Witch Gothandra – Divination

Witch Gothandra – Divination

Witch Gothandra – Divination

The usual activity of our mind is limited to the perception of the world around us, and its life, as far as the power of our senses reaches; it must, therefore, necessarily be confined within the limits of space and time.

There are, however, specially favoured men among us who profess an additional power, or even ordinary men may be thus endowed under peculiar circumstances, as when they are under the influence of nervous affections, trances, or even merely in an unusual state of excitement.

Witch Gothandra – Divination

Then they are no longer subject to the usual laws of distance in space,or remoteness in time; they perceive as immediately present what lies beyond the reach of others, and the magic power by which this is accomplished is called Divination.

This vision is never quite clear, nor always complete or correct, for even such exceptionable powers are in all cases more or less subject to the imperfections of our nature; habitual notions, an ill-executed imagination, and often a disordered state of the system, all interfere with its perfect success. These imperfections, moreover, not only affect the value of such magic perceptions, but obscure the genuine features by a number of false statements and of erroneous impressions, which quite legitimately excite a strong prejudice against the whole subject. Hence, especially, the rigor of the Church against divination in every form; it has ever ascribed the errors mixed up with the true parts of such revelations to the direct influence of the Evil One.

The difficulty, however, arises that such magic powers have nothing at all to do with the question of morality; the saint and the criminal may possess them alike, since they are elements of our common nature, hidden in the vast majority of cases, and coming into view and into life only in rare exceptional instances.

Divination, as freed from the ordinary limits of our perceptions, appears either as clairvoyance, when things are seen which are beyond the range of natural vision, or as prophecy, when the boundary lines of time are overstepped. The latter appears again in its weakest form as a mere anticipation of things to come, or rises to perfection in the actual foretelling of future events. It is sad enough to learn from the experience of all nations that the occurrences thus foreseen are almost invariably great misfortunes, yet our surprise will cease if we remember that the tragic in life exercises by far the greatest influence on our mind, and excites it far beyond all other events. Nor must we overlook the marvellous unanimity with which such magic powers are admitted to exist in Man by all nations on earth. The explanation, also, is invariably the same, namely, that Man possessed originally the command over space and time as well as God himself, but that when sin came into the world and affected his earth-born body, this power was lost, and preserved only to appear in exceptional and invariably most painful cases. So, thought the ancients even long before revelation had spoken.
They believed that Man had had a previous god-like existence before appearing upon earth, where he was condemned to expiate the sins of his former life, while his immortal and divine soul was chained to a perishing earthy body.

One of the most prolific sources of error in Divination has ever been the variety of means employed for the purpose of causing the preparatory state of trance. It is well known in our day that the mind may be most strangely affected by innumerable agencies which are apparently purely
mechanical, and often utterly absurd. Such are an intent gazing at highly-polished surfaces of metal, or into the bright inside of a gold cup, at the shining sides of a crystal, or the varying hues of a glass globe; now vessels filled with pure water, and now ink poured into the hand of a child, answer the same purpose. Fortune-telling from the lines of the hand or the chance combinations of playing-cards are, in this aspect, on a par with the prophecies of astrologers drawn from the constellations in the heavens.

It need hardly be added that this almost infinite variety of more or less absurd measures has nothing at all to do with the awaking of magic power, and continues in use only from the prestige which some of the means, like the cup of Joseph and the mirror of Varro, derive from their antiquity. Their sole purpose is uniformly to withdraw the seer’s attention from all outward objects, and to make him, by steadily gazing at one and the same object, concentrate his thoughts and feelings exclusively upon his own self. Experience has taught that such efforts, long continued, result finally in utter loss of feeling, in unconsciousness, and frequently even in catalepsy. It is generally only under such peculiarly painful circumstances that the unusual powers of our being can become visible and begin to operate.
While these results may be obtained, as recent experiments have proved, even by mere continued squinting, barbarous nations employ the most violent means for the same purpose–the whirling of dervishes, the drumming and dancing of northern shamans, the deafening music of the Moors, are all means of the same kind to excite the rude and fierce nature of savages to a state of excessive excitement. In all cases, however, we must notice the comparative sterility of such divination, and the penalty which has to be paid for most meagre results by injuries inflicted upon the body, and by troubles caused in the mind, which, if they do not become fatal to life, are invariably so to happiness and peace.

The state in which all forms of divination are most apt to show themselves is by theologians called _ecstasis_, when it is caused by means specially employed for the purpose and appears as a literally “being beside one’s self”; by its side they speak of _raptus_, when the abnormal state suddenly begins during an act of ordinary life, such as walking, working, or even praying. The distinction is of no value as to the nature of the magic powers themselves, which are in all cases the same; it refers exclusively to the outer form.
One of the simplest methods is the Deasil-walking of the Scotch Highlanders: the seer walks rapidly three times, with the sun, around the person whose future is to be foretold, and thus produces a trance, in which his magic powers become available.

In the East, on the contrary, the usual form is to employ a young boy, taken at haphazard from the street, and to force him to gaze intently at Indian ink poured into the hollow of the hand, at molten lead, wax poured into cold water, the paten of a priest or a shining sword, with which several men have been killed.

Divination by means of bones–generally the shoulder bones of rams–is quite common among the Mongols and Tongoose, and the custom seems to have remained unchanged through centuries. Three shoulder bones of rams were brought to a willing subject, which he held for some time in his hands, while deeply meditating on the subject; then he threw them into the fire. After they were burnt black they were again laid before him and examined; if they had cracked lengthways the omen was favourable, if crossways the enterprise was abandoned.
Divination of one sort or another has been around for as long as anyone can remember and it will probably be around for a long time to come.

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Altar Witch – Divination

Altar Witch - Divination

Divination is totally unique. We’re looking at seeing reality here, and I don’t simply mean what’s to come.

Altar Witch - Divination

Divination can be utilized for a wide range of data. It can give guidance, clarify a circumstance, and, obviously, tell what’s to come.

Divination is a deep-rooted technique in or out of the craft. At any rate that is the thing that my books let me know in the short time that I have been studying them. I am really draw to the Tarot I might add. It has such a variety of uses, spreads, utilizes, and a general air of cunningness about it. In any case, Tarot isn’t the main type of divination that has worked for me. I have additionally utilized runes, the Ouija board and a pendulum also dabbling in other areas.For me, my journeys with divination started much sooner than musings of Witchcraft even entered my thoughts. I was quite young when my companions and I utilized our first Ouija board.

We never considered it excessively important, and everything was playing around at that time of life. We’d move the pointer purposely to yes, we constrained the board and “any spirits around it” to admit to their express ineptitude and absence of force. However, one day the young lady who possessed the board, Regina, declined to convey it out to play with. We asked her for what good reason not and she essentially said she would not like to any longer for fear of a negative outcome.
In any case, one day a companion of our own had a truly imperative question for the board, and when we requested that Regina bring it out, she still declined. Becoming inquisitive as to her revulsion of the Ouija board, we asked for more information with the issue. She at long last conceded that it terrified her and she didn’t care for it any longer. At the point when inquired as to why it terrified her, she continued to lead us into her home and up to her room. She instructed us to be calm and tune in. We stood noiseless and heard nothing.
“It’s in my wardrobe, ” she stated, and we took it from there. she indicated her bureau, which had started to shake. She was stark white now, and we essentially assumed that the rattling was because of our moving about. When we were all still, we saw that her furniture and things were all the while rattling discernibly. It had nothing to do with us. The room had been quiet preceding passage, and now it shook, notwithstanding when we were still.
Regina raised an accusatory finger to the Ouija board and kept running from the room, followed by whatever remains of us. Her folks discarded the diversion not long after that, and as Regina trusted, the tremors ceased. That beyond any doubt frightened the living daylights out of us, and made a freshly discovered wonderment and love for the mysterious in the brains of a couple of youthful youngsters, myself included.

Altar Witch - Divination

I work in Tarot. I believe it’s superbly shrewd, and can convey to light things which I may never have known would impact a circumstance.

When I was new at this, I chose to do my own perusing. I was extremely worried now about the prospect that I was really adoring the Christian Devil by rehearsing Witchcraft.

I realized that I didn’t trust that Satan had anything to do with cutting edge Wicca, and that what I was rehearsing essentially insisted a large portion of the convictions I held as a youthful person, before I was compelled to grow up and acknowledge the truth of my folks.
After doing a contemplation on the Tarot, and the imagery of the cards, I chose six cards that held the most significance for me. They included Temperance, the Page of Swords and the Nine of Swords. continued to do the Celtic Cross spread. I rearranged the deck seven times, since I gained from my material science educator that you should rearrange a deck of cards before each reading. The principal card I set down was the Nine of Swords! This was basically elating. The principal card out was one which I felt had much importance for me. The second card I turned over was the Page of Swords. As I did whatever is left of the spread, I was stunned, astounded, frightened, and fairly startled by the perusing’s precision.
The highlight of the spread was the point at which I turned over card number nine, that which was either my most prominent expectation, or my biggest dread.
My eyes swell as I saw the Devil card gazing me in the face! My central dread of Witchcraft had been perceived, and my confidence in the force of the tarot had been affirmed. I hold much stock in the legitimacy of the Tarot now, as it has served me well in many cases before. I reveal information which was for all intents and purposes obscure to any other person when I do spreads for individuals I meet. The looks of immaculate shock that I get from doubters when I reveal their past, and open potential outcomes for their future are all the reward I requirement for carrying out my specialty nowadays.
I essentially adhere to my Universal-Waite Tarot deck now, however Runes hold a solid enthusiasm for me. I have as of late made my own rune set in my earthenware production class. I can hardly wait to utilize them! Any guidance I could give is say that one ought to get their hands on completely any type of divination that interests them. Do much perusing regarding the matter, and practice, rehearse, keep at it.

Altar Witch - Divination

I can recommend learning the Tarot as there is something for everyone to discover within the cards.

It is a genuine show-stopper, on both the physical level, on the mental and magickal levels as well. Tarot can be utilized for divination, magick, astral projection, contemplation, and an assortment of different things. It is a perfectly created device and a brilliant guide on the way to further your insight into the subject.

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Spiritual Zoe’s Page 11

Spiritual Zoe's Page 11

As I am a spiritual person it is a great joy to share this page with you.

Magic and Religion

Spiritual Zoe's Page 11

Magic may be described as a kind of religion in which the ethical element is either subordinated or sacrificed to other and inferior elements.
Incantations are prayers, only that the main stress is laid on the mode of utterance rather than on the moral condition of the agent. Plants, drugs, etc., when burnt to appease the good spirits, and protect against evil ones, are to be compared with sacrifices, and especially with incense, which last obtains at the present time in many branches of the Christian Church. In the mythology of the Vedas it is hard, if not impossible, to distinguish between magical acts and sacrifices; in each case something is done with the view of propitiating higher beings.

The unethical means employed by magic correspond to the unethical view that is held of the beings trafficked with.

As the conception of these beings rises, animism passes through polytheism on to monotheism. At this last stage the one God believed in is just and holy, requiring on the part of all who have to do with Him moral qualifications, these above all else, these almost to the exclusion of all other qualifications. Magic has now given way to religion. Prayer and fellowship have taken the place of mere words and acts.

Special individuals are chosen on account of their superior knowledge of the formulae; methods of operation, etc., believed to prevail with the powers which it is sought to persuade this select body of men corresponds to the priests, which in the lower forms of religion are credited with extraordinary knowledge of Divine secrets, and with unusual influence over Deity Indeed, it is hard to say when exactly the magician resigns, and the priest enters upon office To some extent the conception and conduct which properly belong to magic, accompany religion in all its historical forms.

Magic has been made to consist especially in the art or compelling spirits or deities, or the Deity, to do the will of him who utters the needful words, or performs the requisite acts. In this it has been made to stand apart from religion. This, however, is not strictly correct, because, as already stated, all magic is a sort of religion; and certainly in most cases, the magician does not seek to use force in the exercise of his art : else what do we make of incantations and charms ?

In the lowest stages of culture the spirits communicated with are not separated into good and bad, just because the categories of good and bad have not risen into conscious thought, though implied in the very earliest thinking. Later on, traffic with evil spirits, particularly when the purpose was to injure others, was called Black Magic, or the Black Art. White Magic, the contrary term, stood for intercourse with well-disposed spirits.
In our own time, and amongst civilized peoples, White Magic means no more than the art of performing clever tricks with the hands, etc. Similarly the word conjure has, in modern English, the present meaning which White Magic has among ourselves, though originally it denotes exorcise. A conjurer well, children know who he is, perhaps even better than their soberer sires.

In a narrow, but later sense, magic has to do with feats of power and not of knowledge. For this reason the relation between magic and divination has been compared to that existing between miracles and prophecy. But it will be more fully shown later on that at the beginning, and at the present among backward races, this distinction is not drawn. Indeed, divination is hardly the right word to use for what is so called at this stage, since it is really magic applied to future events. The future is not so much foretold as constituted, or made, by the art of the magician.

The English word magic is, in our language, primarily a noun, but it represents an adjective in the classical tongue, the corresponding noun for art being understood, and sometimes expressed in Latin (Ars Magica).

Divination may be provisionally defined! As the attempt on man’s part to obtain from the spiritual world supernormal or superhuman knowledge. This knowledge relates for the most part to the future, but it may also have to do with things in the present, such as where some hidden treasure is to be found. Divination takes for granted the primitive belief that spiritual beings exist, are approachable by man, have means of knowledge which man has not, and are willing upon certain conditions known to diviners to communicate the special knowledge which they are believed to possess.


Spiritual Zoe's Page 11

Necromancy is a part of divination and not a thing distinct in itself. Its peculiar mark is that the information desired is sought from the ghosts of deceased persons. Divination embraces all attempts to obtain secret knowledge from the denizens of the spiritual world, so that necromancy comes under it, and is a part of it. Indeed, the word itself denotes literally divination by consulting the dead.

All the beliefs which have been noticed take their rise in the primitive and instinctive impulse of human beings to interpret what they see outside of themselves in terms of their own personality. The earliest knowledge which man acquires is that of himself as a living, conscious, thinking being. In a vague way he may be said to perceive the outer world as reflected in his thought before he rises to the conception of himself as standing apart from it. But surely the first object he knows is himself.

This knowledge obtained, all other things are interpreted in its light, and just as coloured glass makes what is seen through it have the same colour as itself. As man, in the wildness of unrestrained imagination, looks forth upon rivers and stars, he pictures them as living just as he is living. Have they not many of the marks of life and personality? Trees and plants stand up and apart from their environment; they also appear to eat and drink, and they produce fruit and beget offspring. Stones resist all efforts to move or destroy them: they often seem to move of their own accord, injuring and even killing animals and men.

It would be too much to say that at this low level of thought the doctrine, of soul as distinct from body has been reached, but it very soon is reached.

In his growth to this higher thought, man is guided by his own experience. At a very early period, before there were words to suggest it, he must have come to feet that he is not the body: that, on the contrary, his truer soul controls the body. In other words, soul is differentiated from body. This twofold view of himself is almost unthinkingly applied to other things believed to be living.

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History Of The Tarot Cards

history of the tarot cards

Sooner or later most Witches (not all) look into divination using a deck of Tarot cards.

I would like to mention however that in by gone days, a lot of Witches and Gypsies use to use a plain set of average everyday run of the mill type playing cards for divination purposes, and it may be something for you to look into before out laying a lot of money on a Tarot deck.

History Of The Tarot Cards

Below is a basic list as to what the cards represent:

The four suits represent the four seasons – the four elements – the four
winds – the four directions – the four phases of the Moon.

The two colours represent day and night – male and female – positive and

52 cards represent the 52 weeks in a year.

13 cards in each suit represent each quarter of the year each having 13
weeks. Or can represent the 13 Full Moons of a year.

The 12 court cards represent the 12 months. Or the 12 hours between noon and midnight.

The ace to 10 add up to 55 + jack 11 + queen 12 + king 13 = 91 x 4 suits =
364 + joker 1 = 365 days of a year.

So as you can see there is a lot more to the plain old pack of cards than
meets the eye.

The evidence we do have tells us that around 1440-1550 the Tarot appeared in
Italy. Wealthy and influential patrons commissioned elaborate decks to be
created, often using gold leaf. The cards continued to develop with rich
symbolism and our modern decks of 78 cards became the standard in the later 18th and 19th centuries.

Several secret societies have embraced the Tarot, over the years, as an
oracle and mystical path to enlightenment. Many influential scholars have
drawn parallels that have shown similarities between the Tarot and alchemy
Jungian psychology, Hermetic philosophy, the Cabbala, astrology, and many
other mystery traditions. The cards now are mainly use in spiritual growth
and divination. Also to view a person’s past, present and/or future.

The Tarot deck is separated into two main parts; 22 major arcana cards and
56 minor arcana cards (arcane means hidden or secret). The major arcana
includes all the cards ever yone associates with the tarot, such as the
Devil, the Lovers, and the Magician. They are often numbered with Roman
numerals, from I to XXI. The Fool is left without a number, or is given the
value 0.

The minor arcana is similar to modern playing cards because it contains four
“suits”. These suits are labelled differently in many decks, but are usually
cups, pentacles (disks or coins), swords, and wands (rods or staves). Each
suit has 14 cards, numbered Ace through King. Each suit also includes the
Page and the Knight.

Modern Tarot readers practice and study for years to refine their skills.
Each card has several meanings, and those meanings are affected by the other cards that are drawn from the deck. The interpretation of a group of cards, or a “spread” can be quite complex, but psychics have a distinct advantage of using their powers to determine exactly what the cards are trying to tell you.

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Witch O Chick Script 30

Witch O Chick Script 29

 Here are a few more snippets that might be useful for you below and my Home Page is HERE

Before embarking on any magical operation.

Witch O Chick Script 30

It is always best to perform a divination (a) to diagnose the true nature of the situation, and/or (b) to determine the likelihood of success of the particular magical operation you have decided to employ. There is no point, and indeed no future, in employing a blast of counter magic against some imaginary enemy when in fact a relatively simple amulet

of beneficence may be all that is required. We must know what we are at—hence divination. Now in magic and witchcraft, the operations of divination have always been conducted by means of contact with a power which is symbolized by the astrological symbol of Mercury. The Greeks called this power Hermes, the Egyptians Thoth, the Scandinavians Odin, and the early Anglo-Saxons Woden.

This power has generally been connected with the starry sky, the air, storm winds, and also the crossroads.

Indeed in the voodoo pantheon the power of Mercury is often known at Maitre Carrefour or Master of the Gross-roads. He is the great mediator between the worlds and is also known as Psychopompos or Guide of Souls. The Saxons knew him by the name “Earendel, the Morning Star.”
The witch knows him by the name “Herne.”
Before beginning any divination, it is always important for the witch to bring her deep mind into contact with Mercury; to tune into his waveband if you wish, whether the divination be performed by means of the relatively rudimentary entities governing the rune sticks, or by questioning a highly sophisticated entity such as Vassago in a show stone.
There are several methods of doing this, ranging from simply meditating upon one of the classical magical images of the winged Mercury to the full ceremonial rite of invocation.
As a matter of interest, one of the characteristics of magic squares, which are known to most mathematicians, is that the numbers in each line, vertical or horizontal, add up to the same total. In this case, 260. Now you may well ask what all this has to do with Mercury? Well, you can think of magic squares as being signalling devices, types of psychic telephone numbers to the unseen. The way of using the Square of Mercury before any divination is this:

Take a blank sheet of white paper, and exorcise it with salt water and Mercurial incense.

Having done this, draw a square with sixty-four compartments with your pen and ink of art. Now carefully and deliberately inscribe the numbers in the square as illustrated, in their correct numerical order, 1, 2, 3, and 4, onwards, ending with 64. As you write each number, repeat a short invocation to Mercury of your own devising, such as “Mercury, be propitious to me,” or “Herne, Lord of the Crossroads, Guide of the Dead,” “Earende, the Morning Star” or even a string of his names from various pantheons like, “Mercury— Hermes—Odin—Thoth.” Whichever you prefer.

The only important thing to remember is that the charm should summon up a mental image in your mind, which in some way strikes your fancy and links the work in hand with an idea concerning Mercury, such as wisdom, speed, starlight, the air, a crossroads at night, or even one of the classical images of Mercury. It might be as well to consult a book of mythology at this point to acquaint yourself with some of Mercury’s traditional forms and attributes.

The Law of Rebirth

Witch O Chick Script 30

Each life is an assuming of ancient obligations, a recovery of old relations, an opportunity for the paying of old indebtedness, a chance to make restitution and progress, an awakening of deep-seated qualities, a recognition of old friends and enemies, the solution of revolting injustices and the explanation of that which conditions the man and makes him what he is.
This law, when understood, will do much to solve the problems of sex and marriage. It will create a person who treads more carefully on the path of life.

Concerning Blessed Be

Witch O Chick Script 30

Yes, I would agree that wishing someone to be blessed is very thoughtful, special, cleansing, and positive.

Nevertheless, Traditional Crafters do not use the expression “Blessed Be” because it is not our tradition to do so.
We think a blessing used as a habitually used term reflects misplaced intention. That is because a blessing, if said at all, should be said as a true dedicated blessing said thoughtfully for that specific individual, or a general blessing to those individuals. Such blessings are said with clear intent. But a blessing should never be said habitually as a common everyday greeting. When thus overuse words of a blessing become too ordinary and worn of intent. In other words, it becomes drained of meaning and is said as flippantly as ‘hello’ or ‘good bye’. That is not special, it is mundane.

 Magical Names

We do not use magical names in the Traditional Craft.
Sometimes I use the term “denomination” to be clear to outsiders what I mean by Tradition. Denomination is synonymous with Tradition or Trad. A Trad is usually different than a group, which is usually a semi-informal regular gathering of Trad Crafters. Very few would refer to a group as a coven, which is a term Wiccans and Christians would use. Correctly, it is referred to as a group or some other general term.
Most Traditional Crafters practice solo and most are not group joiners. Of course, some are joiners and there are Traditionalist groups. The archetypal group is typically a private gathering of like-minded friends, often on the Full Moon. Most groups are small and are only passively interested in new members. Most group members do most of their magic at home in private and not necessarily within the group. I believe many groups have a minimal of ritual, perhaps an invocation and some group magic. Another thing in common is that almost all groups are very private and they usually despise publicity. They prefer to operate quietly and out of the spotlight.

I should note that although dedication and initiation are modern practices some groups follow, they are the exception and they are not especially traditional. 

I have heard of several of the older groups, but I cannot comment on any of them.


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