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A very warm welcome to you from Kimberley Morgan Administrator here at SpellsForAll.comSpell Caster Kimberley MorganIntroduction:

All prices for individual spells ordered from my website are regulated according to their strength and potency as shown below.

All spell casters related to my website abide by the pricing code I have set in place.

If you have any concerns regarding a spell caster related to my website, please inform me immediately at kimofwicca@aol.com

Regarding the spell casting service, we provide:

Each spell is cast for you in the strictest confidence and therefore we do not indulge in testimonials.

I can assure you that each spell is unique in its construction and not grabbed from the shelf then used on another with the name changed.

Each spell cast is tailored for you the individual and your needs.

Each spell cast is associated with the correct time of the month, the Moon phase, the correct Incense and herbs, the correct candles as spell casting is a magical art indeed.

Each spell cast is permanent, unless you request a reversal spell.


 Spell Potencies

Weak Potency: Example of a weak potency spell would be to charm a cat, to relieve a mild headache etc.
Medium Potency: Example of a medium potency spell would be to restore calm and tranquillity.
Strong Potency: Example of a strong potency spell would be for love, wealth, prosperity etc.
Very Strong Potency: Example of a very strong potency spell would be for protection, banishing and binding.

How do I order a spell?

When you feel happy and confident in the ability of one of our spell casters to cast a spell for you.  Simply click on the choose potency PayPal option box below and select the price of your chosen spell.

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We as professional spell casters are not offering one of these ‘you must act now the time is right for casting’ items on this or any other page ‘WHY NOT’ because we don’t need to, all we need is trust for without that there is no point in any caster casting a spell or you paying for it. We trust you to give us the correct information and details we need, you trust us to cast a spell for you it’s simple. TRUST.

Thank you for ordering or considering ordering a spell from one of the spell casters here at SpellsForAll.com

Kimberley Morgan

Website Administrator

Thank you for visiting our website may your God or Goddess be with you.