When ghosts appear to speak, the voice is almost always anastigmatic, that is, the ghost seer produces the words himself, in a state of ecstatic unconsciousness, and probably by a kind of instinctive ventriloquism.

To these phenomena of sight and hearing we add, thirdly, the occasional violent moving about of heavy substances. Furniture seems to change its place, ponderous objects disappear entirely, or the whole surrounding scene assumes a new order and arrangement. These phenomena, as far as they really exist, must be ascribed to higher, as yet unexplained powers, and suggest the view entertained by many writers on the subject, that disembodied spirits, as they are freed from the mechanical laws of nature, possess also the power to suspend them in everything with which they come in contact.

The last feature in ghost-seeing, which is essential, is the cold shudder, the ineffable dread, which falls upon poor mortal man, at the moment when he is brought into contact with an unknown world. Already Job said: “Fear came upon me and trembling, which caused my bones to shake. Then a spirit passed before my face; the hair of my flesh stood up” (iv. 14, 15).

This sense of vague, and yet almost intolerable dread, resembles the agony of the dying man; it is perfectly natural, since the seeing of ghosts, that is, of disembodied spirits, can only become possible by the more or less complete suspension of the ordinary life in the flesh. For a moment, all bodily functions are suspended, the activity of the brain ceases, and consciousness itself is lost as in a fit of fainting. This rarely happens without a brief instinctive struggle, and the final victory of an unseen and unknown power, which deprives the mind of its habitual mastery over the body, is necessarily accompanied by intense pain and overwhelming anguish.

Well-authenticated cases of the appearance of spirits of departed persons are mentioned in the earliest writings. The truth, which lies at the bottom of all such appearances, is probably, that ghostly disturbances are uniformly the acts of men, but of men who have ceased for a time to be free agents, and who have, for reasons to be explained presently, acquired exceptional powers.

In our own day superstition and wanton, or cunningly devised, imposture have been so largely mixed up with the subject, that a strong and very natural prejudice has gradually grown up against the belief in ghosts. Every strange appearance, every mysterious coincidence, that escaped the most superficial investigation, was forthwith called a ghost. Historical ghosts play, nevertheless, a prominent part in all countries. The fancy that murdered persons reappear in some shape after death for the purpose of wreaking their vengeance upon their enemies, is very common among all nations, and has often been vividly embodied in legends and ballads.

There have been numerous accounts of will-o’-the-wisps and ghostly lights seen in graveyards; the frightened beholder is nearly always laughed at or heartily abused, and more than one poor child has fallen a victim to the absurd theory of “curing it of foolish fears.” Light does appear occasionally above grave yards, and that there is something more than mere idle superstition in the “corpse-candles” of the Welsh and in the “elf-candles” of the Scotch, which are seen, with foreboding weight, in the house of sickness, betokening near dissolution. At the same time, it is well known that living persons also have, under certain circumstances, given out light, and especially from their head.

The same luminosity is, finally, perceived at times in graveyards, and would, no doubt, have led to careful investigation more frequently, if observers had not so often been suspected of superstitious apprehensions.

Cases in which deceased persons have made themselves known to survivors, or have produced, by some as yet unexplained agency, an impression upon them through other senses than the sight, are very rare. Occasionally, however, the hearing is thus affected, and sweet music is heard, in token, as it were, of the continued intercourse between the dead and the living. There are finally certain phenomena belonging to this part of magic, which have been very generally attributed to an agency in which natural forces and supernatural beings held a nearly equal share. They suggest the interesting but difficult question, whether visions and ecstasy can extend to large numbers of men at once? And yet without some such supposition the armies in the clouds, the wild huntsman of the Ardennes, and like appearances cannot well be explained. Here also no little weight must be attached to ancient superstitions which have become, as it were, a part of a nation’s faith.

If you ask me the question “do I believe in ghosts” I would say yes indeed I do based on my many years of studying the subject.

There is more to this life than just flesh and bone in my opinion and to close our mind to this fact is somewhat foolish. It is also my opinion that there are more workings of heaven and earth than we yet or ever will be aware of and should never be afraid of the unknown. Better I feel to be of the frame of mind that we are never alone on this earth and to expect the unexpected in all shapes and forms that may develop.


Thought for the day


Thought is the creative power in the universe. Thought-germs grow in the mind as the seeds of plants grow in the soil of the earth.


Thank you for visiting our website may good spirits be with you.

Hand fasting Ritual 2

Hand fasting Ritual 2

Hand fasting Ritual 2

Cast Circle

HPS: (opens doorway with staff, place staff across threshold of door)
There are two who would be joined together as one.
Let them enter into this place of love and begin their union together.

(Bride and Groom enter and stand in centre of circle)

HPS:(to others outside of the circle) The gate stands open to the temple of love. There is no challenge, for all are welcome here, who enter with joy and love for this sacred union.

(any who enter are anointed with Celtic cross and told:) blessing be upon you!

HP: (At the Eastern Watchtower) Hear me Raphael (may be replaced with the name of any air deity),
Lord of air- you who rules over the realms of birth and new beginnings.
We call thee forth to witness our rite, and guard this circle with your love and light!

(At South) Hear me Michael (or other Fire deity),
Lord of fire- you who shines so brightly over our lives, filling them with the love that is yours, so that it may shine forth from within.
We call thee forth to witness our rite, and to guard this circle with your love and light!

HPS: (West) Hear me Gabriel (or other Water deity),
Lady of water- you who reigns over all endings, that which without, there could be no beginning. We call thee forth to witness our rite, and guard this circle with your love and light.

(North) Hear me Ariel, (or other Earth deity)
Lady of earth- you who are the body and mystery, from which all life begins.
We call thee forth to witness our rite, and guard this circle with your love and light.

(HPS- light Lady Candle HP- Light Lord Candle)

Both: (HPS) Gracious Goddess (HP) Mighty Lord (together)
Give to these before us, we do ask; your love and protection from all that would try to harm their union.
Blessed be!

(handmaiden and summoner bring forth Bride and Groom from centre of circle and place her before priestess and him before priest)



HPS: Is it your wish, (Bride’s name), to become one with this man in the bond of hand fasting?

Bride: It is.

HP: Is it your wish, (Groom’s name), to become one with this woman in the bond of hand fasting?

Groom: it is.

HP: Air, Be with us here, oh beings of air, With your clever fingers, tie closely the bonds between this pair.

Fire, be with us here, oh beings of fire, Give their love and passion, your all-consuming ardour.

HPS: Water, Be with us here, oh beings of water. Give them the deepest of love, and richness of body and soul and spirit.

Earth, Be with us here, oh beings of earth. Let your strength and consistency be theirs throughout this union for this life time.

(Priestess places Brides ring on wand and holds end in left hand. Priest places Grooms ring on wand and holds end in right hand. present wand to couple)

HP: place your right hands on this wand, his hand over hers. (pause while do so) Above you are the stars, below you the stones, as time does pass remember…… like a star, should your love be constant, like a stone, should your love be firm

HPS: Be close, yet not too close. possess one another, yet be understanding. have patience, each with the other, for storms will come, yet also will they pass. Be free in giving of affection and warmth. make love often, and be sensuous with each other.

HP: Have no fear, and let not the words of the unenlightened give you unease, for the God and Goddess are with you and have blessed this union with their love and presence.

HPS: Take now your rings and place them on each other’s hand. remembering as you do so, that they include a small portion of this circle to remind you always of your love for each other and your union that is made here today.

(*couple may choose to exchange vows they have written to each other*)

(remove rings and give to couple, who then place them on each other’s fingers.)

HPS: As you have chosen to mingle your lives, so now do you mingle your love…. the two becoming as one.

(HP hands her the ribbons and they are bound to each other in this manner)

HP: Then as the Lord and Lady and all the ancient and mighty ones are witness to this rite, thus are thy hands fasted, the two are one, the work of joy is done, and yet…. just begun.

(Priestess and Priest take broom to centre of circle, while Maiden and Summoner direct /lead couple to centre in front of broom. Priestess holds bushy end of broom and priest holds handle end, keeping broom about a foot above the ground.)

(Couple jump the broom) (priestess takes broom and sweeps away all negativity and traces of their past life apart from around and behind them, out the door of the circle)

(couple picks up their own tapers and light from power candle, then together, light their single candle)

HPS: The candle of life is lit…..

HP: Likewise, the candle of the soul…

BOTH: Together, they combine to form the eternal light of love.

HPS: May the lord and lady recognize the bonds drawn between this couple by
their own strength of love and will. let the ties between them be strong, yet supple and let none strive to break this bond that they have set forth in the presence of the Lord and lady for this lifetime.

HP: Let those of you here with this pair, lend your love and light to their union.

BOTH: I now declare thee…husband and wife! blessed be!

(HPS and HP pick up cup for the inside of circle, Maiden and Summoner hold cup for outside of circle and Bride and Groom hold their own cup. Maiden and Summoner need not kiss to charge wine)

HPS: And the goddess said, these be the five points of fellowship.

: foot to foot

: knee to knee

: lance to grail

: heart to heart

: lip to lip

: joined together, they bring blessedness.

(Bride and Groom kiss to charge cup)

HPS: Let us drink from the loving cup and the joy of this union.

(Bride and Groom drink from their cup, pass all other chalices)

HP: From spirit we come, and to spirit we go, from their union, the power of love will flow.

HPS: The winds of reason will stir the air, and temper their quarrels with respectful care.

HP: Their bond is forged upon the fire and love will fill their hearts with steady desire.

HPS: The waters of understanding will fill them up and they will drink together from wisdom’s cup.

HP: The earth in her glory will smile upon this pair health, harmony and happiness will be theirs to share.

Both: For what goes around, returns again, to those who love. For the spirit of union reflects the pattern above.

HPS: As these two hearts have combined like the flame of their candles, made strong by love. May the light of their love become a beacon by which they may always find one another. These children of the gods have lit a candle in the darkness of the world. May it always burn with a steady light and if it should flicker or threaten to go out, may both raise a hand to guard and shield it. For the candle of their love may well assist other travellers on the road of life. So Mote It Be. Blessed Be.

Both: Circles ripple out to forever echo and perform the act of magick with which you are charged. so mote it be!

(As couple leaves, HP and HPS silently and quickly dismiss lord and lady and watchtowers).


Thought for the day


At the core of a creative individual’s creation is the question of what and why is man and, beyond which, its answer: ultimately, the creator and to be the creator.


Thank you for visiting our website may good spirits be with you.

Witch Dreamfire – Tip Bits 1

Witch Dreamfire – Tip Bits 1

Witch Dreamfire – Tip Bits 1

Divining by pancake batter.

Witch Dreamfire – Tip Bits 1
Some Sunday morning when the family is gathered round, have each member try this:

Scoop some pancake batter in a ladle and, with your eyes closed, drizzle it onto the pan.
Then see what shape it forms (rather like seeing pictures in clouds or tea leaves).
Children are especially good at this.
Of course, afterward, everybody must eat his or her fortune!

Drum Song

Witch Dreamfire – Tip Bits 1

“The Little Drummer Boy”

Sun, they told me, Pa-rum-pa-pum-pum
Would rise again someday, Pa-rum-pa-pum-pum
Her finest gifts She brings, Pa-rum-pa-pum-pum
Sustain us to the spring, Pa-rum-pa-pum-pum
Prrum-pa-pum-pum, Prrum-pa-pum-pum
We will honour Her, Pa-rum-pa-pum-pum
When she comes.

Winter Solsitce, Pa-rum-pa-pum-pum
We come to celebrate, Pa-rum-pa-pum-pum
You have a flame to bring, Pa-rum-pa-pum-pum
A source of warmth ’til spring, Pa-rum-pa-pum-pum
Prrum-pa-pum-pum, Prrum-pa-pum-pum
We will honour you, Pa-rum-pa-pum-pum
With our drum.

May we meet again, Pa-rum-pa-pum-pum
May hand and drum keep time, Pa-rum-pa-pum-pum
We play our drum for You, Pa-rum-pa-pum-pum
We play our best for You, Pa-rum-pa-pum-pum
Prrum-pa-pum-pum, Prrum-pa-pum-pum
May You smile on us, Pa-rum-pa-pum-pum
Eternally drum.

Domino Divination.

Witch Dreamfire – Tip Bits 1

In Santeria dominoes are used as a simple form of divination. You shouldn’t consult the dominoes on a Monday or a Friday and don’t do it more than once a month. Put the dominoes face down on a mat or table and give them a good mix. Then pick a domino and compare it to the list below. Then put it back with the others, give it a mix again. If the same domino comes up 3 times it’s confirmation.


Double blank – Heartbreak & treachery.
1/blank – Misfortune.
1/1- Happiness in business & love
2/blank – Travel.
2/1 – Robbery.
2/2 – Success in business.
3/blank – A fight.
3/1 – Scandal.
3/2 – Marriage.
3/3 – Money arrives.
4/blank – Broken heart.
4/1 – Economic security.
4/2 – Job changes.
4/3 – Married woman.
4/4 – Help from friends.
5/blank – Suffering
5/1 – An addition to the family.
5/2 – Obstacles.
5/3 – Peace.
5/4 – Avoid financial investments.
5/5 – Love.
6/blank – Two marriages.
6/1 – Arguments.
6/2 – Recovery.
6/3 – Security.
6/4 – Overcome obstacles.
6/5 – Perseverance.
6/6 – Learn about Santeria.

Dice Divination

Witch Dreamfire – Tip Bits 1

Clear your mind. Then think of the question. Spin the dice (or die).
The number will correspond to an answer.
1 Yes
2 No
3 Take Care
4 Be Wise
5 Good Luck
6 Of Course
7 Have Faith
8 Be Patient
9 Certainly
10 Doubtful
11 Nonsense
12 A Chance

Imbolc Purification Candle Oil Recipe

• 1/8 cup olive oil
• 3 drops juniper oil
• 2 drops eucalyptus oil
• 1 drop pine oil
1. Mix all ingredients together in a glass jar and use to anoint candles.
2. Store any remaining oil in refrigerator.


Thought for the day

The higher we rise in the scale of life on the physical plane, the smaller grows the possibility of enduring isolation.


Thank you for visiting our website may your God or Goddess be with you.

Pagan Wiseknight – Candle Burning Tips

Pagan Wiseknight – Candle Burning Tips

Pagan Wiseknight – Candle Burning Tips

If you have any experience with candles, you will know of those that smoke or tunnel and drown. This is not because you have purchased cheap candles.

Pagan Wiseknight – Candle Burning Tips

What I mean by that is that it smokes, tunnels, or the wick drowns in its own wax. All of these scenarios can be avoided by properly burning your candle and maintaining them between burns.

A candle that smokes would be the problem we would tackle first. With all the different types of ingredients, all candles differ by a great deal. They all have different waxes, wicks, additives, dyes and colorants, and fragrances (natural and synthetic). Each concoction would make a different type of candle. Despite what you have heard, all candles will smoke if not maintained properly, yes even the popular natural soy candles or white unscented candles.

Black soot cannot be a problem if you cut the wick before each burn with a wick trimmer.

Cut your wick to a quarter of an inch before you light it, and do this every time. Try using a wick trimmer to cut your wicks. Keeping the wick short will keep the yellow part of the flame above the wick and thus no smoke as all of the gas released from the candle will be completely burned up.

Carbon has an immediate connection to the length of the wick. This will prompt what we call mushroom stores on the wick and a dark jug. The best way to keep this is to keep your wick slice short to a fourth of an inch. You will find that your candles won’t smoke to such an extent, and your jugs will be clear.
Second, burrowing and suffocating. Burrowing and suffocating happens when you consume your light in many brief periods at once. The edge wax never dissolves while the inside melts and is spent. Abundance wax will suffocate the wick.
This can be forestalled by essentially consuming your soy wax candles for no less than 4 hours now and again. Permit the wax to soften the distance to the edges of the container and everything will level out.
A spread blade or spoon will be the apparatuses that you will require in the event that you as of now have this issue. Uncover the greater part of the overabundance wax around the wick leaving a quarter inch of wick left. In the event that you keep to the directions over, the odds of it occurrence again is thin.

Utilize these simple and basic strides to ensure you have an awesome light affair inevitably. An appropriately kept up light will amplify its life and enhance the air nature of your home.

Candle Magick: A Basic Guide

Pagan Wiseknight – Candle Burning Tips
Research your spell – colours, herbs, gems, moon and astrological phases.
Create a visualization for your intent, a symbol, maybe a rune? Light incense
and cast your sacred circle. Invoke the deities needed for your work. Relax,
ground and center. Now you need to purify the candle. Pick it up and anoint
with blessed olive oil or rub with salt and say:

Creature of wax
Be clean and pure.
On this night
I bless this candle

Using your athame or the sharp end of a quartz gem, carve into the candle
your desire (a symbol or just write what you need). Be specific! Verbally
affirm it. Next, rub the candle with the appropriate essential oil for your needs,
while visualizing your goal. If you are drawing energies towards you, rub
the oil from the top to the base towards you. If you are banishing, rub away
from you. Place the candle in the holder. To add extra herb power to your spell,
sprinkle the right herb for your need around the base of the holder,
clockwise (deosil). Place any gemstones needed at the foot of the holder. Once
again, focus on your goal and place your hands on either side of the candle.
Imagine your goal forming into a silver orb, full of your intent, in between your
hands. Release it into the candle! Now light the wick and say something like:

With this fire
I light my desire
Earth mother bless this, my intent
And bring it to be
With harm to none and help to thee
Tis my will
So shall it be!

Leave the candle to burn for a minimum of 20 minutes. Some spells may require you to regularly burn the candle — every night — until it has burnt down.
It is done!
WHITE: Purity, peace, spirituality, a substitute for any other colour.
RED: Health, energy, strength, courage, sexuality.
PINK: Love, romance, affection, friendships.
YELLOW: Intellect, creative imagination, memory, communication, mental
GREEN: Luck, abundance, fertility, harmony.
BLUE: Healing, truth, inspiration, wisdom, occult power, psychic protection,
health, understanding.
PURPLE: Financial affairs, psychic ability, idealism, spiritual power.
GOLD: Attracts positive influences, career, justice, male energies.
SILVER: Astral energies, clairvoyance, far memory, past lives, female
ORANGE: Property, justice, selling, general success.
BROWN: Animals, earth magick, saving money.
BLACK: Binding, releasing, breaking negative energies.


Thought for the day

The irrational forms produced by nature are perfect expressions of the principles they are intended to represent; rational beings only are the dissemblers.


Thank you for visiting our website may your God or Goddess be with you.

Witch Dalorice – Spells 1

Witch Dalorice – Spells 1

Witch Dalorice – Spells 1


Witch Dalorice – Spells 1

Take a bolt of hair from your significant other or companion and tie a pink strip around it.

Light three pink candles and after that place the hair in an emptied-out apple alongside a squeeze of ground cinnamon, 7 flower petals and your very own bolt hair tied with a white lace.

Go the apple through the fire of each light while picturing yourself and your sweetheart.

Wrap the apple in a bit of white fabric, then cover it under the window where you rest.

This will help reinforce the current bond between you.


Witch Dalorice – Spells 1

Fixings Needed:

Scent/Cologne or pheromone aroma or oil

Ground rosemary

Ground mug wort

Stand in secret where your adoration lives or will be and blow powders, don’t wipe off from your hands-include fragrance/cologne and rub your hands to create warmth and include more powders then blow and say:

“Meandering wind convey my spell, make ________ cherish me well, Herbs and aroma make ______ mind see me, make his/her affection swing to me”.

Wear this scent at whatever point you will be close them.


Witch Dalorice – Spells 1

To make somebody long for you

Would you ever like to get a critical message through to somebody, yet you simply don’t know how to isn’t that right?

Here is your main event:

1. Decide absolutely what it is you need them to listen, or maybe feel. Record your desire on a bit of paper in straightforward sentence shape.

2. Make a fantasy cushion utilizing a little square of texture and a touch of batting. Toss when there’s no other option of lavender and rosemary. Put in the bit of paper last, then sew up the end.

3. Put the fantasy cushion on your sacrificial table. Do a sacrificial stone commitment to focus yourself, then make holy space. Thrown a circle and call the quarters on the off chance that you like, however is isn’t important.

4. Focus yourself, then hold your hands over the fantasy cushion and say the accompanying:

Blessed Mother, Goddess Divine,

I remain before your holy place of worship.

This individual won’t tune in or listen

My words tickle at stunned ear.

Sacred Mother, Goddess Divine,

Send a fantasy, stir the brain.

Through his/her vision he/she lives

The bad dream/energy/lesson he/she so openly gives.

Sacred Mother, Goddess Divine

Send them your charmed outline

Get out the webs, tear down dividers

Help my message through soul calls.

Don’t hesitate to change the spell to suit your motivation.


Witch Dalorice – Spells 1

This is a straightforward and simple Love Spell that takes no time by any means. You needn’t bother with a great deal of fixings and they won’t be difficult to chase down. This spell will make you a great deal more attractive to the inverse sex and is certain to raise your certainty.


1 pink light

1 container of 100% Virgin Olive oil

Something to light the flame


Assume the light and position it on a table or your sacrificial table. Presently take the olive oil and rub on to the light beginning in the centre and going up, then beginning in the centre going down. While decontaminating the light with the oil, you need to revive the flame with adoration and craving, so envision love and channel all your feeling into the candle. After the oil is done, take a blade and cut what it is you need into the light.

Illustration: I Wish For “John/Jane Doe” to love me

After got done with writing in the candle, just light it and focus on adoration and toss however much feeling (love) into the fire of the flame as could reasonably be expected, you may even need to include words if you wish. Sit and do this until the flame has worn out. Ensure you are agreeable and won’t be disturbed. The more you feel attractive, the more this spell will work for you! Once the light has worn out, the spell is done.


Witch Dalorice – Spells 1

Sprinkle liquorice herb over your mate or mate’s impressions. Put a modest bunch of marigolds or rosemary in, under or around the bed where your beau or life partner dozes. Or, on the other hand add cumin to the sustenance you both expend.

Another spell to keep your partner loyal is:

Set up a little drawstring pocket in a dull shading. Fill it with liquorice herb, dried and ground unicorn root, a modest bunch of marigolds, new rosemary and dried cumin. Put the pack under your significant other’s side of your love nest and he will stay loyal.


Thought for the day

An emotion suppressed and forced back on itself may become diseased and its direction perverted. A love which is neither transformed nor fulfilled, but harboured in the heart, creates phantoms and hallucinations just as stagnant water develops animal life.


Thank you for visiting our website may your God or Goddess be with you.