means of an operator. As so many cases of insanity are clearly from perverted sensitiveness, it has been suggested that mesmeric control would be a panacea. Practically it is found that it is difficult or impossible to influence the insane. Their mental disturbance comes from the want of ability to concentrate thought and hold it distinctly to the purposes of the will, which makes mesmeric control inapplicable except in cases where this mental condition does not hold.
For nearly the same causes the dipsomaniac is an unfavourable subject, yet many favourable cases have been recorded.

In all mesmeric or hypnotic phases, the operator may be assisted by spirit-friends and his power indefinitely augmented. Healing by magnetic or spiritual methods, if the operator is not careful to guard himself, is exhaustive of vital force. In some cases, there is an interchange of magnetism, and the operator takes on the symptoms of the subject or patient. Often the demand is so great that the operator has not time for recuperation, or most unwisely thinks that he has not, and thus by attempting to heal too many patients, he really enters on a career of deception.

The operator learns by direct and constant practice.

He will thereby gain all-important self-confidence and versed in the endless diversity of character, which must be treated with subtle tact, according to the indicated requirements. The magnetic healer, however successful in healing others, may not be able to heal himself, because he cannot produce the changes in himself he can in others. He is not as successful with those with whom he is in immediate contact, as a wife or children, for these already are sustained by his magnetism all the time. Hence the necessity of a foreign influence. It is the same with a spirit control which is constant and whatever illness may come to the medium proves superior to the control, and thus calls for another to master it.
This does not hold when remedies are prescribed by spirits claiming to have knowledge, and mediums who sell that knowledge to others, and do not trust it themselves, are witnesses proving the falseness of their own pretensions.

Once vitally depleted, the restoration is not easily gained. The healer is of that temperament which gives and does not readily receive. He must look mainly to hygienic methods for recovery. First carefully guard against every drain of vital force.

A chaste life is the foundation of restoration.

At least eight hours of sleep in a room thoroughly ventilated, pure water and wholesome food are the essential conditions.
Wheatlet, oatmeal, bread in various forms, with fruits, form the best diet. Exercise not to reach weariness, and rest as long as the feeling of exhaustion and lassitude remains. It is far easier and more desirable to keep vitality normal, than to restore it after it is lost.


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Blessing 1 and 2

blessing 1

blessing 1

Blessing 1 and 2 are a true delight

Blessing 1

Blessings 1 and 2

All souls are born from the nursery of Light called God.

I recognize that I am simply a gestalt of energy functioning as Angela at this moment. I come to this adventurous plane called earth as Spirit operating through the brilliant pinpoint of Angela’s consciousness, focused within a physical body. As Spirit-in-action my world is a living, breathing, dynamic channel of expression for Creative Intelligence.

Today I set about the discovery and recovery of the unique Self; the authentic, primary pattern of God composition that I AM. I discard the consciousness of conformity that keeps me narrowly and specifically distant from the cultivation and expression of my autonomous Self. No longer do I feel the need to be a copy, a simulation, or a revision of genetic human patterning.

Spirit is never inadequate or distorted, it is forever authentic, pure and whole and so am I as its representative. Recognizing this, the person I am becomes truer to self, steadier, clam, undaunted and sovereign regardless of the impingements of the external world. I easily discover and develop the creative well-spring from which arises the authentic, original blossoming’s of pure mind. This shall be my greatest human work!

Exquisitely and joyously I celebrate the ceremony of the emerging human that is simultaneously merging. Emerging and merging ~ to become a clearer, purer tone of self, able to blend my unique tone into the wondrous out flowering of All That Is. 

Hallelujah! And so it is.

Blessing 2

Blessings 1 and 2

I know that there is One Infinite Power, One Spirit, and One Life. That life is right within me now; I am intimately connected to spirit’s power, and I
can use it by setting my intentions with care and consciousness.
This universe responds to me in kind, so I am always mindful of how I’m thinking about myself, about other people, about everything! I choose to think in ways that support the kind of world I desire. I think in ways that nurture and support me while establishing a new compassion and Light in the world. My actions welcome more love, rather than shutting it out. All exchanges and relationships with others expand universal consciousness, rather than snuffing out the light. All my exchanges create a greater embodiment of Oneness for all mankind.

I know that what I pay attention to, I become. So I make sure that I am attending to whatever it is I want to increase in my life.
Whenever I notice myself thinking and choosing in ways that support littleness, that support restriction, I stop and think again. I can choose how to think, and I do this right now by setting a clear and powerful intention, powered by the spiritual laws of this universe, that I am always at the helm of my life, always choosing nurturing and supportive ways of thought, word, and deed. The natural result is a life that is supportive, supplied, and absolutely wonderful. I give thanks for this inherent power that is in me and in all beings. And I let it unfold with grace and gratitude.

And so it is.


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