Gardening By the Zodiac


Gardening by the Zodiac can be a joy

Fruitful Signs

Cancer – best for planting all leafy crops bearing fruit above ground. Prune to encourage growth in Cancer.

Scorpio – Second only to Cancer. A Scorpion Moon promises good germination and quick growth. In Scorpio, prune for bud development.

Pisces – Planting in the last of the Watery Triad is especially effective for root growth.

Taurus – The best time to plant root crops.

Capricorn – promotes the growth of rhizomes, bulbs, roots, tubers, and stalks. Prune now to strengthen branches.

Libra – Libra may be the least beneficial of the Fruitful Signs, but is excellent for planting flowers and vines.

Barren Signs

Leo – Foremost of the barren signs. Leo is the best time to effectively destroy weeds and pests. Cultivate and till the soil.
Gemini – gather herbs and roots. Reap when the Moon is in the sign of Air or Fire to assure best storage.
Virgo – Plow, cultivate, and control weeds and pests when the moon is in Virgo.
Sagittarius – plant and cultivate the soil or harvest under the Archer Moon. Prune now to discourage growth.
Aquarius – perfect for ground cultivation, reaping crops, gathering roots and herbs. It is a good time to destroy weeds and pests.
Aries – Cultivate, weed, and prune to lessen growth. Gather herbs and roots for storage.

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