Witch Dreamfire – Tip Bits 2

Witch Dreamfire – Tip Bits 2

Beads for bracelets, necklaces, or prayer beads.
Homemade Goddess Prayer Beads

Witch Dreamfire – Tip Bits 2

Any kind of beads can be used, but making your own has the advantage of your own personal energies going into the project! Enjoy!

You will need:

1/2 cup of plain flour
1 tablespoon cooking or sea salt
3 tablespoon water
3 cups very finely chopped fresh petals or leaves of herbs
Essential oil of your choice
colours if wanted by adding food colouring

Mix the flour, salt and water together in a small bowl until it forms a firm dough.
Knead in the chopped herbs and a few drops of essential oil.
Wrap the dough in plastic wrap and put in the fridge for 20 minutes.
Pinch off pieces of dough and shape them into tiny balls, cylinders or whatever shape you want.
Gently poke a hole through the bead with a thick needle dipped in EO.
Air-dry for 3-5 days of until completely hard.
Apply a coat of nail varnish or similar to protect and preserve your beads and to make them gleam.

You are ready now string the beads (I find dental floss the best but very fine fishing line is good also) to make anything you desire—bracelets, necklaces, tree garlands and room dividers!
Keep your Magickal Intention in mind the whole time you’re making and stringing and I even sing to the beads during the processes!

Aroma therapy Candle scents and uses.

Witch Dreamfire – Tip Bits 2

Basil – Sage – Mint -Spiritual uplifting, energizing and romance, relaxation
extreme calming and comfort.

Cedarwood – Nervous tension, bronchitis, congestion, coughs and sinusitis.

Eucalyptus – Asthma, bronchitis, coughs, sinusitis and throat infections.

Jasmine – Mood changing, fear, sensual, romance and confidence.

Lavender – Flu, depression, insomnia and hypertension.

Lemon – Wellbeing, refreshing, optimistic, fearless and strengthening.

Lime – Balance, cleansing, motivation and clarity.

Sandalwood – Depression, tensions and stress.

Ylang Ylang – Depression, impotence, insomnia, frigidity and stress.

Astrological Signs

Witch Dreamfire – Tip Bits 2

Aries Fire March 21 – April 19
Taurus Earth

April 20 – May 19
Gemini Ait

May 20 – June 20
Cancer Water

June 21 – July 22
Leo Fire

July 23 – August 21
Virgo Earth

August 22 – September 22
Libra Air

September 23 – October 22
Scorpio Water

October 23 – November 21
Sagittarius Fire

November 22 – December 21
Capricorn Earth

December 22 – January 21
Aquarius Air

January 21 – February 19
Pisces Water

February 20 – March 20

Do rituals have to be performed in the same spot every time.

Normally if a ritual is performed, it is performed in the circle which usually
remains in the same spot known as a sacred space. Rituals do not, however,
have to be performed in the same place. Any place will do fine,
but it is best to work with an area that you are familiar with.

A Litha Prayer for the Earth.

Witch Dreamfire – Tip Bits 2
“Great God, Father of the Earth,
Shine down on this, your strongest day.
Blessed Goddess who gave us Birth,
Bless us who honour your ancient way.
As Summer’s light falls to the ground,
lending crops and trees, it’s power,
the Summer winds blow warm and round,
touching the corn silk and the flowers.
We give you thanks, our Mother Earth,
We praise you, fire of the Sun.
We dance this Solstice day with Mirth,
from dawns’ first light ’till the day is done.”

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Clairvoyance is a state of impeccability, presenting gradations from semi-consciousness to profound and deathlike trance.


Whether natural or induced by artificial means, the attending phenomena are similar. In its deepest form the body is insensible. A flame may be applied without producing a quiver of a nerve, and the most pungent substances have no effect in the nostrils.

The senses of the clairvoyant appear to be entirely independent of the organs of the body.

The muscular system is either relaxed or rigid; the circulation in some cases is impeded until respiration is imperceptible, and gives no stain of the breath on a mirror held over the nostrils.
In passing into this state, the extremities become cold, the brain congested, the vital powers sink and a dreamy unconsciousness steals over the faculties. There is a sensation of floating or sinking; after a time the perceptions become intensified as they become more and more freed from the influence of the mortal body. Death, the complete severance, is only one step beyond. The step preceding this, Is the so-called independent clairvoyance, wherein the senses of the spirit received impressions from spiritual sources, and the subject is brought into direct contact with the thought-atmosphere of the universe. Then as the aeolian harp responds to the waves of the wind, the mind of the clairvoyant subject responds to the waves of thought. He may receive from a distinct and individual mind, or from the grand reservoir or atmosphere in which thoughts are incessantly pulsating.

The words clairvoyance, trance and even cataleptic have been used as synonymous, although each has a distinct meaning, and confusion must arise from their indiscriminate use.

Catalepsy is a state of suddenly suspended vital function in which it is impossible to move, and its new meaning as clairvoyance is wholly unwarranted. When persons fall into a sleep resembling death, in which they may or may not be conscious, it is called trance. This applies when they are in a lethargy, resembling sleep. But when their spiritual perceptions are intensified to a degree exceeding their physical senses, it shows the presence of clairvoyance, which is a sensitive state, of all degrees of acuteness, from that wherein the personality predominates and modifies the perception, to that wherein the mind is independent of the physical body and its surroundings, and is in direct contact with superior intelligences.

Clairvoyance is the perception of the spirit, independent of all the physical organs of sense. It is seeing with the spiritual eyes, as clairaudience is hearing with the spiritual organs of hearing. In this the spirit while in the body approaches, for a brief time, a state which is thenormal with the freed spirit.
It may be developed without spirit aid, or it may be induced by spirit control. We are spirits while in the body with spiritual capabilities, latent, perhaps, but at times, unexpectedly breaking through the restraining walls of physical matter which environ it.

Clairvoyance may come spontaneously or be induced by the magnetism of those within or without the body. The process is identical in both cases. Independent clairvoyance is the freedom of the spirit from physical restraint, to that degree that it has the use of its spiritual senses and perceptions. Of course, the only independent clairvoyance is that of the freed spirit.

Dependent clairvoyance is the lower form of this state, when the physical body, the surroundings, and the persons near exert an influence perceptible. A magnetizer finds that he is able to control his subject. He makes that subject see and hear whatever he pleases. The subject is in a dependent magnetic or clairvoyant state. If instead of a magnetist, a spirit operated, the subject would depend for his knowledge on the spirit. He could know no more than the spirit impressed on his mind. This is passive or dependent sensitiveness. As this state deepens, a manifestation every experimenter has observed, the subject passes from control, and his perceptions are quickened. He no longer
depends on anyone for his knowledge. His spiritual faculties are alert. He sees to great distances, gains knowledge by observation, and this grows stronger, clearer, until the separation from the physical body is completed.

This is the independent state.

It is a very sensitive condition, and often the subject freely converses with the departed, whom he sees and hears as he would be he like them detached from the body. There is no arbitrary line between these two states, and to properly place any manifestation that may arise may appear difficult. It is yet more difficult for even the clairvoyant to distinguish what is observed by himself from what is impressed or given to him by spirit intelligences, for the impressions are often so vivid as to be accepted as objective and real. A great deal of mystery has unnecessarily been thrown around this subject, especially by interested charlatans who, with the methods of the juggler, have covered up the reality with the hocus pocus of words, “passes,” and other practices to distract attention. Mesmer set the bad example and the ludicrous operations he recommended and that have been invented by his followers have been the means of covering the subject with obloquy and mental censure. When it was shown that his “passes” and “magnetic” instruments were inconsequential, his conclusions were condemned, although not dependent thereon. Yet his followers continued in their practice, and gravely sat down before their subjects, touching thumbs, and staring fixedly into their eyes, afterwards going through a set form of “passes,” the direction of which was taught to be of utmost consequence. All the benefit derived was that of fixing the attention, and the most adroit performers dropped the ludicrous practice and gained their end by having the subjects fix their gaze on a bright object, as a coin, or light.

There is no necessity for anyone wishing to learn the art, or to enter this state, purchasing the “secret” of so-styled “professors,” for the means are simple and at hand.

If one wishes to enter this state there are certain conditions to be observed. Not all can enter it; probably not one in five of the more cultured can reach any marked success, and with the uncultured the proportion is less. There are few of the first class, however, who cannot partially enter it, for it is as much a common endowment of our organization as the senses, being a part of our spiritual being, differing only in degree, and is capable of culture. The stress laid on so-called temperament is quite misleading, for although those in whom the mental, or nervous, predominate are most sensitive, all temperaments, even the sluggish-lymphatic, furnish noteworthy subjects.
The “discs,” “medals,” “mirrors,” of “Egyptian” or other make, are, as advertised, deceptive, for the only advantage they give is the concentration of attention, which is quite as well attained by a coin, a bright light or any other object to which the eyes and the thoughts may be directed.

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Witch Dreamfire – Craft Oils page 2

Witch Dreamfire – Craft Oils page 2

When blending a magickal oil, to extend its shelf life you should add sea salt (especially if herbs are added to the blend) and Vitamin E to the recipe, which are both used by Aromatherapists as preservatives.

Witch Dreamfire – Craft Oils page 2


Keeps you light & is very enchanting.

* 20 drops bergamot oil
* 2 drops rose oil
* 10 drops neroli oil
* 1 drop cinnamon oil
* base oil to fill 1/2 Oz. bottle


Helps calm nervous tension.

* 2 drops Chamomile Oil [you know that your purchasing *real* chamomile or Yarrow oils if they are blue- as each plant contains a natural chemical which makes the oil which is distilled, blue! And,
this is good to know as it is very expensive.]
* 20 drops borage oil or borage flower essence
* 1 drop thyme oil
* 1 drop basil oil
* 3 drops oregano oil
* St. John’s Wort oil to fill a 1 Oz. bottle


Rings in the music of faeries, produces a very high floral note.

* 42 drops bergamot oil
* 22 drops orange oil
* 2 drops neroli oil
* 2 drops cinnamon oil
* base oil to fill 1/2 Oz. bottle.


Wear to attract new people in your life.

* 3 drops neroli oil
* 22 drops sweet orange oil
* 11 drops chamomile oil
* 1 drop rose oil
* 1 drop lavender oil
* base oil to fill 1/2 Oz. bottle.


This aids in bringing your love to you & kind words of sweet
admiration too.

* 2 drops neroli oil
* 11 drops new mown hay oil
* 22 drops sweet orange oil
* 11 drops lemon oil
* 1 drop basil oil
* 1 drop cinnamon oil
* base oil to fill 1/2 Oz. bottle.


This is a very powerful oil used to bring couples together in working
out long range goals.

* 22 drops bergamot oil
* 2 drops neroli oil
* 1 drop cinnamon oil
* 2 drops chamomile oil
* 1 drop ginger oil
* 1 drop thyme oil
* base oil to fill 1 Oz. bottle.


This will increase your ability to enjoy the present moment wherever
you are.

* 2 drops vetiver oil
* 3 drops cinnamon oil
* 1 drop basil oil
* 11 drops chamomile oil
* 8-10 drops rose oil
* 2 drops bay oil
* 11 drops lemon oil
* a few pieces whole cloves
* base oil to fill 1/2 Oz. bottle

Oil for Dreaming True

Witch Dreamfire – Craft Oils page 2
Combine olive oil, anise, cinnamon and nutmeg oils.
Heat till warm and apply to the forehead and temples.

Fiery Wall of Protection Oil

Blend powered Dragon’s Blood and sea salt together in a mortar and pestle.

Frankincense and Myrrh are required. If you are using solid resins, grind them together with the ingredients in Step 1. If you prefer to use Essential Oils, add them last, following step 3.

Add these to castor oil, which has its own protective qualities. You may wish to add jojoba oil as a preservative, but also so that the oil will flow nicely.

Some variations suggest adding ground ginger and/or cinnamon too. Just remember that these are skin irritants and may limit the uses of the oil. Without those ingredients, Fiery Wall can be added to the bath or worn as a protective perfume.

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Blessing 1 and 2

blessing 1

Blessing 1 and 2 are a true delight

Blessing 1

Blessings 1 and 2

All souls are born from the nursery of Light called God.

I recognize that I am simply a gestalt of energy functioning as Angela at this moment. I come to this adventurous plane called earth as Spirit operating through the brilliant pinpoint of Angela’s consciousness, focused within a physical body. As Spirit-in-action my world is a living, breathing, dynamic channel of expression for Creative Intelligence.

Today I set about the discovery and recovery of the unique Self; the authentic, primary pattern of God composition that I AM. I discard the consciousness of conformity that keeps me narrowly and specifically distant from the cultivation and expression of my autonomous Self. No longer do I feel the need to be a copy, a simulation, or a revision of genetic human patterning.

Spirit is never inadequate or distorted, it is forever authentic, pure and whole and so am I as its representative. Recognizing this, the person I am becomes truer to self, steadier, clam, undaunted and sovereign regardless of the impingements of the external world. I easily discover and develop the creative well-spring from which arises the authentic, original blossoming’s of pure mind. This shall be my greatest human work!

Exquisitely and joyously I celebrate the ceremony of the emerging human that is simultaneously merging. Emerging and merging ~ to become a clearer, purer tone of self, able to blend my unique tone into the wondrous out flowering of All That Is. 

Hallelujah! And so it is.

Blessing 2

Blessings 1 and 2

I know that there is One Infinite Power, One Spirit, and One Life. That life is right within me now; I am intimately connected to spirit’s power, and I
can use it by setting my intentions with care and consciousness.
This universe responds to me in kind, so I am always mindful of how I’m thinking about myself, about other people, about everything! I choose to think in ways that support the kind of world I desire. I think in ways that nurture and support me while establishing a new compassion and Light in the world. My actions welcome more love, rather than shutting it out. All exchanges and relationships with others expand universal consciousness, rather than snuffing out the light. All my exchanges create a greater embodiment of Oneness for all mankind.

I know that what I pay attention to, I become. So I make sure that I am attending to whatever it is I want to increase in my life.
Whenever I notice myself thinking and choosing in ways that support littleness, that support restriction, I stop and think again. I can choose how to think, and I do this right now by setting a clear and powerful intention, powered by the spiritual laws of this universe, that I am always at the helm of my life, always choosing nurturing and supportive ways of thought, word, and deed. The natural result is a life that is supportive, supplied, and absolutely wonderful. I give thanks for this inherent power that is in me and in all beings. And I let it unfold with grace and gratitude.

And so it is.

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Pagan Wiseknight – Lughnasadh Insight

Pagan Wiseknight – Lughnasadh Insight

This is a celebration and festival of the Mid-Summer First Harvest.

Pagan Wiseknight – Lughnasadh Insight

The early crops are being brought in and this is the start of winter storing.

This is the time of feasting on the Mid-Summer First Harvest and breads that are made from the early grains of barley and corn. This is when days start to shorten, and marks the time of less and less sunlight until Fall Equinox (Mabon), when light and dark are equal. It is the first of three harvest festivals. The other two being Fall Equinox (Mabon) and November 1 (Samhain).
In Christian terms this theme and called it ‘Lammas’, meaning ‘loaf-mass’, a time when newly baked loaves of bread are placed on the altar.
The heliacal rise of Sirius just before dawn was an extremely important event for the ancient Egyptians. This coincided with the flooding of the Nile which fertilized the land. The occasion was seen as the birthday of the Gods and the Egyptian New Year. August 1st now is the first day of the Egyptian calendar. This and the third harvest are the Egyptian Goddess Sekhmet’s ritual times. Great feasting, drinking, and merry making in the fields take place during Her rituals to celebrate the Mid-Summer First Harvest. She is a Sun Goddess as well as the Goddess of destruction, rebirth, and healing. She is called the Lady of the place of the beginning of time. One who was before the Gods were. She holds an Ankh in one hand and a Lotus Wand in the other; She wears a red dress. Her Name is derived from the Egyptian word ‘Sekhem’, which means “power” or “might”. The word sekhem’ is literally inseparable from Sekhmet and Her worship.

At Lughnasadh, the last sheaves harvested in the fields are woven into a corn dolly, The Corn Mother.

Pagan Wiseknight – Lughnasadh Insight

This doll is kept in a closed box until Candlemas. Reborn as the Corn Maiden, the dolly is dressed in white and displayed as Brighid the Bride for this holiday. Sometimes the corn dolly would then be ploughed into the fields during these first preparations and other times this wouldn’t happen until Beltane.
Simultaneously this holiday honours the fullness and abundance of summer alongside the coming waning of days and preparations for the coming winter. Cattle and other farm animals were often walked through the last coals of the Lammas bonfires as a blessing. Other ways you can honour the Lughnasadh holiday are:
Sacrifice bad habits and unwanted things from your life by throwing symbols of them into the sabbath fire. Prayers can contain written descriptions of offerings, or they can be doodled or drawn representations. Many in the craft use words or symbols, whatever is a more powerful association for you.

Freshly harvested grains and berries are the foods most associated with this holiday.

Blueberries were the fruit often picked as an indicator of the coming harvest so you may wish to include some of them in your meal or on your altar. Bread is very often baked in the shape of a man or the sun for further Sun God correspondence. Take time to harvest fruits from your garden with your family. If you don’t have a garden, try visiting a pick-your-own farm in your area. Urban pagans can also consider having bowls of organic grains on an altar as an alternative for garden harvests. You might also want to share the bounty of your harvest by making a food donation to a charitable group.

Your altar can be accented for Lammas with fresh vegetables or fruits, grains, berries, corn dollies, and bread. Appropriate colours are orange, gold, yellow, red and bronze.

Pagan Wiseknight – Lughnasadh Insight
It is common ritual to bake special ceremonial breads to honour the Gods and Goddesses. The grinding of the grain represents the harvest and death (or transition), adding sprouted wheat and yeast represents resurrection, and the consumption of the food represents the cycles of nature and new life.
Mid-Summer First Harvest (Lammas) honours all of the Grain Harvest Goddesses and Gods as well as the Goddesses and Gods of Death and Resurrection. It is a time of thankfulness to the Goddess and God for their help in the plenty of now and of prayers for a full harvest for the winter that lies ahead. Lughnasad, (LOO-nah-sah) traditionally celebrated on August 1, is a festival characterized by races, games and contests of all sorts and feasting on the year’s first fruits. Originating as a harvest festival, it is associated with the Irish sun-god Lugh, or Samildanach, master of many arts and skills. Lugnasadh means the “Commemoration of Lugh”, not Lugh’s death but the death of his foster mother Taillte, the goddess of agriculture who died while clearing the Irish forests in preparation for planting. In Ireland, there were different type of Fairs: The “feis” that was a national fair, the “dal” that was a tribal or area fair, and the “mor-dal” that was the great assembly – the Tailltenn Fair is the most famous example of this. This was also the time of Tailltean marriages or hand fasting for a year and a day. This was a common form of marriage until the 1500’s, but one you didn’t bother the priests about. Usually it was officiated over by a poet, bard, Druid, or a priest/ess of the old religion. The Druids of old considered this festival a very important part of social order and religious importance.

At this time, the grain stands high in the fields and the days are hot and lazy.

It is a festival where sharing between all present, of the harvest and its bounty, forms a closeness or bond. The highlight of this festival was the ‘Catherine wheel’. A large wagon wheel was taken to the top of a hill, covered with tar, set aflame, and ceremoniously rolled down the hill.
Yet in this time of celebration, it is also on everyone’s mind to prepare for the coming winter, against the coming darkness. Not only is food prepared for winter. It is a time to sit and take a moment to take stock of your life. Is there something lacking? Can something be done about it?
The Year is divided into Quarters by the Winter Solstice, Spring Equinox, Summer Solstice, and the Fall Equinox. Halfway between the Solstice and Equinox is the Cross Quarter.

These Quarters and Cross Quarters are called the Wheel of the Year of the Sun.
Mid-Summer First Harvest (Lammas) is one of the 4 Cross Quarter Sun Celebrations in the Wheel of the Year. It is halfway between 2 Quarter Sun Celebrations, Summer Solstice (Litha) and Autumn Equinox (Mabon). Exactly opposite Mid-Winter (Imbolc, February 2) on the wheel of the year.
Below are but a small amount of exercises that might be joined into the Sabbat custom or occupied with amid the day.

Make sand candles to respect the Goddess and the God of the ocean.

On the off chance that you don’t live almost a shoreline, you can accomplish a similar impact by placing sand in an extensive box, including water, and working from that point.

This is certainly a yard or kitchen occupation, and daily papers are prescribed under your work zone for simple tidy up.

Soften wax frame old candles (spare the stubs from holy place candles) in an espresso can set in a pot of bubbling water.

Include any basic oil you need for fragrance (or aroma obstructs from a light supply store).

Scoop out a light shape in wet sand (you can make a cauldron by scooping out the sand and utilizing a finger to jab three “feet “in the sand).

Hold the wick (you can prepare these made in expressions and artworks stores) in the middle and tenderly pour in the dissolved wax.

Hold up until it solidifies, then slip your fingers under the light and painstakingly lift it out and get over the overabundance sand.

String Indian corn on dark string for an accessory.

In the event that the Sabbat falls on a stormy day, you could gather water in a glass or pottery compartment, include dried mug wort, and use to engage objects.

There are many more exciting things to make, cook, learn and explore at this magickal time.

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