Magic Coin & Love Bracelet Spell

love bracelet spell

The Magic Coin Spell & Love Bracelet Spell are possible entries for your book of shadows

The Magic Coin Spell

This is the spell that can multiply your wealth. It should be carried out with the rising moon on Thursday between 21-22 hours.

You will need the following

8 Green Candles
Incense burner
Pink oil
Chamomile flowers
Picture of bees

Place candles in a circle, and place boiler with coal in the middle. Crush the coals and pick your purse up with your hands. Drip a bit of pink oil; leave it on smoking in a boiler. Add a few chamomile flowers and images of bees. Imagine a large coin in your purse. Thank the gods for having listened to you and help you carry out your wishes.

The Love Bracelet Spell

Ingredients: 100 apple seeds, needles, red thread, red candle.

Light a candle. Pass the thread into the needle and start stringing the apple seeds, representing all the qualities you want in your chosen one. Pronounce them out loud. When finished, tie the thread ends with three nodes. Your love bracelet is ready. Let it lie down near the candle (but not too close), so that it does not burn completely. After that, wear a bracelet on your wrist every day and at night put under the pillow. When you meet your love, bury the bracelet in the ground in a secret place.

A few ideas on how to make bracelets below for you to try.

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