knot Magic explained

Knot magic explained

Knot magic explained. Knot magic is used in the life of a wiccan and other religious and non-religious groups

It can be called cord workings or cord/knot magick depending on the group or solitary that is using this type of craft.An example of knot magick from the old ways you may have heard of is tying a knot in a handkerchief to remember a certain aspect of life this is yet another form of knot magick is it not.

The materials can vary from ordinary household string to more elaborate silk cords or ribbons depending on the user and the occasion it is required for.

You may wish to use more than one colour to enhance the magickal energy you are invoking into the cord/ribbon you have chosen to work with, even twist the materials together in a braiding length.

What we are aiming for in knot magick is tying our channelled energy, via a simple process into a positive goal and to harm none in any way, through experience you will find the right length thickness and colour material for any given knot spell or working therefore knot magick can be used for any occasion one desires from love spells to warding of negative energy and you will find it is of the binding spell type.
In any spell negativity can occur, a simple way of dispersing the negative energy is to tie a slip knot in to your working to release the bad energy and release it as required.

We must before any spell knot magick can commence cleanse our materials in the usual way with a chant, the use of salt, incense or the likes as long as the mood is calm the energy created will be focused into the knot created.

There are many knot spells, techniques and they vary from person to person here is a four knot spell for example

Sit quietly with materials at hand and concentrate on your goal visualize the energy flowing into your workings chant if you find this brings more meaning to your spell let there be soothing music playing in the background set the mood.
Now chant the following or by all means make your own personal chant:

This knot I tie will not lie
for it is binding till I die
Bring the power I desire
bind it tight within the hour

While chanting the above the knots can be tied and placed on your altar, table or selected spot while the spell is manifesting, if desired it can be worn or carried with you, many wiccans have a spell box into which there spell material is placed, or it is set free in a flowing river or stream or may be buried depending on the wish of the caster. Remember always to give thanks to the elements that be on completion.


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