Cat and Wart Spell also Self Esteem Spell

Cat and Wart Spell

Cat and Wart Spell also Self Esteem Spell should you need them

 It can be said that many newcomers to the craft will at some point in the early stages of their magical workings attempt to cast a spell.

I cannot state strongly enough here that the casting of any spell must be carried out with experience and care. A badly cast spell can bring harm to others as well as the caster. If you need advice of spell casting please contact one of the casters from this site who will be only too pleased to help you.

If you should have warts, be patient and wait till a morning in the month of May, if you would cure yourself by the agency of a cat, but it must be a tortoiseshell cat, and you must be good friends with him or her. Stroke the wart three times with the tip of her tail, which he/she will allow if you nurse her as you do it. Then chant:

“May Moon, May Moon,
May this wart wane to your tune.”

Then as the May moon wanes, your wart will disappear.

Self Esteem Spell

Tools Needed:

A Bath.
7 Green Oak Leaves (Or Bay leaves if these are out of season).
Lavender Oil.
A Purple Candle.
A Yellow Candle.
Jasmine Oil.
Purple Thread.


Run the bath to a depth and temperature of your liking. Put the lavender oil and oak leaves into it, swish it around, then light the candles and climb into the bath. Close your eyes (but don’t fall asleep). Begin to breathe, breathe in a warming Orange light of confidence, and breathe out murky coloured self-doubts. Imagine a yellow light above your head, which slides down your body, touching every bit of you from top to the tips of your toes. Continue to breathe in slowly through your nose and out through your mouth.

Say out loud:

“I am gorgeous,
I am beautiful,
I am Goddess”

Repeat this six times in total. When you leave the bath, snuff out the candles and thread the oak leaves on the purple thread.

Then, whenever your self-esteem fails you, heat jasmine oil in an oil burner, light the candles hold up the oak leaves and repeat the chant. When the leaves eventually run out, begin again with new oak leaves and new candles. The oak leaves may be carried with you (in a small box or envelope) in your handbag / bag on (all sorts) of important dates. When touching up your make – up, or getting ready just get out the oak leaves and repeat the mantra to spur you to greater things.

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Spell Caster Kimberley Morgan

Spell Caster Kimberley Morgan

Welcome, my name is Kimberley Morgan site administrator and a professional spell caster here to help you.

To view the spell casters pricing range please click Here

A little about myself and my spell casting technique: My spell casting experience span’s back over twenty years within which time I have helped many people with their casting requests. I have cast spells of all descriptions from bring back a love to hex removal. I take pride in my craft workings and client satisfaction.

When casting any spell I take into consideration the alignment of the planets, the cycle of the moon and the day of the week along with your personal details. I call upon the Seven Rays as a spiritual force to embrace magic, which any spell caster will know is a very important aspect in spell workings.

I like other spell casters will always go through a series of detailed questions to gain an in-depth understanding of your situation prior to spell casting via email. I guarantee all emails sent to me will be held in the strictest confidence and I reply to all, hence building a trust from the very beginning of your casting journey.

I find that the majority of my spell casting is based around love spells (Bring back a lover spell) being among the top three.

Sadly when we fall out of love we find for a time that we are lost, frustrated and crying out for help. No need to worry or look any further for I will cast the right spell for you. Spells can be so powerful in their mannerism from bringing back a lover to finding a lost pet.

Should you wish me to cast a wonderful spell for you simply reply back by email with your name, date of birth, and a little insight of the situation you find yourself in? I reply back to all emails sent to me and pride myself on the success rate of any given spell I cast.

Note: Any spell cast by me can only be reversed if required by myself Kimberley Morgan.

My Policy:

You the client are my top priority.
I will work with you step by step till your desired goal is achieved.
Each spell I cast is unique in its nature and guaranteed to manifest within a stated time period.
No matter what your spell requirements consist of I will cast your spell from the confines of my home temple where I am grounded, focused and in direct contact with the spirits that will be called upon.

 I will deliver the right spell, at the right time, and at the right price with no nonsense should you wish to call upon my professional services.

All that remains for me to say now is thank you for your time and I look forward to helping you.

I can be contacted directly via email with your request at

Love and Light to you all.

Please Note; I do NOT indulge in free spell casting. Should you need a free spell please visit our Home page free spells archives.

Comments are closed to maintain client confidentiality.

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Spell Caster Amber Owen


Welcome to the home of Amber Owen registered spell caster. Here you will find just the right spell for you.

Merry meet I offer real spells that really do work so if you are looking for a professional spell caster you have come to the right place

Spell Caster Amber Owen

I come highly recommended by the administrator of this website and bring to you the right spell at the right time with no nonsense.

Each spell I cast is individually crafted with your needs in mind. I will construct and cast your spell on the information you provide me via email in our initial consultation. My spell casting payments which are standard rates can be viewed on the order spells page Here

I take care when casting each spell to meet the needs of my client and will not cast a spell to harm any living soul. All correspondence between myself and my client/s are strictly confidential.

As you may be aware spell construction is not a five-minute procedure, it requires much time and skill in its crafting. When constructing any spell I take into account the moon phases, planetary alignments along with many other important aspects.
For me to craft and cast the perfect spell for you I will require as much information as possible including current photographs, dates of birth and any other information you feel would be relevant to your present situation.

After your spell is cast I offer follow up support and any guidance should this be required. It is not simply a case of casting your spell and never hearing from me again as a strengthening spell may be required in the future.

I take my spell casting very seriously indeed and always strive to deliver a professional service. I feel it is very important to build up an element of trust with my client/s from the very beginning and therefore look forward to receiving your inquires via my email address below.

Please note I do NOT indulge in free spell casting. You may however find what you are looking for in our free spells archive on the home page menu.

Comments are closed to maintain client confidentiality.

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Spell To Stop Harm Coming & Luck Jar

spell to stop harm coming

Spell To Stop Harm Coming & Luck Jar yet another few gems for you

Spell To Stop Harm

You need:

1 brown or maroon candle
2 blue candles
2 white candles
1 black candle
athame (or other ritual knife)
sage for smudging (optional)
Your brown or maroon candle should be towards the back of the altar, but close to the middle.
Your black candle should be immediately in front of it (in the center of the altar), your blue candles on the sides of the black candle (one on each side next to it, but about 3 to 6 inches spread apart), and your white candles should be directly in front of your blue candles (also about 3 to 6 inches in front of them). So you have your basic star pattern.

Cast your circle. Light the candles

Now you have cast the circle, place the blade of your athame into the fire of the black candle and chant:

“Hail to the gods and the goddesses of the earth, Please help stop physical harm from coming to (name).
I Thank thee.”

Do this to the black, then the maroon or brown, then the left blue, left white, right white, then right blue.
THEN, hold your athame straight up and say it again. As if you were pointing at the sky.

Now, do the whole chant again just like before, but replace “physical with emotional, then with mental, and so on…
Then point your tool in front of you, say “blessed be”, point to the left, behind you (turn around), and to the right, then point it up.
You are done.


If you are unlucky enough to break a mirror, collect all the pieces,
put in a glass jar and stand on you window sill, the shards deflect all the bad spell to stop harm comingluck away from the house.

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Write your own spells

Write your own spells

I would encourage anyone to write their own spells to give that personal magic needed for spell casting

Ok you can use others spells or buy spells from the internet etc. but to create your own is magik if done correctly.

I would say from my own experience that by writing my own spell/s I have created the most powerful spells I have encountered to date as they contain my own personal feelings, are composed at the time I wish, in the safety of the cast circle and at the right time of the month for me.

When considering writing a spell be creative and don’t expect the words to simply flow from your writing tool.

There is an art to writing your own spells, an art that will induce power, magic and beauty into your life.
By all means have a look at other spells and how they are constructed there are plenty to view on the internet or books from the book store. I will share my knowledge of spell workings with you but do remember we all have our own way of writing spells.

 I have always placed new written spells into my book of shadows, the time, date, moon phase, and allowed 21 to 27 days for the spell to manifest. I always compose my spells when the moon is waxing for this is a time of positive magic that works for me, I am protected from harm while composing my new spell/s in the cast circle at the altar where I have my white spirit candle lit and all I need with me at the time of writing, note paper, pencil, pen, book of shadows, crystals and the item related to the new spell with me (material components) if I am writing a spell to the Goddess I place a candle near my note paper, if I am writing a spell for earth I will take an handful of earth into the circle with me and discard it back outside once the spell is cast, this is just my way and may be an idea for you.

Firstly I consider just what it is I am composing my spell for.

It could be for: a better understanding of new gadgets, a healthy future, for others around me, as long as I am clear in my writing of the spell it will be more powerful. I then proceed to pick the items relevant for the particular spell, if it is to be a health related spell I will choose herbs, other spells candles, others crystals and so on. I like to write in rhyme when composing a new spell using key words (hypnotic) beginning in S and containing a Z and I do always consider very carefully what I wish for as what we send out comes back in other ways and my intention is to harm no one. I like to call on the gods for assistance when writing for the emotional side of the spell and the spirit of which it is intended to manifest, I’m not saying that my home made spell will work first time for in the past I have had several attempts at the same spell, I have changed the content of the spell the time of month and still do to this day to get the stated spell to work, keep at it is my advice.

Visualization is the main aspect of spell casting for me to bring form to my spell/s.

I feel it brings reality from my workings after all the working of a spell is a magical act intended to cause an effect on our daily lives and that of others, I always memorize a new spell before casting it, I carve my intentions into the candle I have chosen for the particular spell, (the colour of the candle is important) I have incense burning all these issues help to create the positive aspects I need to create a spell and when I have completed my spell on paper and memorized it then I crumple the paper up tightly chanting as I go and throw it into my metal cauldron which is already a light saying the following words:

“spell be strong, spell be good, spell do work, spell be gone”

Use your own words to suit the occasion and when the paper has finished burning my spell is cast. After composing my new spell and casting it I always have my cooling down time a time to gather my thoughts and relax.
You can make your spell casting as elaborate as you wish, take your time to compose and above all be true in what you wish for and harm none. Remember to clean up after you so as when you return to the place of the spell again you have a fresh start.

Happy spell casting.

Thank you for visiting our website, may your God or Goddess be with you.