Witch Dreamfire – Spell page 3

Witch Dreamfire - Spell page 3

Witch Dreamfire - Spell page 3

A spell for protection in wintry weather.

Witch Dreamfire - Spell page 3
You will need:

One peppercorn
A pinch of salt
Pinch of powdered ginger
Pinch of powdered cloves
A small pinch of red cotton cloth
Place the peppercorn in your bowl saying and visualizing:
I charge you with protection
Add the salt saying: I charge you with stability
Add the cayenne pepper saying: I charge you with warmth.
Add the ginger saying: I charge you with protection
Add the cloves saying: I charge you with protection.
Mix the assembled spices and salt with your fingers, visualize yourself having a safe health, guarded time. Now transfer the contents to the centre of the cloth squares. Fold in half and in half again and seal up the open ends by sewing them together. You must always have this upon your person. You can make a new charm for ever season if you wish.

Snow Magick

Witch Dreamfire - Spell page 3

Let’s face it it’s winter. There’s snow everywhere. Why not use it for some creative Magick. Here are a few thoughts on how.

To melt hard feelings against you, gather snow that has fallen in a
gentle storm. Write the name of a person who is giving you a hard
time on a piece of paper. Put it in the middle of a glass plate. Take
the snow and pile it on top. Add a dash of sugar. As the snow melts,
the person in question will loosen their grip on you.

To banish someone or something that has given you a lot of pain,
take snow from a wild storm and follow the same procedure as above.
Be sure to ask the goddess’ blessing and that the spell not be
reversed or place upon you any curse.

Snow poppets are fun to make. If a friend is sick, fashion a tiny
snow person, add something of the persons, such as a lock of hair. As
the snow melts your friend will get better.

Instead of using your athame in ritual, use and icicle!

Make snow wishes. With your staff, wand or athame, carve a wish
into the snow. Ask the goddess to grant your wishes. Trace a
pentagram next to the wish to seal it.

Write a wish on a piece of paper and pack snow around it. Place it
in a jar. As the snow melts, your wish will be granted.

Witches ball new year’s spell

Witch Dreamfire - Spell page 3

To promote prosperity and harmony in the coming year, pass one dozen small
Yule tree balls of assorted colours, some orange peel, cinnamon, and nutmeg,
and some prosperity oil through your favourite cleansing incense.
Grind the herbs and orange peel in a mortar and pestle, saying:

“New Year blooms in winter light,

Bringing joy and love each night.

With the dawn comes strength and more.

Prosperity enters through my door.”

Add three drops of Jupiter oil to the herbal mixture, and stir seven times. Fill each ornament with a little of the herbal combination. Hang the ornaments on a tree outside,asking the winds of change to bring prosperity and harmony into your life.

New Moon Blessing Spell.

Witch Dreamfire - Spell page 3

You will need:

Bay leaves in your bath water for (purification). A stick of frankincense on your altar, (to reduce stress and tension).
5 drops of olive oil mixed with 2tsp each of nutmeg (to bring financial ease into your life). And crushed fine basil (to clear your mind, and find the correct path). Placed into a bottle. A green candle (to draw blessings, good fortune and renewal). Your awl, crystal or pin.

Take your purifying bath. Visualize it clearing your mind and revealing innovative ideas in your life. When you are done go to your altar and light the frankincense incense. Take up the green candle and inscribe on it with your awl, crystal, or pin. “For Blessing” 3 times lengthwise. Then anoint it with your special blend oil of nutmeg and basil. light it saying,

” Great Goddess and God, from whom all Blessings flow, look down upon me here below, I ask for (state your needs) -or- As my needs you know, help me find the answers I seek, and bless All whom help, As well as me!”

Allow the candle to burn itself out and give the remaining special blend oil to the Goddess and God as an offering of your trust to them!

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Druid Dom’s Page 22

Druid Dom’s Page 22

My passion for the craft brings me to post more topics you might find of interest, this time a few spells I came across.

Spell for Tolerance and Peace

Druid Dom’s Page 22

This spell has been created specifically for encouraging peace to return to areas of religious intolerance. It can easily be adapted for calming any violent situation such as wars, occupations and racial intolerance as well.

You will need:

Two white altar candles
A statue, postcard, image or some other representation of a dove
Myrtle herb (fresh or dried)
One white rose
One white remembrance candle

Pile on the altar as an offering violets (fresh or dried), and/or loosestrife (fresh or dried).

To begin, cleanse your space with sage, salt and water, frankincense or some other kind of purifying substance. You may wish to use a besom to signify that you intend to sweep negative energy and influence away from the situation. Cleanse and consecrate all supplies. Ground and centre. Light your two altar candles with the intent of bringing warmth, safety and light to the situation. Cast a circle in your own fashion if you use one. Invoke a peace-bringing deity of your choice – Athena; goddess of wisdom is a good choice, as she is also a protector and warrior.
God(dess) wise,
Bringer of peace and harmony
Look upon this conflict with gracious mien.
Let the oppressor and the oppressed see eye to eye
And heart to heart.
Let minds broaden, Rifts narrow;
Let violence cease And Harmony reign.
Take the image of the dove and hold it in your hands. Visualise peace descending upon the two opposing forces, weapons being thrown down, and captives being released in safety. See justice balancing the situation – not revenge, but an acceptance of consequences. Place your hands upon the bowl of myrtle; empower it with energy, activating its peaceful vibrations to reach forth and stir the energies of the universe with peaceful intentions. Spread it on your altar and place the image of the dove upon it. As you do so, see your peaceful intents fly out into the world on the wings of a dove of reconciliation. Around the base of the white remembrance candle, sprinkle the rosemary. Light the candle solemnly.
Into your arms, Gracious Goddess,
Welcome the souls of the victims of this conflict.
Grant them peace, soothe their pain,
Wash them in the sea of dreams
And let them live again in harmony, tolerance and peace.
Allow the white candle to burn down all the way. When it is done, take the candle end, the rosemary and the myrtle to a body of running water, and throw them in. See the movement of the water flowing through the herbs, taking them to where their peaceful and memorial energies are needed most. This spell may be repeated as often as necessary, for as many different conflicts as you like. Keep the image of the dove somewhere where you can see it, so that it may remind you that peace is a fragile creature requiring as much positive energy as you can spare to be maintained.

The Art of Cookery Spell

Druid Dom’s Page 22
Tie up a bunch of these herbs, Basil, Savoury, mint, Dill; Drench them in water drawn from the tap, and sprinkle the kitchen-lintel and sill, Shelf and canister, table and stove, Cupboard and wall and window and floor, Crockery, cutlery, napery, all-With drops from the stalks, delicious and pure; Then crush the bouquet in both your hands, Breathe its scents, and whisper this spell:
“Sweeten the oven,
Sweeten the pot,
Sweeten the cold and sweeten the hot
Summon thy virtues
Into this place
To teach me patience
And skill and grace.”
Make from the leaves a strengthening tea, drink it, and keep your kitchen well.

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Anti Nightmare Chant & Spell To Aid Sleep

Anti Nightmare Chant

Anti Nightmare Chant & Spell To Aid Sleep for your Book Of Shadows

Anti- Nightmare Chant


Say the following while you are falling asleep (only works in your bed) as always safety with candles should be observed.

‘Go away evil dreams

It’s not what it seems

Go away, go far away,

Leave my dreams’ sight

Give me at least one good night.’

(Keep repeating until you fall asleep)

        Spell To Aid Sleep

Light a blue candle (Carve a rune in the candle that stands for sleep). Light a stick of incense (I use Cedar/Sage–but you use whatever feels right). Soft/Instrumental/Relaxing Sounds


‘By this candle I do sleep;

Hidden from the day,

in the night so deep.

O Lady Moon, guide my dreams,

Cover me with your beautiful beams.

As the candle flame dies;

Please close my eyes.

Allow me to wake in the warmth of your lover, the Sun.

Make my insomnia come undone.’

Repeat while the candle is burning. Use a tea-light candle (so the house doesn’t burn down).

Here are a few quotes and thoughts for you below that may help you sleep

There is no hope for a civilization which starts each day to the sound of an alarm clock.

Nothing cures insomnia like the realization that it’s time to get up.

Dreams are only thoughts you didn’t have time to think about during the day.

Sleep… Oh! how I loathe those little slices of death.

You know why people say that you can’t sleep when you are in Love,
because for the 1st Time in your life you will find something more
beautiful than your dreams.

Get enough sleep every night. An exhausted mind is rarely productive.

If the only way I can be with you is in my dreams, then I want to sleep forever.

Dreams are for people who sleep, reality is for people who can’t sleep
without making their dreams come true.

Dear Mind, please stop thinking so much at night, I need sleep.

I went to sleep last night with a smile because I knew I’d be dreaming of you,
but I woke up this morning with a smile because you weren’t a dream.

True love is when you can’t go to sleep because you’re thinking about the person you care about most!

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Imbolc Ritual

imbolc ritual

Imbolc Ritual for your book of shadows

Gather a white candle and your Imbolc candle purification oil and a representation of the season such as a cut out of a snowflake, or if you have it, real snow.

Imbolc Ritual

Place these items on the table that you plan to use as the altar.

With a sharp object, scratch you’re your wishes for the new season into the candle wax.
Anoint the candle with three drops of the oil by massaging them into the writing on the candle and recite these words:

“This is the time of the feast of torches,
when every lamp blazes and shines
to welcome the rebirth of the God.
I celebrate the Goddess,
I celebrate the God;
all Earth celebrates
Beneath its mantle of sleep.”

Light the candle and recite these words:

”All the land is wrapped in winter.
The air is chilled and frost envelops the Earth.
But Lord of the Sun,
Horned One of animals and wild places,
unseen you have been reborn of the gracious Mother Goddess,
Lady of all fertility.
Hail Great God!
Hail and welcome!

Stand before the altar, holding aloft the candle. Gaze at its flame.

Visualize your life blossoming with creativity, with renewed energy and strength.
Your ritual is now complete. Celebrate with a simple feast with friends and family.

Imbolc Ritual you might find helpful below

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Druid Dom’s Page 21

Druid Dom’s Page 21

My passion for the craft brings me to post more topics you might find of interest.

What is Heathenism?

Druid Dom’s Page 21

The Pagan Revival began in the 1960s. It saw the resurgence of the pre-Christian religions of Europe and the Middle East. Modern Paganism includes the revived Mystery Schools of the Hellenic world, the Celtic religions of ancient Europe, Ireland and Scotland, and the European religion known as Wicca.

On the edges of Paganism came the recovery of Norse, German and Anglo-Saxon beliefs. Modern Pagans tried to fit them within their own format. Others decided to take the Germanic beliefs on their own merits, exclusive of precedents set by modern Pagans. The result is a distinct religion which is very different in purpose, flavour and structure from the ways of the modern Pagan community. To distinguish itself from conventional Paganism, the term A Heathenism was adopted. Though Heathenism is indeed a Pagan religion, it is distinct as a unique entity under the larger Pagan umbrella.
There have been several names coined for various Heathen groups: Hedenskap, Asatru, Odinism, Thorism, Theod, Troth, Der Urglaawe, etc. Most of these terms relate to specific branches of Heathenism. The term that covers all of them is Heathenism. Though each branch is itself distinct, all have much in common.

When discussing religion, most folks anticipate questions such as what do you believe?” People are ill-prepared for the question: What will your belief do for me? Seeing a bunch of people worshipping old Norse Gods might look more like a medieval re-enactment or an occult ceremony to others. It is more important that people know what Heathenism does for us. In actual practice, the rites and ceremonies are a minor thing compared to living our beliefs every day.
Keep in mind that Heathenism is indeed a powerful way of life. The ancient Saxons and Norsemen would rather be executed than convert! Obviously Heathenism offered them something for which it was worth living and dying.
The basic premise of the Heathen is that everything spiritual is also practical. The goal of life is progress of the individual, the family and mankind. In this quest, there can be no cross purposes pitting spiritual requirements against real world necessity. Both work together for the betterment of all.
Those familiar with the other religions of these times will find Heathenism very different. Concepts common to conventional religions find no counterpart in Heathen belief. We are unbound by many of the strictures which are part and parcel of the major religions of this time.
We are bound by principles which guide us. These include honest, responsibility, fairness and generosity. Our principles encourage us to deal fairly with all, to do our best and to live a life that makes a difference. There are no rules behind which to hide, so as to excuse doing the minimum. We are urged to do our best and be our best.

There is a perception in the pagan community

More specifically in the witchcraft community, that in order to perform (magic) a certain alignment must occur. All of the correspondences need to be correct, colours, herbs, days, clock hours, and astrological read-outs. Not always all of them, but some of them need to be lined up and done right.
We do our research and make sure our intent is pure and as long as the personal gain is for a good reason…. Or at least not bad enough that we don’t mind paying for it… well, we do what we will and try our best to not garner TOO much bad karma.

Sound about right?

But somewhere along the way the creativity or to someone like ME the very essence of what the craft was has been, is lost. The craft of the wise, the craft of the knowing, has dissipated into the craft of the (need to know). The books that are on the shelves teach only the view of the author, and always the regurgitated spewing of the teacher before. They teach us how to get for ourselves but not how to BE ourselves.

The creativity in the craft is to know when it is time to step away from the ugity bugity, and when to step into the knowing. Step one on the path is to know yourself. Experience… yourself.

You don’t need anything special to start this creative journey. There are no books to buy, no tools to make or garments to sew. You simply need to sit with yourself in the quiet. Pay attention to yourself. Listen to your thoughts. Speak when you need to speak. Eat when you need to eat. Ask for what you need to ask for.
Work, sleep and go to the bathroom when you need to. But start really paying attention to who YOU are. And when you find that (need) to cast a spell, don’t run to your witchy cupboard or to the internet or your BOS… instead, sit in the quiet with yourself first, and see if you can’t bring the creativity back to the craft by listening for the solution to what vexes you…. WITHIN you….first.

Below is a little spell that may help you in your studies:

Study Spell

The first weeks of school are always the best to start working on a long-term study spell that can help you throughout the semester as well as for your finals and papers. You may not want to think about studying, with the sun shining through bright autumnal leaves, but it’s best to begin focusing on a long-term project like this one now, rather than panicking a day before your final exam! Make the following potion:

1 part Bay oil (for wisdom)
1 part Lily of the Valley oil (to reduce anxiety)
1 part Spearmint oil (for memory)
3 drops Cinnamon (for success)

You have a choice: if you use fragrance or perfume oils, blend them as is. If you use essential oils, blend them in base oil such as grapeseed or almond oil, and make a ten percent solution (i.e., for every drop of Bay, use ten drops of base oil, etc.)

Blend it in a bottle large enough to contain a small Citrine stone (for creativity and mental work). Hold the stone in one hand, the oil bottle in the other, and chant:

Sarasvati, goddess of learning,
Bless these with your power.
Grant me the stamina to devote myself
To take in this knowledge and apply it
Intelligently, and with wisdom.
As I say, so it is done!

Empower the stone and the oil by pouring your feelings of confidence and academic success into them. Stop when you feel that you have filled them as much as possible; they might tingle, or feel warm to you. Open the oil bottle and slip the citrine chip inside.

Now that you’ve got it, what do you do with it?

Carry it with you to class, and keep it by you while you study. Before class starts, or as you sit down to read or work, open the bottle and breathe in the scent of the oils. Feel yourself relax and fill with confidence; know that your mind is alert and ready to receive the information about to be passed to you.
For papers, rub a tiny drop of the oil on your hands, then handle the paper and give it to your teacher. For exams, rub a drop of the oil into your pen or pencil (better do two, in case the first breaks or runs out!), and put a tiny drop in the centre of your forehead (your third eye, seat of wisdom).
If you tense up or feel yourself start to panic, lift your pen to your nose and breathe in. Relax, and finish your exam with confidence!

Please note: No magic can ever substitute for work in the mundane world. This potion is designed to aid you in study, not to replace it entirely!

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