Spiritual Zoe’s Page 11

Spiritual Zoe's Page 11

As I am a spiritual person it is a great joy to share this page with you.

Magic and Religion

Spiritual Zoe's Page 11Magic may be described as a kind of religion in which the ethical element is either subordinated or sacrificed to other and inferior elements.
Incantations are prayers, only that the main stress is laid on the mode of utterance rather than on the moral condition of the agent. Plants, drugs, etc., when burnt to appease the good spirits, and protect against evil ones, are to be compared with sacrifices, and especially with incense, which last obtains at the present time in many branches of the Christian Church. In the mythology of the Vedas it is hard, if not impossible, to distinguish between magical acts and sacrifices; in each case something is done with the view of propitiating higher beings.

The unethical means employed by magic correspond to the unethical view that is held of the beings trafficked with.

As the conception of these beings rises, animism passes through polytheism on to monotheism. At this last stage the one God believed in is just and holy, requiring on the part of all who have to do with Him moral qualifications, these above all else, these almost to the exclusion of all other qualifications. Magic has now given way to religion. Prayer and fellowship have taken the place of mere words and acts.

Special individuals are chosen on account of their superior knowledge of the formulae; methods of operation, etc., believed to prevail with the powers which it is sought to persuade this select body of men corresponds to the priests, which in the lower forms of religion are credited with extraordinary knowledge of Divine secrets, and with unusual influence over Deity Indeed, it is hard to say when exactly the magician resigns, and the priest enters upon office To some extent the conception and conduct which properly belong to magic, accompany religion in all its historical forms.

Spiritual Zoe's Page 11Magic has been made to consist especially in the art or compelling spirits or deities, or the Deity, to do the will of him who utters the needful words, or performs the requisite acts. In this it has been made to stand apart from religion. This, however, is not strictly correct, because, as already stated, all magic is a sort of religion; and certainly in most cases, the magician does not seek to use force in the exercise of his art : else what do we make of incantations and charms ?

In the lowest stages of culture the spirits communicated with are not separated into good and bad, just because the categories of good and bad have not risen into conscious thought, though implied in the very earliest thinking. Later on, traffic with evil spirits, particularly when the purpose was to injure others, was called Black Magic, or the Black Art. White Magic, the contrary term, stood for intercourse with well-disposed spirits.
In our own time, and amongst civilized peoples, White Magic means no more than the art of performing clever tricks with the hands, etc. Similarly the word conjure has, in modern English, the present meaning which White Magic has among ourselves, though originally it denotes exorcise. A conjurer well, children know who he is, perhaps even better than their soberer sires.

In a narrow, but later sense, magic has to do with feats of power and not of knowledge. For this reason the relation between magic and divination has been compared to that existing between miracles and prophecy. But it will be more fully shown later on that at the beginning, and at the present among backward races, this distinction is not drawn. Indeed, divination is hardly the right word to use for what is so called at this stage, since it is really magic applied to future events. The future is not so much foretold as constituted, or made, by the art of the magician.

The English word magic is, in our language, primarily a noun, but it represents an adjective in the classical tongue, the corresponding noun for art being understood, and sometimes expressed in Latin (Ars Magica).

Divination may be provisionally defined! As the attempt on man’s part to obtain from the spiritual world supernormal or superhuman knowledge. This knowledge relates for the most part to the future, but it may also have to do with things in the present, such as where some hidden treasure is to be found. Divination takes for granted the primitive belief that spiritual beings exist, are approachable by man, have means of knowledge which man has not, and are willing upon certain conditions known to diviners to communicate the special knowledge which they are believed to possess.


NecromancyNecromancy is a part of divination and not a thing distinct in itself. Its peculiar mark is that the information desired is sought from the ghosts of deceased persons. Divination embraces all attempts to obtain secret knowledge from the denizens of the spiritual world, so that necromancy comes under it, and is a part of it. Indeed, the word itself denotes literally divination by consulting the dead.

All the beliefs which have been noticed take their rise in the primitive and instinctive impulse of human beings to interpret what they see outside of themselves in terms of their own personality. The earliest knowledge which man acquires is that of himself as a living, conscious, thinking being. In a vague way he may be said to perceive the outer world as reflected in his thought before he rises to the conception of himself as standing apart from it. But surely the first object he knows is himself.

This knowledge obtained, all other things are interpreted in its light, and just as coloured glass makes what is seen through it have the same colour as itself. As man, in the wildness of unrestrained imagination, looks forth upon rivers and stars, he pictures them as living just as he is living. Have they not many of the marks of life and personality? Trees and plants stand up and apart from their environment; they also appear to eat and drink, and they produce fruit and beget offspring. Stones resist all efforts to move or destroy them: they often seem to move of their own accord, injuring and even killing animals and men.

It would be too much to say that at this low level of thought the doctrine, of soul as distinct from body has been reached, but it very soon is reached.

In his growth to this higher thought, man is guided by his own experience. At a very early period, before there were words to suggest it, he must have come to feet that he is not the body: that, on the contrary, his truer soul controls the body. In other words, soul is differentiated from body. This twofold view of himself is almost unthinkingly applied to other things believed to be living.

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Superstitions related to days of the week

Superstitions related to days of the week

Our week is full of superstitions if only we take time out to look for them

Cutting Nails.
Monday for health;
Tuesday for wealth;
Wednesday for news;
Thursday for a new pair of shoes;
Friday for sorrow;
Saturday, see your beau tomorrow.

Superstitions related to days of the week

But you had better never been born than have your nails on Sunday shorn.

To cut the finger-nails on Monday means health, on Tuesday wealth, Wednesday a letter, on Thursday something better, on Friday a wife, on Saturday long life, on Sunday means evil, for all of that week you will be ruled by the Devil.

To cut the nails on Monday will bring good luck.

If you cut your finger nails on Monday morning before breakfast, you will receive a present before the week is over.

It brings bad luck to cut the nails on Thursday.

If you cut your toe nails on Friday, you will never have toothache.

If you cut your nails on Sunday, you will have a plague.

It brings good luck to have the nails pared on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday. It brings bad luck to have the nails pared on other days, especially Sunday.

If you trim your nails on Sunday, someone will catch you with your clothes down before the end of the week.

If you burn brush on Sunday, you will be put in the moon.

If you burn brush on Sunday, when you die your body will burn all the time.

It brings good luck to move on Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday.

You will have good luck if you are born on Sunday.

A person born on Sunday can talk to animals at midnight of old Christmas.

It brings good luck to wear a new dress on Sunday.Superstitions related to days of the week

If it thunders on Sunday, goose eggs will not hatch.

If you work on Sunday, you will be sick on Monday,

It brings bad luck to fish on Sunday.

If you turn a spinning wheel around on Sunday, you will get a whipping.

One will have to pick each stitch out with his nose that he sews on Sunday.

If you sew on Sunday, on Judgment Day or in hell you will have to take the stitches out with your nose.

It brings bad luck to use scissors or to sew on Sunday, unless you do not wear a thimble or unless you carry your work to a friend’s house.

If you sew on Sunday, you will die on Monday.

It brings bad luck to iron on Sunday.

It is harmful to darn on Sunday, unless you cross your feet.

It brings bad luck to comb your hair on Sunday.

Sunday is the best day to move.

It causes bad luck to move on Sunday.

It brings good luck to start on a journey on Sunday.

If you start on your journey on Sunday, you will be gone a long time.

If you set tobacco on Sunday, the grub worms will attack it.

If you turn a cow dry on Sunday, her calf will be born in the day time.

It brings bad luck to count eggs on Sunday.

It brings bad luck to turn a feather bed on Sunday.

If you take up the hoe on Sunday, you will not be able to turn it loose.

To burn paper on Sunday brings bad luck.

As goes Monday, so goes the week.

If you have company on Monday, you will have company every day in the week.

If you go visiting on Monday, you will go every day in the week.

Your whole week will be unlucky if you eat in a strange house on Monday.

If you are in a bad humour on Monday, you will be in a bad humour all week.

If you hurt your foot on Monday, it will not get well until Sunday.

If you take out ashes on Monday, you will have bad luck.

It brings good luck to begin a job on Monday.

A letter on Monday means that you will receive two more letters that week.

It brings good luck to receive a nickel early Mon- day morning.

If you keep all you take in on Monday, the amount will increase during the week.

If a man comes to your house the first thing on Monday morning, there will be good luck all that week.

If on Monday morning a woman comes to your house before a man, you will have bad luck all that week.

Monday and Friday are unlucky days for all women who are born in April Mountains

Monday, Friday, and the thirteenth day of the month are unlucky days for a journey.

Set the first hen on Monday for good luck.

You will not have good luck that week if you start to work on Tuesday.

It is unlucky to meet a left-handed person on Tuesday.

Wednesday is a lucky day for collecting money.

Wednesday is the luckiest day of the week for a wedding.

Thursday is the best day for business transactions.

Do not comb your hair on Thursday.Superstitions related to days of the week

Eggs laid on Friday never decay.

On Friday, the thirteenth, wear odd shoes for good luck.

It brings good luck to begin anything on Friday.

It brings bad luck to pay a debt on Friday.

It is unlucky to fish on Friday.

It causes bad luck to kiss your girl on Friday.

Do not wash your face on Friday.

It causes bad luck to sweep dirt out of the house on Friday, for the house will burn later.

Never carry ashes out of the house after four o’clock in the afternoon on Friday. Wait until Monday morning, or you will lose a dollar that week.

It brings bad luck to move on Friday or Saturday.

It brings bad luck to be born on Saturday. You will have to work hard for a living.

If you cut a garment on Saturday, you will never live to wear it out. “Quick done or never done.”

It causes bad luck to begin building a house on Saturday.

You must not bake a cake on Saturday.

The sun always shines on Saturday, if only for a few minutes.

If you cut your finger nails on Saturday, you will get joy tomorrow.

If you feel that it is Saturday when it is not, you will soon hear of the death of a friend of yours.

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Faith Healing Also Demonic Possession

Faith Healing

The belief that diseases and deformities can be miraculously cured through supernatural effects is found in many parts of the world.

Faith HealingIt is even common in some advanced societies where modern medical treatments are available. Unfortunately, modern medical practices still can’t cure many conditions, and people sometimes become so desperate that they turn to unconventional treatments like faith healing. It is most often used in attempts to treat conditions such as cancer, arthritis, paralysis, and tuberculosis. It has also traditionally been used to cure blindness,
deafness, psychological disorders, lameness, and leprosy.
Faith healing is also called divine healing. Attempts to use it as a method of treatment probably originated in prehistoric times, and many ancient people believed in its effectiveness. According to the bible, Jesus could cure people almost instantly just by saying a few words. The apostle Paul also performed some miraculous cures. In his first letter to the Corinthians, he wrote that the ability to heal is one of the special gifts of the Holy Spirit, and that certain people may possess this gift to a very high degree. Most modern Christian healers attribute their supposed abilities to the power of the Holy Spirit.

Some modern faith healers in the United States claim to have cured hundreds of people. So

me have even performed apparent cures on live television. But there are many sceptics who doubt that any of these cures were genuine. A few apparent cures could have been brought about by the placebo effect or by spontaneous remission, because the human body is sometimes able to heal itself naturally. But there is evidence that many claimed healings are fraudulent. There have also been reports that some well-known televangelist healers have become very wealthy from contributions sent in by their viewers.
Members of some religious groups have such a strong belief in faith healing that they oppose the use of modern medical techniques, and refuse to see doctors or go to hospitals. Some people have even been charged with crimes after their children died from diseases or conditions that could have been successfully treated by modern methods. But prosecutors in such cases have had difficulty obtaining convictions, because the accused often use legal guarantees of religious freedom as part of their defence.

Demonic Possession

Demonic PossessionWhen a demon gets inside a human body and gains control over it, the resulting condition is called demonic possession. Because demons are spirits, they normally aren’t visible, but they can produce visible effects.
Thus, when a demon gains possession of someone’s body, there are usually major changes in the person’s behaviour. For example, possession can cause fits and convulsions, disorientation, weird facial expressions, and sudden violent actions. The condition often resembles mental illnesses such as schizophrenia or multiple personality disorder. In some cases, the demon gets control of the victim’s vocal cords and uses them to talk to nearby people. Demons who talk in this way can usually be recognized by their foul language and strange tone of voice.

The traditional treatment for demonic possession is to try to force the demon to leave the victim’s body.

A successful expulsion is called an exorcism, and it is usually performed by people who have special knowledge and skills. Because a demon will often resist the attempt to expel it, the process can take several days, or even longer. At the moment when the demon finally leaves, the victim may give a loud shriek and then faint.

According to the bible, Jesus sometimes encountered possessed people as he travelled from place to place. Because he had supernatural powers, he could expel demons almost instantly. They never tried to resist him because they knew who he was and acknowledged his power and authority. Thus, when he ordered one of them to leave a body, it always obeyed without delay.
Some descriptions of demons say that they were originally angels, but that they were thrown out of heaven after they supported the Devil in his rebellion against God. Although this rebellion failed, they are still loyal to Satan and help him pursue his evil activities. They are sometimes blamed
for certain types of bad behaviour, including drug addiction, sexual perversions, serial murder, and adultery.

Some Christians believe that the Holy Spirit will protect them from any demons that try to cause these kinds of problems.

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Labyrinth of old

Labyrinth of old

I Mistress & keeper of the labyrinth challenge you to locate my whereabouts. You would be quite naive to think that this will be an easy task? I laugh at you and dare you to try.

mistress & keeperThere are many treacherous traps throughout the labyrinth of old just waiting for you to fall into. You will need all your skill and patients to continue. Will you be the one who eventually locates me or will you fail like so many poor souls before you who have now been cast aside?

Before you even enter the heart of the labyrinth, you must avoid the many perils of the forgotten wood which lays before you. The wood is filled with witches, demons, imps, fairy’s and other underworld characters. Who can you trust to guide you, who will trick and lead you astray? These are but a few questions you will discover the answers to if you continue into the forgotten wood. So, will you attempt to conquer the task ahead and become one with the Mistress & keeper of the labyrinth or will you leave the website a failure? The choice is yours.

If you accept the challenge continue reading…

So, here you stand alone and lost at the edge of the wood ready to find your first clue to help you on your way, but beware all is not what it appears to be in the labyrinth of old lol.

A word of warning: It will bear you no good to jump the pages of the labyrinth to find me. There is a correct chosen path as clues are there to guide you in order on many pages along the way.

I can be a generous Mistress & Keeper of the labyrinth and so hereby give you the first chosen path words below to click onto. Do remember the chosen path words as you go along you may just need them to save you ending up back at the edge of the forgotten wood.

Path words:        CHOSEN PATH

Always remember these path words as you may need them on your journey through the forgotten wood. You can save any page to your favourites should you wish to return.


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Druid Dom’s Page 19

Druid Dom’s Page 19

My passion for the craft brings me to post more topics you might find of interest.

Witches Potions

Druid Dom’s Page 19As witches, we use a wide range of techniques to cast different spells that perform similar tasks. It really depends on how effective we have found each technique to be, as to how often we use it. Whether it is by focussing energy, lighting candles or using a cauldron, our spells have fairly similar effects, regardless of who casts them.

Every scientist and their dog seem to think that because we can’t prove the effectiveness of spells they must be make-believe. But there are a number of reasons for mixed results. For spells to be fully effective, they need to be:

Prepared using carefully selected materials and ingredients.
Cast according to the lunar cycle and using all of the willpower the caster can summon.
Focussed specifically towards their intended target, in a direction that is neither blocked nor poorly specified.
Spoken repeatedly aloud in a clear and resounding voice that commands attention; on multiple occasions or to differing degrees depending on success.

At the end of the day, if a spell is not 100% effective it is worth noting that it isn’t necessarily because the spell failed. Sometimes the effects of a spell are focussed to a certain time period, such as the present, or over a broader timespan in smaller but more consistent amounts.

If all else fails you should really consider if the spell being cast is truly in your best interests and those of the target. Because if they are not, the universe will do all that it can to preserve the sacred balance and prevent the spell from disturbing the parties involved.

Next we’ll take a look at love potions and see where they can be of maximum use.

Native AmericanWitchcraft is very much a part of Native American tradition in fact it’s hard to separate the spiritual belief from the witchcraft although we call it medicine instead. I want to say right off every tribe is different each has its own vibrant tradition and individual history, because of that I’m giving a fairly broad overview and even then I know that it will not resonate with everyone.

First most of what people think of when they think of Native Americans is actually based on drastic changes brought about by European influences. There were no powwows, shamans or full feathered headdresses, Originally there where ritual celebrations for all kinds of things a good hunt a good harvest or a raid or healing they were called pau wau which means his dreams in some languages these celebrations included the medicine man or/and woman dancing and smoking and sweating into a state where they crossed over into dream land where they learned many things from the spirits.

Another important term is medicine, there is good medicine and bad medicine and it’s pretty easy to differentiate the two. Medicine encompasses many things from emotional, physical and spiritual it includes conjuring and dream walking. Like with any language some things don’t translate well so I’m doing the best I can here.
Not all medicine men are good something that’s often overlooked today there are those who deceive or hurt instead of heal that’s bad medicine although sometimes bad medicine is in fact practiced by good medicine men. One reason deciphering Native American herbals can be very difficult is that they often named herbs and trees good medicine or bad medicine bark and since regionally the plants are different it’s hard to figure out which one they are referring to.

One basic premise that binds all of these tribes together is that everything is connected; the plants, animals and even rocks are all part of the same thing as is the spirit world.

The energy from all of these things is in us therefore we are connected to everything and everything is connected to us. This is why owning land is such a hard concept for us because how can you own something that’s part of everyone.

That’s why if someone was very sick they would hold a pau wau so that everyone came together to help heal the sick person. These rituals are long affairs even today when I do a healing there’s much more to it than handing them an herbal tea. We believe in order to heal you must heal the whole person not just a part of them. It’s almost impossible to separate spirituality from witchcraft or medicine. When healing someone it involves prayer by the whole tribe enlisting the power of the land around us and the spirits which as in all crafts must be done carefully. In order to heal someone you must not only heal the body but the mind and spirit as well.

Medicine was practiced by every member of the tribe, medicine bags of herbs and minerals were tied to arrows in their hair and hung in necklaces and braided in the horses manes. Before battle they painted themselves and took strong medicine to avoid injury they even gave it to their horses when horses arrived of course.

Each tribe had its own special blends for this and contrary to populate belief they were shared among tribes to figure out what worked best. Dream walking and conjuring was only practiced by medicine men or women and while I have seen some refer to shamans and medicine as being different most tribal members dislike the term shaman because it’s inaccurate and was foisted upon them. In fact if you ask a tribal elder who the shaman is they are likely to stop talking to you immediately or give you some false answer.

Why paganism? Why not

paganismA flip answer to a serious question, but think about it. Why should it be any more odd to be a Pagan than any other “BELIEF SYSTEM”? Paganism is in a large extent about stories. Pagans don’t have a book of doctrine; they have a collection of stories.

Comparing Paganism to Christianity:

Christianity is orthodoxy and finds its identity in beliefs; to be a Christian is to have certain beliefs.

Paganism is an orthopraxy. It finds its identity in actions; to be a Pagan is to perform certain actions.

Ritual is the cornerstone of Paganism. These rituals in some sense express the very nature of the universe, and thus of our nature as well.
This is vital to an understanding of Paganism, so let me repeat it. These rituals in some sense express the very nature of the universe, and thus of our nature as well. To perform them is to put oneself in touch with the universe on a very deep level. How can anyone not be moved by such an idea?

The gods are the second most important thing about Paganism. (Think carefully about that statement; the gods are the second most important thing about Paganism.)
I know that the gods are real. They have shown themselves to me in many ways. They have spoken to me. They have appeared before my eyes. They have made me sure of their presence in an intimate and certain way that I cannot convey to anyone else. Why Paganism? Because these are mighty gods, worthy of worship, worthy of honour.
I have the privilege to be one of those who give that to them.

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