Mediums times past

Mediums times past

Mediums times past

In times past mediums have been leaders of the race.


Mediums times past

The grand intellects which stand along the shores of time like beacon lights, showing the pathway mankind has wearily trod, one and all, exceeded their time by the contact they held with the spirit world.

In those rude ages only an individual, in a generation or a century, penetrated the veil, and because filled with innovative ideas, became a leader. Now the cause of Spiritualism, because of greater spiritual development, is expressed by numberless mediums instead of one, but the law is nevertheless the same.
The direction and leadership are with the mediums, because they are the visible exponents. The inspiration of Jesus Christ has its power in the ideal purity and unworldliness men hastened to throw around him, feeling that if he was not perfect he ought to be.

Mediums who resort to fraud, however startling the genuine phenomena occurring in their presence, are unworthy of credence and only under strictly test conditions is their mediumship of value.

Instead of encouraging loose, disorderly and dissolute lives by claiming irresponsibility for the medium, and the presence of evil spirits, honour, purity and virtue should be demanded. If evil spirits come, it is because the mind is prepared for them; because the activity of the lower nature has repelled the spirits of the good.
The story of Christ and the tempter is instructive. He did not say, “I am so exquisitely sensitive that the evil as well as the good spirits alike use me; Satan as well as the prophets.” He exercised the prerogative of developed mediumship and placed the evil spirit beneath his feet.

A medium cannot be controlled to do anything against his determined will, and the plea that he is compelled by spirits is no excuse for wrong-doing. The medium, like anyone else, knows right from wrong, and if the controlling spirit urges toward the wrong, yielding is as reprehensible as it would be to the promptings of passion or the appetites. While in this earth life the duties and obligations contracted therein are paramount to all others, a proposition which must be admitted by all right-thinking spirits the medium who is unbiased in his own mind, cannot be led away from right-doing by the influence of mortals or spirits. How of obsession? To be obsessed, a helpless tool obedient to the will of another, requires in the obsessed an organization similar to that of the obsessing intelligence. Whatever is thought or done in that state is as the individual would do in his normal state if he followed his own inclinations. The obsessing force is obliged to move in the direction of the organization of the obsessed. If the husband has a desire to leave his wife, a spirit so wishing, may intensify that desire. If he affirms that he is led by the spirit, he in other words expresses his own feelings.

Such influences may be overcome by simply rising above them. The lingering belief in evil influences, of Satan and his friends, is the open gateway for the entrance of disturbing influences. In such cases the lower nature is more susceptible than the higher, and the tendency is downward.

We are all individual spirits, and we have the right and power to assert that individuality and rise above all and every influence. To make such assertion is a duty demanded of us, each one. If disturbing—what we call evil—influences come, we should first cleanse ourselves, by turning constantly to the highest and purest and inflexibly hold ourselves independent of all influences, and able to determine the order that shall enter our sphere.
Thinking of the undesired influence, and talking about it with friends, is an exciting cause, and should be discontinued. Those thus sensitive often talk about their troubles until every shadowy whim becomes reality and fastens on the mind with an energy increasing at every recital. The only advice is that given to those suffering from physical disease: Do not think about it, do not talk about it. Think: and talk about things above and beyond.

The advice of spirits should not be taken unless reasonable, and they may not understand the situation as well as those they seek to benefit.

Education is not necessary to inspiration, but it is to its highest tide. It is not necessary that this education be received in schools or colleges. Education is the training of the mind to clearly receive and perfectly express ideas. Inspiration, or the sensitive state—mediumship—may be made most helpful in education. If the sensitive patiently cultivates his receptivity, and is not eager to exploiter to the public before the necessary long and severe training. He cannot go before the public like a trumpet, to be spoken through. Such attempts have been dismal failures, except in a few rare instances apparently exceptional, but not so, because of the inherent endowment of the instruments employed.

The great minds of earth have been receptive—sensitive—and the wisdom they have displayed has been inspired. They have become so by their organization and training. Having studied statecraft, the great statesman is prepared and does receive his best thoughts from departed statesmen. Through the sensitive preacher, preachers of the past find tongue. The
man of science has skill and faithfulness, but beyond he receives impressions from those in the higher sphere who have studied the special subjects then engaging his attention. There is a sensitiveness of organization which makes its possessor an instrument, such as it is. This sensitiveness by culture becomes receptivity, the highest form of mediumship. This culture may be made, and often is, by education, and training the mind to concentrated efforts in special directions, and the recipient be unconscious of its possession. What a mighty force it then is possible for it to become when its laws and conditions are understood.

Various diets have been recommended as conducive to sensitiveness, and it has been long known that any diet which has a depletive effect, weakening the grosser powers of the body, allows clear perception of the spirit. While water is the beverage preferable and useful above all others, tea, coffee and lighter beverages, in moderation, so far as being detrimental or harmful, may be said to be inessential. Thus, the Indians prepared themselves for reception of spiritual communications by long fasting in solitude; but such forced sensitiveness is objectionable because of its unreliability, and the influences it catches from its environments.

A mixed diet in which fruits predominate, with greater care as to quality than kind, is preferable. A diet which sustains the physical functions, without clouding the spiritual perceptions.

We are far from admitting sensitiveness to be dependent on a diseased condition, or to be developed from suppression of physical powers. It may be induced by deprivation of food, by the use of drugs, such as hashish, iris, narcotics and tobacco. The priestess of the famous oracle of Delphos sat on a tripod once in a crevice in the rocks from which issued gaseous fumes; yet the normal development of sensitives is in every way preferable.

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Spiritual Zoe’s Page 2

Spiritual Zoe's Page 2

Spiritual Zoe's Page 2

As I am a very spiritual person it is a great joy to share a few writings on spirituality and superstitions with you

Delusions are superstition


Spiritual Zoe's Page 2

The principal sources of delusions are superstition, fraud, and dissatisfaction with previous customs and beliefs, inspired by the passions restless under restraint, or the imagination impatient with the limited horizon of human knowledge. All of these causes have been at work in every age of the world. Our first parents doubted the word of Jehovah; but the doubt only led them to believe the delusive suggestions of the devil, and all their sons and daughters who have had similar doubts have been led into like beliefs.

The first delusion may be taken as a type of all which have come after it.

The forbidden fruit was good for food, and the animal appetites, impatient under restraint, have always played a conspicuous part in the history of delusions. It was that which made Mohammed’s paradise so attractive to the voluptuous Arab; and, also, the method of Mohammedan propagandism satisfied his thirst for blood, and his desire for military glory. It was that which impelled a large majority of the devotees of modern spiritualism to turn away from the Bible, and seek in spirit circles, not proofs of immortality for on that subject they were never in doubt but confirmations of the Harmonial philosophy, which made evil good, sin a means of progress, and the spirit world a place of unrestrained sensual delight.

Also, the serpent was subtile and the tree was pleasant to look upon. Delusions are often maintained by specious arguments, which to the inexpert masses are unanswerable; but being ever willing to mistrust the voice of God, rather than to suspect that there may be something beyond their powers of comprehension, they often suffer themselves to be misled by high-sounding words and plausible theories, simply because they do not understand them. They also forget that many things which are pleasant to look upon may be only fictions of the fancy. Mental indolence holds them back from toiling through the seeming to the real.

Spiritual Zoe's Page 2

Pride and self-conceit have played a part. Men are prone to overestimate their intellectual powers, and to underestimate the vast ness of the universe.

They think it not unreasonable that they may be as gods. The first delusion, not only in its genesis, but in its ending, is a type of subsequent delusions; for error is ever hurtful, particularly where it involves the moral powers. But its end is death. No one is guiltless for following a delusion of this latter class, for every man knows that he is going astray when he is violating his moral convictions.

Superstition arises from the imagination reaching out in the gloomy fog of ignorance, awed by the mysterious unknown. As the word superstition suggests, the imagination stands over an awful and dark abyss, filling it with creatures and forms of its own creation. It may be proper for the imagination, for pastime, to venture forth into the unknown; or, perhaps, to find some possible hypothesis, but never in quest of certainties. But the recreant imagination has ever been going thither for certainties, cheating more than half of the world’s beliefs and philosophies.

In our own day the scientific imagination has too great liberty.
Darwin, Huxley, and Tyndall, are examples of a class of scientists who spend quite as much of their time in sending the scientific imagination into the unknown and unknowable as in patient experiment with the visible realities near at hand; and, consequently, their scientific imaginations have added largely to the list of scientific superstitions. If this tendency is so strong in men of learning, what must it be in the uncultured masses of mankind, who have never been trained in the methods of scientific thought? We should expect that their beliefs would be still more largely furnished by the imagination.

By descending the various grades of human culture, we meet protoplasm, psychic or odylic force, animal magnetism and clairvoyance, spiritualism, witchcraft, alchemy, charms, omens, and the innumerable objects of superstition among the most uncultured tribes. The superstition receives a certain dignity by culture, but it is superstition after all.

Spiritual Zoe's Page 2

The only remedy for superstition is a frank confession of ignorance concerning those matters of which we have no knowledge.

The superstitious are the ready victims for the impostor; and impostors, like the superstitious, have never been wanting. Since the days of Cain, ever)’ generation and every community has had its criminals. The law of demand and supply has always brought together dupes and deceivers. The former class being less culpable, not being bad enough wilfully to deceive others, and judging others by themselves, are slow to believe that the man of agile tongue could be guilty of fraud, and thus the wily impostor has an easy path before him. The impostor is all the more successful if he has a theory present which is in accord with some popular superstition.

Joseph Smith was aided by a popular belief that the American Indians are the descendants of the ten lost tribes of Israel, and that when they wandered away from the known world, they bore with them some divine inspirations.
A current belief in the existence of some chemical preparation by which men might enjoy perpetual youth was necessary to enable impostors in mediaeval Europe to convince even kings that they were receiving guests who had associated with ancient warriors.
Likewise the modern beliefs concerning mesmerism, clairvoyance, and spiritualism have enabled impostors to spring up from the criminal classes which exist in every community, and reap an abundant harvest of fun, frolic, money and sin.

Sometimes the deceivers are deceived. They misunderstand the effects which they produce, or knowing themselves to be guilty of fraud, they cannot disbelieve the cunning lies of their fellow impostors. Sometimes the deceiver is deceived by his dupes. The juggler, pretending to be assisted by spirits, may be assured by persons in the audience whom he has driven to an hysterical frenzy, that they see spirits which, of course, arc invisible to him: and, being ignorant of the freaks of the excited imagination, he is bewildered into a belief of his own lying theories.

Though conscious that he is not a real medium himself, he thinks he has discovered one in his audience. He who from mercenary motives advocates an opinion which he disbelieves may after a while become convinced by his own arguments and desires, and become a zealous apostle at last.

When we consider the moral and intellectual condition of mankind, we are not surprised that so many delusions have arisen, but are rather led to wonder that divine truth when planted in such soil has taken root and flourished so well. Christianity, which opposes the evil appetites, humbles human pride, and holds no compromise with sin, would have been slain with its founder and first disciples, if it had not had the perpetual aid of supernatural power in the influences of the Holy Ghost. We marvel, not that the Gospel has not made greater progress, but that it has triumphed at all. Delusions are usually in harmony with the desires of the depraved human heart. When they arise they tend to become epidemic.

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Witch Dreamfire – Tip Bits 1

Witch Dreamfire – Tip Bits 1

Witch Dreamfire – Tip Bits 1

Divining by pancake batter.

Witch Dreamfire – Tip Bits 1
Some Sunday morning when the family is gathered round, have each member try this:

Scoop some pancake batter in a ladle and, with your eyes closed, drizzle it onto the pan.
Then see what shape it forms (rather like seeing pictures in clouds or tea leaves).
Children are especially good at this.
Of course, afterward, everybody must eat his or her fortune!

Drum Song

Witch Dreamfire – Tip Bits 1

“The Little Drummer Boy”

Sun, they told me, Pa-rum-pa-pum-pum
Would rise again someday, Pa-rum-pa-pum-pum
Her finest gifts She brings, Pa-rum-pa-pum-pum
Sustain us to the spring, Pa-rum-pa-pum-pum
Prrum-pa-pum-pum, Prrum-pa-pum-pum
We will honour Her, Pa-rum-pa-pum-pum
When she comes.

Winter Solsitce, Pa-rum-pa-pum-pum
We come to celebrate, Pa-rum-pa-pum-pum
You have a flame to bring, Pa-rum-pa-pum-pum
A source of warmth ’til spring, Pa-rum-pa-pum-pum
Prrum-pa-pum-pum, Prrum-pa-pum-pum
We will honour you, Pa-rum-pa-pum-pum
With our drum.

May we meet again, Pa-rum-pa-pum-pum
May hand and drum keep time, Pa-rum-pa-pum-pum
We play our drum for You, Pa-rum-pa-pum-pum
We play our best for You, Pa-rum-pa-pum-pum
Prrum-pa-pum-pum, Prrum-pa-pum-pum
May You smile on us, Pa-rum-pa-pum-pum
Eternally drum.

Domino Divination.

Witch Dreamfire – Tip Bits 1

In Santeria dominoes are used as a simple form of divination. You shouldn’t consult the dominoes on a Monday or a Friday and don’t do it more than once a month. Put the dominoes face down on a mat or table and give them a good mix. Then pick a domino and compare it to the list below. Then put it back with the others, give it a mix again. If the same domino comes up 3 times it’s confirmation.


Double blank – Heartbreak & treachery.
1/blank – Misfortune.
1/1- Happiness in business & love
2/blank – Travel.
2/1 – Robbery.
2/2 – Success in business.
3/blank – A fight.
3/1 – Scandal.
3/2 – Marriage.
3/3 – Money arrives.
4/blank – Broken heart.
4/1 – Economic security.
4/2 – Job changes.
4/3 – Married woman.
4/4 – Help from friends.
5/blank – Suffering
5/1 – An addition to the family.
5/2 – Obstacles.
5/3 – Peace.
5/4 – Avoid financial investments.
5/5 – Love.
6/blank – Two marriages.
6/1 – Arguments.
6/2 – Recovery.
6/3 – Security.
6/4 – Overcome obstacles.
6/5 – Perseverance.
6/6 – Learn about Santeria.

Dice Divination

Witch Dreamfire – Tip Bits 1

Clear your mind. Then think of the question. Spin the dice (or die).
The number will correspond to an answer.
1 Yes
2 No
3 Take Care
4 Be Wise
5 Good Luck
6 Of Course
7 Have Faith
8 Be Patient
9 Certainly
10 Doubtful
11 Nonsense
12 A Chance

Imbolc Purification Candle Oil Recipe

• 1/8 cup olive oil
• 3 drops juniper oil
• 2 drops eucalyptus oil
• 1 drop pine oil
1. Mix all ingredients together in a glass jar and use to anoint candles.
2. Store any remaining oil in refrigerator.

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Superstitions Human Body 1

Superstitions Human Body 1

Superstitions Human Body 1

The human body is a wonder to behold and sometimes superstitions can be should we say a little bizarre, see what you think below.

Superstitions Human Body 1

If you touch the beauty spot on your face, you will go abroad. Compare the Divination sign that if you can touch the beauty spot with your finger your sweetheart loves you.

You will have bad luck if you lie on your face at night.

If your face burns, someone is thinking of you.

The number of wrinkles in the forehead shows the number of children you will have.

If you join your hands behind your head, someone in your family will be ill or will die.

When your nose itches, someone is coming. Rub it on wood, to make the arrival certain.

If the nose itches, someone is coming to be waited on.

If the right side of the nose itches, a man is coming; if the left, a woman; if the end of the nose itches, someone will come riding.

If your nose itches on the end, expect a person to visit you.

If the right side of your nose itches, your sweetheart is coming.

“If your nose itches, somebody is coming with a hole in his breeches.”

If your nose itches, you will quarrel with someone.

“If your nose itches, Kiss a fool, meet a stranger, fall in love or be in danger.”

If your nose itches when you are away from home, you may know you are wanted at home.

An itching nose is the sign of money.

People with pointed noses interfere with the affairs of others.

If your right ear burns or is red, someone is talking well about you.

Superstitions Human Body 1

If your left ear burns or is red, someone is speaking ill of you.

If the right ear burns, pull it nine times up, saying, “Talk up.” If the left ear burns, pull it nine times down, saying, “Talk down.”

If either ear burns, moisten the fingers, touch the ear, and repeat these words: “Talk good, talk bad. If it’s good, may good betide you? If it’s bad, may the devil ride you?”

If your right ear burns, a man is talking about you.

If your left ear burns, a woman is talking about you.

If your ear burns, someone is talking about you. Put saliva on it and it will stop burning if the remarks are kind; it will not stop burning if the remarks are unkind.

“Itching ear, a secret you’ll hear.”

As to the ears burning “If left or right, Good at night.”

A burning ear is the sign of someone’s talking about you. Spit on it, and you will outwit the talker.

If your right ear itches, a boy is going to tell you a secret.

If your left ear itches, a girl will tell you a secret.

A ringing in the ear foretells a death in the family. It is called the death bell.

Small ears are marks of stinginess.

Large ears signify generosity.

Superstitions Human Body 1

Small ears set tight to the head indicate a mean, roguish disposition.

If the ear is thin and angular, the owner is bad- tempered and cruel.

If the ear is long and hangs down, the possessor will have long life.

If you can see the sunshine through a man’s ears, he is a rascal.

If your right eye itches, you will get a letter.

If the right eye itches, you will see something pleasant.

If your right eye itches, you will get money.

It indicates bad luck for the right eye to itch.

“Itching left eye, Sign you’ll cry.”

It indicates good luck for the left eye to itch.

If your eye jerks, you may expect to see someone unexpectedly.

If your right eye twitches, you will cry.

Superstitions Human Body 1

If your eye bats, you will get a whipping.

Clear eyes are the sign of a clear conscience.

Put jimson-weed juice in your eye, to make light eyes turn dark.

It brings bad luck to you, to see a cross-eyed person.

Avert the bad luck produced by the sight of a cross- eyed person by crossing your fingers.

To avert the bad luck that comes at the sight of a cross-eyed person, cross your fingers and spit over the cross.

You will have bad luck if you see a cross-eyed person.

If the first woman you meet in the morning is either cross-eyed or has red hair, you will have bad luck that day.

Heavy eye-brows that meet signify a deep mind on the part of the possessor.

If your eye-brows meet, you will be rich.

A person whose eye-brows meet cannot be trusted.

A mole on the right side means good luck.

A mole on the left side brings bad luck.

A mole in the life line on the hand is the sign of a terrible disaster.

“Moly, moly, on the leg, Money, money, by the keg.”

A mole on your left leg is the sign that you have a very bad temper.

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Pagan Wiseknight – Auras and Energy

Pagan Wiseknight – Auras and Energy

Pagan Wiseknight – Auras and Energy

Everyone has an electro-magnetic field surrounding them.

Pagan Wiseknight – Auras and Energy

This field is called an aura. The aura has been depicted throughout history in literature and paintings.

Pictures of Jesus often depict a light around his head. But the aura is not something unique to angels and religious leaders. We each have this field of energy.
Our auras can become “ill.” Healers who work with energy can scan your energy field and detect areas where your energy is congested or depleted. They can detect blockages and work to clear out and redistribute energy. Skilled healers can also revitalize your energy by bringing raw chi (or prana) life giving energy.
There are many different therapies that work with energy. Many hospitals are starting to use Therapeutic Touch, which works on your auric field. Whatever therapy you use, I think you will find that energy work is a very powerful healing tool.

AURA PHOTOGRAPHY With scientific developments the aura can now be photographed.

Aura or Field Photography depicts the energy field around your body. The various colours seen can give us clues as to our emotional and physical well-being. As more work is done in this field it may someday be used for medical diagnosis. Your energy field can be photographed with special “Aura” or “Field” cameras.

Colour Analysis:

(Our aura colours change frequently, depending on our emotions, physical activity, health, etc.)

White Spirituality; highly evolved spiritually; motivated; incorporates qualities of all other colours.

Violet Mystical, unifying, enchantment, charm and deep spiritual understanding.

Blue Depth of feeling, peace, love, affection, communication, fulfilling the highest ideals of unity.

Green Healing, teaching, endurance, perseverance, persistence, high self-esteem.

Yellow Sunny, exhilarated, mental, power, expectancy, tenacity. Golden may mean spiritual knowledge or mental strength.

Orange Creative, artistic, expressive, fullness of experience, urge to achieve results or success.

Red, passion, vitality, desire, physical activity, excitability, anger, intensity of experience.

Atmospheres or should we say Auras are the physical sign of the electric field encompassing every single living thing. That is the thing that causes stuns on the off chance that you touch something metal. A few people can see these quality’s, which have distinctive hues, contingent upon the individual.

White – a ton of vitality being detected.

Red – Physical Energy; physically based individual identity or erotic nature. Unforgiving reds have a tendency to demonstrate sincerely charged physical activity, typically outrage. Warm reds, exotic, or physically charged and sound.

Orange – Friendly, open, congenial

Yellow – Intellectual, considering, working resources.

Green – Healthy, adjusted, quieting, enchanting, plan exotic nature, sensible or scheming.

Blue – Intellect yet quite saved, profound, persuaded; at some point a coordinated identity oozing moxy.

Violet – Spiritual, delicate, concentrated yet not really in actuality.

Purple – It is a blend of Blue and Red, a blended sack and a range of what it could be.

Pink – physical vitality being diffused, thus it is a quieting shading.

Lime Green – Not many have this shading and are adjusted; generally, push related.

Tans – Could be warm, rich, and all around incorporated individual, or a one who is unfortunate, or just too much going on (various sorts of stress).

Dark – Nothing getting out, protecting or covering up. Add up to ingestion. Do you feel tired? Do you feel the world sucking around you? Or, on the other hand is it like a level dark yet you sense your very own shine vitality being diffused out? As it were, is there a metallic tint? On the off chance that you feel depleted, it could be a “psychic vampire“. Else, it might be somebody who is exceptionally talented who wouldn’t like to be seen, examined or irritated.

Generally, the hues when seen with these individuals have a tendency to be more metallic.

Fealing The Aura

Pagan Wiseknight – Auras and Energy

The aura can also be felt. We often feel other people’s auras without even realizing it. Have you ever met anyone and instantly liked or disliked them?
You were probably picking up signals from their energy field. Have you ever noticed that when you’re having a “bad day” people steer clear of you? You are putting out vibrations to everyone around you.

Sensitizing Your Hands To begin working with energy and becoming more sensitive to feeling energy, try these exercises for 10 minutes per day for 2 weeks:

1. Place your right thumb in the center of the left palm. With a gentle twisting back and forth motion, use the thumb to activate the chakra in your palm. Reverse for the right hand.
2. Gently blow on this same spot with quick puffs.
3. Hold your hands out in front of you, palms facing. With palms about
12″ apart, gently move the hands in and out about 1/2″. Gradually bring the palms closer, continuing the in and out motion, until they are about 3-4″ apart. The force you feel between your palms is energy. You may also feel heat or a tingling sensation.

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