Moon Proverbs

moon proverbs

moon proverbs

Moon Proverbs is another must for your book of shadows

Pale Moon doth rain,
Red Moon doth blow,
White Moon doth neither
Rain nor snow.
Clear Moon,
frost soon.

A dark mist over the Moon is a promise of rain.
The heaviest rains fall following the New and the Full Moons
The Full Moon eats the clouds away.
A New Moon and a windy night, sweep the cobwebs out of sight.
A Red Moon is a sure sign of high winds.
And should the Moon wear a halo of red, a tempest is nigh.
Many rings around the Moon signal a series of severe blasts.
A single ring around the moon that quickly vanishes heralds fine
When the New Moon holds the Old Moon in its arms (ring around the New Moon)disasters occur at sea.
Sharp horns on the Sickle Moon indicate strong winds.
When the moon’s horns point up, the weather will be dry.
When the Moon’s horns point down, rain spills forth.
Blunt horns on a Crescent Moon presage a long spell of fair weather

The Full Moon rises Saturday night in sweet celestial splendour. Below, ripened fields on Earth are bathed in her luminous glow. This is the harvest.

Full Moons are points of culmination, magical moments of manifestation and creation. Especially this one. In Aries/Libra, the Moon/Sun opposition aligns in a portal of initiation, a milestone in our ascension. The alignment will be exact Saturday night (11:10 PM Pacific October 3, 2:10 AM Eastern October 4).

In the Northern Hemisphere, the Harvest Moon is the Full Moon closest to the Fall Equinox. Below the equator, the seeds of spring are ripening in a time of new beginnings.

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Thought for the day

There is nothing whatever that can be accomplished without the power of Faith, and there is no faith possible without knowledge.


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Book of the Dead

Book of the Dead

Book of the Dead

An arbitrary title given to an Egyptian funerary work called pert em hru, the proper translation of which is : ” coming forth by day,” or ‘” manifested in the light.”

There are several versions or recensions of this work, namely those of Heliopolis, Thebes and Sais, these editions differing only in as much as they were edited by the colleges of priests founded at these centres.

Many papyri of the work have been discovered, and passages from it have been inscribed upon the walls of tombs and  pyramids, and on sarcophagi and mummy-wrappings.
It is undoubtedly of extremely early date : how early it would indeed be difficult to say with any exactness, but in the course of centuries it was greatly added to and modified. In all about 200 chapters exist, but no papyrus has been found containing all these. The chapters are quite  independent of one another, and were probably all composed at different times. The main subject of the whole is the beatification of the dead, who were supposed to recite the chapters in order that they might gain power and enjoy the privileges of the new life.

The work abounds in magical references, and it is its magical side alone which wo can consider here. The whole trend of the Book of the Dead is thaumatin magic, as its purpose is to guard the dead against the dangers which they have to face in reaching the other world. As in most mythologies, the dead Egyptian had to encounter malignant spirits, and was threatened by many dangers before  reaching his haven of rest. He had also to undergo judgment by Ofiris, and to justify himself before being permitted to enter the realms of bliss. This he imagined he could in great part accomplish by the recitation of various magical formula?, and spells, which would ward off the evil influences opposed to him. To this end every Egyptian of means had buried with him a papyrus of the Book of  the Dead, in which was contained at least all the chapters necessary to his encounter with such formidable adversaries as he would meet at the gates of Amenti (q.v.), the Egyptian Hades, and which would assist him in making replies during his ceremony of justification.

First amongstthese spells were the ” words of power ” .

The Egyptians believed that to discover the ” secret ” name of a god was to gain complete ascendancy over him. Sympathetic magic was in vogue in Egyptian burial practice, for we find in Egyptian tombs of the better sort, paintings of tables laden with viands of several descriptions, the inscriptions attached to which convey the idea of boundless liberality. Inscriptions like the following are extremely common ” To the Ka or soul of so-and-so, 5,000 loaves of bread, 500 geese, and 5.000 jugs of beer.” Those dedications cost the generous donors little, as they merely had the objects named painted upon the wall of the tomb, imagining that their kas ox astral counterparts would be uneatable and drinkable by the deceased. This of course is merely an extension of the Neolithic savage conception that articles buried with a man had their astral counterparts and would be of use to him in another world.

Pictorial representation played a considerable part in the magical ritual of the Book of the Dead.

One of the pleasures of the dead was to sail over Heaven in the boat of Ra, and to secure this for the deceased one must paint certain pictures and mutter over them words of power.
On this, Budge in his Egyptian Magic says: ” On a piece of clean papyrus a boat is to be drawn with ink made of green abut mixed with anti-water, and in it are to be figures of Isis, Thoth, Shu, and Khepera, and the deceased; when this had been done, the papyrus must be fastened to the breast of the deceased, care being taken that it does not actually touch his body. Then shall his spirit enter into the boat of Ra each day, and the god Thoth shall take heed to him, and he shall sail about with him into any place that he wisheth. Elsewhere it is ordered that the boat of Ra be painted ‘ in a pure place,’ and in the bows, is to be painted a figure of the deceased; but Ra was supposed to travel in one boat (called Atet) until noon, and another (called Sektet) until sunset and provision
had to be made for the deceased in both boats. How was this to be done? On one side of the picture of the boat a figure of the morning boat of Ra was to be drawn, and on the other a figure of the afternoon boat; thus, the one picture was capable of becoming two boats. And, provided the proper offerings were made for the deceased on the birthday of Osiris, his soul would live for ever, and he would not die a second time. According to the rubric to the chapter in which these directions are given, the text of it is as old, at least, as the time of Hesepti, the fifth king of the 1st. dynasty, who reigned about B.C. 4350, and the custom of painting the boat upon papyrus is probably contemporaneous.

“1. ‘ This chapter shall be recited over a boat four cubits in length, and made of greenporcelain (on which “have been painted) the divine sovereign chiefs of the cities; and a figure of heaven with its stars shall be made also, and this thou shalt have made ceremonially pure by means of natron and incense. And behold, thou shalt make an -image of Ra in yellow colour upon a new plaque and set  it at the bows of the boat. And behold, thou shalt make an image of the spirit which thou dost wish to make perfect (and place it) in this boat, and thou shalt make it to travel about in the boat (which shall be made in the form of the boat) of Ra; and he shall see the form of the god Ra himself therein. Let not the eye of any man whatsoever look upon it, with the exception of thine own self, or thy father, or thy son, and guard (this) with great care.
Then shall the spirit be perfect in the heart of Ra, and it shall give unto him power with the company of the gods; and the gods shall look upon him as a divine being like unto themselves; and mankind and the dead shall fall down upon their faces, and he shall be seen in the underworld inthe form of the radiance of Ra.’

“2. ‘ This chapter shall be recited over a hawk standing and having the white crown upon his head, (and over figures of) the gods Tern, Shu, Tefnut, Seb, Nut, Osiris, Isis, Suti, and Nephthys, painted in yellow colour upon a new plaque, which shall be placed in (a model of) the boat (of Ra), along with a figure of the spirit whom thou wouldst make perfect. These thou shalt anoint with cedar oil, and incense shall be offered up to them on the fire, and feathered fowl shall be roasted. It is an act of praise to Ra as he journeyeth, and it shall cause a man to have his being along with Ra day byday, whithersoever the god vayageth ; and it shall destroy the enemies of Ra in very truth regularly and continually.’ ”

It was understood that the words of power were not to be spoken until after death. They were ” a great mystery ” but ” the eye of no man whatsoever must see it, for it is a thing of abomination for every man to know it. Hide it, therefore; the Book of the Lady of the Hidden Temple is its name.” This would seem to refer to some spell uttered by Isis-Hathor which delivered the god Ra or Horus from trouble, or was of benefit to him, and it is concluded that it may be equally efficacious in the case of the deceased.

Many spells were included in the Book of the Dead for the purpose of preserving the mummy against mouldering, for assisting the owner of the papyrus to become as a god and to be able to transform himself into an)’ shape he desired. Painted offerings were also provided for him in order that he might give gifts to the gods. Thus, we see that the Book of the Dead was undoubtedly magical  in its character, consisting as it did of a series of spells or words of power, which enabled the speaker to have perfect control over all the powers of Amenti. The only moment in which the dead man is not master of his fate is when his heart is weighed by Thoth before Osiris. If it does not conform to the standard required for justification, he is cast out; but this excepted, an absolute knowledge  of the Book of the Dead safeguarded the deceased in every way from the danger of damnation. So, numerous are the spells and charms for the use of the- deceased, that to merely enumerate them would be to take up a good deal of space. A number of the chapters consist of prayers and hymns to the gods, but the directions as to the magical uses of the book are equally numerous, and the conception of supplication is mingled with the idea of circumvention by sorcery in the most extraordinary manner.


Thought for the day

There is a certain stage in the spiritual evolution of man when he will become self-conscious in the spirit. He will then remember the events of his previous life; but to remember them in his present state of imperfection would be merely a hindrance in his progress.


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Magical Yule Cards

Magical yule cards

Magical yule cards

Do you send out magical Yule cards to all your friends and family every year?

Then perhaps this magical craft idea will interest you.

Make handmade Yule cards. Use your imagination. Once they are all made, separate the cards into categories

Friends and family who need healing
Friends and family who need a financial boost
Friends and family who need protection
General Love

Match the four categories with your favourite incense, oils, and candle colour. Place the four piles of cards on your altar (stamped and ready to go), and say:

“Holy Mother (or divinity of your choice) I can upon thee. In your grace, please hear my petition of (love, success, protection, or healing) for those individuals who addresses lie here.”

Run the incense slowly over each pile, and say:

“In the name of (divinity) I cleanse and consecrate these cards. May they be vehicles of positive magic, and blessed by the Gods?”

Take your time with the incense so that the scent will permeate the paper. Light the candle colour of your choice and say the following verse seven times:

“Darkness to light
my wishes take flight
The Witch
The power
The flame.”

As you feel the energy building over the altar. Then, one pile at a time, focus on a pile saying the name of the category seven times. For example, repeating the word “love”. Allow your fingers to tingle your palms may grow warm. That’s fine. When you have finished with all four piles, hold your hands once again over the altar and say:

“Season’s Greetings
With Love in my heart
my gift to you
Is a magical art.
So mote it be.”

Seal the spell by drawing an equal armed cross (or pentacle, if it is your preferred power symbol) over the altar with your finger in the air. Thank Spirit in your own way. Then mail the cards.

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Thought-for-the-dayThought for the day

The reason why men and women are sometimes afraid to die is because they mistake the low for the high, and prefer material illusions to spiritual truths.


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The Story Of Mabon

The Story Of Mabon

The Story Of Mabon

The story of mabon as told to me

From the moment of the September Equinox, the Sun’s strength diminishes, until the moment of the Winter Solstice in December, when the Sun grows stronger and the days once again become longer than the nights…

During this time Mabon, Young Son, Divine Youth, Son of Light also disappears. He is taken at birth when only three nights old.

His Mother Modron laments…

With the help of the wisdom and the memory of the most ancient of living animals – (the Blackbird, the Stag, the Eagle, the Salmon, and the Owl), Mabon is eventually found. His seeker asks the ritual question of each totem animal: “Tell me if thou knowest aught of Mabon, the son of Modron, who was taken when three nights old from between his mother and the wall?”

All along, Mabon has been dwelling, a happy captive, in his mother Modron’s magical Otherworld / her womb. Modron is Gaurdian of the Otherworld, Protector, Healer, the Earth herself. Her womb is nurturing and enchanted, but also filled with challenges. Only in so powerful a place of renewable strength can Mabon be reborn as his Mother’s champion, the source of joy and Son of Light.

Once reborn Mabon’s light is drawn into the Earth, gathering strength and wisdom enough to become a new seed.

During this time we celebrate Mabon’s death and his return to Modron’s womb, where he will soon be reborn.

The Faeries roam this land and mournful
music fills the air this day, at this hour.
Modron, O! great Queen and Earth Mother,
we call you here to share your sorrow.

O! shadowed God, great son of Modron,
we plead your return from the mysterious world that keeps you.
The power of your brilliance is the joy of your mother.
Modron is Earth and the Mother we all attend.

Her bittersweet lament
nurtures your return to be born again and again.


Thought for the day

The man who does not learn his lesson the first time has to try over and over again until he does learn it, and sooner or later every human being attains to the goal appointed for him. There is no uncertainty, as a going backward is inconsistent with the law of progress.


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Telling fortune also believing magic

Telling fortune

Telling fortune

From ancient times people tried to guess their future and to get to know what is waiting for them in several years

So, there are a lot of ways of telling fortune that help people to predict events that may happen with them.

Every culture has its own methods of telling fortune and these methods are usually based on the most developed sciences in the country and in the world such as astrology, mathematics, etc. And they are also based on folklore and ideas of people about the world and religion.

Telling fortune was rather spread in Ancient Greece and Egypt. Usually priests, shamans and witches were telling fortunes.
Even Bible tells us about different cases with the use of fortune-telling.

The world-known fortune-telling are card-reading, chiromancy, and folklore fortune telling. These ways are the most spread and sometimes really work.

Religions of the world have the negative attitude toward fortune-telling and they consider it to be the activity of the devil and his companions.

Almost all cultures of the world have special days for fortune-telling. Sometimes they coincide, sometimes do not.
But mostly New Year Eve, Christmas Eve, Halloween and some other holidays are considered to be the best for fortune-telling.
People think that these days are energetically very strong and this energy influences the whole world and with the help of this energy it is possible
to practice magic and to tell fortune. Usually people begin telling fortune at midnight.

Card-reading is one of the most spread ways of fortune-telling.

It is one of the easiest and true ways of telling fortune. According to magic rules, the card pack should be new. Anyway it is a good way of spending time.

There are a lot of fortune-tellers that help people to tell fortune. Some of them say that they have supernatural abilities and that they can communicate with spirits and inhabitants of the other world. So they have diathesis to fortune-telling.

Besides, professional fortune-tellers know how to do it professionally.

But it is necessary to be very careful when you are telling fortune. The problem is that if a person doesn’t know the details of telling fortune and magic, he/she may cause some problems.

   Believing magic

Believing magic

“Magic is believing in yourself.

If you can do that, you can make anything happen.”

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Magic in the world

People believe that sometimes it is possible to break the laws of physics. They believe that it is possible to make objects fly and move without
touching them, to turn objects and people into different things, to speak with dead people and magical creations thanks to special magical abilities or magical spells. According to them our world is filled with magic that may make all our dreams come true.

Magic has always interested people, and our history knows a lot of facts when people considered some objects or people to have magical abilities.
In Ancient World gods were considered to have some magical abilities and that is why people were afraid of them.
Mythology tells us about thousands of magical creatures that were able to help people and to harm them.
And folklore can boast a great number of magical stories and legends about witches and warlocks that either saved humanity or wanted to destroy it.

All nations have their own idea about magic, magical abilities and creatures.

But most of them give similar features to them. There are also similar magical notions in folklore of every nation. Thanks to globalization some magical notions have become famous all over the world.

To my mind, everybody wanted to have some magical abilities and to change their lives and the world thanks to them.
Some people believe they are witches or warlocks and practice magic trying to make other people believe in magic. 

But people may practice magic not only with good purposes but also to harm people, to revenge their enemies or because they envy their friends,
and then they practice black magic. And according to beliefs black magic always has negative consequences for the person who practices it.

Magic is connected with nature, with space and astrology.

Stars and Planets influence the magical abilities of people as well as their temper.
World-known horoscopes are also the consequence of magical past of nations. They may tell us not only about the temper of people but also about his/her future and his/her predisposition to magic.

Magic may add something unusual to the life of people but at the same time may become very dangerous. A person may become so interested in it
that may loose the sense of reality. It may also influence the psyche of a person and he/she may even become mentally unstable.

Nowadays there are a lot of people who claim that they have magical abilities and are able to break the laws of nature.

They say that miracles are the results of their magical activities and that magic is connected with physics and that it depends on it a lot. But physicians and representatives of some religions say that magic is the result of vivid imagination of people and people who believe in it are simply naïve.


Thought for the day

All who believe that the soul is not a mere function of the body, believe that it can survive the death of the body, though it is disputed whether the soul is per se immortal.


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