Labyrinth Merlin’s Shack

Labyrinth Merlin’s Shack

Labyrinth Merlin’s Shack

The beginning of the Labyrinth is here within this post. You will never gain access to the labyrinth without the path code words. Start from the labyrinth welcome page and gather the code words as you progress along your path.


Labyrinth Merlin’s Shack

A traveller at my door indeed, I guess you have been sent by the Mistress & keeper of the Labyrinth? My home is humble but you are most welcome to bide your time a little here with me before moving on. People who know me call me Merlin as they seem to think that I know the answer to all things within these woods. Well let me tell you that if you intend to find the Mistress you will need all the help you can get for I have seen the most horrible things hereby.

You will have already met the squealing hag well she is nothing compared to what lays ahead of you should you continue to seek the Mistress.

It is a mystery to me as to why anyone would seek the Mistress? You still have a way to travel before you leave the wood and reach the edge of the walled Labyrinth. But don’t let me dampen your quest for it is said that the palace of the Mistress is rich in many things. She has clear running water for one lol something that we wood dwellers find a luxury… we must boil all our water before we drink it. The Mistress has what she and others call an oracle which sees all and knows all. It is kept within the palace at all time, I personally have not seen this object. I know she must have special powers to know all she does outside of her palace.

Anyway, you will be wanting your code word to continue your journey I guess?

Your next code word is made up of letters spread around the outer wood. To compile the correct code word, you must visit several places and collect certain letters you see on the page and write them down. I will show you how it works: here is the path to click on for your first letter Celtic Tree Calendar so when you visit there the first letter will be C on the page. The next letter to make up your word can be found by clicking on the Herbal Remedies Page 10    you will need the twenty-fourth letter from there. And the next you will need to click on to gather you letter is Wicca Teachings and the twenty-ninth letter from there. So, three letters make up your code word that allows you to move on from this place and even nearer to the Palace.

You will find that the path of the Labyrinth is involved and many have given up never to find the Mistress I do hope that you will not be another to fail. Once you have collected your letters and made your code word click on the correct code word below.

Should you not come by this way again I wish you well and thank you for taking the time to listen to an old man. Remember that the oracle is always watching.

Code Words:






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Birth Stones and wicca

Birth Stones and wicca

Birth Stones and wicca

I do feel that birth stones can play a very important role in the life of wicca

Birth Stones and wicca

Other related traditions I therefore have my own birth stone placed on my altar, I know of other wiccans who have had rings made with their birth stones set in and other forms of jewellery which apart from looking beautiful help to put a more personal touch to their magical workings.

My birth stone happens to be Turquoise giving me the zodiac sign of Sagittarius which leads to success, good fortune, and general wellbeing, below is a list of birth stones for you to peruse at your leisure and hopefully you will consider using your birth stone in your own magical craft workings.

JANUARY – The Garnet (Strength, friendship, prosperity, health and fidelity) it is also a good birth stone to cheer one up. In the Zodiac it is associated with Capricorn, Virgo, Aquarius and Leo, and is also a Fire Stone. Garnets became the official birthstone for January in 1912. Ruling Planet: Saturn. My favourite flower for January is: Snowdrop.

FEBRUARY – Amethyst is said to possess the following qualities, ( tranquillity, spirituality, security). The Amethyst was once considered a talisman to help prevent drunkenness but also has been a symbol of Royalty. Ruling Planet: Saturn and Uranus. My favourite flower for this chilly month is:The Primrose.

MARCH – Aquamarine has been thought to bring (Intelligence, honesty, loyalty, happiness) to the one born of this stone. To recharge and cleanse your Aquamarine birthstone carefully place it in a bowl of water on the night of the Full Moon and sit it on your windowsill in full view of the moon then leave till morning. Astrological Sign: Pisces, Aquarius, Scorpio.
Element: Water. Ruling Planet: Jupiter and Neptune. Favourite flower is: the Daffodil.

APRIL – The Diamond, stone of April, is known as the “fire of love.” Diamonds bring love and protect from evil. They are also thought of as the frozen tears of past princesses. Diamonds were also thought to protect against storms and lightning. Ruling Planet: Mars. Lucky Flower: Honeysuckle.

MAY – Emerald, this month have several stones, the main one being the Emerald, where value depends on the colour and number of flaws? This brilliant green stone reinforces love and creates harmony in the family. Ruling Planet: Venus. Lucky Flower: Rose,

JUNE – Pearl, The Moonstone protects against danger at sea and is thought to bring financial gain and protect against turbulence. Another present day stone for June is the Pearl which is said to preserve modesty, chastity and purity. Is said to be one of the oldest know gemstones.
Ruling Planet: Mercury. My favourite flower for this month is: Honeysuckle.

JULY – The Ruby protects its wearer from fear and financial stress while its strength banishes evil spirits. Ruby is the gemstone for Capricorns and is traditionally given as a gift on the 15th and 40th anniversaries. Ruling Planet: Moon. Lucky Flowers: Wild-flowering plants.

AUGUST – Peridot (also known as the Evening Emerald) This stone of August is the Sardonyx. It is said to create courage and make the most timid brave. A present day addition is the Peridot, a clear, normally green stone of gem quality Olivine. Ruling Planet: Sun. Lucky Flowers: Sunflower, Rosemary and Marigold.

SEPTEMBER – The Blue Sapphire often heals the body of illness and despair. These gemstones are the guardians of innocence, Ruling Planet: Mercury. My personal favourite flower for this month is: Morning Glory.

OCTOBER – The mystical Opal is filled with all the colours of the rainbow. Historically, this stone was considered to cause disaster to those who wore it; but today it is said to bring only good fortune and happiness. The Tourmaline was added to the list in more current times. The opal brings success, happiness and beauty to the wearer. Ruling Planet: Venus. My favourite flower for this month is: Calendula.

NOVEMBER – Topaz symbolizes good fortune and longevity. It has been said over the ages to cure many diseases. Citrine, a transparent yellow quartz gem many of the best of which come from Brazil, is a current day birthstone for this month. Topaz is believed to give increased strength. Ruling Planet: Jupiter. Favourite flower for this month is: Chrysanthemum.birth stones

DECEMBER – Turquoise this stone was believed to be ward off bad luck to those that wore it. A present day addition is the Zircon, who’s naturally found brown clear crystals are heated to turn into the beautiful blue gemstone. Turquoise rings are given to another symbolizing the ultimate forget-me-not gift. Ruling Planet: Saturn. My favoured flowers for this cold month are: Narcissus, Holly.

It is said that to sleep while wearing your birth stone either set in a ring or hanging pendant can allow the wearer to pick up vibrations and help with deeper levels of consciousness.

As a matter of interest you may wish to collect the flower of your birthstone to place on your altar, dry it press it and place in a frame covered with glass to be displayed all year round to keep you more in touch with nature as do I.

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Samhain divination’s to try

samhain divinations

samhain divinations

Samhain divination’s to try and place in your book of shadows maybe

Samhain was a significant time for divination, perhaps even more so than May or Midsummer’s Eve, because this was the chief of the three Spirit Nights.

Samhain divination's to try

Divination customs and games frequently featured apples and nuts from the recent harvest, and candles played an important part in adding atmosphere to the mysteries.

In Scotland, a child born at Samhain was said to be gifted with an dà shealladh, “The Two Sights” commonly known as “second sight,” or clairvoyance.

Apple Magic

At the heart of the Celtic Otherworld grows an apple tree whose fruit has magical properties. Old sagas tell of heroes crossing the western sea to find this wondrous country, known in Ireland as Emhain Abhlach, (Evan Avlach) and in Britain, Avalon. At Samhain, the apple harvest is in, and old hearthside games, such as apple-bobbing, called apple-dookin’ in Scotland, reflect the journey across water to obtain the magic apple.

Dookin’ for Apples

Place a large tub, preferably wooden, on the floor, and half fill it with water. Tumble in plenty of apples, and have one person stir them around vigorously with a long wooden spoon or rod of hazel, ash or any other sacred tree.

Each player takes their turn kneeling on the floor, trying to capture the apples with their teeth as they go bobbing around. Each gets three tries before the next person has a go. Best to wear old clothes for this one, and have a roaring fire nearby so you can dry off while eating your prize!
If you do manage to capture an apple, you might want to keep it for a divination ritual, such as this one:

The Apple and the Mirror

Before the stroke of midnight, sit in front of a mirror in a room lit only by one candle or the moon. Go into the silence, and ask a question. Cut the apple into nine pieces. With your back to the mirror, eat eight of the pieces and then throw the ninth over your left shoulder. Turn your head to look over the same shoulder, and you will see and in image or symbol in the mirror that will tell you your answer.

(When you look in the mirror, let your focus go “soft,” and allow the patterns made by the moon or candlelight and shadows to suggest forms, symbols and other dreamlike images that speak to your intuition.)

Dreaming Stones

Samhain divination's to try

Go to a boundary stream and with closed eyes, take from the water three stones between middle finger and thumb, saying these words as each is gathered: samhain divinations .

I will lift the stone
As Mary lifted it for her Son,
For substance, virtue, and strength;
May this stone be in my hand
Till I reach my journey’s end.

(Scots Gaelic)
Togaidh mise chlach,
Mar a thog Moire DA Mac,
Air bhrìgh, air bhuaidh, ‘s air neart;
Gun robh a chlachsa am dhòrn,
Gus an ruig MI MO cheann uidhe.

Carry them home carefully and place them under your pillow. That night, ask for a dream that will give you guidance or a solution to a problem, and the stones will bring it for you.



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Witchcraft Starter

Witchcraft Starter

Witchcraft Starter

Witchcraft Starter, by Allyson

Merry Meet
Many young people at times just don’t know where to start in the ways of the craft; I know that I found it difficult at first, what with all the different rituals, seasons and so on.

Firstly you must ask yourself as to why you wish to study the craft and basically become involved in witchcraft.

Ask yourself; Is it to impress your friends, to follow in the footsteps of Harry Potter, or a genuine desire to become a follower of the earth based religion of Wicca.
Wicca and other earth based religions can seem to say at the very least
overwhelming to the point of frustration for any beginner so I thought I would put a post-up on this website to hopefully point you in the right direction.

I remember starting my spiritual journey one afternoon while preparing for a sleep over with a friend.

My friend had all the craft tools you could think of making this new world I had entered into very mysterious and at the time and way out of my understanding. She would sit in a chalked circle saying magickal words with incense burning chanting and waving her arms around calling the quarters completely into it. I would sit there wide eyed and envy her full of enthusiasm and a longing to know what she had learned.

She was learning much from her mother who apparently was taught the ways of the craft from her mother. I asked her point blank if her mother would teach me the ways of the craft and she replied you have to study books and look on the internet to start with. I sat there wondering where to start this new found way of life till my friend passed me a book saying here is a start for you. The book was by Raymond Buckland, and I quickly started reading as much as I could which lead me to a little investigating work on the internet when I got home. So if it had not been for the sleep over with my friend I probably would never have got into Wicca in the first place. Some say Wicca will find you well I do believe this to be true.

So for anyone wanting to start learning the craft grab the nearest book on witchcraft that you can find, or find someone who is prepared to show you the way.

I am now coming to my year and a day of study in witchcraft and it has and still is an incredible journey, I would recommend it to anyone who wishes to live by the law which is: An Harm Ye None.
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The Druids

the Druids

the Druids

The Druids, by author unknown to me

Unfortunately for the druids the most we know about them comes from their enemies rather than from records or documents they may have left.

This may change with archaeological evidence that may be found in Europe.
In the discussion that will follow, it is my hope that I can provide a debrabation of the evolutionary phases that Druids went through to get to where they are today.

According to Miranda Green there are three distinct phases that the Druids went through to arrive here today.

the Druids

The first phase is that of the ancient Druids of which we know through the classical writers, the archaeological finds, through myths and linguistic evidence.
The second phase was the resurrection of what is thought of as “Druids” between the sixteenth and nineteenth centuries.
The third phase comes with the Druids of today and what they see as Druidism.

So who were the Ancient Druids and what was their role in the Celtic society?
Like the Celts it is difficult to know directly about the Druids so we have to rely on two sources, the first is the classical writers and the second is archaeology. The first source can be divided into three groups.
The first group is the Greeks who were not under Roman employment who reported about the Druids in a somewhat unbiased way.
The second group is the writers who were anti-druid and the third group is the pro-druid writers.
I believe that from each of these groups you can get elements of who and what the Druids were. Archaeological finds also give us some ideas about a priesthood at least and some evidence about the college on Anglesey.

As it was with the Celts; the first to record anything about the Druids were the Greeks and that happened around the second century BC. The name they recorded was Druidae. “The classical texts referred to Druids only in Gaul and Britain.” This is a quote confirmed by Miranda Green in her book The World of the Druids.
So how did the classical writers view the Druids? The classical writers themselves disagree on how they view the Druids but they also agree on some points. The Druids are described by the different writers as priests, teachers, thinkers, doctors, arbitrators, judges, and magicians.
The classical writers also tell us that the Celtic religion and politics are closely linked together, and what linked them were the Druids. “For some, the Druids were savages, uncouth barbarians who had to be eradicated, but for others, the Druids were worthy of respect as intellectuals and high-minded philosophers.”

“The archaeology of ancient religious officials can take a number of forms: sacred sites may yield some clues; the evidence of ritual behaviour, such as offering of gifts to the gods; and the rare survival of liturgical regalia, such as headdresses, scepters and the insignia of religious office.” So obviously there is archaeological evidence of at least priesthood in the regions thought to be occupied by the Celts.
Some of these archaeological finds seem to corroborate the evidence presented by the classical writers.
For example, at the site of the River Loire at Neuvy-en-Sullias in France, a statue of what is thought to be a Druid holding what some scholars think is the “Druid’s Egg” mentioned by Pliny in his Natural History.
This statue dates back to the mid-first century BC.
A few cave drawings in Pfalzfeld, Hiedelberg and at Schwarzenbach in Germany depict men in headdresses of mistletoe, pairing that with Pliny’s statement that the mistletoe was sacred to the Druids; it could be possible that the men in the drawings were Druids.
Some of these drawings date back to the fifth and fourth centuries BC.
I have to say that it is difficult to present more of the evidence found in Miranda Greens book without writing it all in this discussion.

I think it is important to talk about the beliefs of the Celts as a whole and the Druids.
“People living in Celtic communities, wishing to propitiate or give thanks to the gods, presented them with gifts: food, drink or material possessions, such as jewellery, coins or weapons.” So the Celts believed in offerings to the gods.
The Celts were taught by the Druids that the soul did not die but rather lived on in the Otherworld and when it dies there it lives on in ours.
This belief is evident in the way they buried their dead with some of their possessions with them. The Druids and Celts also believed in sacrifice; be that human or animal, there are evidence to both kinds, in classical texts and some archaeological finds like some bog victims. However, the evidence is not completely conclusive.

One question that had always intrigued me was; were there female Druids.
There does not seem to be conclusive archaeological evidence to that effect even though some classical writers do mention them like Tacitus and others even go as far as calling them Druidesses. Another place they are mentioned is in the vernacular myths of Ireland.

As Christianity came it pretty much destroyed and at the same time preserved the Druids. Christianity took over Druidism and the Romans tried to eradicate it. Ironically though, it was the Christian monks who saved a lot of the Celtic myths and legends by committing them to writing, granted by putting some Christian spin on them.

The second phase that the Druids went through is the resurrection phase.
This took place between the sixteenth and nineteenth centuries AD. This resurrection took place largely because of two factors. The first is the rediscovery of the classical texts and their distribution and the second is national pride. In France and Germany the Druids and the Celtic past symbolized the glorious past and in Ireland and Whales it was an escape from all the turmoil in politics and economy. Suddenly it was hip to be Celtic.
This resurrection was a bit misguided since they did not have the scientific means to back their ideas. It was also at this time that the great megalithic monuments like Stonehenge were linked to the Druids.
The Druids were either viewed idealistically or as barbarians and a lot of misconceptions about them were born during that time. We are still struggling with these misconceptions today. Some of the Druidic orders of today came into being during that time.

The third phase that Miranda Green talks about in her book is the Druids of today. “Modern Druids have a firm belief in there being genuine links between past and present. Many see themselves as successors to the original Druids of Caesar’s time, and they are drawn to archaeological monuments because they were sacred to their ancestors and are still regarded as holy places.”

In my opinion Modern Druids are struggling to find out who they are.
They are looking to the past for who they were and unlike their predecessors who tried to resurrect Druid and Celtic beliefs in the sixteenth to nineteenth centuries they have the benefit of science and archaeological discoveries to guide them and give them an idea. However, they are also trying to fit what they know into what is acceptable to them today.
There are many Druid organizations around today each with their own teachings and ideas of what Druidism is. Some claim to be descendants of Caesar’s Druids while others claim to be descendants of the movements of the sixteenth to nineteenth centuries. Others still hope to be able to do it the “RIGHT” way without claiming to be descendants of anybody.
Either way it is difficult without having a full picture of the past Druid to form a correct picture of present Druid, but that does not mean we can’t try!


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