Cleansing general and domestic

Cleansing general and domestic

There can be a number of reasons an area needs to be cleansed, negative energy from the last tenants, leftover energy from some past trauma and so forth.

Cleansing general and domestic

This may not have occurred in the actual building as it stands today, but could have happened on the site on which it stands. Sometimes people just want an area cleansed so that they can start fresh.

Whatever the reason cleaning an area is becoming very popular, some people are even making a nice living going around and cleansing homes, offices, schools and any number of areas.

People use many and varied methods to do this.

Cleansing can be done on your own or with a group, don’t worry if you have a sceptic in the group it still works well, sometimes even better than you may think.

If you are trying to remove a spirit from an environment and are a little edgy about what may happen, it is suggested that you have someone with you just to make you feel more comfortable. Having said that the only thing that can harm you is your own mind, the spirit will not cause you any trouble or pain.
Some people like to work with a Citrine cluster on most occasions it does not hold negative energy and transmutes it straight away, although many have used quartz and amethyst clusters, also single crystals of all varieties.

To begin walk through the area that is to be cleansed, if it is a room walk around the perimeter, if it is a house or complex of rooms walk around every room and decide where to start the cleansing from. Once this decision is made, then either open a window or a door that leads to the outside.

If you are working in an office building or complex where you can’t open a window or door do not worry, it will still work o.k. If you have no open window
or door then sit on the floor in front of a window, most people like to see outside, but it is not a requirement to perform a cleansing just a preference, hold your chosen crystal in your hands and relax, concentrate on the reason for being there and call all the negative energy to the crystal as the energy enters the crystal ask the crystal to send the negativity out through the open door or window and up to the light (if closed just send the energy outside and into the light.

You may notice the energy being drawn into the crystal, sometimes it can feel like a person’s breath on the back of your neck, or on the side of your face,
you may feel a slight vibration in the crystal while holding it, just keep relaxing and let the energy flow. When you feel that you need to stop do so, even
if it seems like a small amount of time has passed, don’t worry the job will be done. Again, if you feel nothing that fine, just follow your instincts.

It is important to thank the crystal for its assistance. Place the crystal aside and light up an incense stick, there is no particular one just whatever
seems to be right, you can ask the owner if they have a preference in this area. Just walk around the area that has been cleansed and wave the incense stick around a few times (a smudge stick can be used if you prefer.)

The area has now been cleansed. Once is sufficient, but others have said that they have needed to go back a second time to complete the cleansing, again go with what you feel is right, there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to using crystals in this way.

If you are going to have others sit in on the cleansing, then have them side in a semi-circle around you facing the window or door and have them holding a piece of quartz crystal.
Get them to relax and concentrate on the reason they are here, instead of having them send the energy out of the window or door, get them to direct it to the crystal that you are holding.

When you have finished with the cleansing, cleanse the crystal by passing it through the incense smoke and clean later in your preferred manner.
If using Citrine there is no need to clean the crystal but you can if you wish to.

It nice to use Citrine as it does not hold any negative energy and releases the energy immediately upon receiving it. Again, that’s just how one way to do things.

If you would like to try this but are unsure, try it on an area in your own home and see what happens and how it feels. You will find that the energy that is in the area after is usually very peaceful and calm. If after you have completed the cleansing you see no positive results don’t by any means feel disheartened as practice makes perfect, try again till you perfect your technique.


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