Devil Worship also Idol Worship

Devil Worship also Idol Worship

Almost everyone has noticed that evil people often have great success in life, whereas many good people suffer terrible misfortunes.

One common explanation for this injustice is that it is the work of the Devil. In fact, one of Satan’s favourite activities is to bring pain and suffering to a good person. He also likes to help evil people become successful. With his assistance, even a weak inferior person can gain great wealth and power.

Many people have wondered why God allows Satan to carry out his evil activities. Fortunately, the fiend won’t be able to keep causing harm forever, because the bible says that he will eventually be brought to justice and punished with eternal torment in hell. But in the meantime, he has already

enjoyed thousands of years of freedom, and during that time has brought misery and suffering to millions of human beings. Because he has so much influence over what happens in the world, he can appear to be very powerful. Evil people often notice his apparent power and begin worshiping him in hopes of getting his help.

Some people worship him secretly, but others prefer to participate in some form of organized worship. One example of organized worship is a service called a Black Mass, which is usually held in a large room decorated to resemble the nave of a church. During the service people shout obscenities at God, curse Jesus, and act out a parody of the Holy Communion. They may also worship a black cat under the pretence that it is the Devil in disguise.

Another form of devil worship, said to be practiced by witches, supposedly takes place at a meeting called a Sabbat. Most descriptions of these Sabbats say that they begin at midnight at a secret location in the countryside. Purported activities include dancing naked around a fire, trampling on a cross, drinking human blood, and sacrificing new-born babies on an altar. According to some accounts, the Devil himself comes to many of these gatherings, often appearing in the form of a horned goat.

Demons may also be present. The festivities usually culminate in a lewd orgy before finally ending at dawn.

In modern times, some new groups of “Satanists” have appeared, especially in the United States. These groups have names such as the Church of Satan, the Temple of Set, and the First Satanic Church. Each group has its own beliefs and performs its own special rituals. However, members of several groups claim that they don’t worship Satan, but simply admire him for having the courage to openly defy God. In truth, many people in modern societies are secretly attracted to the dark side of life that Satan represents.

Note: Contrary to what many believe, modern Wiccans do not worship the Devil, and most of them doubt that he even exists.

Idol Worship

The term “idol worship” can have several different meanings. According to one definition, it is the worship of a physical idol itself, such as a statue, as if it were a real god or spirit. By another definition, it is the use of an idol to represent a god or spirit during an act of worship. And in a third possible case, a god or spirit is thought to be inside the idol at the time of worship. Thus, in the first case the worshipers believe that the idol is an actual god or spirit, whereas in the second case they regard it as a stand-in for a god or spirit, and in the third case they think that a god or spirit is inside it. Only in the first case is the physical idol itself worshiped.

One of the most famous idols is the Golden Calf described in the bible.

According to the Book of Exodus, this idol was created when the ancient Israelites were camped at the base of Mount Sinai waiting for Moses to return from his climb up the mountain. The Israelites had expected Mosesto return quickly, so when many days passed and he still didn’t appear, they started to worry. Eventually they asked Aaron, the brother of Moses, to make them an image of the God of Israel so that they could make offerings to it. At first Aaron refused, but they continued to pressure him, and he finally decided to try to satisfy them by making something for them to worship. He collected a large quantity of gold from their jewellery, melted it with a fire, and ended up with the Golden Calf. He built an altar in front of the calf so that the Israelites could worship it and make offerings to it.

Eventually Moses came down from the mountain carrying two stone tablets inscribed with the Ten Commandments. When he saw the Golden Calf, he got so angry that he shattered the tablets on the ground. Then he burnt the calf idol in a fire, ground it into powder, poured the powder into some water, and forced the Israelites to drink the mixture. Aaron admitted that he had collected the gold and melted it, but said that it had formed itself into the shape of a calf on its own. God was so angry that he decided to kill all the Israelites, but Moses convinced him to spare most of them, although at least 3000 did die, and God said that he would inflict more punishment later by killing some of the tribe’s future descendants.

Afterward, Moses climbed the mountain again to get new tablets to replace those that had been shattered.

Stories about the prophet Muhammad suggest that he had an intense hatred for idols. According to one story, he smashed more than 300 pagan idols that had been kept inside the Kaaba in Mecca before the people of the region converted to Islam.

Some of the largest images and statues of deities can be found in Hindu temples. To an outsider, Hinduism may appear to have numerous gods and goddesses, but many Hindus regard all of these individual deities as different aspects of a single Supreme God called Brahman who permeates everything in the universe. Even so, a particular god or goddess is often worshiped individually, as if he or she had a separate independent existence.

In Hinduism, an image or statue of a deity is called a murti. Many Hindus believe that a murti provides a way to communicate with the deity that it represents. Some even believe that the deity can be present within the murti. Thus, when a Hindu bows down to a murti, or places offerings

before it, he or she may believe that a god or goddess is inside it and is aware of what is happening. Many Hindus believe that a deity only spends part of its time inside a murti, and they try to make their offerings when they think it is present. Another common view is that the murti is a kind of “listening post” for the deity. But in all of these cases, the murti itself isn’t worshiped, and most Hindus will protest when an outsider refers to a murti as an idol.

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Divination Rhapsodomancy and bibliomancy

Divination Rhapsodomancy and bibliomancy

Divination Rhapsodomancy Book Divination

Stichomancy is a rather obscure form of divination that uses random words from a book. It’s also called bibliomancy.

Pick a sizable book from your bookshelf (Pagan or otherwise) and close your eyes.
Think about something you will be facing today and concentrate on it for a moment.
Keeping your eyes closed, open the book and flip to a random page.
Place your finger on it and see what word you’ve chosen.
If you’ve struck a spot that is just white space or you got a useless word like “the”, try it again.
Keep this word in your mind during the day and see how (or if) it applies to the situation you were thinking about.

Divination – Rhapsodomancy

You’ve probably heard of bibliomancy – it’s a form of divination by selecting a random passage of text from a book to gain insight into any question which is pressing on your mind. But have you heard of rhapsodomancy?

This is another ancient form of ‘book’ divination but instead of using a sacred text (or any other book) you use poems.
If you have a big enough book of poetry you can use the traditional bibliomancy method to get your answers which is Balance the book on its spine and let it fall open.
Close your eyes and pick a passage at random.
If your poetry book isn’t to me sized don’t worry. You can use these other methods to find wisdom in poetry:
Write down a selection of lines from a poem on pieces of paper, place them in a pot and pick one at random. Photocopy pages of poetry then spread them out on a table. Throw a die and where it lands will tell you your answer. 

Stichomancy is a rather obscure form of divination that uses random words from a book. It’s also called bibliomancy.

A modern form of rhapsodomancy is divination by radio stations! Pick a radio broadcast at random and what you hear will be your message.
This works well if you have an old fashioned radio with a dialling knob but you can always press the search button a predetermined number of times instead if you have a modern radio.

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Witches Choice

Witches Choice

Witches choice a personal view. There are many witches tools used by craft members which may be purchased from local neo pagan stores or even made by your own hands

I find that witches tools made by hand have a more personal meaning with my own effort, power and thought placed into it.

Should you be new to the craft why not consider making your own magical wand for instance?

It can be so easy, great fun and a very personal experience. A walk through your local wood can uncover magickal treasures just waiting for you to discover.
I found a large branch broken of a beautiful old tree brought down by a freak thunderstorm just lying on the woodland floor. With a little tender loving care and my own magickal markings carved into it I now have a wonderful staff used at many gatherings and a good topic of conversation.

Magickal tools of the craft are very personal items of each practitioner and should never be shared by another.

I have placed a video below to give you a few ideas on how to possibly start on your magickal craft tool journey enjoy.

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Druid Dom’s Page 10

Druid Dom’s Page 10

Here are more topics of interest regarding witchcraft and life in general you may find helpful

How to Tell Family and Friends You Are Pagan

Druid Dom’s Page 10Your choice in beliefs is a very important and personal one. It is also a choice I feel that you should feel comfortable sharing with your family. I know in many cases this is hard.
It was hard in my case.
It still is at times. However, hiding something makes it suspicious. It makes it seem like something that NEEDS to be hidden, which it shouldn’t be and isn’t.

Not only is that, but a good portion of a pagan path about trust.

You need to be able to trust yourself to be able to trust that any spell work you do will work.

If you are in the habit of lying to yourself, your family or your friends how will you be able to trust in what you do when you can’t trust your own word?

How to tell them….

First do you feel they will react negatively or are you just unsure of how to discuss it with them?

In either situation the best way to deal with it is to know your subject well and know why you are interested in learning about it.

If you are not sure if you want to follow this path, but are interested in learning about various different religions, tell them so possibly even show them my site.

Whatever you do be calm. Don’t get defensive or angry if they react in a way that you do not like. Think about it from their point of view.

Odds are the most they know about paganism, Wicca or shamanism is a mismatch of rumours like it is satanic or a cult.

All they want to do is protect you and keep you from doing something that might hurt you.

Reassure them that it’s not like that and show them why.

Always demonstrate why with your own actions.
And be patient.
It may take them awhile to accept your decision.
They may never accept it, but it is better that it be out in the open rather
than festering like some dark secret.

View whatever happens as a lesson and look for what you can learn from it.

Whatever you do, do not bring it up when they are in a bad mood. Common sense,
but it is still worth reminding.


(Or have confidence in yourself)

Druid Dom’s Page 10Confidence! The one thing we all wish we had and even when do have it, most of the time we still don’t feel confident.

How many times have you been going to do something and then thought NO! What if I’m wrong? If you are like you would have probably done it hundreds of times.
It took me years of learning the hard way to trust in myself and my inner voice. I would try to second guess myself all the time, and just about every time I found that I should have had the confidence to go with my first instinct or inner voice.

I am not saying that you should not check on something if you are not sure about the consequences. But most of the time you will know that your inner voice is guiding you in the right direction. I would like to give you a couple of examples of what I mean.

Firstly there is my family, after years of seeing me going with what I feel or my inner voice they have come to trust my judgement on most things (this can be a problem as I have a tendency to want to control things for the best mind you and I have to pull back and let them make their own decisions). Whenever they are trying to decided something or there is a problem they always go “Mum what you think?” Lovely that they come to me, but they very rarely made decisions on their own. I would give my opinion and they would say yeah that’s what I thought too. On asking them why they had not already acted, the answer was invariably I wasn’t sure if I was right I did not trust my own feelings.

Needless to say that I have for the last few years moved away from giving an answer first and asked them what they thought first. Then I say to them that if that is what feels right for them then that’s what they should do. I will always be there to give them advice but they needed to have the confidence in themselves and not rely on me (lovely though that is) or anyone else for the answers.

They still ask for my advice and opinions but now it is on what they have already decided to do not on what they think I think they should do.

It is good to get second opinions because sometimes others see things that you may miss, but still the final decision is yours only you know how the decision will affect you.

The second example I would like to share with you is this:

Every year we have a Mind/Body/Spirit show in Melbourne. My daughter Nicole and I have been talking about going for years, but never quite made it.
Well this year we went, we took my grandson Josh with us and decided to just enjoy the day. After walking around and looking at the exhibits for a few hours, Nicole decided that she would like to have Josh’s Aura photo taken. You should have seen him all of 4 years old and he just sat down and placed his hands exactly where they had to go, the lady taking the photos thought he had done this before, but it was his first time(smart boy that).

Anyway I digress, after the photo had been taken a reader come over and started to explain what the colours meant that were in his aura. I found it very interesting as it co-inside with what I had already been told by my guides. Then the lack of confidence came in, the reader started to explain the colours in a way that he felt we wanted to hear, changing the meaning of everything just ever so slightly but still changed none the less. I thought that this may have been because Josh was so young, but he did the same thing with Nicole’s reading and mine also. He was spot on with his first interpretations and should have had the confidence to leave it at that, but he undermined some of the messages that he was meant to be getting across especially to my daughter by not listening to his inner voice.

I know that it is not easy to have the confidence to follow that inner voice, it takes practice and also looking at the results we get when we do follow it and when we don’t. I believe that the inner voices are our guides directing us to the right path for us.

I have been very glad on occasions that I have followed their guidance as there have been instances where I would have been in the wrong place at the wrong time if I had ignored the warnings that I got.

You may not actually hear voices, it may just be a feeling that you get perhaps in your stomach or chest, learn to look for and listen to these signs you will find your confidence growing each time you do.

Here are a couple of Crystals that will help you with your Self Confidence

Agate, Azurite, Bloodstone, Sodalite, Turquoise

A word of warning don’t jump in to something that could be dangerous without all the facts if you get a feeling of being unsure it usually means that the course of action you are planning is not right at this point in time.

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Chakra Ritual

Chakra Ritual

As certain real witches already know, there are layers of Magickal practice that lie beyond the basics of entry-level Wicca and Witchcraft

One area of advanced Magick concerns seven gateways to Magick that take considerable practice to master.

These gateways are called chakras, and have been utilized in Eastern mysticism for thousands of years to accomplish everything from telekinesis to levitation. There are good articles on chakra Magick and its relationship to Pagan yoga already available online, but very little has been shared concerning the nature of the Magickal chakra ritual used by real Witches.

Before we describe the ritual itself, a few cautionary issues should be discussed, as chakras are very strong power centers in the Magickal body, and their use should not be undertaken lightly.

1. Chakra Magick should only be studied with an effort to maintain balance among the seven energies that will be awakened. Too much focus on any one chakra without equally cultivating the others can do more harm than good, even for a powerful Wiccan, Witch or other Pagan practitioner of Magick. The only exception to this rule is the Air chakra (also known as the heart chakra), which is, itself, a microcosm of all creation. When in doubt about the balance of your Magickal chakra energies, return your full consciousness to the Air chakra, and you will be safe. 

2. Chakra ritual should not be performed without pursuing a parallel path of chakra meditations. These two exercises should be done at different times of day, as they are opposites on the same circle, the former being one of projective power and the latter being one on introspective reflection. More importantly, meditation will help you perfect your powers of visualization, which are crucial to the success of the rituals. 

3. Chakra ritual should be performed with great regularity–every day, if possible. Familiarity with the chakras will open accelerated pathways to high Magick, and the pursuit of their secrets should become the center of the Witch’s life. If you are not ready to rebuild the foundations of your life around the powers that will be awakened within you, wait until the time is right. Your existence in the universe is long and spans many lifetimes. There is no hurry.

4. Visualization is a key ingredient to Wiccan chakra Magick. Never let the daily rituals and meditations become rote or routine. You will be opening the core energies of your Magickal body to powerful forces in the course of this practice, so stay focused, don’t let you mind wander, and bring every fibre of your being to task of seeing the deeper reality that will soon open up within you.
If you’re already a Wiccan, Witch or other type of Pagan magician, this ritual is not so different from those to which you are already accustomed. You’ll see obvious similarities such as circle casting, the use of Magickal tools, and the calling of the quarters. The main differences you may notice have to do with Elemental colours, the order in which certain tasks are undertaken, and the increased focus on chakra energies within your Magickal body.

The other departure from lower-level magickal practices is the inclusion of Ether/Spirit, the fifth Element. This is one of the key gateways to high Magick, a stepping stone from the four common elements and Goddess/God consciousness. 

As with all Magickal rituals, the following is only a starting point.

Change the names of Gods, Goddesses, and Spirit Guides to fit your own Magickal labels and preferences. When other changes suggest themselves, go with them. Follow your spirit guides and your heart, always doing what “feels” right. Pay attention to the messages and guidance you receive from the Otherworld, as this is where your true Magickal education will take place.

The only other important note is that all Magickal rituals should have spells or workings associated with them, so not to waste the time of your deities and spirit guides. The working that should be undertaken every time in this ritual–whether others are performed or not–is that of increasing your own awareness of the Green World/Otherworld and your ability to open gateways for its return to the mundane world.
This is the highest purpose of Pagan Magick: facilitating the return of the Green World and its Magickal occupants to our lands, which have become lost in mists of greed, confusion, and poison. Even when you have other workings to perform, include this one … bend all your will to the task of returning our lost planet to its rightful place in the realms of enchantment.

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