Several Talisman

several talisman

Several talisman. I would not venture out without my Talisman here are a few ideas for you

Talisman for Air Travel-have a gold disc inscribed with the following words: “Swiftly, Safely in the Eye of God,” and wear it about your neck on a chain.

Talisman to Protect your Apartment-What you must do is go to a farm where there are horses and casually scan the barn area until your eyes light on a discarded horseshoe. Check it out.
If the nails are still in it, or lying close by, it’s especially lucky (as the vibrations are still whole and effective). The horseshoe is an ancient good luck talisman, and when used properly it will ward off any evil that might try lurking in the door of your apartment. When you have acquired your horseshoe, take it home with you and find a nice spot over your front door to hang it. Nail it up so that the ends of the horseshoe are pointing downward.

Talisman to Make you Fleet-Footed- wear a chain with a bird in flight on it (made of silver or enamelled in white), and your swiftness will amaze you. Talisman for Business Success (Egyptian)-to help ensure success in business, have the Egyptian hieroglyph, which means “to be powerful” cast in gold, and wear it on a chain.

Talisman for Business Success (African)-a figure of a lion with a ball grasped in its teeth (have it made in gold)

Talisman to Enlarge Your Intellect-moulded in gold (or it may be engraved on a topaz) it is a sunburst with a coiled snake in the center.

Talisman to Make a Judge Friendly- on parchment, draw one circle inside of another. In the ring created between the two circles, write Heaven protect me and keep me safe from all evil and injustice. On the inside of the inner circle, write in a circular fashion: Keep me safe from injustice and ignorance.

Talisman to Protect your Health from others (Arabian)-On a piece of paper write the following and hang it on a chain:

“Turn away evil eye,
Back to my enemy”

Talisman to Maintain Hope- wear, pinned to your clothes, a cluster of gold olives

Talisman to Keep Away Scandal-carry with you a little pouch of black satin in which you’ve put a pig’s knuckle, a myrtle leaf, a white feather, a bit of knotted black thread. 

Talisman for Sexual Potency-seek out a man who goes hunting and ask him to bring you the foot of a hare, if he shoots one.
Then have the foot mounted. And wear it on a chain about your waist (next to your skin). The hare’s foot is the protector talisman of sexual potency.
Talisman to Acquire Wealth- wear a talisman of seven gold rings on a gold chain Talisman to Preserve Your Youth-wear a sarsparilla root on a chain next to your skin.

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