Luna Holy Days also Law Power

Luna Holy Days

Did you know that all lunar Holy-days are called Esbats

Any Wiccan ritual held at any time other than a Sabbat may be called an Esbat? I didn’t, and I think most Witches call rituals performed on or around a lunar holy-day an esbat, while other rituals are simply, rituals.

Due to the rotation of the earth, the Wiccan calendar contains 13 Full Moons, which means a full moon happens every 28 1/4 days.

Full Moon energy is used for banishing unwanted influences, protection and divination.
A Full Moon is also a good time for planning, releasing and working backwards in time.
Full Moon Magic can be done for seven days, three days before, the day of, and three days after the full moon.

The New Moon is used for personal growth, healing, the blessing of a new project etc.

Between the New Moon and Full Moon is the phase called Waxing Moon. Magick for this phase includes attraction magick, increasing, growth, and gain.
Make statements on how your life should be.

Between the Full Moon and New Moon is the phase called the Waning Moon.
Magic for this phase includes banishing magick, such as losing negative emotions, bad habits etc.

Three days before the New Moon is known as the Dark Moon, as it is not visible in the sky.
Traditionally, no magick is performed at this time. It is a time for rest.

Due to the rotation of the earth there are thirteen Full Moons, each carrying a traditional name.

January – Wolf Moon.
February – Storm Moon.
March – Chaste Moon.
April – Seed Moon.
May – Hare Moon.
June – Dyad (pair) Moon.
July – Mead Moon.
August – Wyrt (green plant) Moon.
September – Barley Moon.
October – Blood Moon.
November – Snow Moon.
December – Oak Moon.

Law of the Power.

The power shall not be used to bring harm, to injure or control others. But if need rises the power shall be used to protect your life or the lives of others.

The Power is used only as need dictates.
The Power can be used for your own gain,
as long as by doing so you harm none.

It is unwise to accept payment for use of the Power for it quickly controls its taker. Be not as those of other religions.

Use not the Power for prideful gain, for such cheapens
the mysteries of Wicca and Magic.

Ever remember that the Power is the sacred gift of the
Goddess and God, and should never be misused or abused.
And this is the law of the Power.


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Thought for the day

The need for absolutes in general is rooted in the fear of the infinite unknown in the depths of the unconscious.


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