Dream Catcher Legend

Dream Catcher Legend

Dream Catcher Legend

Dream Catcher Legend as it is told

An old Lakota spiritual leader was on a high mountain and had a vision.
In his vision, Iktomi, the great trickster and teacher of wisdom, appeared in the form of a spider.

Iktomi spoke to him in a sacred language that only the spiritual leaders of the Lakota could understand.

As he spoke Iktomi, the spider, took the elder’s willow hoop which had feathers, horse hair, beads and offerings on it and began to spin a web.

He spoke to the elder about the cycles of life… and how we begin our lives as infants and we move on to childhood, and then to adulthood.
Finally, we go to old age where we must be taken care of as infants, completing the cycle.

“But,” Iktomi said as he continued to spin his web, “in each time of life there are many forces — some good and some bad.
If you listen to the good forces, they will steer you in the right direction.
But if you listen to the bad forces, they will hurt you and steer you in the wrong direction.”

He continued, “There are many forces and different directions that can help or interfere with the harmony of nature, and also with the great spirit and all of his wonderful teachings.”

All the while the spider spoke, he continued to weave his web starting from the outside and working towards the centre.

When Iktomi finished speaking, he gave the Lakota elder the web and said….
“See, the web is a perfect circle but there is a hole in the centre of the circle.”
He said, “Use the web to help yourself and you people to reach your goals and
make use of your people’s ideas, dreams and visions”.

“If you believe in the great spirit, the web will catch your good ideas and the bad ones will go through the hole.”

The Lakota elder passed on his vision to his people and now… the Sioux Indians use the dream catcher as the web of their life.

It is hung above their beds or in their home to sift their dreams and visions.

The good in their dreams are captured in the web of life and carried with them…
but the evil in their dreams escapes through the hole in the centre of the web
and are no longer a part of them.

They believe that the dream catcher holds the destiny of their future.

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Angels Page 10

Angels Page 10

Angels Page 10

Angels Page 10 by authors unknown to me


Angels Page 10

I am a tiny angel,
I’m smaller than your thumb.
I live in people’s pockets
that’s where I have my fun.
I don’t suppose you’ve seen me
I’m too tiny to detect:
Though I’m with you all the Time,
I doubt we’ve ever met.

Before I was an Angel….
I was a fairy in a flower
God, Himself, hand-picked me
and gave me Angel power.

Now God has many Angels
that he trains in Angel pools
we become His eyes, and ears, and hands
we become His special tools.

And because God is so busy
with way too much to do
he said that my assignment
Is to keep close watch on you.

When He tucked me in your Pocket
he blessed you with Angel care
then told me to never leave you
and I vowed always to be there.

~ Virginia (Ginny) Ellis © March 2000 ~
Visit her beautiful website!

I want to be an angel
and with the angels stand
a crown upon my forehead
a harp within my hand.

~ Urania Locke Bailey ~


Angels Page 10

Today I stumbled and once again
was lifted up by an unseen hand.
What comfort and joy that knowledge brings.
For I hear the whisper of angel wings.

The guardian angels God sends to all
to bear us up when we stumble and fall.
Trust Him, my friend, and often you’ll hear
the whisper of angel wings hovering near.


Angels Page 10

I believe in Angels
their presence is everywhere
in the warmth of a helping hand
in the smiles that people share.
Angels are at the heart
of the good things people do
and when our days are troubled
their caring guides us through.

Angels’ love is all around
in stars that light the night
in a mother’s gentle words
And arms that hold you tight.
i believe that Angels
Are special messengers of love
god’s way of making earth
A bit more like Heaven above.

Angel Prayer
Angels Page 10

May the angels keep you till morning, may they guide you through the night may they comfort all your sorrows may they help you win the fight.

May they keep watch on your soul
may they show you better ways
may they guard you while you’re sleeping
may they see you through your days.

May they show you new hopes
may they still your every doubt
may they calm your every fear
may they hear you when you shout.

May the angels keep you till morning
more than this, I cannot pray
and if the angels ever fail you
then may God be there that day.

Whisper Of The Angels Wings

Angels Page 10

Today I stumbled and once again

Was lifted up by an unseen hand.

What comfort and joy that knowledge brings.

For I hear the whisper of angel wings.

The guardian angels God sends to all.

To bear us up when we stumble and fall.

Trust Him, my friend, and often you’ll hear 

The whisper of angel wings hovering near.

      Little Angels

Angels Page 10

When God calls little children
to dwell with Him above
we mortals sometime question
the wisdom of His love.
For no heartache compares with
the death of one small child
who does so much to make our world
seem wonderful and mild.
Perhaps God tires of calling
the aged to His fold
so He picks a rosebud
before it can grow old.
God knows how much we need them
and so He takes but a few
To make the land of Heaven
more beautiful to view.
Believing this is difficult
still somehow we must try,
The saddest word mankind knows
will always be “Goodbye.”
So when a little child departs
we who are left behind
Must realize God loves children
angels are hard to find.

 Angels Watching

Angels Page 10

We have one Angel standing watch above us as we sleep another gathers up the hopes and dreams we wish to keep.
One Angel is the tiny voice that whispers in our ears
with words of love and comfort to conquer grief and fears.
Of course we have one Guardian one friendship keeper too.
another just to help us mend the thoughtless things we do.
We have a Guardian of Love who protects our destiny, and helps us with our soulmate who with we were meant to be.
We have a host of Angels that keep us company
in order that we become the best that we can be. 


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Main Dreams

main dreams

main dreams

In our main dreams we often dream of one subject and sometimes it will repeat itself

I have explained some answers to the main dreams that are most common. I do hope the answers will help in some way.


Desire for motherhood or merely for someone weaker than yourself whom you can control.
If this dream occurs frequently, probably you are too much dominated yourself by others and seek compensation; or you have too great a desire for power over other people.


People long past the usual examination age may have such a dream. For examination, read some problem or difficulty which is occurring in your life. If the dream examination worries you or you feel you have failed, you are flunking your problem and not facing up to it properly.
If you dream that you pass the examination, you are reassuring yourself that all will be well. Should the examination be one which even in your dream you know you passed some time ago, then the problem is similar to a previous one which you solved successfully and you can master it on the same lines.


This very common and unpleasant nightmare takes many forms, but always the dreamer is falling from a height or through space, and either the falling itself or the landing at the bottom is very unpleasant. Sometimes the fall is caused by a push from behind when standing on a high place. This is the dream of a too – ambitious person, who always wants to be first, cleverest or most – loved, —- an impossible ambition, for no one can be always on top. Eldest children, who are first the only one and made the centre of attention and then have to share the honours with the next baby, often get this “I must be first” unconscious ambition and are very liable to falling dreams. Such dreams will disappear if the dreamer can cure herself or himself of always wanting all the limelight.


This shows a good form of ambition, the person who wants to rise high, but does not demand the first place as a right.
Instead, she or he will work for it courageously.


I give this name to the dream in which the dreamer does something wonderful and is the heroine of the occasion. As a rule she acts with great calm and efficiency in an emergency and others obey her admiringly, or she affects a dashing rescue of somebody from a fire or other danger. This dream fulfils in a very satisfactory way a great wish to be admired and heroic. It is so much easier to dream oneself a heroine than actually to be one! If you often get this dream, guide your desire to help and be admired into humbler channels. There are so many simple everyday ways of keeping cool and taking care of others. Make use of them, instead of waiting for the dramatic moment which may never come.


A fear of looking down from or falling over high places such as cliffs or the gallery of a theatre should be interpreted in the same way as falling dreams.


This is a very frequent “muddle” dream belonging to class 2. You are going on an important journey or for your holiday and you miss the train ——– or fear you will do so ————– for some reason any sensible person would have provided against.
For instance, you can’t find your passport or have filled your suit – case so full that it’s impossible to close it! This is a “funk” dream.
It is not a warning to abandon whatever new step you are taking. On the contrary, pluck up your courage and remember the many new steps you have taken in the past which have turned out successfully.


Here again, as with the “heroine” an easy dream is substituted for a difficult achievement.
If you dream you are climbing mountains, you are leading too easy a life, have got slack and so are making up for it in your sleep. What troublesome thing in real life are you shirking? Climb that “mountain” and the dream will vanish.


Many people dream of finding themselves in the streets or some other public place in their birthday suits, to their extreme embarrassment. This dream is a sign of some fear connected with sex or marriage. Try to dig it out and overcome it. It may bedue to ignorance or wrong teaching in childhood and greater knowledge of the subject will often cure it.


Most of us know the dream in which we are suddenly paralysed and unable to move in the face of some sudden danger or when our legs without warning give way under us. The interpretation and remedy are much the same as for the train dream on previous page.


Or any great hurrying in a dream show a very strong desire in the unconscious mind of the dreamer to catch up with, or beat, someone who, she or he feels, is outdistancing her or him in real life in some way. The second child in a family, trying perpetually to be as big and important as the first older one, or the younger of any two children in a family who are close together in age, is very apt to have this dream. The remedy is to train yourself simply to do your best, without bothering whether someone else with more advantages does better or not. In other words you are overdoing competition.


Water prominent in a dream, whether in the form of the sea, a river, a lake or floods, shows some emotional difficulty. Such a dream often occurs if the dreamer is anxious over a love affair – or is worried because love seems to pass her or him by. Try to discover and remedy any trait in yourself which makes you unattractive to the other sex.

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Angels Page 1

Angels Page 1

Angels Page 1

Angels Page 1 these poems are by authors unknown to me

Why Angels Have Come

Angels Page 1

Angels have come to bring with them
in thought and deed, and also, hymn
The message of God and His Wisdom great
his love, His wants, for all our fate.

They bring on high their protection strong
to guide us all when things go wrong
to teach us patience, when none exists
to help us see what blindness missed.

To help us hear what deafness hides
to help us feel what touch denies
to give us peace when fighting’s round
to fill us with love, when hates abound.

To encourage the feeling of a want to give
a feeling with which we all should live
so in this season’s darkest night
within our souls doth shine a light
to warm us with forgiveness and sharing
and with compassion and, also – caring.

All these are sent from heaven divine;
for the angels have brought them
’tis God’s Design.

Everyone Has Angels

Angels Page 1

Everyone has angels
that guide them along the way.
You only have to look in your heart
for the ones that have faded away.

It could be your lost mother or father
or some kin that you’ve never met.
It could be a childhood friend
who has gone beyond the sunset.

We are guided each day by someone
who lives within our heart.
They let us know when it’s time to stop
things we should have never let start.

They are there when we make decisions
about everything that we do.
They are there because we love them so much
and because they love us too.

So, as you continue your life
without hearing what they say
be assured that all of your Angels
are by your side, each and every day.

                Love of Angels

Angels Page 1

It is the love of angels, I am told
that turns cold hearts, to ones of gold.

Who brings us in from the shivering rain
who cuddles us close to them in our pain. 

It is the love of angels who live on high
who journey with us in our lives until we die.

They shelter and keep us through the night
and gives us their strength so we can fight.

It is the love of angels from another world
who believe in us gives us wisdoms of pearl.

They wake with us each day in birds and song
and help us forgive ourselves for all our wrong. 

It is the grace of the angels that let us see
the kindness of the souls and life’s misery.

They help us accept both the love and the fear
of being human and most of all – being here.

It is the laughter of the angels that let us play
so that we can become children of another day.

They want us to envision the dreams we have let go
Yes, it is the love of Angels that has told us so.


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Wicca Direction West Correspondence

Wicca Direction West Correspondence

Wicca Direction West Correspondence

Wicca Direction West Correspondence as we know it in the craft


The Wheel of the West- Inner Knowing and self-knowledge, Dreams, Emotions, feelings, introspection, shamanic journeys and initiations, healing, balancing the active male and receptive female energies, deep psychic work, spiritual renewal, communications, deep void-level meditations, hibernation.

Element- Water

Energy- Tidal – it ebbs and flows, but never floods.

The Journey- The Journey to Inner Vision.

Traditional Colours- Blue-Green, Aqua, Grey, Blue-Grey, Black, Indigo, Blue, Silver, The white of sea foam in the moonlight.

Sacred Spirits- Poseidon: God of oceanic consciousness, Neptune: God of Psychic Flow, Isis: Goddess of the rivers of life, Arianrhod: Celtic Goddess of the Moon and Earth, Selene: Goddess of the Full Moon, Hecate: Goddess of the Dark Moon, Gabriel: Archangel of the West, angel of the Moon and inner vision, Niksa: Servant of Gabriel, fluid shape-changer of the inner worlds, Undines: Elemental spirits of Water, Ruled by Niksa, Eheieh: Elemental King of Water.

Sacred Animals

Water Creatures: Dreamwork, Sea Mammals: For Psychic Communication, Sea Birds: For uplifted emotions, Heron: For intuition and organization, inner self-knowledge, Jaguar: For Shamanic Journeys and Self-Initiations, Raven: For dreams and inner knowledge, spirit communication, Bear: For introspection and especially for healing, Spiritual healing and renewal, Elk: For feelings and emotions, Fish: For all types of swimming in the tides of life’s emotions, Dolphin: Deep Psychic Work, Panther: Introspection, Night Creatures: Journey

Sacred Items

Water treasures, Seaweeds, Roots, Dark Feathers, Void Meditations.

Sacred Plants

Willow: Journeys, Magick, Pine Trees: Emotions, Magnolia: Dream Work, Gardenia: Spirit Guides, Love, Lavender: Summons Spirits, Water Plants: Dreams
Journey Incense- Lotus, Sandalwood, Myrrh, Mugwort, Camphor, Vanilla, Violet.

Dream Teas

Chamomile, Jasmine (Shamanic Intuitions), Raspberry, Catnip, Cherry, Hibiscus.

In the West We Work With- Journeys: Mapping our Inner Quests, Inner Vision: Finding Formulas for Consciousness, Self-Healing: Maintaining personal wellness, Balancing: Harmonizing Aspects of Self.

Sacred Minerals

Aquamarine: For inner journeys, serenity, Water Coloured Crystals: For psychic Flow, River Stones: For Emotions, Silver: For Intuition, Amethyst: For inner journeys, soothing emotions, Mercury: For changeable emotions, White Coral: For Flexability, Rainbow Crystals: For Shamanic Journeys, Blue Flourite: For Shamanic Journeys and Dreams, Double-Terminated Crystals: For Healing energies, Translucent, Crystalline stones, River or Ocean Rocks, Platinum, Coral and Shells.

Human World Helping Activities- Dream Work, Shamanic Consciousness Work, Earth Journeys, Eastern Void Meditation, Healing Circles, Self-Healing, Love, Personal Healing, Spirit Guides

Helping Thoughts- Feelings are but tiny trickles, and emotions gentle brooks, leading to the great rivers, of Inner Knowing and Dreams, All are pulled to the Deep Ocean Mother, by the Lady of the Healing Lights.

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