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It is a share delight to embrace the beauties of rambling through the countryside. Being at one with nature the elements and of course the bonds we form with likeminded people. It goes without saying that nature holds many secrets that are revealed whilst rambling and enjoying the outdoor life as a whole.

It is my intention through this page and sub categories adjoined to share my thoughts and experiences of the outdoor life I have enjoyed for many years. I would also like to invite other likeminded people to join me on the many walks I have planned for the future.

I would also welcome the thoughts and experiences of other walkers who may be interested in this wonderful lifestyle.

As you will see my page is still under construction so please pop back to read more of my thoughts and experiences of the future. I look forward to any comments you may have as I can be contacted on the email address below:


under construction


Thought for the day

Fictions are necessary to represent truths; but they should not be mistaken for the truth itself. The truth is eternal, and cannot be grasped by that which is neither eternal nor true. We need fictions to bring it within our grasp as long as we have ourselves merely a fictitious existence.


Thank you for visiting our website may your God or Goddess be with you.


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