Superstitions love & marriage 5

Superstitions love & marriage 5

As a great poet once said Love is a many splendid thing, indeed it is and may all find the happiness they desire

If you have the letter M in your hand, you will marry rich

If you hear a hawk calling, your sweetheart is near.

If a girl puts on a man’s hat at night when she hears a mocking-bird, she will marry that year and have good luck.

Superstitions love & marriage 5

If you stand on your right heel and turn around three times, you may find in the hole a hair like
that of your future mate.

If anyone steps on the heel of your shoe, the person doing this is trying to get your sweetheart.

If anyone steps on your heel, you will not be married for seven years.

If you step upon a person’s heel unwittingly, you will dance at that person’s wedding.

If you can turn a hoecake without breaking it, you are ready to marry.

Name two hog bristles on a hot shovel. If they turn toward each other, the persons named will marry each other.

Name holly leaves that you throw into the fire. The one that pops first has the name of the one that loves you best.

The number of nails in a horseshoe which you pick up will be the number of years before you will be married.

Superstitions love & marriage 5

The number of years before you marry may be reckoned by the number of nails that remain in a horse shoe after you have thrown it over your left shoulder.

Go to a deserted house at midnight and light a candle; then place a pin in the candle. When the pin falls out, your future husband will appear.

If you accidentally eat an insect, you will marry within a year Mountains

If an insect lights on you, your sweetheart is talking unkindly about you.

If you kiss your sweetheart over the back gate, you never will kiss him again.

An upside-down kiss (that is, a kiss in which one leans over the chair in which the other is seated) is unlucky.

If you kiss a girl on the nose, you will cause trouble.

Never kiss a girl behind the ear; it brings bad luck.

Do not let your beau kiss you in a buggy, for horses carry tails.

If you find two knives at your seat, there will be a wedding within a week.

If a man gets two knives at his plate, he is going to have two wives.

If someone climbs a ladder and cannot go farther count the number of steps ahead; that will be the number of years until he marries.

Superstitions love & marriage 5

Write the names of a boy and a girl. Strike out the common letters. Name over the words “love” and “marriage,” on the remaining letters.

Write the names of a boy and of a girl. Strike out the common letters. Name over the words, “love,” “friendship,” “hatred,” “marriage,” on the remaining letters.

If you find a lilac blossom with five petals and swallow it, you can marry anyone that you desire.

Put a love vine on a bush and name it. If it grows, the person loves you.

If you can tie a love vine, your sweetheart is thinking of you.

A maid says, “If I’m not going to marry anybody, knock, Death, knock.” If she hears nothing she
says, “If I’m going to marry a young man, whistle, bird, whistle!” If her appeal remains unanswered, she says, “If I’m going to marry an old man, hoot, owl, hoot !”

Burn a match on one end and hold the burnt end down, catch it, and let the other end burn. If the match does not break, your sweetheart loves you.

Name a lighted match. If it burns to the end without breaking, the person loves you. If it breaks in the middle, you will marry him.

Light a match and put the end of it on a stove or something similar. When it burns out, the direction in which it falls is the direction of your lover.

Superstitions love & marriage 5

If you find a four-leaved clover on May first, you can get whatever you want.

If one goes fishing on the first day of May, the number of fish caught will be the number of sweethearts one will have.

Hold a mirror over a spring early in the morning of the first of May; you will see your future sweet- heart’s face reflected in the water.

If on the first morning in May you take a mirror and look down into a spring whose branch flows
east, you can see your fated husband or wife.

On the first day of May, if you lean over a well and hold a mirror so that you can see the bottom of the well in it, you will see your future lover’s face.

On May first, look into an inverted mirror over a well, to see your future husband or your casket; if You see your casket; you will never marry at all.

On the first morning in May, if a girl goes out walking and finds a snail within its shell, she will marry a man with a house. If she sees a snail crawling, she will marry a man without a house.

If you find a snail on the first day of May, put it on a plank in the sun; the letter it makes will be the initial of your future husband’s name.

If you find a snail before sunrise on May first, and place it on a plate of flour or meal, it will write your lover’s name or initials.

If you look into a well on May Day you will see either a coffin or the picture of the man you will

If on May Day at sunrise, you look into an open well, you will see the reflection of your prospective wife or husband.

A bride who steps on the threshold of her new home when entering it for the first time will never have a happy married life.

If a newly wedded pair take a little meat and a little meal into the house, they will never want.

Of a couple newly married, the first one in bed will be the first one to die.

There will be no good luck for the bride until the wedding clothes are worn out.


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