Witch O Chick Script 1

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Enter I, the Circle Old

Witch O Chick Script 1

Enter I, the Circle Old,
With heart of love and courage bold,
God and Goddess, hear my call,
Guardians of the Witches all.
Take my token; take my love,
Given Ye all else to prove.

As the mill around I tread,
Guide me in my way ahead.
Forge my spirit, keen and bright,
Leading me into the light.
Spells and symbols, thought and deed,

Prompted by the Wiccan Rede;
Green is the Goddess, Green is the God,
I praise Thee with this flaming rod.
Then circumambulate the Circle to this chant:

I O Evoe EE; And We Call to Thee
I O Evoe EE; Send Thy blessings down on us.


Witch O Chick Script 1

Please set me free, allow me to be Witch o chick script 1
Remove these shackles that you have binding me
Feel the love and light that shine from me
Stop drowning me in your sea of negativity
I beg of you to set me free

My wings, but alas they are still tied
I long for the day when I don’t wish to hide
Allowed to be as I was intended
Allowed to be ……. me.


Witch O Chick Script 1

Exorcism is mainly thought of as the rite involved in driving out the Devil and his demons, or other evil spirits, from persons, places, or things, which are believed to be possessed or infested by them, or are liable to become victims or instruments of their malice. Witch o chick script 1
The rite of exorcism is one which is not only practiced by the Roman Catholic Church. Many other religions and other Christian denominations practice it as well.

Technically, exorcism is not driving out the Devil or demon, but it is placing the Devil or demon on oath.
The means employed for this purpose is the solemn and authoritative adjuration of the demon, in the name of God, or any of the higher powers in which he is subject.
In the Christian sense this higher authority is often Jesus Christ, this being based on the belief that the Devil, his demons, and evil spirits are afraid of Christ.

The word “Exorcism” is derived from the Greek preposition “ek” with the verb “horkizo” which means “I cause [someone] to swear” and refers to “putting the spirit or demon on oath, “or invoking a higher authority to bind the entity in order to control it and command it to act contrary to its own will.”


Witch O Chick Script 1

Take any large bowl. Drip a few drops of different coloured candle wax in the bottom of the bowl, then adhere a white candle to that spot.
The different colours represent diverse needs and goals, while the white binds this variety together in harmony.

Each morning, light the candle when you get up and put a coin in the bowl.
Make your wish for the day. Blow out the candle before you leave the house.
Whenever you desperately need to have a wish fulfilled, remove a coin from the bowl and either plant it in rich soil (houseplants will do) or throw it into moving water so that your message of need will be carried through the earth.

When the bowl is filled with coins, use all but a few (these “seeds” always remain in your bowl) for random acts of kindness, like getting treats for the neighbourhood kids or helping a homeless person.

Your generosity will return to you threefold to keep the magic of benevolence, both mundane and divine, with you always.

To Leave the Body

Witch O Chick Script 1

It is not wise to strive to get out of your body until you have
thoroughly gained the Sight. The same ritual as to gain the Sight may
be used, but have a comfortable couch. Kneel so that you have your
thigh, belly and chest well supported, the arms strained forward and
bound one on each side, so that there is a decided feeling of being
pulled forward. As the trance is induced, you should feel a striving to
push yourself out of the top of your head. The scourge should be given
a dragging action, as if to drive or drag you out. Both wills should be thoroughly in tune, keeping a constant and equal strain.

When trancecomes, your tutor may help you by softly calling your name.

You willprobably feel yourself drawn out of your body as if through a narrow
opening and find yourself standing beside your tutor, looking at the
body on the couch. Strive to communicate with your tutor first; if they
have the Sight they will probably see you. Go not far afield at first,
and ’tis better to have one who is used to leaving the body with you.
A note: When, having succeeded in leaving the body, you desire to
return in order to cause the spirit body and the material body to coincide,
THINK OF YOUR FEET. This will cause the return to take place.


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Witch Barabbas – Magic

Witch Barabbas – Magic

Witch Barabbas – Magic

Whatever old or modem obliviousness may have given to the word Magic, its lone genuine importance is the Highest Science, or Wisdom based upon information and functional experience.

Witch Barabbas – Magic

If you question whether there is any such thing as Magic, and on the off chance that you covet any reasonable outline about it, open your eyes and check it out. See the world, the creatures, and the trees, and ask yourself whether they could have appeared by some other power than by the enchantment force of nature.

Mystical power is not an otherworldly power, if by the term ” supernatural ” you mean a power which is outside, past, or outer to nature.

To assume the presence of such a power is a ludicrousness and a superstition, restricted to all our experience; for we see that all creatures, vegetable and creature ones, develop by the activity of inward strengths acting ostensibly, and not by having something added to their substance all things considered.

A seed does not turn into a tree, nor a tyke ‘a man, if having substance added to its living being by some outside worker, or like a house which is worked by putting stones on the highest point of each other yet living things develop by the activity of an inside compel, acting from a middle inside the shape. To this middle stream the impacts originating from the widespread storage facility of matter and movement, and from that point they transmit again towards the outskirts, and play out that work which develops the living being.

Be that as it may, what else can such a power be, aside from otherworldly power, and all things considered it is extraordinary, albeit acting in nature; for nature is neither Spirit nor God, yet a result of the Divine Spirit, a picture framed in the all-inclusive Mind by the force of the Divine Will. God is All; however, all is not God, and the supernatural forces of Justice, Wisdom and Love, and so forth., are not results of nature, but rather properties of the soul.

All things considered they are higher than nature, even though not outside of it. It enters to the exceptionally focal point of material things.

It can’t be a negligible mechanical drive; for we realize that a mechanical compels stops when the drive which began it stops to act. It can’t be a compound compel, for synthetic activity stops when the concoction mix of the substances which were to join has occurred. It should subsequently be a living force, and as life can’t be a result of a dead frame, it can be nothing else except for the force of Life, acting inside the life-focuses of the structures.

This Life or in nature is a performer, and each plant, creature, and man is an entertainer, who utilizes this power unwittingly and intuitively to develop his own living being; or, at the end of the day, each living being is a living being in which the enchantment force of life acts; and if a man ought to achieve the information how to control this force of life, and to utilize it intentionally, rather than only submitting unwittingly to its impact, then he would be a conjurer, and could control the procedures of life in his own life form.

Presently the question is: Can any man acquire such a power as to control the procedures of life? The response to this question relies on upon what you mean by the term ” man.’

In the event that you mean by ” man ” a scholarly creature, for example, we meet each day in the boulevards, then the appropriate response is ; No ! for most of the men and ladies of our present era, including our most prominent logical lumens, know literally nothing about that general thing or no-thing, which produces what we call ” Life,” and which we may call the ” Will ; ” on the grounds that we realize that no move ever makes put without an exertion of what we call “Will,” practiced with or without relative cognizance. Some of them have not in any case made up their psyches regardless of whether they will accept in its reality. They can neither see it nor feel it, and subsequently they don’t comprehend what to make of it.

Yet, in the event that you mean by ” man ” that savvy rule, which is dynamic inside the living being of man, and which constitutes him an individual, and by whose activity he turns into a being extremely unmistakable from or more the creatures in human or creature shape, then the appropriate response is : Yes I for the heavenly power which acts inside the life form of creature man is the same and indistinguishable power which acts inside the focal point of nature. It is an interior force of man, and has a place with man, and if man once knows every one of the forces which have a place with his basic constitution, and knows how to utilize them, then he may enter from the latent into the dynamic state, and utilize these forces himself.

Preposterous as it might appear, it is all things considered an intelligent con-grouping drawn from the principal truths about the constitution of man, that if a man could control the general force of life acting inside himself, he may drag out the life of his creature the length of it satisfied to him ; in the event that he could control it, and knew every one of the laws of matter, he may render it thick or vaporous, think it to a little point, or grow it, in order to involve a lot of space.

Verily, truth is stranger than fiction, and we might see it, if we could only rise above the narrow conceptions and prejudices which we have inherited and acquired by education and sensual observation.


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Witch Donakath – homoeopathic magic

Witch Donakath - homoeopathic magic

Witch Donakath - homoeopathic magic

As knowledge increases, mankind learns more and more about the world and the processes of nature.

Witch Donakath - homoeopathic magic

Even at the present day the clear majority of men possess only a rudimentary amount of this knowledge; indeed, most so-called educated people hare very vague ideas concerning the physical universe in which they live. Such being the case, it is not surprising that primitive peoples have very confused notions concerning these matters, and, as the result of false inductions concerning the causes of phenomena, they seek to accomplish ends by means that we recognise as inadequate. ‘ It is plain that as long as man is turned loose as it were amongst these innumerable possible causes with nothing to guide his
choice, the chances against his making the right selection are considerable. It might be expected that experience would suffice of itself to teach man this essential] distinction, but the clear majority of humans have not yet learned from experience that like does not necessarily produce like: four-fifths of mankind, probably, believe in sympathetic magic.

The instances of sympathetic magic as are naturally divided into two main classes which, broadly speaking, correspond to the two types of association, contiguity and similarity, and as in psychology it is often difficult to decide whether a given associative process has its origin in a relation of contiguity or in one of similarity, so it is often an open question to which group a given superstition is to be assigned. We will start from the facts that are simpler and easier to explain.

Items are worn or eaten so that by induction the individual may acquire their properties. Thus, the Red Indian hunter wears ornaments of the claws of the grizzly bear, that he may be endowed with its courage and ferocity, and the Tyrolese hunter still wears tufts of eagle’s down in his hat, to gain the eagle’s keen sight and courage. There is a kite’s foot in order that the poor child may escape misfortune with the swiftness of the kite in its flight. Another has the claw of a lion in order that his life may be as firmly secured against all danger as that of a lion; a third is adorned with the tarsus bone of a sheep, or an iron ring, that he may oppose to evil a resistance as firm as iron, or as that little compact bone without marrow which could not be crushed between two stones without difficulty.

The eating of certain kinds of food, more especially of the flesh of animals, would similarly have a very potent effect; thus, among the infants, young men sometimes abstain from editing the flesh of deer, lest they should become timid. The Abalones of Paraguay ‘detest the thought of eating hens, eggs, sheep, fish, or tortoises, imagining that these tender kinds of food engender sloth and languor in their bodies and cowardice in their minds. On the other hand, they eagerly devour the flesh of the tiger [jaguar], bull, stag, boar, anta and tamandua [ant-eaters], having an idea that, from continually feeding on those animals, their strength, boldness, and courage are increased.’

The unlengthened mind does not discriminate between cause and imagines that as like produces like, so a result can be attained by imitating it. Hence arose Mimetic or Symbolic Magic, which, is better termed Homeopathic Magic, which is occult influence based upon a likeness between things.
On this was founded the medieval medical theory known as the Doctrine of Signatures, which supposes that plants and minerals indicate by their external characters the diseases which nature intended them to remedy.

It would be easy to give a large number of examples to illustrate homeopathic magic, but a few will suffice. Thus, the Euphrasia, or eyebright, was, and is, supposed to be good for the eyes, on the strength of a black pupil-like spot in its corolla.. The influence of homoeopathic magic can be traced in beliefs and practices from many civilised nations. The magician who works by similarities makes representations of things or beings, in order to acquire an influence over them. By dramatic or pictorial imitation heavenly bodies are influenced, rain is made, plants and animals are increased, animals enticed to their destruction, human beings acted upon.

When it was wished to cause rain to fall the rain-maker scooped a hole in the ground, and lined it with leaves and placed in it a rude stone image of a man which had previously been anointed with oil and rubbed with scented grass; then he poured the decoction of minced leaves of various plants mixed with water over the image — the image being so laid in the hole as to point to the quarter from which the rain was expected. Earth was heaped over the image and leaves and shells placed on the mound, and all the while the rain-maker muttered an incantation in a low sepulchral tone. Four large screens composed of plaited coco-nut leaves were placed at the head, foot, and sides of the grave to represent clouds; on the upper part of each was fastened a blackened oblong of vegetable cloth to mimic a black thunder- cloud, and coco-nut leaves, with their leaflets pointing downwards, were suspended close by to represent rain. A torch was ignited and waved lengthwise over the grave; the smoke represented clouds and the flames mimicked lightning, and a bamboo clapper was sounded to imitate thunder.

The rain was supposed to come when the decoction round the image was rotten. The incantation consisted of enumerating various aspects of certain forms of clouds. Rain could be made in this manner only by one section of the community, and amongst these one or two men had a much greater reputation than the others. So, these strange practices or rituals were a form of homoeopathic magic.


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Witch O Chick Script 33

Witch O Chick Script 33

Witch O Chick Script 33

There are a lot of real magic spells that you can now search in the web and in the market.

Witch O Chick Script 33

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As long as you avail this type of magic, you can easily know the things that are being covered by these methods. You will now have the opportunity to know the stuffs, spells and materials that are needed in particular magic ceremonies.

But still, it is more important to know the factors that affect the effectiveness of this real magic spells. By the time that you already know these things, the tendency is you will also have the chance to improve the possibility of granting the wishes and demands that you want to get real in no time.

In addition, here are some of the tips that you can use in order to improve the real magic spells which you are planning to cast, sooner or later.

One of the most influential factors is the presence of the Moon Phase. In this particular point, as a beginner spell caster, you should always know the following meaning of variations and difference of the moon phase. As a matter of fact, this moon phase will always be the base or fundamental of your real magic spells for the reason that you can determine already if your magic will be effective or a fail one. Furthermore, here are some of the details that are being covered by the moon phases.

The new moon represents the best time of casting the spells. For your information, the new moon contributes for the successful result of the real magic spells. In fact, you can also eliminate, in an easy way, the bad vibrations and elements that might affect your spell by the presence of the new moon.

The next is the waxing moon. In this type of moon phase, you can improve the real magic spells which covers the field of gaining process like money and hair generating. This is a perfect time for you to cast the spells that will make you gain the things that you desperately want.

In full moon, all the real magic spells are being turned into a more powerful phase. As long as you cast a spell in this kind of moon phase, you can always look for the success of your spells. The materials and the real magic spells that you will going to use and cast are all indeed stronger compare to any other phase of the moon.

This waning moon is very effective for the spells that are focusing in the things that are avoiding the destruction. It means that the real magic spells which are covering the situation of avoiding dangers are all possible to happen and attainable to think.

By these pieces of advice, you can always see to it that your spell will always be in a good condition. Just pick the moon phase that is suitable for your needs in order for your real magic spells will have its power that it needs for the successful outcomes.

There is no bible of witchcraft there are however laws that they abide by. The Wiccan Rede is advice that is followed by those practicing witchcraft, it is a poem that is similar to following the “golden rule.” There are other verses of witchcraft that are followed; one is the three-fold law. This law basically states that the world is of equal balance.
It states that every action creates energy and this energy must eventually return to its source. Simply put it states that every action you take comes back to you with 3 times the energy you put into it. Witches believe in karma, if you perform good deeds, good things will happen to you, and if you do harm, then bad things will happen to you. Witchcraft is a religion of spiritual qualities, believing in living in harmony with nature.

Once reading the laws and beliefs of witchcraft and deciding it is a journey you would like to take beginning witchcraft is quite simple yet someone complex.
In the past a person who would like to begin witchcraft would seek out a coven. A group of fellow worshippers who would teach them everything they needed to know about the art of witchcraft. Today that is not only unnecessary, it is also quite difficult. Finding a coven that is safe can prove to be difficult, it is not like you can look up area witches in the yellow pages. If you are truly interested in becoming a witch you should start by reading books about witchcraft.

You need to understand fully what they believe and why. This is very important before starting your individual quest to becoming involved in witchcraft.

In order for your spiritual path to be pure you must open up your mind to the beliefs of witchcraft. Reading about the history and becoming extremely knowledgeable about the faith will lead to your success as a beginning witch.

Once you have learned about beginner witchcraft, casting your first circle is quite simple. You start by clearing out a space that you consider sacred.
You then metaphysically clean the space; you may want to use a broom or a sweeping motion to clear the space of unwanted attributes.
A circle is similar to meditation. You must clear your mind of everything and focus solely on casting the circle. Once your mind is clear you begin pointing your casting tool, which can simply be your finger. You must feel the divine energy take over. Then the casting may begin. Slowly start drawing the circle.
It does not have to be perfect as it will always end up that way no matter what. The key is complete focus. Once you walk the perimeter of your space creating the circle the energy will connect where you began and become whole. The purpose of the circle is to draw energy, thus a space to create your magic.
As a beginner learning to cast the circle is the most important thing, and then you can move on to spells.

White magic love spells

White magic love spells are probably the most popular of all types of real magic spells.

White Magic

White magic is not of any particular tradition. It is more of a general philosophy towards magic than anything else. The philosophy of white magic is simply this: “magic is to heal and to help, not to harm and to create hardships”.

Regardless of how a spell sounds or is cast or what it can do, every spell is white magic if it has good intentions and does no harm. Therefore love spells falls under white magic because, quite simply, they help people to fall happily in love and that’s definitely a good and wonderful thing!

Love spells

Love spells work differently for different spell casters, witches and wizards. The spells, rites and rituals may be performed according to different old cultural traditions, ancestry or personal preferences or style.

It is hard to categorize real magic spells and the people that cast them. They may include chants and prayers, talismans, charms, pendants, drawings, writings, symbols and maybe even dances under the moonlight. All these things can be part of a white magic spell.

While love spells may be different in terms of how exactly they are cast, they are all very similar in the ways in which they attempt to produce their effects.
They all want to bring happy, long lasting and all-encompassing love to the people involved in the spell – both the caster and the subject of the spell.


However, even if you cast your spell perfectly not all the realised effects can be called a success. Sometimes, the actual effects are totally in contrast to what was intended.

The reasons are as varied as the persons involved and their particular situations. A boyfriend you thought you loved may not be your true love after all – in casting the spell you will reveal his true intentions and so the magic will show you he’s not right for you. The girl you are attracted to may already have her own partner, and the spell will help you to move on from her and find someone else, and so on.

Because these spells are energised by powerful and wise spirits, they find clever ways to change the effects of these spells to keep you safe and help you on your path to eventual success.

In the end love spells will give you what you really need, and not just the things you directly ask for.


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Spell Caster Kimberley Morgan

Spell Caster Kimberley Morgan

Spell Caster Kimberley Morgan

Welcome, my name is Kimberley Morgan site administrator and a professional spell caster here to help you.

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A little about myself and my spell casting technique: My spell casting experience span’s back over twenty years within which time I have helped many people with their casting requests. I have cast spells of all descriptions from bring back a love to hex removal. I take pride in my craft workings and client satisfaction.

When casting any spell I take into consideration the alignment of the planets, the cycle of the moon and the day of the week along with your personal details. I call upon the Seven Rays as a spiritual force to embrace magic, which any spell caster will know is a very important aspect in spell workings.

I like other spell casters will always go through a series of detailed questions to gain an in-depth understanding of your situation prior to spell casting via email. I guarantee all emails sent to me will be held in the strictest confidence and I reply to all, hence building a trust from the very beginning of your casting journey.

I find that the majority of my spell casting is based around love spells (Bring back a lover spell) being among the top three.

Sadly when we fall out of love we find for a time that we are lost, frustrated and crying out for help. No need to worry or look any further for I will cast the right spell for you. Spells can be so powerful in their mannerism from bringing back a lover to finding a lost pet.

Should you wish me to cast a wonderful spell for you simply reply back by email with your name, date of birth, and a little insight of the situation you find yourself in? I reply back to all emails sent to me and pride myself on the success rate of any given spell I cast.

Note: Any spell cast by me can only be reversed if required by myself Kimberley Morgan.

My Policy:

You the client are my top priority.
I will work with you step by step till your desired goal is achieved.
Each spell I cast is unique in its nature and guaranteed to manifest within a stated time period.
No matter what your spell requirements consist of I will cast your spell from the confines of my home temple where I am grounded, focused and in direct contact with the spirits that will be called upon.

 I will deliver the right spell, at the right time, and at the right price with no nonsense should you wish to call upon my professional services.

All that remains for me to say now is thank you for your time and I look forward to helping you.

I can be contacted directly via email with your request at  kimofwicca@aol.com

Love and Light to you all.

Please Note; I do NOT indulge in free spell casting. Should you need a free spell please visit our Home page free spells archives.

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