Belly button divination

Belly button divination

Belly button divination also known as Omphilomancy

This form of divination takes two forms. One is based on the interpretation of the belly button.

Its size and shape reveals the personality and fate of an individual. However as far as it would correlate to body reading, I would say that a deep “inny” would correlate to an introverted personality. An “outy” to more of an extroverted personality.

According to Dr Gerhard Reibmann, a Berlin psychologist and author of the privately published book “Centred: Understanding Yourself through your Navel”. He recommends that to tell how long you’ll live, go to a private, well-lit area and carefully inspect your own navel. Then compare what you’ve observed with the list of six navel types and their
associated characteristics.

1) The Horizontal Navel. This belly button is oblong in shape and spreads sideways across the tummy. People with horizontal navels are complex and highly emotional. This can take a toll on their health.
Average life expectancy: 68 years.

2) The Vertical Navel. Also oblong, this belly button stands on end running up and down along the tummy. It indicates a person who is self-confident, generous, and emotionally stable. Average life expectancy: 75 years.

3) The Outty. A belly button that protrudes outward indicates an optimistic person who approaches life with enthusiasm. Average life expectancy: 72 years.

4) The Concave Navel. This belly button is bowl-shaped or inward. It belongs to a person who is gentle, loving, cautious, sensitive, and prone to worry. People with concave navels are delicate. Average life expectancy: 65 years.

5) The Off-Center Navel. An off-centre belly button indicates a fun-loving, unusual individual who experiences wide emotional swings.
Average life expectancy: 70 years.

6) The Round Navel. This belly button is evenly shaped and circular. It indicates a modest, even-tempered person with a quiet, retiring personality. Average life expectancy: 81 years.

According to Chinese lore, the best belly button is a concave one rather than a protruding one.

The deeper the belly button the more children you will have. In these days of reliable contraception, the prediction relates more to the ability to have many children, rather than the inevitability.

Dreaming of your own belly button is traditionally associated with starting up a new venture, may be long-term benefits. Dreaming of someone else’s navel denotes a new love affair.

According to Indian Tantric lore, the belly button is also used to diagnose health problems. Following this system, the navel is where energy is received and processed coming in from the universe.

The belly button represents fertility. It is also a reminder of the connection between the generations. It connects you to your past and future. It is also seen being the “centre” of human beings.

The second form of omphalomancy is based on the umbilical cord. A Jamaican old wife’s tale holds that the number of knots in the umbilical bcord of a new-born baby. It shows how many more brothers or sisters are yet to come.

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Goddess Full Moon Ritual

goddess full moon ritual

Goddess Full Moon Ritual to try maybe even place in your  book of shadows

Pray to the Moon when she is round
luck with you shall then abound.
What you seek for shall be found
in sea or sky or solid ground.

This rite may be used for either New or Full Moon. The difference is in your meditation and mental attitude in preparation. Remember that the New Moon is a time of outward work and thought, building to the peak which is the Full Moon.

At the Full Moon, you should be preparing to lessen the outward flow of energy, bit by bit, until the period before New Moon, during which you are passive, building a pool of energy within you, in preparation for the New Moon.
The altar should be placed in the center of the ritual area. On it should be placed a rose or stick of incense on the eastern side, a red votive candle to the South; a cup of water on the West, and a bowl of salt or living plant on the North. Around your ritual area, you should place an unlighted candle at the cardinal point of each direction.
To begin your rite, enter your darkened temple, carrying one burning candle, white or lavender, with you.goddess full moon ritual Place it on the center of your altar, sit, and meditate on the meaning of the rite. When you feel the time is right, stand, and go to the eastern point, carrying with you, the burning taper. Light the votive at the eastern point and go to the southern, picturing, as you do, an arc of pure strong light curving from one candle to the next. Continue to the West, and then to the North, lighting the candles as you go, and then walk to your eastern candle again, having formed a circle of protective light surrounding the area in which you worship. Return to the center of the circle replace the candle on the altar, and


“My Lady of the Moon, who is called Diana,
Artemis, Levanah, Isis and by any other names,
I come to you to bring you my love and my devotion.
May you grant me the joy of your presence?”

Mentally divide the room into four quadrants by visualizing a line of silvery moonlight from the southeast to the northwest, and from the northeast to the southwest. Go the East, taking with you the rose or incense.


“Sweet Goddess
the gentle breeze is the touch of your loving hand,
the wind of storm a reminder of your strength.
The sound of the trees in the wind is your voice
and the fragrance of flowers borne on the wind is your gift of beauty.”

Place the rose next to the votive candle and then stand there as you picture the quadrant filling with moonlight. See the moonlight streaming quietly and gently into the room, filling the quadrant from center point to the edge of your circle. When this is complete, take the red candle to the South. Place the gift and see the quadrant fill with moonlight.


“Most loved Lady
the light of the candle is a guide along our path leading to you;
its warmth the reassurance of your presence and your love.
The light of the Sun is the knowledge you impart to us
driving out ignorance and those things which can survive only in darkness.”

At the West

“Lovely one the quiet pool is the serenity of your being.
The vast sea where life began on this planet
is the vast sea of your being whence all life came
its waves are the ebb and flow of the universe you rule.”

At the North

“Goddess of all, the fertility of the earth is a sign of your fertility, whence all life rose. The solidity and permanence are still of it are still less than yours.
The Earth’s fertility feeds our bodies, and your fertility feeds our souls.”

Go to the center of your temple, which is now filled with moonlight. Everything in the circle is touched by it, blessed by it, including you. Sit down and feel this moonlight around you. Know that it is the Goddess. Realize that you are in the center of a sphere of light that is half above and half above and half below where you sit.
Begin to breathe slowly and evenly, deep breaths that penetrate your whole body. When this rhythmic breathing becomes natural, imagine that the moonlight by which you are surrounded enters you, fills you entirely. With each exhalation of your breath, some of the essence of yourself leaves your body, and with each inhalation, the light enters you. You are being filled ever so gently with this beautiful light. goddess full moon ritualThis light, which is the presence, the being of the Goddess, is within you as well as without. With each breath, you are less yourself and more the Goddess. When you are filled with light, filled with the Goddess, the shell of your body fades away. You have no body; there is nothing to separate you from the entire being of the Goddess. Nothing exists but the being of which you are apart. You have ceased to be a separate entity. You are nothing and everything. All that was, that is, and all that will be, you are. Enjoy this feeling as long as you like.
When you feel it is time, picture the outer shell of your physical body reforming, becoming solid again. It is being built out of the Universe of which you are a part. Now, as you continue your slow deep breathing, see the moonlight flowing out of your body, as gently and slowly as it entered. As it flows out, realize there is a difference. Because you have become one with the Goddess, with the Universe, your being has changed. As the moonlight flows out of your body, it takes with it a part of that which was yourself, now part of the Goddess, and leaves behind a part of the Goddess, forever now part of you. You become yourself again, solid as you were, but changed. You are surrounded by the presence of the Goddess, which now contains a part of yourself. Move again to the East. As you speak, and after, picture the moon- light in that quadrant flowing back to its source, leaving that quadrant as it was. Do this at each quadrant, until all the moonlight has returned to the Moon.

At the East

“My Lady, guide my thoughts.
Let them lead always closer to you.”

At the South

“Gracious Goddess, guide my actions.
Let them always help and never harm others or myself.”

At the West

“Lovely One, guide my emotions
Let them be healing and touched always by you.”

At the North

“Sweet Goddess,
let my mind always be fertile and strong
that I may grow always toward you.”

Return to the East to complete the circle and say:

“Queen of Heaven
I thank you for your presence,
both now and always.
My love and devotion are yours.
Blessed be!
All spirits who have joined me tonight may depart
with my love.
Return to your proper places.”

Walk again around your circle, but this time counter clockwise, extinguishing the quadrant guards as you go, and at the same time, mentally erasing the white line which surrounded your circle. When the candles are out and the circle gone, rap on your altar and say:

“So mote it be!”

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Druid Dom’s Page 13

Druid Dom’s Page 13

My passion for the craft brings me to post more topics you might find of interest.

Paganism today

Druid Dom’s Page 13Paganism is a collection of diverse contemporary religions rooted in or inspired by indigenous traditions worldwide. Pagan religions are characterized by Earth- centered spirituality, belief in the interconnection of all life, personal autonomy, polytheism, and immanent divinity. Pagans value diversity, good works, living lightly on the Earth, individual freedom, personal responsibility, community service, gender equity, and spiritual development.

Pagan religions may draw on ancient historical practices or be entirely new. In the case of the former, Pagans look to the beliefs, practices, gods, symbols, lands, music, and myths of a particular historical culture and adapt them for contemporary needs. Anachronistic elements, such as ritual violence, are rejected.
Elements such as reverence for the natural world, honouring of the ancestors, and responsibility to the community are retained. Pagan religions which are not historically based take their inspiration from visionary, artistic, and libertarian traditions to create vibrant spiritual systems centered in Pagan values.

Characteristics of Pagan faiths

Paganism as a movement grew out of the growing environmental awareness in the 1960s, though it encompasses some traditions from the Middle Ages and earlier.
Consequently most Pagan religions are nature-centered. Pagans rethink the way in which we relate to the Earth. Rather than seek dominance over the environment, Pagans work to live as a part of Nature, finding a balance between the self, the biosphere, and society. Part of this rethinking goes along with the resurgence of Goddess-worship, which is widespread in the Pagan movement. Many Pagans look to the fertility Goddesses of old and find vibrant, dynamic models for ecological balance. The myriad Goddesses from the past also provide Pagans with a vision of powerful feminine divinity which is missing from other Western religions.

Druid Dom’s Page 13Unlike many mainstream religious traditions, Pagans view Divinity as immanent rather than (or in addition to) transcendent. Rather than pray to some form “out there,” Pagans view all living things as sacred. Diversity is seen as an expression of the divine order. People are viewed as essentially good and holy, although still capable of acting unethically.

Because of this, Pagans view the relationship with Divinity as a deeply personal calling. It is up to each individual to develop a relationship with Divinity as s/he defines it. Because of this, there is no institutionalization within Paganism. There is no single holy book, common creed, or hierarchy of religious representatives. Spiritual communion, even when in groups, is direct and immediate. Each congregation is autonomous, as is each individual within that congregation.
While leaders are respected for their wisdom or service, there are no charismatic gurus within the movement. There is no one spokesperson for Pagans.
All Pagans value choosing one¹s own path and beliefs and consequently do not seek to convert others. Pagans self- identify; there is no one body or rite which confers membership in the Pagan community. However, almost all Pagan organizations require members to abide by specific guidelines and principles.

Pagan culture

Druid Dom’s Page 13This emphasis on personal exploration and development creates a highly dynamic culture of diverse people who share values of intellectual and spiritual freedom.
Rather than conform to a specific set of beliefs or practices, Pagans participate in a vibrant marketplace of ideas, where people contribute and take away what resonates most deeply with them. Community is created through regular gatherings and festivals, numerous publications, and an extensive Internet presence.
While specific ethics are discussed at length within the Pagan community, the most common summation is “If it harms none, do what you will.”
This combines personal freedom with responsibility to the community.

Pagan religions are dynamic, changing systems based on timeless values of faith, freedom, justice, honesty, responsibility, creativity, caring, courage, and respect.

Specific beliefs and practices vary as people adapt concepts to their particular needs. Pagans celebrate rituals to mark the Wheel of the Year as well as life transitions such as marriage, moving, birth, or death. Some traditions celebrate rituals to commemorate specific historic events, while others celebrate natural transitions such as lunar phases or the first snowfall of the year. Pagan religions are a way of life, affecting choices
from how we pray to where we shop. Pagans believe religions must change to meet the needs of people on an everyday basis, while connecting them to their most deeply held spiritual beliefs. While some Pagan religions can be quite esoteric, most Pagan beliefs and practices are rooted in every day, natural experience.

I could not resist popping a couple of spells in this post for you to try.

Love Spell

Druid Dom’s Page 13Get 5 roses.
Go about a block from your house and drop one.
On the way back drop three more.
Then drop one on your doorstep.
While doing this chant the words:
This is a path of love. My true love will find me.”
Only works for those who believe.

Protection of valuables Spell

Druid Dom’s Page 13

While walking eleven times around the object(s) you want to be protected chant this
EACH TIME you go around:
Safe from harm, who breaks the charm
will fall away and disappear into dust.


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161 Laws

161 Laws

161 Laws Based on Gerald Gardner’s Old Laws

The Law was made and ordained of old.
The Law was made for the Wicca, to advise and help in their troubles.
The Wicca should give due worship to the gods and obey their will, which they ordain, for it was made for the good of Wicca as the worship of the Wicca is good for the gods. For the gods love the brethren of Wicca.

As a man loveth a woman by mastering her, so should the Wicca love the gods by being mastered by them.
And it is necessary that the Circle which is the temple of the gods should be truly cast and purified. And that it may be a fit place for the gods to enter.
And the Wicca shall be properly prepared and purified to enter into the presence of the gods.
With love and worship in their hearts, they shall raise power from their bodies to give power to the gods.
As has been taught of old.
For in this way only may men have communion with the gods, for the gods cannot help man without the help of man.

High Priestess and High Priest

And the High Priestess shall rule her coven as the representative of the Goddess.
And the High Priest shall support her as the representative of the God.
And the High Priestess shall choose whom she will, be he of sufficient rank, to be her High Priest.
For, as the God Himself kissed Her feet in the five-fold salute, laying His power at the feet of the Goddess because of Her youth and beauty, Her sweetness and kindness, Her wisdom and justice, Her humility and generosity, so he resigned all His power to Her.
But the High Priestess should ever mind that the power comes from Him.
It is only lent, to be used wisely and justly.
And the greatest virtue of a High Priestess be that she recognizes that youth is necessary to the representative of the Goddess.
So she will gracefully retire in favour of a younger woman should the Coven so decide in council.
For a true High Priestess realizes that gracefully surrendering pride of place is one of the greatest virtues.
And that thereby she will return to that pride of place in another life, with greater power and beauty.


In the old days, when witchdom extended far, we were free an worshiped in all the greater temples.
But in these unhappy times we must celebrate our sacred mysteries in secret.
So be it ordained that none but the Wicca may see our mysteries, for our enemies are many and torture loosens the tongue of man.
So be it ordained that no Coven shall know where the next Coven bide.
Or who its members be, save only the Priest and Priestess and messenger.
And there shall be no communication between them, save by the messenger of the gods, or the summoner.
And only if it be safe may the Covens meet in some safe place for the great festivals.
And while there, none shall say whence they came nor give their true names.
To this end, that if any be tortured, in their agony, they may not tell if they do not know.
So be it ordained that no one shall tell anyone not of the craft who be of the Wicca, nor give any names or where they bide, or in any way tell anything which can betray any of us to our foes.
Nor may he tell where the Covendom be.
Or the Covenstead.
Or where the meetings be.
And if any break these Laws, even under torture, THE CURSE OF THE GODDESS SHALL BE UPON THEM, so they may never be reborn on earth and may remain where they belong, in the hell of the Christians.


Let each High Priestess govern her Coven with justice and love, with the help and advice of the High Priest and the Elders, always heeding the advice of the Messenger of the Gods if he cometh.
She will heed all complaints of all Brothers and strive to settle all differences among them.
But it must be recognized that there will always be people who will ever strive to force others to do as they will.
These are not necessarily evil.
And they oft have good ideas and such ideas should be talked over in council.
But if they will not agree with their Brothers, or if they say,
“I will not work under this High Priestess,”
It hath ever been the Old Law to be convenient to the Brethren and to avoid disputes.

New Covens

Any of the third may claim to found a new Coven because they live over a league away from the Covenstead or are about to do so.
Anyone living within the Covendom and wishing to form a new Coven, shall tell the Elders of their intention, and on the instant avoid their dwelling and remove to the new Covendom.
Members of the old Coven may join the new one when it is formed. But if they do, they must utterly avoid the old Coven.
The Elders of the new and old Covens should meet in peace and brotherly love to decide the new boundaries.
Those of the craft who dwell outside both Covendoms may join either but not both.
Though all may, if the Elders agree, meet for the great festivals if it be truly in peace and brotherly love,
But splitting the Coven often means strife, so for this reason these Laws were made of old and may the CURSE OF THE GODDESS BE ON ANY WHO DISREGARD THEM. So be it ordained.


If you would keep a book, let it be in your own hand of write. Let brothers and sisters copy what they will, but never let the book out of your hands, and never keep the writings of another.
For if it be found in their hand of write, they may be taken and arraigned.
Let each guard his own writings and destroy them whenever danger threatens.
Learn as much as you may by heart and, when danger is past, rewrite your book, an it be safe.
For this reason, if any die, destroy their book an they have not been able to.
For, an it be found, ’tis clear proof against them.
And our oppressors know well “Ye may not be a witch alone”.
So all their kin and friends be in danger of torture,
So destroy everything not necessary.
If your book be found on you, ’tis clear proof against you alone, you may be arraigned.


Keep all thoughts of the craft from your mind.
If the torture be too great to bear, say “I will confess. I cannot bear this torture. What do you want me to say?”
If they try to make you speak of the Brotherhood, do not.
But if they try to make you speak of impossibilities such as flying through the air, consorting with a Christian devil or sacrificing children, or eating men’s flesh,
to obtain relief from torture say “I had an evil dream, I was beside myself, I was crazed.”
Not all magistrates are bad, if there be an excuse, they may show mercy.
If you have confessed aught, deny it afterwards, say you babbled under torture, say you knew not what you said.
If you are condemned, fear not.
The Brotherhood is powerful and will help you to escape if you stand steadfast, but if you betray aught there is no hope for you in this life or in that to come.
Be sure, if steadfast you go to the pyre, drugs will reach you, you will feel naught. You go to death and what lies beyond, the ecstasy of the goddess.


To avoid discovery, let the working tools be as ordinary things that any may have in their houses.
Let the pentacles be of wax so that they may be broken at once or melted.
Have no sword unless your rank allows it.
Have no names or signs on anything.
Write the names and signs on them in ink before consecrating them and wash it off immediately afterwards.
Let the colours of the hilts tell which is which.
Do not engrave them lest they cause discovery.


Ever remember ye are the hidden children of the Goddess so never do anything to disgrace them or her.
Never boast, never threaten, never say you would wish ill of anyone.
If any person not in the Circle, speak of the craft, say, “Speak not to me of such, it frightens me, ’tis evil luck to speak of it.”
For this reason, the Christians have their spies everywhere. These speak as if they were well affected to us, as if they would come to our meetings, saying, “My mother used to worship the Old Ones. I would I could go myself.”
To such as these, ever deny all knowledge.
But to others, ever say, “‘Tis foolish men talk of witches flying through the air. To do so they must be as light as thistledown. And men say that witches all be blear-eyed old crones, so what pleasure can there be at a witch meeting such as folks talk on?”
And say, “Many wise men now say there be no such creatures.”
Ever make it jest) and in some future time perhaps, the persecution may die and we may worship our gods in safety again.
Let us all pray for that happy day.
May the blessings of the Goddess and God be on all who keep these Laws which are ordained?


If the craft hath any apanage, let all guard it and help to keep it clear and good for the craft.
And let all justly guard all monies of the craft.
And if any Brother truly wrought it, ’tis right they have their pay, an it be just. An this be not taking money for the art, but for good and honest work.
And even the Christians say, “The labourer is worthy of his hire,” but if any Brother work willingly for the good of the craft without pay, ’tis but to their greater honour. So be it ordained.


If there be any dispute or quarrel among the Brethren, the High Priestess shall straightly convene the Elders and inquire into the matter, and they shall hear both sides, first alone and then together.
And they shall decide justly, not favouring one side or the other.
Ever recognizing there be people who can never agree to work under others.
But at the same time, there be some people who cannot rule justly.
To those who must ever be chief, there is one answer.
“‘Void the Coven or seek another one, or make a Coven of your own, taking with you those who will go.”
To those who cannot rule justly, the answer be, “Those who cannot bear your rule will leave you.”
For none may come to meetings with those with whom they are at variance.
So, an either cannot agree, get hence, for the craft must ever survive. So be it ordained.



In the olden days when we had power, we could use the art against any who ill-treated the Brotherhood. But in these evil days we must not do so. For our enemies have devised a burning pit of everlasting fire into which they say their god casteth all the people who worship him, except it be the very few who are released by their priest’s spells and masses. And this be chiefly by giving monies and rich gifts to receive his favour for their great god is ever in need of money.
But as our gods need our aid to make fertility for man and crops, so is the god of the Christians ever in need of man’s help to search out and destroy us. Their priests ever tell them that any who get our help are damned to this hell forever, so men be mad with the terror of it.
But they make men believe that they may escape this hell if they give victims to the tormentors. So for this reason all be forever spying, thinking, “An I can catch but one of these Wicca, I will escape from this fiery pit.”
So for this reason we have our hidels, and men searching long and not finding, say, “There be none, or if there be, they be in a far country.”
But when one of our oppressors dies, or even be sick, ever is the cry, “This be witches’ malice”, and the hunt is up again. And though they slay ten of their own to one of ours, still they care not. They have countless thousands.
While we are few indeed. So be it ordained.
That none shall use the art in any way to do ill to any.
However much they may injure us, harm none. And now times many believe we exist not.
That this Law shall ever continue to help us in our plight, no one, however great an injury or injustice they receive, may use the art in any way to do ill, or harm any. But they may, after great consultations with all, use the art to restrain Christians from harming us Brothers, but only to constrain them and never to punish.
To this end men will say, “Such a one is a mighty searcher out, and a persecutor of old women whom they demeth to be witches, and none hath done him harm, so it be proof that they cannot or more truly there be none.”
For all know full well that so many folk have died because someone had a grudge against them, or were persecuted because they had money or goods to sieze, or because they had none to bribe the searchers. And many have died because they were scolding old women. So much that men now say that only old women are witches.
And this be to our advantage and turns suspicion away from us.
In England and Scotland ’tis now many a year since a witch hath died the death. But any misuse of the power might raise the persecution again.
So never break this Law, however much you are tempted, and never consent to its being broken in the least.
If you know it is being broken, you must work strongly against it.
And any High Priestess or High Priest who consents to its breach must immediately be deposed for ’tis the blood of the Brethren they endanger.
Do good, an it be safe, and only if it be safe.
And keep strictly to the Old Law.


Never accept money for the use of the art, for money ever smeareth the taker. ‘Tis sorcerers and conjurers and the priests of the Christians who ever accept money for the use of their arts. And they sell pardons to let men escape from their sins.
Be not as these. If you accept no money, you will be free from temptation to use the art for evil causes.
All may use the art for their own advantage or for the advantage of the craft only if you are sure you harm none.
But ever let the Coven debate this at length. Only if all are satisfied that none may be harmed, may the art be used.
If it is not possible to achieve your ends one way, perchance the aim may be achieved by acting in a different way so as to harm none. MAY THE CURSE OF THE GODDESS BE ON ANY WHO BREAKETH THIS LAW? So be it ordained.
‘Tis judged lawful if ever any of the craft need a house or land and none will sell, to incline the owner’s mind so as to be willing to sell, provided it harmeth him not in any way and the full price is paid without haggling.
Never bargain or cheapen anything whilst you buy by the art. So be it ordained.

Law of the Land

“Tis the Old Law and the most important of all laws, that no one may do anything which will endanger any of the craft, or bring them into contact with the law of the land or any persecutors.
In any dispute between Brethren, no one may invoke any laws but those of the craft. 161 laws
Or any tribunal but that of the Priestess, Priest and Elders.

Discussion of Witchcraft

It is not forbidden to say as Christians do, “There be witchcraft in the land,” because our oppressors of old make it a heresy not to believe in witchcraft and so a crime to deny it which thereby puts you under suspicion.
But ever say, “I know not of it here, perchance there may be but afar off, I know not where.”
But ever speak of them as old crones, consorting with the devil and riding through the air.
And ever say, “But how may many ride the air if they be not as light as thistledown.” s
But the curse of the Goddess be on any who cast suspicion on any of the Brotherhood.
Or who speak of any real meeting-place or where they bide.

Wort cunning

Let the craft keep books with the names of all herbs which are good, and all cures so all may learn.
But keep another book with all the Bales and Apies and let only the Elders and other trustworthy people have this knowledge. So be it ordained.
And may the blessings of the gods be on all who keep these Laws, and the curses of both the God and the Goddess be on all who break them.

Use of the Art

Remember the art is the secret of the gods and may only be used in earnest and never for show or vainglory.
Magicians and Christians may taunt us saying, “You have no power, show us your power. Do magic before our eyes, then only will we believe,” seeking to cause us to betray the art before them.
Heed them not, for the art is holy and may only be used in need, and the curse of the gods be on any who break this Law.


It ever be the way with women and with men also, that they ever seek new love.
Nor should we reprove them for this.
But it may be found a disadvantage to the craft.
And so many a time it has happened that a High Priest or a High Priestess, impelled by love, hath departed with their love. That is, they left the Coven.
Now if the High Priestess wishes to resign, she may do so in full Coven.
And this resignation is valid.
But if they should run off without resigning, who may know if they may not return in a few months?
So the Law is, if a High Priestess leaves her Coven, she be taken back and all be as before.
Meanwhile, if she has a deputy, that deputy shall act as High Priestess for as long as the High Priestess is away.
If she returns not at the end of a year and a day, then shall the Coven elect a new High Priestess,
Unless there is a good reason to the contrary.
The person who has done the work should reap the benefit of the reward. If somebody else is elected, the deputy is made maiden and deputy of the High Priestess.


It has been found that practicing the art doth cause a fondness between aspirant and tutor, and it is the cause of better results if this be so.
And if for any reason this be undesirable, it can easily be avoided by both persons from the outset firmly resolving in their minds to be as brother and sister or parent and child.
And it is for this reason that a man may be taught only by a woman and a woman by a man, and women and women should not attempt these practices together. So be it ordained.


Order and discipline must be kept.
A High Priestess or a High Priest may, and should, punish all faults.
To this end all the craft must receive correction willingly.
All properly prepared, the culprit kneeling should be told his fault and his sentence pronounced.
Punishment should be followed by something amusing.
The culprit must acknowledge the justice of the punishment by kissing the hand on receiving sentence and again thanking for punishment received. So be it ordained.

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Pagan Rosary Beads

pagan rosary beads

Pagan Rosary Beads can be made in many different ways

It is best to string your own beads. You will need

13 white 8mm beads for the Maiden
13 red 8mm beads for the Mother
13 cook mm beads for the Crone
1 silver 10mm bead representing the Full Moon
52 silver spacer beads
(Class “E” 6/0) representing the Moonlight.
Size 10 crochet yarn: white or ecru, or colour of choice

You may begin and end stringing anywhere in the loop, but the tie-off is less visible in the midst of the cook beads.
The silver Moon bead is separated from the White Maiden beads by four (4) silver spacer beads. Each white Maiden bead is followed by one silver spacer bead, but four (4) spacer beads follow the 13th bead.
Then come the red Mother beads, each followed by one silver spacer but the 13th bead is followed by four (4) spacers. Then come the cook Crone beads, each followed by one silver bead, but four (4) spacers follow the 13th. And so we are back at the silver Moon bead.

In other words, one spacer separates beads of the same colour. Four spacers separate the three sets of beads and the larger Moon bead.
Thirteen (13) beads are used in each set to signify the thirteen months of the lunar year.
The silver spacers represent moonlight issuing from the Full Moon bead throughout the life cycle of Maiden, Mother, and Crone.
Prayers are said on each bead, while meditating on the mysteries of the Triple Goddess, and the experience of the human life cycle.
Men may wish to make a devotion to the Horned God, and honour the life cycle of Youth, Father, and Sage.


On the silver Moon Bead say
Blessed Mother, come to me, And cast your lovely, silver light.
Uncloud your face that I may see Unveiled, its shining in the night.
Triple Goddess, Blessed Be, And Merry Meet, my soul’s delight!

On the space say
I bind unto my self today the Fertility of the Maiden.
Meditate of the Presence of the Maiden

On each Maiden Bead say
Maiden daughter, sister, lover, white-light, night-light, love’s
embrace seeking love, we find each other by the radiance of your face.

On the space say
I bind unto myself today the Power of the Mother.
Meditate on the Presence of the Mother

On each Mother Bead say
Mother of all, radiant, beaming, full and heavy womb with
expectation bright;
Be present here, full moonlight gleaming, and bless your culinary with
truth and light.

On the space say
I bind unto myself today the Wisdom of the Crone.
Meditate on the Presence of the Crone

On each Crone Bead say
Crone now stands in moonlight gleaming, Starlit night and silver
Peace and wisdom from you streaming, Goddess, keeper of our care.

On the space say
I bind unto myself today the Fertility, Power, and Wisdom of the

On the silver Moon Bead conclude
Blessed Mother, stay by me, and cast your lovely, silver light.
Uncloud your face that I may see unveiled, its shining in the night.
Triple Goddess, Blessed Be, and Merry Meet, my soul’s delight!
So Mote it be!

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