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Feng Shui Marble divination really good to try

Marbles, tiles or crystals, you will need 5 in the following colours:

1 black = Water.
1 green = Wood.
1 red = Fire.
1 yellow = Earth.
1 clear = Metal.

These 5 colours represent different things, depending on how you are going to use them. As diviners of weather then they are associated as follows:


Red = Hot.
Green = Rain.
Yellow = Windy.
Black = Cold.
Clear = Clear Conditions.

For personal divination, or dream divination, you can use them in these associations:


Black/Water = Knowledge and education; listening; Wednesday
Mercury; North; fear; yin (passive)

Green/Wood = Benevolence and justice; understanding; Thursday
Jupiter; East; anger; yin (passive)

Red/Fire = Propriety and doing the right thing; sight; Tuesday
Mars; South; joy; yang (active)

Yellow/Earth = Good faith and trust; thought; Saturday; Saturn
Center; worry; yang (active)

Clear/Metal = Righteousness and morals/ethics; speech; Friday
Venus; West; grief; yang (active)

How to use these? Very simple. Once you have obtained marbles stones, tiles, etc. in these 5 colours, place them inside an attractive bowl and set them anywhere they are a focal point. Each day if you wish to check weather conditions, or before a journey, etc. ask the 5 colours to tell you what the weather will be like. Close your eyes or look away and select one.
Its colour will be your answer. Red for a hot day; green for rainy.

For divination, whether it is a question you ask, or help with a dream, especially if colours are involved, close your eyes, or look away, and ask your question. Select a marble. Its colour is your response. Remember to consider all of its associations for the response.

This is really a very versatile system and can be used for many types of divination.

Now, as to how to correct or seek the balance of certain elements or
colours, this simple rule can help you:

Water has the properties of soaking up and of lowering Water is the child of metal and weakens metal. But water controls and promotes wood.

Fire both heats and moves upward (as in smoke and heat rise) Fire destroys wood and is itself destroyed by earth and changed by water.
However, in an interesting turn, fire also creates earth.

Wood allows itself to be shaped into straight and curved pieces.
Wood promotes fuels fire and fire also dominates and can destroy wood.

Metal can be melted, shaped and then hardened when cool. Metal is the child of earth, and creates water (and air); water also reinforces and supports wood. However, water can weaken and dominate metal.

Earth nourishes through the harvests of reaping and sowing. Earth is the child of fire and fire can dominate and destroy earth.
However, only metal can weaken and dominate earth without destroying it.

Therefore if you dream of certain colours, or see the same colours throughout your day, or select the same coloured marble more than twice in one given week note the above chart and seek to correct the imbalances.

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