Prayer for Self Acceptance

self acceptance

self acceptance

Prayer for Self Acceptance for through Prayer I accept myself completely

Prayer for Self Acceptance

I accept my strengths and my weaknesses, my gifts and my shortcomings, my good points and my faults.

I accept myself completely as a human being. I accept that I am here to learn and grow, and I accept that I am learning and growing. I accept the personality I’ve developed, and I accept my power to heal and change.

I accept myself without condition or reservation. I accept that the core of my being is goodness and that my essence is love, and I accept that I sometimes forget that.

I accept myself completely, and in this acceptance I find an ever-deepening inner strength. From this place of strength, I accept my life fully and I open to the lessons it offers me today.

I accept that within my mind are both fear and love, and I accept my power to choose which I will experience as real. I recognize that I experience only the results of my own choices.

I accept the times that I choose fear as part of my learning and healing process, and I accept that I have the potential and power in any moment to choose love instead. I accept mistakes as a part of growth, so I am always willing to forgive myself and give myself another chance.

I accept that my life is the expression of my thought, and I commit myself to aligning my thoughts more and more each day with the Thought of Love. I accept that I am an expression of this Love. Love’s hands and voice and heart on earth.

I accept my own life as a blessing and a gift. My heart is open to receive, and I am deeply grateful. May I always share the gifts that I receive fully, freely, and with joy?

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Blessing 3 and 4

blessing 3

blessing 3

Blessing 3 and 4 a really good read

Blessing 3

Blessing 3 and 4

The majestic sphere of Creation is celebrated in the intimacy of Oneness. To recognize that each and every part and particle is representative of the whole is to stand in the light of universal wisdom. To know, that even genetically, I am the essence of All That Is opens me to the Divinity of God’s cause. I am the element of ordained God thought enveloped as human nature.

I use universal law of cause and effect to reveal the Spirit of this Living Source within. I know each moment of awareness I gain uplifts the populace of earth so I remain steadfast as I bring the essence, the nuance, the oxygen of God into my body, into all details, circumstances, agendas, happenings, and enfoldments of this earthly domain. I live the Truth of my authenticity Now!

There is nothing to gain, no more to seek on this soul path. I simply release “forgetting” that I am God. I commit to consciously being the spiritual ideals I hold so dearly. To begin each day in a place of peace, to see the labyrinth of Self-Soul, and of heart as clear to walk through. 

This peaceful frequency ripples out to everyone in my soul family, in my soul group, and to all those that are effected by the dynamics of my Presence.

I will do everything in my heart to bring forth this God agenda for the highest global soul patterns to live in their light vibrations. I am so thankful to be God’s humanity, and to live it boldly and beautifully. I am the seed source within the heart of man. And so it is. 

Blessing 4

The wings of heaven lift me forth into a new element of Love. I cross thru a Doorway of Healing and illuminated potential to sit with Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene. I am embraced by the higher vibration of love that these gentle souls weave.

My heart opens to new pathways of instruction. Anything which no longer fits my new paradigm of existence is now escorted out of my realm of experience. I see with a new heart how beautifully love can be in every moment of Life. It is in every joy. It is in every strife. It is in what I view as darkness as well as what I decree a slight. It is in the fullness of all within me that I do not love, and within my world that I do not know how to love. No longer can these places be stained by the injuries of incarnated love. I integrate the Divine Female aspects of Universal Soul. Spirit hears this divine decree and I am transformed by its deliverance of this holy proclamation.

With a thankful honouring I live from this new elevation of Self and Soul. I am the grandness of love that comes to heal the scars of humanistic expression. From this sweet spot of satisfaction I know it is so. Amen.


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Pendulum what is it

Pendulum what is it

Pendulum what is it

Pendulum what is it you may ask. The pendulum is basically an amplifier.

It is a tool that helps you to access the collective unconscious and your Higher Self.

Pendulum what is it

You can get answers to anything you can come up with.

Everyone is basically capable of working with the pendulum. Learning to work with it is like learning to play an instrument.
It requires constant practice and experimentation Making mistakes is part of the learning process.
The results you get will reflect your stage of spiritual/mental development.

You should not use the pendulum for egoistic reasons. Use it only for the wellbeing of others or yourself.

REMEMBER: Swinging the pendulum requires that you be undivided and totally present in the moment.


Pendulum what is it

Depending what are they used for, they can be for: healing specific illnesses, for adjusting chakras, teleradiesthesia (distance healing, map dowsing).

They can also be: Simple: tear drop, ball-shaped, conical, spiral, made from brass, copper, crystal, wood, ceramic.

     Or with their own radiation: Universal Pendulum, Osiris, Isis, Karnak, Mer-Isis, Atlantis…


Pendulum what is it

You can make a pendulum yourself if you take a thread and hang a weigh on it which can be any object you like.
The thread can be 15 to 20 cm long. Tie a knot in the thread at the length where the swing of the pendulum feels the best.
When selecting a pendulum follow your intuition and choose one that you like.

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Magical Oils

Magical Oils

Magical Oils

Magical oils or essential oils are a concentrated hydrophobic liquid. They contain volatile aroma compounds from plants

Essential oils are also known as volatile oils, ethereal oils or aetherolea. They are simply known as the “oil of” The plant from which they were extracted, such as oil of clove.

An oil is “essential” in the sense that it carries a distinctive scent. Containing the essence of the plant. Listed below are a few you may wish to try.

True amber resins should not contain artificial ingredients. Used to harmonize the aura and also to bring Yin and Yang into balance with one’s self. Ruling Planet: Mercury.

APPLE – Excellent for aromatherapy. Best worn between the Autumn Equinox and Yule. Known for its high energy and wisdom. Ruling Planet: Venus.

BASIL – Botanical Name: Ocimum basilicum. Used for Healing, aromatherapy and therapeutic qualities. Basil is also a powerful tonic to the mind. It helps to bring strength and clarity. Used to sooth tempers between lovers in troublesome times. Good for love potions, wealth, floor washes, protection spells. Combines well with: Citrus oils, Frankincense, Geranium. Ruling Planet: Mars.

BAY – Botanical Name: Laurus Nobilis, Pimenta Racemosa. Used for Stimulating and warming. Also known as West Indian BayBest. Used for clairvoyance and to enhance psychic visions. It is also good for protection. Ruling Planet: Sun.

BERGAMOT – Bergamot oil was originally used as an ingredient in Eau-de-Cologne. It is said when rubbed on money, will ensure the return of riches. prosperity spells, wisdom. Ruling Planet: Mercury.

CARNATION – Used to ensure strength, good health and for protection. Ruling Planet: Sun.

CEDARWOOD -Botanical Name: Juniperus Virginiana, Cedrus Atlantica. Used in magic for wealth and prosperity. Combines well with: Bergamot, Rosemary, Sandalwood. Ruling Planet: Jupiter.

CHERRY – Used in love magic. promotes love, friendship. Ruling Planet: Venus.

CINNAMON – Botanical Name: Cinnamomium Zeylanicum. In oil form is known to raise spiritual vibrations. Draws money and stimulates psychic powers. Ruling Planet: Sun.

CITRONELLA – Has antiseptic and stimulating properties. Attracts friends and gives protection from insects. Ruling Planet: Mercury.

CLOVE – Botanical Name: Syzygium Aromaticum, Eugenial Caryophyllata.WARNING Clove essential oil is potent and must be used with caution. Clove essential oil is a skin irritant. Do not use in massage oils unless in very small quantities. Diluted substantially with other less caustic oils.

CLOVE BUD – Clove Bud essential oil is a powerful antiseptic and fungicide. It has a rich sweet and spicy aroma. Worn to attract the opposite sex. Used to gain prosperity. Ruling Planet: Jupiter.

COCONUT – Coconut oil is light and easily absorbed into the skin leaving it satin smooth. Also worn to ensure chastity. Ruling Planet: Moon.

CYPRESS – Botanical Name: Cupressus Sempervirens. Cypress oil is a natural deodorant helps to balance oily skin also worn for longevity of life, Healing of life. Healing. Ruling Planet: Saturn.

EUCALYPTUS – Traditionally inhaled for relief during a chill or the cold season. Promotes healing of any hurt, depression or illness. Especially good for colds and flu. Ruling Planet Jupiter.

FRANKINCENSE – The action of Frankincense essential oil could best be described as deeply relaxing. Sacred to the Egyptians. This oil is worn to protect against negativity. It is used as a sacred anointing oil. Combines well with: Lavender, Neroli, Rose. Ruling Planet: Sun.

GARDENIA – Sacred to the Goddess. This oil is used to bring peaceful vibrations, to attract good spirits into the circle. Ruling Planet: Moon.

GERANIUM – Botanical Name: Pelargonium Graveolens, Pelargonium Odorantissimum. Used for: Normalising dry and greasy skin, used to attract others in the matters of love. Ruling Planet: Venus.

HELIOTROPE – Increases clairvoyance, assists meditation. Protects from physical harm. Ruling Planet: Sun.

HONEYSUCKLE – Wear to increase psychic abilities and also increase in clairvoyance. In candle magic, use it to increase money and prosperity. Ruling Planet: Jupiter.

HYACINTH – Stops and prevents nightmares. Ruling Planet: Sun.

JASMINE – Harmonising, sensual and asserting worn at night to induce sleep. Causes prophetic dreams. Combines well with: Chamomile, Citrus oils, Rose. Ruling Planet: Moon.

JUNIPER – Used as an aid in meditation and spiritual enlightenment. Combines well with: Frankincense, Lavender, Rose. Ruling Planet: Sun.

LAVENDER – Used in healing and to bring peace into a troublesome relationship. Peace happiness and calmness. Combines well with: Clary Sage, Frankincense, Geranium. Ruling Planet: Mercury.

LEMON – Lemon essential oil helps keep the mind clear and alert. It is highly beneficial in skincare also evokes protective spirits. Ruling Planet Moon.

LILAC – Used in candle magic as an aid in mental development. Ideal for past lives, recollection. Keep away from baneful spirits. Ruling Planet: Venus.

LILY –This oil is best used magically to stop manipulation in love affairs. It is also worn for its protective energy.
Ruling Planet: Moon.

LIME –This citrus oil is used for healing, love and protection. Used also for healing energies and fertility known to attract good fortune. Ruling Planet: Moon.

MAGNOLIA – This oil is used to maintain a faithful relationship. Ruling Planet: Venus.

MUSK – This oil is used as a sexual attractor. It also stimulates the psychic body. Magically it is used to anoint the Censor. Ruling Planet: Venus.

MIMOSA – Prophetic dreams, getting to the truth, making decisions. Ruling Planet:

MYRRH – One of the sacred oils. It is worn for blessing, protection and concentration, purification and meditation. Combines well with: Clove, Frankincense and Geranium. Ruling Planet: Moon.
NARCISSUS – Good for overcoming restlessness, creating harmony. Ruling Planet: Mercury.

ORANGE – Brings harmony and raises power. Ruling Planet: Sun.

ORCHID – Worn to attract love. Used for mental clarity, psychic perception and creativity. Ruling planet: Venus.

PATCHOULI – This rich, earthy smell is used to cleanse the aura. It is known for capabilities to raise high sexual energy. Ruling Planet: Saturn.

PINE – Cleansing aura. In candle magic to increase prosperity. Combines well with: Eucalyptus, Geranium and Lavender. Ruling Planet: Mars.

ROSE – Used to promote thoughts of love and affection. Combines well with: Bergamot, Chamomile, Geranium .Ruling Planet: Venus.

SAGE – This oil is best used for purification of self and home. Known for longevity, wisdom and power. Ruling planet: Jupiter.

SANDALWOOD – Helps to settle the emotions and still the mind known to be a most spiritual oil. Uses, healing, meditation. Combines well with: Frankincense, Geranium and Jasmine. Ruling Planet: Moon.

SWEET GRASS – Ideally suited for room fragrance. Blended with spice oils it makes an excellent Yule-tide blend. Invokes spiritual blessings and aids transformations. Ruling Planet: Sun.

VANILLA – Balancing, soothing and comforting. Increases loving and lustful energy. Ruling Planet: Venus.

VETIVER – In India vetiver is known as the ‘Oil of Tranquillity’. This due to its relaxing, calming properties on the mind. This is worn to attract a lover. Used in candle magic to repel negativity, Combines well with: Geranium, Lavender and Rose. Ruling planet: Venus.

VIOLET – Used in healing. Ward off evil, helps smooth out tensions in a love affair. Ruling Planet: Venus.

YLANG YLANG –  Soothing, sensual, relaxing and balancing used in all aspects of healing. Used in sex magic. Combines well with: Cedar wood, Clary Sage, Geranium Ruling Planet: Sun.


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Song of the Goddess

song of the goddess

song of the goddess

 Song of the Goddess to be hold

Song of the Goddess

I am the Great Mother, worshiped by all creation and existent prior to their consciousness.

I am the primal female force, boundless and eternal.

I am the chaste Goddess of the Moon, the Lady of all magic.
The winds and moving leaves sing my name.
I wear the crescent Moon upon my brow and my feet rest among the starry heavens.
I am mysteries yet unsolved, a path newly set upon.
I am a field untouched by the plough.
Rejoice in me and know the fullness of youth.

I am the blessed Mother, the gracious Lady of the harvest.
I am clothed in the deep, cool wonder of the Earth and the gold of the field’s heavy with grain.
By me the tides of the Earth are ruled; all things come to fruition according to my season.
I am refuge and healing.
I am the life giving Mother, wondrously fertile.

I am the Crone, tender of the unbroken cycle of death and rebirth.
I am the wheel, the shadow of the Moon.
I rule the tides of the oceans and of women and men.
I give release and renewal to weary souls.

I am the Goddess of the Moon, the Earth and the Seas.
My names are many, yet know that by all names I am the same.
I pour forth insight, peace, wisdom and understanding.
I am the eternal Maiden, Mother of all, and Crone of reckoning,
and I send you blessings of limitless love.

Song of the Goddess

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