Superstitions Weather Signs 5

Superstitions Weather Signs 5

One aspect of our world that holds most wonder is the weather as it can be so cruel yet so kind. Here are a few more superstitions regarding the weather that you may like to know.

Superstitions Weather Signs 5

If a grasshopper is seen dancing, there will be rain within three days.

When guineas cry in the afternoon, there will be rain later.

When your hair curls, you may expect rain.

If a hog looks toward the north, cold weather may be expected.

There will be cold weather when hogs begin to build their beds.

If a hog’s liver points towards its head with the little end, the first part of the winter will be warm and the second part cold.

If a hog’s liver points towards its head with the large end, the first part of the winter will be cold and the second part warm.

When hogs are killed in the winter, if the large end of the hog’s spleen is behind, most of the winter is over.

When hogs are killed in the winter, if the large end of the hog’s spleen is in front, the hardest part of the winter is yet to come.

The squealing of pigs foretells cold weather.

The loud sound of horses’ hooves shows that rain is near.

“Horses’ tails and fishes’ scales
Make sailors spread their sails.”

If a hornet builds his nest low, there will be a cold winter.

If the hornet’s nest is high, the winter will be mild.

Rapidly increasing moisture after a period of low humidity is a strong indication of approaching rain, but by no means a sure one.

Superstitions Weather Signs 5

Except as a sign of more rain during an intermission in a rainstorm, high humidity is not usually a forerunner of rain, unless the rain is about to begin.

There is generally a decrease of relative humidity before rain.

As a rule, humidity cannot be depended upon as an indicator of rain.

If you see an insect carrying material for its bed, there will be cold weather.

Ninety days, or three months, after the first katydid is heard, there will be frost.

If a lamp flickers continually, there will be rain.

Lightning in the north means rain within twenty- four hours.

Lightning in the north is a sign of dry weather.

If you see lightning in the northwest, it will rain within forty-eight hours.

If there is lightning in the east, one may look for dry weather.

Lightning in the south means dry weather.

When you see a flash of lightning, count as fast as you can until it thunders. The number will show how many miles away the lightning has struck.

If locusts are noisy, dry weather will follow.

If locust blooms are heavy, expect a cool summer.

If everything is eaten at a meal, the weather will be clear the next day.

Superstitions Weather Signs 5

There will be rain if mice cry loudly at night.

When the thick part of milk rises to the top, there will be rain.

If the rain gets thick and heavy, almost like mist the weather will turn cold.

The presence of a great quantity of mistletoe in the fall indicates that a severe winter will follow.

An abundance of wild fruits in the fall is a sign of a cold winter.

When the new moon stands on end, it is generally thought that the weather during the following month will be dry.

When the new moon lies on its back, that is, when the horns extend upward, it is generally thought that the following month will be dry, for the moon will hold water. Some believe, however, that such a moon betokens wet weather.

When a new moon lies sufficiently on its side to allow an Indian’s powder horn to be hung on the point, the moon will be a dry one.

A ring around the moon with a star in it brings clear weather.

“Circle around the moon, rain soon;
Circle around the sun, rain none.”

When the moon has a ring around it, there will be as many rainy days that week as there are stars in the ring.

A ring around the moon is a sign of rain or bad weather, which will begin in as many days as there are stars enclosed in the circle.

The number of rings around the moon shows how many days there will be before the rain.

A circle around the moon with two stars in it is a sign that it will rain in two days.

If there are seven stars in a circle around the moon, there will be rain for seven hours.

The presence of two rings around the full moon brings snow within twenty-four hours.

If the moon changes in the morning, there will be rain.

If the moon changes in the afternoon or evening, there will not be rain.

A ring around the moon is a sign of cold weather.


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